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Warnings: Sex and love between women

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Notes: Set mostly before Riley Parra Season 1, and then the second half is set during some point around Season 2. It's not entirely necessary to have read ANY of Riley to understand what's going on here. I think you can figure things out. ~g~

The Following is a Reenactment

by Geonn


Copyright © 2011 Geonn Cannon

Four years ago,

Riley tried not to toy with her necktie. She felt like a chess piece, an extra bit of decorating that added to the ambiance of the setting. She wasn't a real person, not an entity worth considering. She had her hands behind her back, as instructed, and she stood briefly by the side entrance before starting her third circuit of the room's perimeter. She was in full uniform, the brim of her cap pulled down over her eyes.

Sweet Kara crossed Riley's path and turned to walk beside her. "Someone's asking about you."

"Lieutenant Hathaway?"

Kara smirked. "No, I haven't seen her. Your girlfriend."

Riley rolled her eyes and turned her head so that Kara couldn't see her blush. They moved slowly, not eager to cover much space. They were still assigned to provide security for the fundraiser for two more hours. The floor to ceiling windows of the ballroom were lit from outside by small spotlights, so they could see out but no one could see in. It made her feel like she was enclosed inside of a bubble of decadence while ignoring the world outside.

"She's over by the drinks if you want to say hi."

"Just drop it, Kara."

Kara chuckled and rolled her shoulders, clasped her hands tighter behind her back, and mimicked a Buckingham Palace guard.

"You have plans for when this godawful thing ends?" Riley asked. "Wanna grab a drink?"

"Sorry. I made plans with someone."

"Another conquest?"

"My niece."

Riley smiled. "Domestic Sweet Kara. I'd like to see that."

"You and my mom both." She caught the police commissioner's eye. "Uh oh. I think we're having a bit too much fun for the brass. Let's split up. See you on the other side of the room probably."

Riley nodded and again assumed her stoic expression. The police commissioner, the mayor, and more than a handful of muckety-mucks that Riley was sure would otherwise be in jail if not for their deep pockets. She and several other detectives had been assigned as security and forced to put on their old patrol uniforms for the aesthetic of it. She was just glad she was still able to fit into the trousers.

She told herself that it was a casual trajectory; that the drink table just happened to be in her way. She walked behind the table since the police weren't allowed to partake of the refreshments and eyed the crowd. She spotted Gillian standing a few feet away and averted her gaze. She glanced out the windows at the well-lit and the building's perfectly tended lawn before she looked back.

Gillian was already in motion, moving closer with a smile. "Well, hi there."

"Hi. I'm not supposed to... fraternize."

Gillian shrugged. "What will they do, relieve you of your duties? Let you go home early?"

Riley smiled. "In that case, hello, Dr. Hunt."

"Hi. You look nice."

"Yeah, my old patrol uniform. Really flattering. Unlike..." She finally allowed herself to notice Gillian's dress. It was green, which helped bring out the color of her eyes, and her chestnut-colored hair was gathered behind her head. Somehow the style was reminiscent of how she usually wore it in the morgue, but fancier somehow. A few strands were free, and Riley resisted the urge to tuck them behind Gillian's ears.

"Unlike?" Gillian prompted.

"Sorry. I just meant you looked really nice."

She smiled. "Well, anything is an improvement over scrubs."

"No, you even make scrubs look good." Riley hadn't intended to say anything quite so come-on-esque and dipped her chin. "So are you enjoying the party?"

"I'm enjoying parts of the party." She picked up a plate with a small slice of red velvet cake on it. "I asked your partner if you were here. She got the strangest look on her face."

Riley shook her head. "That's just Kara. I wouldn't worry about her too much."

"Oh, I didn't say I was worried. Will you be here for the rest of the night?"

"I'm on the schedule for two more hours. If I have to stay longer than that, it's overtime. So the boss will most likely tell me to go home in one hour and fifty-nine minutes."

Gillian laughed. "Well, come say hi to me again before that happens. It's nice to talk to someone who doesn't just want to brag about how much money they have."

"That is one thing you never have to worry about with me, Dr. Hunt."


Riley hesitated. "Gillian."

"Would you like a piece of cake?"

"Not allowed to partake while on the job."

Gillian narrowed her eyes. "I didn't ask if you were allowed, I asked if you wanted a piece. Besides, you don't strike me as a strict adherent to the rules." She picked up another plate and looked over her shoulder as she held it out to Riley. "No one's looking."

Riley picked up the cube, popped it into her mouth, and chewed as quickly as she could while Gillian kept a lookout.

"Now I need a drink."

