Title: Like Life
Pairing: Miranda/Andy
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Rating - this one would probably be NC-17?.... not always.. but... just to be safe.  LOL
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A/N - is the Third story in the 'Like' series.  It's not as much a 'story' as Like Andrea, just a continuation of that universe, much like “Like Family” was.
Part 1: Like Andrea
Part 2: Like Family

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Like Life

By Gin

Andy leaned against the doorframe and watched as Miranda spoke quietly into the phone. It amazed her how Miranda was always so glamorous in public, but here in private the drab, kinda greenish bluish, bathrobe was Miranda's one concession to comfort over couture. Maybe one day I'll find out why she likes that robe so much. It is looking a little tattered though…

“So soon?” The white-haired woman nodded as she paced. “I see.” She took a deep breath and noticed Andrea watching her. Winking at the young woman, she gave an encouraging smile and again nodded to the person speaking into her ear. “Thank you. Yes, we will return to New York this evening. We'll be ready.” Closing the phone, Miranda moved to hug Andrea and murmured into her shoulder. “That was the District Attorney, he is filing the charges against Judy tomorrow so it's time to send the article.”

“Mmmm…” Andy absently ran her fingers through the white softness that naturally fell under her hand when they hugged. “You want to read it from the screen or should I print it out for you to go over?”

Miranda shrugged, “You're a wonderful writer, Andrea. I don't have to look it over.”

“I'd feel better if you did.” Andy's hand moved from Miranda's white hair to her back making wide circles on the flat expanse of shoulder blades. “Don't you want to know what I wrote?”

Blue eyes looked up and Miranda smiled at the love of her life. “I trust you.”

Rolling her eyes, Andy laughed. “Well I know that!” She grinned. “I just thought you might have something else to say…add…whatever.”

“Mmmm…” Miranda placed a light kiss on her fiancée's lips. “Very well, let's see what you have.”



“Yes, Miranda?” Andy bit her bottom lip, worried now that she had said something wrong in the article.

“You didn't mention anything about our being engaged.” It disturbed the Editor greatly that Andrea had chosen to ignore that bit of information.

“Oh!” Andy exhaled slowly. “I finished this on the plane to Cincinnati, so at that point I didn't know. I went back and started to add it, but then I thought about it and decided not to.”

Miranda's eyebrows rose. “Care to explain that decision?”

Moving to where Miranda was sitting, Andy bent down and slid her arms around the older woman's shoulders. She whispered through the strands of white hair. “I thought, why should I do their entire job for them? Let them find some stuff out for themselves.” She dropped to her knees and spun the chair around so Miranda had to look down at her. “If it were up to me I'd put it on the big board in Time's Square!”

Miranda snorted. “That would be a waste.” She grinned. “As soon as the news hits you'll be asked to be a guest on all the talk shows, and they will put it there for you.”

“Me?” Andy stood, glad that Miranda did too. “Why not you?”

“Oh,” Miranda ran her fingers through Andrea's soft brown hair. “What they want to know is why you would choose to be with me. They don't need to ask me why I want to be with you. I am a desperate old woman and you are a young beautiful creature… there's no story there. No question.”

“Miranda…” Andy nearly growled the woman's name. “You know that isn't true.”

With a shake of her head, Miranda laughed. It is more true than not . “Add to that the fact that I never do talk shows.” She took on a haughty expression and tone. “I am far too busy.”

“I doubt I will either!” Andy let a shiver run through her. “I'd be too scared without you. I couldn't do it alone.”

“Andrea,” Miranda's gentle fingers on the young woman's chin brought their eyes in line. “You can do anything.” She placed a soft kiss on Andrea's cheek then moved away. “The article is perfect, send it before we leave.”

“I don't want to leave,” Andrea sighed, catching up to her fiancée, linking elbows with her as they walked through the house. “It's been wonderful, being here with you and the girls.”

“I agree.” Miranda patted the arm around hers. “I do think we should visit here more often.”

“Actually,” Andy unlinked their arms as they reached their room and Miranda headed toward the closet. Sitting on the end of the bed, greedy brown eyes watched Miranda shed the robe and begin to assemble an outfit. “I was thinking.”

“Uh oh.” Miranda grinned back at the young woman playfully. “This could be dangerous.”

