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The Orion Spur

3: Across The Great Divide

Written by: Harpy & HkdonXetG ©2016-2020



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Sexual Content: This story contains scenes of female/female and male/female sexual intimacy. There are also scenes of some physical and sexual abuse, though not gratuitous.

Violence Content: This is a story that contains some violence, though not overly explicit.

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Note: The Orion Spur series is written using British English; however, there are words that are unique to the story.

Acknowledgements: We would like to thank our wonderful beta readers, Bindi and Michele, for their time, comments, and continued support of this project.

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Dedicated to the memory of Leah Bracknell, our Kikola.



Ambra ap Lentol has seized control of The Kalenth Hegemony and is ruthlessly consolidating her power over those who supported her, while those who stood against her have fled into hiding.

Kikola ap Karthen, a disgraced military officer living in exile on Trengos, is asked by those who drove her into exile to return to the Hegemony and lead the opposition against Ambra.

With Tehvay Veilan, the woman she loves, and her spirited friend, Rikana Lardis, Kikola must not only overcome Ambra's tyranny, but also the prejudice of the society for whom she is fighting.

To stop Ambra's reign and bring her to justice will require all of Kikola's leadership skills, some luck, and help from an unlikely ally.

Orion Spur star map

Star Map of The Orion Spur

Approximately 3,500 light years, left to right. Approximately 6,500 light years, top to bottom.

Kalenth Hegemony star map

Star Map of The Kalenth Hegemony

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