"That would be harder to sneak." Gillian picked up a cup of punch. Riley suddenly had a mental image of Gillian taking a sip, holding it in her mouth, and then kissing her. She blushed as Gillian held the cup out to her. "Quickly."

Riley took the cup, sipped, and quickly passed her tongue over her lips. "Mm. Perfect, thank you." She looked past Gillian. "Ah, the people you were talking to earlier seem to miss your presence."

Gillian turned. "Oh, them. I should probably go over. State board, they appointed me to medical examiner, so I need to stay on their good side."

"Definitely do that. You're the best ME I've ever seen."

Gillian winked at her. "Thanks. If you need any more snack-related hookups, come and find me."

"I'll be sure to do that."

Gillian put down her empty plates and left the snack table to rejoin the party. Riley watched her go, paying close attention to how low the dress dipped in the back, and turned to resume her rounds. She found Kara standing a few feet away with a shit-eating grin on her face. Riley groaned and braced herself.

"She fed you."

"She just ran interference so I could get a piece of cake."

Kara chuckled. "Uh-huh."

"Shut up."

"I think it's sweet. And with you in the uniform and her in her gown, it's even romantic. The princess and the ranch hand."

"I think you're blending fantasies there."

Kara lowered her voice and affected a Southern accent. "Why, Missus Hunt. I didn't think this was a part of my duties. I can be gentle if you--"

"Kara... I'm warning you."

She chuckled. "I just want you to be happy, Riley. No, scratch that. I just want you to get laid. And if it happens with the lovely medical examiner..."

"I'm not going to have a one night stand with someone I work with."

"Right. That's why you and I have never hooked up."

Riley smiled. "That and your straightness."

"Eh, no one's really straight. Give me a couple of drinks and we'll talk."

Together they rounded the ballroom two more times, moving as slowly as possible. They paused to converse with other detectives forced to play dress-up, and Riley tried not to look at her watch every five minutes. She was standing by the back entrance of the ballroom when Kara approached quickly. "Hey, look outside real quick."

Riley frowned. "What?"

"Just look outside, don't--"

But it was too late for Kara's attempted distraction. Riley had caught sight of the green dress moving through the crowd. Gillian was moving with a little more care than she had before, indicating she'd partaken of the champagne being passed out. There was little danger of her falling, however, considering how she was hanging off the bare-shouldered brunette in the black dress. As they stepped out the door, Gillian's arm went around the woman's waist and pulled her closer.

"I'm sorry, Riley."

"For what?" Riley said. She kept her eyes on the crowd, her jaw firm as she tried not to let her irrational feelings show. "I'll just find someone else to sneak me cake, that's all."

Kara didn't even fake a smile. "Yeah."

Riley looked at her watch. "Twenty more minutes and we can get out of here, too."

"If you want to go get a drink, I could--"

"What? Blow off your niece? I'm fine, Kara. I don't know what you're worried about."

Kara leaned against the wall beside Riley and didn't press the matter.

Present Day,

"It was bad enough when I graduated from the academy and just thought I was surrounded by jerky bureaucrats. Now that I know half the people there are either demons or demon-adjacent, it's going to be torture."

"You'll be fine." Gillian was still in the bathroom applying her makeup. Riley was trying to make her tie work using a smaller mirror from Gillian's nightstand. "Lieutenant Briggs promised it's going to be as quick and painless as possible. A few pictures, a few handshakes, and you'll be free to go back to your regular job and your regular clothes."

Riley pulled her tie free. "This is why I took the detective exam. So I wouldn't have to deal with the damn uniform."

"Oh, you're such a child." Gillian came out of the bedroom.

Riley turned to let her deal with the infernal knot, and immediately forgot about her uniform. "Qué pasada."

Gillian held her arms out and did a spin. She was wearing a gold toga-type dress that left her right shoulder bare. Riley closed the distance between them and lifted her chin so Gillian could knot the tie for her. She did it in record time, smoothing her hands over the shoulders of Riley's uniform and stepping back to admire how it looked on her.

"Mm. You always look so delicious in this thing."

Riley smiled. "Do you remember the last time you saw me in it?"

Gillian thought for a moment and then smiled. "The fundraiser. I had to get all dolled up so the state wouldn't replace me. And you... oh, I remember you, Detective Parra."

"Sweet Kara said that it was like an heiress and a stable boy, or something like that."

"Well, you were the hired help."

Riley smiled and gently stroked Gillian's waist through her dress. "And you were the high society dame who I didn't have a shot with."

"Except you did. You should have asked me out. I would've said yes."