“Hey!” Laughing, Andy put a mock pout on her face and kept her eyes on Miranda. “It's not always dangerous when I think.”

Shaking her head, Miranda laughed. Even a fake pout gets to me, good God. I'm like a teenager. “What is it you were thinking about, Andrea?”

“No,” Andy took a deep breath and pressed her lips together for a few seconds. “I don't think I want to tell you now.”

Chuckling, Miranda picked a skirt to match the blouse she'd just selected, and knew this side track wouldn't last too long. She would soon learn what thoughts her young companion had. “You're such a baby.”

“I am not!” Andy flopped back on the bed and flailed her arms, trying not to laugh as she did. “Am not, Am not!”

Miranda quickly crossed the room and as the pretend fit wound down, slid onto the bed next to her impulsive companion. “Despite your current behavior, no, you're not, Andrea. We have taken great pains to remind people of that, and I'm sure we have more work to do with some of them.” Your parents for example, the fact you are all grown up seems to escape them entirely. Long arms surrounded her and Miranda found herself suddenly pinned to the mattress by Andrea's weight.

“I think sometimes I even have to remind you.” Andy's eyes darkened as she slid her leg between Miranda's thighs.

“Mmmm…” Miranda felt her heart rate increase and she swallowed hard against the sensations Andrea caused within her. “My god…” she breathed. “…what you do to me.”

Andy grinned. “I haven't done anything...” she murmured and lowered her head so their lips could brush lightly. “…yet.”

Miranda only had time to think about how glad she was that the girls were outside on the beach before Andrea's actions drove any other thoughts from her head.


“I suppose we should start packing.” Andy sighed and snuggled closer to Miranda. The last week and a half here on Martha's Vineyard had been great and she truly wished they didn't have to leave. “So I was thinking.” Miranda chuckled but said nothing so Andy continued to voice her thought. “Why don't we stay here for our honeymoon?”

“Seriously?” Miranda was surprised. “You don't want to go to the Bahamas or some exotic place… or a cruise?” Miranda detested cruising, too many people she didn't know packed too closely together.

“Miranda,” Andy shook her head. “You hate cruising.”

“How do you know that?” Miranda was sure she'd never mentioned that to her partner, any partner.

Andy laughed. “Miranda, you don't even like riding in an elevator with people. I can't imagine you stuck on a ship, as huge as it is, with a thousand people you don't know.”

Grinning at her partner's amazed expression, Andy continued their previous conversation, “and yes, I'm serious about staying here. We can use the big hotel with the southern style architecture for the wedding ceremony and reception, the hotel venue would be great for our guests and we can just come back here after. Just think, the two of us here, alone, with the ocean view during the day and a million stars at night…” Andy smirked at the older woman in her arms. “And it's a lot closer to Runway than the Bahamas.”

“Shhh…” Miranda placed two elegant fingers on Andrea's lips. “I don't care where we are as long as we are there together.” The Editor smiled. “I think it's a brilliant idea.” She settled back against Andrea with a contented sigh. “I always knew you were intelligent.”

They lay there for a couple of moments until Andy broke the silence. “So I guess we should start packing.”

“Mmmm… indeed.”

Neither of them moved.

“Miranda, really. If we are going to catch the plane we need to get things done.” Andy was almost annoyed at the loss of Donnatella's plane, but she supposed if the owner actually wanted to use her property there wasn't much she could say about it. Having to take a commercial flight, even first class, was inconvenient because they had to be on the airline's time-table, not their own. Also, she knew Miranda hated flying commercially, for the same reason she hated cruising; too many strangers packed too closely with no escape. Andy didn't even want to think about that attitude and what it said about the lifestyle Miranda was bringing her into. Mother would have a cow if she knew what I was thinking.

“Let the staff pack it all up. They can send our things to New York.”

“Miranda, I'm not going to have a total stranger packing up my underwear when I can do that just fine all on my own.” Andy gasped as an elegant hand traced over one of the articles of clothing in question. It just so happened, it was one she was wearing.

“But you have such nice under things, Andrea.” Miranda chuckled evilly as a mere brush of her fingers caused the young woman's back to arch.

“Miranda… please, don't. We really don't have time.” Andy regretted the words as soon as they were spoken. “I'm sorry… I'm really sorry… dear god you don't know how sorry I am… but we seriously need to get ready to go.”

Just another thing Miranda wants and doesn't get. Miranda sighed and moved away from her partner. “Yes, I know.” She stood and moved toward the closet. “Would you please go drag the girls from the beach?”

Running her fingers through her hair, Andy nodded. “Sure.” She pulled her shirt back on then picked up her sweats from the floor and hopped on one foot to put them on. “Be right back.” She didn't bother with shoes and walked down to the beach barefoot. When she had the girls in sight she gave a whistle, loud, like she did at the park with Patricia. Both red heads looked in her direction and she motioned for them to join her. She didn't go to meet them but merely waited as they meandered back to the house.

“What's up, Andy?” Caroline looked at the woman's face and slumped her shoulders. “It's time isn't it?”

“'Friad so Munchkin.” The brunette tried to smile. “Gotta get packed so we can meet the plane.”

Cassidy sighed. “Okay, C'mon Caroline.” She knew Andy had put things off as long as she could. She could hear it in the woman's voice, they had to go now.

“Ah well…” Andy heard them say as they moved into the house. “It won't be so bad being back in New York.”

Andy thought about that. Being home, in our familiar bed… going to work… it might not be so bad. Miranda, is about to go stir crazy not having Runway problems to deal with… and we'll be home in the early evening tonight… Hmmm… maybe a little suggestion whispered in my fiancée's ear. She smiled to herself as she walked back to the bedroom. Miranda was nearly finished packing; both their suitcases were organized and full. “Thanks, Boss.”

Miranda humphed. “Saves me some time…” she chuckled, “you'd have just…”

Andy waved off the rest of the comment, “Yeah, yeah... I know... I'd have done it all wrong.” She laughed; her idea of packing was shoving all the clothes she had to carry into a case, wrinkling them in the process. “Thanks for saving me from the luggage police.” She moved toward her laptop. “I'll just send that article now.” Miranda nodded so a few clicks later and the whole jumble of words went flying toward The Mirror. She almost wished she could see Greg's face when he read it. “So that's that…” Crossing the room, Andy brought Miranda into a gentle hug. “… we're out… kinda.”

“It will be in the paper tomorrow, yes?” Miranda wondered about the print schedule for the paper.

Andy chuckled. “If I know Greg… it will be front page of tomorrow's paper.” He knew the article was coming… he's probably saved the space.

“Mmmm… then the next day it will be front page everywhere else, unless of course some celebrity decides to adopt a poor child from a desert country.”

Andy kissed Miranda's lips softly and laughed. “Yay for adoption!”

“You're going to adopt a baby?!”

Both women turned to see Caroline standing at the door.

“No Bobbsey, we were discussing what the press would choose to focus on instead of Andrea's and my relationship.”

“You're coming out to the public?” Caroline's eyes widened and twinkled. “Awesome!” She took off down the hall, yelling. “Hey, Cass! They're finally doing an announcement!”

The women chuckled as they heard the faint response.

“'bout time!”

Miranda sniffed. “I think they approve.”

Andy laughed. “You get that impression too?”


By the time they'd landed and made it home Andy was amazed and basically terrified for the Paparazzi. The plans the twins had been discussing on the plane and during the car ride home were devious and, in some cases, outright mean. The girls had dealt with nosey photographers and reporters before, mostly during the divorce from Stephen. There was talk of filling balloons with all sorts of nasty things, to fling at anyone who dared come too close to the house and that was the nicest of the ideas.

Andy dropped her luggage on the floor and tossed one case on the bed to begin unpacking. Miranda did the same and both women piled the neatly folded clothes in their arms to carry to the closet.

Andy chuckled and nudged Miranda's shoulder with her own. “Oh my God, Miranda… those children are devious!” She shook her head at Miranda's indulgent smile. “We're gonna have to watch them like a hawk when they're teens!!” From the corner of her eye she saw the older woman stand stock still. She turned to face Miranda fully and gasped at the pure love in the intense blue eyes.

Miranda moved, tossing the clothes she held negligently onto the bed, and practically smacking the clothing Andrea held out of her hands, embraced the younger woman. “Yes, I do believe you are correct and when our children are teens, it will be an impossible task to keep up with them, and miracle if there isn't any, as Pava predicted, trouble.”