"Well, that's good to know now." She bowed her head and kissed Gillian. It was meant to be quick, but neither of them pulled back. Gillian parted Riley's lips with her tongue and gripped Riley's belt with both hands.

Gillian broke the kiss, but kept her forehead against Riley's. "This uniform. Riley, you have no idea what this uniform does to me."


"Mm. I wouldn't have just said yes if you'd asked me out that night. I would have done whatever you wanted, if you asked me while you were wearing this."

"Really?" Gillian purred and nodded. "Well, what if I'd asked you to step out of the party? Come with me into the hall?"

Gillian nodded. "I would have gone with you. Would you have kissed me?"

"For starters." Riley kissed her again.

Gillian pulled back and took Riley's hand. "Come with me." She led Riley out of the bedroom and into the small hallway that led to the bathroom and living room. Gillian pressed herself against the wall, hands behind her back. "Well, Detective Parra? What was so important you couldn't tell me in the ballroom?"

Riley closed the bedroom door, making the hallway darker. "I'm not sure, Dr. Hunt. I just know that I wanted to get you alone. I wanted to make sure I was the only thing you could see when I told you how beautiful you looked tonight." She brushed Gillian's hair out of her face. "Tonight and every day at work. I just wanted to tell you, without anyone overhearing, that however bad tonight is, it's worth it just to have seen you looking like this for one second."

Gillian bit her bottom lip. "Well, Riley. I had no idea you felt that way."

Riley stepped closer, pinning Gillian to the wall with her hips. "And I would really like to kiss you right now." She dipped her head, her lips brushing Gillian's lightly.

"Detective! Someone could come by at any minute."

Riley sucked her neck and Gillian's voice wavered.

"Although I've always been a sucker for a woman in uniform..." She put her hands on Riley's chest and toyed with her badge. "I won't lie... I've fantasized about this a couple of times."

"Really?" Riley said against Gillian's neck. Riley ran her hands down Gillian's arms, tickled her palms with her fingertips, and then lifted both of Gillian's arms over her head. Gillian gasped in surprise and sagged forward against Riley's body. "Keep your hands up, ma'am. I don't want to cuff you."

"Yes, Officer."

Riley tickled Gillian's arm as she dropped her hand, moving down Gillian's side to her hip. She lifted her head and kissed Gillian's lips as she began to draw up her dress.

"We're going to be late."

"How can we be late? We're already at the party."

Gillian chuckled against Riley's mouth. "Oh, right. Well, we'll have to be quiet. I wouldn't want the mayor to hear."

Riley pulled back and saw that she'd smeared Gillian's lipstick slightly. She brushed it with her thumb and Gillian kissed and sucked the tip before she pulled it back. Riley used her wet thumb to draw the letter R on Gillian's neck, and Gillian chuckled. "Clever."

"Thank you." She bent down and kissed the spot, her other hand drawing up Gillian's dress. She caressed the smooth curve of Gillian's hip, relieved she hadn't yet put on her pantyhose. Her thumb hooked on the waistband of her underwear and gently drew them down her legs.

Gillian chuckled and twisted her fingers together to resist the urge to lower them. "You wouldn't have done this that first night..."

"Are you sure?"

Gillian opened her eyes and smiled. "You would have gone this far?"

"Once I'd kissed you, I wouldn't have been able to draw the line unless you told me to stop." She licked her lips. "Dr. Hunt, I need you to tell me to stop."

Gillian blinked and struggled to slip back into character. "Okay. When you reach the line, I will definitely stop you."

Riley let Gillian's underwear fall, and Gillian stepped out of them without breaking eye contact. Riley twisted her wrist to rub the back of her hand against the spot where her leg met her hip. Gillian drew a sharp breath and rested her head against the wall.

"May I touch you?"


Gillian's hands dropped to the front of Riley's uniform, toying with her badge before moving to the buttons. She undid a few, just enough to reveal the clean white undershirt. She drew in a breath and let it out slowly. "I really did fantasize about this, you know. About you."

"Yeah?" Riley cupped her, and Gillian groaned. "Tell me."

"I dreamt about you in the morgue. Lifting me onto the table and taking my scrubs off. Lying me down naked and..."

Riley was using two fingers, and words seemed to fail her for the moment. Riley nuzzled Gillian's cheek until she spoke again.

"...you'd make love to me."

"Nice fantasy."

Gillian sighed. "Yeah, it worked for me."

Riley kissed her way down Gillian's neck, dropping to one knee in front of her. She slid her hand down Gillian's leg, massaged the back of her knee until it bent, and she guided it up onto her shoulder. Gillian muttered something under her breath as Riley kissed her thigh and pushed up her dress just enough to see her. She licked her lips and then ran her tongue up Gillian's thigh.