Pulling back slightly so she could see Miranda's face, Andy laced her fingers through the silver white hair she loved to feel, and smiled. “Aww... c'mon Boss…They're good girls. Do you really think there is any trouble we can't deal with together?” She laced her fingers together behind Miranda's neck. “Besides,” Andy smiled and touched their foreheads together before she whispered, “The impossible is my specialty.”

“Ugh,” Cassidy stood at the door. “What are you doing?”

Andy didn't release her hold on Miranda and didn't move. “Unpacking,” She grinned. “What does it look like?”

With a chuckle, Miranda pulled away from the embrace and faced Cassidy. Andrea's arms wrapped around her, the young woman's fingers lacing together in front of her stomach. Miranda leaned back into the warmth. “If you must know, we were declaring our mutual love.”

The curly red head shook. “Ewww… man, the press is going to have a field day with you two. Just try to keep your hands off each other in public for a while… m'kay?”

Both women looked slightly chastised then Miranda spoke. “Is there a reason you decided to make the trip to our room?” The girls' rooms were one floor down and at the other side of the house.

“Oh…” Cassidy nodded. “Yeah, we called our friend from school and she has all our homework assignments. May we go get them or should I just ask Roy to go pick them up?”

Andy smiled at the girl. “You want to go gab with your friend don't you?”

Cassidy shrugged. “Yeah, I'll see her tomorrow at school, but it's been two weeks since I've seen her, and she says she got a new haircut. I'd like to see it today so I can squee at it in private… it's embarrassing to do in public.”

“Squee?” Miranda wondered about the term.

Laughing, Cassidy nodded, “Yeah, it's like…” She demonstrated the sound, a mixture of happiness, amazement, and excitement. “…see? Squee.”

Waving the child silent, Miranda smiled. “I see. Very well. Will Caroline be accompanying you?” It was asked offhand, very casual, but Cassidy still narrowed her eyes at the tone then rolled them. “Yes, whether she wants to or not, she'll be coming with me.” As the girl began walking down the hall they heard her muttering, loudly, to herself. “Sheesh, you'd think one room'd be enough, but noooo… they have to have the whole house.”

Andy laughed at the girl's final comment, “The whole house?” Then she stopped to think. “Is there a room in this house that we haven't…uh…”

Miranda nodded and replied instantly. “There are two rooms that we have not, and will not…uh.” She waited for Andrea to realize what two rooms those were and nodded as the young woman agreed.

“Oh, OH… no… no no no… not ever there!” Andy shook that weird thought out of her head. “No…nope, unh-uh… no way…” Both girls would need years of therapy if they knew their parents had used their bedrooms, their beds, for…uh. She exhaled slowly and pulling her arms away from Miranda, turned back to examine the contents of her own bed. “We better get these clothes put away.”

Nodding, Miranda moved to gather her clothing that had been flung across the comforter. She had plans for this surface, soon, and it didn't include wrinkling perfectly clean attire. In fact, what she had in mind didn't require clothing at all.



“Yes, Darling?” Miranda shifted and snuggled closer, completely happy to stay just like this for the rest of the evening.

“It's still early.” Andy kissed the top of Miranda's head and suggested quietly. “You could call for the Book to be delivered here tonight.” She felt Miranda go very still in her arms.

“You… you wouldn't be upset by that?” The Editor had, in fact, thought about doing that very thing, but…

Andy slid down so she could be face to face with Miranda. “Listen to me.” She made sure those intense blue eyes were focused on her and continued. “Runway is more than your job… it's a part of you, just as much as the girls are, just as much as I am. You've been gone for two weeks and sure you've made some calls to check in, but that isn't even close to the same as being hands on the way you normally are. Call for the Book, reassure yourself that there will only need to be minor changes when you go in tomorrow.”

“And if major changes are needed?” Miranda wasn't sure which she was worried about, that her staff couldn't get along without her… or that they could.

Kissing the tip of Miranda's nose, Andy smiled. “If major changes are needed then you'll have a heads-up before you go in tomorrow.”

Miranda thought about Andrea's words. Runway is more than your job, it's a part of you. No one else ever understood that. “How is it you know me so well, Andrea?”

Andy smiled and simply said, “I love you.”

Nodding, Miranda took a deep breath. “And I you.”

Rolling her eyes, Andy laughed. “Well, duh!” She kissed her partner lightly on the lips and gestured with her head. “Go on, make the call.”

Miranda smirked as she moved away from the bed. “Yes, Dear.” She leaned as a pillow went flying past her and laughed as she exited the room.

Andy laughed too, and as her mirth subsided she looked at the door Miranda had just exited, hugging herself.

I'm gonna marry her.


“Miranda Priestly's office.”

“Emily, deliver the Book to me tonight at home. Have Nigel accompany you.” Miranda didn't wait for a response. “That's all.” She closed the phone and continued into the kitchen, pouring a glass of wine for herself and one for Andrea before heading back to the bedroom. Andrea's voice slowed her journey somewhat. Realizing the young woman was on her phone, Miranda debated with herself for a moment before entering.

Andy smiled as Miranda walked across the room and handed her the glass. She mouthed ‘thank you' and rolled her eyes at the phone. “No, Ma… nothing has happened yet, I just wanted to let you know I'd sent the article I wrote in to the paper. Things won't really hit the fan until tomorrow.” She took a sip of the wine and leaned against Miranda in relief. “Ma, I have some other calls to make…” She nodded. “Yes, I love you too.” She hesitated. “Tell Daddy I said hi okay?” She closed the phone slowly and sighed. “Daddy was there, Miranda. He wouldn't get on the phone though. Ma lied to me and said he wasn't there, but, I heard the television in the background. It turned to his favorite show while Ma was talking to me.”

Miranda didn't know what to say to that. She opted for the truth. “He loves you.”

With a deep breath, Andy nodded. “I know, it just hurts that he won't even…”

“Give him time.” Miranda smiled. “No one can resist you for long.”

Rolling her eyes at that, Andy sighed again. “I need to call my friends, Lily… and Doug.” She reluctantly admitted, “…and I should probably call… Nate.” She didn't want to contact her ex-boyfriend, but she thought she should. “Maybe I can get Lily or Doug to give him a heads-up.”

“That would be preferable.” Miranda didn't like the idea of Andrea speaking with…him.

Andy took another sip of her wine and set the glass down on the nightstand. “You know… you should probably call Stephen.” Miranda's ex-husband was a dick, but it would probably save a lot of name calling to give him a heads up as well.

Miranda locked eyes with her fiancée for a long moment then opened her phone and dialed. She hated speaking to machines but in this case voicemail was welcome. “Stephen. The media will soon be in a frenzy regarding my current romantic relationship. Tell them what you will. I don't care. That's all.” She closed the phone with a snap. “Happy?”

“No.” Andy pouted. “You got off easy… I have to actually talk to the people I call.”

“Awww…” Miranda set aside her drink and hugged the young woman. “Why don't you just email them the article? Let them call you.”

Touching foreheads with the woman, Andy chuckled. “You…” She kissed Miranda lightly on the lips, “are a genius.” She moved to her laptop quickly. Typing a quick ‘just to give you a heads-up, call me if you want' note then attached the article and she sent it out into cyberspace. She sent it to Lily, Doug and the last address she had for Nate… then she sent it again to Jo. Of course Jo already knew about her relationship with Miranda… but Jo was a friend so she decided a little courtesy was in order. Since they'd left on the surprise vacation, they still hadn't gotten together for dinner with the detective and her wife. Andy grinned at the thought of it; she was looking forward to Blair meeting Miranda.


The girls arrived home with a stack of books and papers.

“Whoa!” Andy's eyes bugged out when she saw all the work. “You're gonna have to take an extra day off just to get through all that!”

Caroline waved it off. “Nah, they'll give us time to get it done.” It was going to be stressful next week though, doing back work and current work at the same time. Luckily the school year was nearly over so the ‘current' workload wouldn't be that much.

Cassidy nodded in agreement. “Yeah, it won't be too bad.” She would have gone through twice this much work for the memory of the vacation they'd taken. Having had so much of their Mom's and Andy's attention for so long, was worth any trouble.

Andy's stomach growled suddenly and she realized she was hungry. Most likely, there was a meal or two in the freezer courtesy of Peggy, but it would take at least an hour to cook any of them. Frozen was convenient, if you weren't starving at that moment. “We haven't eaten yet... should we send out for Indian food?”