"I'll tell you one thing," Riley said softly. Gillian murmured. "This would have been a lot better than a damn piece of cake."

Gillian laughed breathlessly. "God, you're baaa...d. Riley..."

Riley had pressed her thumb between Gillian's folds before slipping her tongue against them, spreading her open as her tongue ventured forth. Gillian put her hand on the back of Riley's head, looking down as her fingers curled in the braids. "If I mess it up, I'll rebraid your hair before we go," she sighed.

Riley murmured her agreement, and Gillian gasped as the vibrations washed over her. Riley curled her tongue, using her free hand to pull Gillian's dress out of the way so she could look up and watch her reactions. It didn't take long for her breathing to quicken, her lips parted and her chin lifted as she tightened her leg on Riley's shoulder. Riley didn't let up, flicking her tongue against Gillian's clit before pushing inside again.

Gillian moaned, her leg tensing and relaxing against Riley's shoulder until finally it relaxed and Gillian began to softly stroke Riley's hair. She sighed, moaned, and looked down to meet Riley's eyes as Riley pulled back from Gillian's dress. She lowered Gillian's leg and kissed her way back up Gillian's body.

"Very nice, Officer," Gillian whispered, wrapping her arms around Riley's neck and pulling her forward for a kiss.

"I don't usually do that on a first date, Dr. Hunt."

Gillian laughed and Riley kissed both her cheeks before trying to pull away. "We're going to be late..."

"Whoa, nelly." Gillian pulled Riley back to her. "My fantasy didn't end there. You think I fantasized about you and didn't have my fun?"

Riley looked toward the door. "We're... we're really going to be late, Jill..."

Gillian pushed off the wall and shuffled Riley back against the opposite wall. Riley's shoulders impacted gently, her eyes widening at being manhandled. Gillian's eyes sparkled as she slid her hands over the starched material of Riley's uniform blouse. She kissed Riley's lips as her hand moved down, following the line of buttons to Riley's belt. "You in this uniform? You were a regular player in my fantasies for a long, long time." She unfastened the belt one-handed, breathing hard as she pinned Riley to the wall.

"Yeah? Tell me more, Dr. Hunt?"

"No. You tell me your fantasies. Did you ever think about me?"

Riley moaned as Gillian undid her pants. "Half the women I slept with after meeting you could have been your twins. I dated an ER nurse just because she was wearing scrubs." She leaned in and whispered in Gillian's ear. "When I masturbated, I would call out your name."

Gillian tugged on Riley's pants and slid her hand down the front of them. Riley closed her eyes as Gillian bowed down and kissed her neck.

"Don't give me a hickey..."

"Sh." Gillian rocked her hips in time with her hand, easily avoiding Riley's underwear to touch bare flesh. Riley held onto Gillian's shoulders, arching her back as Gillian looked down at her. "God, I've wanted to do this forever."

"You should have asked. I wouldn't have minded putting it on. Not for you." She put her hand on Gillian's neck, curling her fingers under Gillian's hair.

Gillian sighed. "I'll remember that. Come for me..."

"This won't get you out of the ticket, ma'am."

"Oh-ho, Riley..."

"I'm gonna have to frisk you when you're done, you know that, right?"

"You're going to make me come again..."

"Me first."

Riley pulled Gillian forward and kissed her hard. Gillian slipped her tongue into Riley's mouth, muffling her moans as she came.

When they pulled apart, Gillian made a show of tugging Riley's trousers back into place, buttoning them and tugging the zipper up. Her first attempt to fasten the belt was too tight - "Honey, I'm flattered, but I can't breathe..." - but she got it right the second time. Riley retrieved Gillian's panties and helped her back into them.

"God, I'm not even ready... I need to redo my makeup." She looked at her watch. "Briggs is going to murder you."

Riley put her hand in the small of Gillian's back and pulled her forward for a kiss. "Worth it."

Gillian smiled and they both went back into the bedroom to finish getting ready.


Gillian stood by the refreshment table. She was aware of someone standing beside her but ignored them until she decided on a cup of punch. She lifted it to her lips and turned to face her companion. "Oh, hello."

"Hi. I'm not supposed to fraternize." The uniformed officer clasped her hands behind her back and examined the food table. "And I'm not allowed to partake of food on the job."

"Well, that's a shame. The food is delicious."

"I'm sure it is." Riley turned to face her. "Dr. Hunt, may I speak with you for a moment outside?"

"About what?"

Riley slipped her hand into Gillian's and guided her away from the table. "I'm sure we'll think of something."


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