“Yes!” “Yes!” “Acceptable.”

“The usual?” Andy waited for affirmatives from them all before she logged on to the restaurant's website and placed the order, aware of Miranda looking over her shoulder. “Twenty minutes,” she informed them, logging out of the site.

“We'll just take all this junk up to our rooms.” Caroline nudged Cassidy with her shoulder. Cassidy just nodded and followed her sister upstairs.

“Did I actually see you add an order of cheese naan to our usual meal?” Miranda made a soft teasing tsk sound. “Can you afford those carbs, Andrea?”

“Oh I think I can work them off.” Andy laughed at Miranda's interested expression. “I'll jog extra in the morning.”

“Mmmm…” Miranda's nostrils flared. “If the paparazzi will let you.”

“Why would they care about me jogging?”

“You'll be surprised what they consider newsworthy.” Miranda sighed. “Our life is about to be far more complicated.”

Andy made a little sound of disgust, and reminded Miranda of her own advice. “You told Mom and Dad to just ignore them.” Andy winked. “If any of them bother me I'll just sic Patricia on them.”

Miranda laughed and ran her blue eyes down Andrea's frame. “You'll need better outfits.”


“Andrea, listen to me.” Miranda shook her head. “I've dealt with these people before. They will photograph you enough to make a flip book movie and there will be video as well I'm sure… if you wish to be photographed in your baggy sweatpants and ratty t-shirts I suppose that is your business.” The older woman smiled. “But if you would rather, there are jogging suits in the front guest room closet.”

“Uh…” Andy shook her head. “Jogging suits?”

“Mmmm… A birthday present I couldn't bring along with us.” Miranda traced the young woman's cheek with her fingertips. “There's more… go look.”

Andy took Miranda's hand and practically dragged her upstairs. The brunette took a deep breath and opened the closet door. Oh my god . “Miranda, what have you done?”

“Do you know what they are?”

Andy looked past the sports apparel to the dresses also hanging in the closet. She touched one reverently and glanced at Miranda. “The De La Renta Cerulean Blue collection.” She shook her head. “Miranda, I…”

“You deserve every one of them.” The older woman's eyes held nothing but love for her companion. “The color suits you.”

“Thank you.” Andy quickly looked through the dresses hanging there. “I was a little worried, because I know that if we start going out…”

“When,” Miranda corrected. “When we start going out.” She wondered how soon Andrea would be ready for that. There is that charity thing on Friday evening…the backless design would be perfect…

Nodding at the correction, Andy continued. “When we start going out, I only had a few nice things to wear.” She saw Miranda's expression asked. “What?”

“You realize of course that, even though you no longer work at Runway, your relationship with me gives you access to The Closet.” Miranda's eyes twinkled at the shock on Andrea's face. “You will obviously be accompanying me to Runway events… therefore you must wear clothing featured in the magazine, or at least the same designers, most of the time.” Miranda chuckled and traced the shadows of Andrea's cheekbones. “Oh, they will be falling all over themselves to design for you.”

“Buh…” Andy shook her head. “But I'm just…”

“You,” Miranda stepped closer and ran her fingertips down Andrea's long arm, “are one of the most important people in the world to me.” She smiled. “And as I am the most important person in the world to them, it's only logical they would want to be in your good graces, and by default, mine.”

Andy laughed. “You can't be manipulated like that.”

Miranda winked. “They don't know that.”

The doorbell rang and both women moved to answer it, but the girls beat them there. As they took the last few stairs down, they saw the twins with the food heading for the kitchen. Andy continued to the door as Miranda veered off toward the kitchen.

“Thanks.” Andy smiled at the delivery boy and reached into her pocket for a few dollars. She'd already paid for the food on her credit card, but wanted to give him a tip. She handed him a ten, knowing what a crappy drive it was from the restaurant to the house this time of night. Roy had remarked on it during one of the few times he'd driven Andy there to pick up the food instead of having it delivered. It was also worth that much of a tip to not have to take the subway or a taxi to get the food herself. The fleeting thought of her mother having a cow at the ‘outrageous' tip almost made her smile.

“Thank you very much.” He smiled, bowed and turned to leave before Andy shut the door; off to his next delivery.



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