Disclaimer - The characters in this story are mine. Any resemblance to any fictional characters is purely coincidental. This is an uber story and so the two lead characters may be familiar. Some locations contained within the story are real and some are fictional.

Love/Sex warning/Disclaimer - This story depicts loving consensual sexual relationships between women. If you are under 18 years of age or if the themes of these relationships are illegal in your country then I suggest you skip this story.

Warning - This episode contains mention of sexual assault.

Disclaimer - The characters in this story are mine. Any resemblance to any fictional characters is purely coincidental. This is an uber story and so the two lead characters may be familiar. Some locations contained within the story are real and some are fictional.

Love/Sex warning/Disclaimer - This story depicts loving consensual sexual relationships between women. If you are under 18 years of age or if the themes of these relationships are illegal in your country then I suggest you skip this story.

Warning - This episode contains mention of sexual assault.

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The Dylan Morgan Show

Season 2

Episode 5



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Later that night Dylan, Emily and Molly were in the family room, putting up the Christmas decorations. While Molly played with the angel for the top, Dylan was putting on the lights, with help from Emily. Christmas music came from the speakers on the wall, and the fire crackled in the background, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Dylan had been dreading going home to her fiancee after losing Molly, but it had been the little girl who had had been given the talking to not her. Dylan still felt guilty though.

"Ah, Emmie? I'm really sorry about today. I honestly only turned round for a second."

Emily tried to soothe her partner by giving loving strokes to her arm.

"I know honey. She's so quick and can be off before you know it."

"But I don't want you to think you can't trust me with our daughter."

"Do you think she hasn't run off from me before?"

Dylan looked surprised. "What? She has...?"

"Of course! Look at how active she is? She has run off in the store a few times. Usually when she sees candy or if she sees some toys. She just thinks you'll be right behind her, then she turns round and you're not there. I've lost her a few times in stores."

"I thought you'd be so pissed at me, and I made Molly cry when I gave her into trouble." Dylan sounded worried.

God Dylan, you are so adorable! "You need to have more confidence in yourself as a parent honey. You're learning as you go but you have good instincts, just trust them. As for upsetting Molly, does she look upset?" Emily pointed towards the little girl who was singing while playing wrapped up in tinsel.

"Dudolph da ded nose aindeer, ad a very shiny nose." The little girl sang.

Dylan laughed and said, "I guess not."

"No. She's the happiest she's ever been and that's because of her mom. You can't be the fun one all the time Dyl, sometimes you need to say no and tell her what's right and wrong."

"I like being the fun one though." Emily leaned up and kissed her partner on the nose.

"I know you do goofy, but let's get this finished okay? Molly, bring over the ornaments."

"Otay mama." Molly handed over handfuls to her moms. There were traditional wooden Santa Claus, reindeers, red, silver and clear glass ornaments, some Disney themed ones that Molly liked and an angel for the top.

Emily showed Molly how to hook them on carefully, while Dylan got the higher branches.

"You picked out some lovely decorations Emmie.".

"I like them, I always think trees should be fun and child like. Nothing too designer looking. Your mom said she was going to look out a couple of family decorations to give us."

"Oh yeah, I had this wooden soldier my Grandpa made for me, painted it himself and everything. Joey wanted his to be an angel but Grandpa said he wasn't making no fairy for his grandson, so he got a reindeer!"

They both laughed at the image and Emily's laugh turned into a big yawn. "You okay baby girl? I think you did too much today."

"I'm fine. I just get tired so easily, but I loved it. I felt normal again, well as normal as it can be with people staring, taking pictures and asking for autographs. I mean why my autograph. I'm not the famous one."

"You are now mama smurf. Nobody bothered you too much did they?"

"No. I had your mom and Rosie, and believe me, if they got too close, one look from your mother and they moved back pretty quickly!"

"I bet! I remember that look from when I was a kid. I'm so glad you and Molly have Mom and Dad. Mom's a great support for you and Molly just adores them both."

"Elp mama wiv santa." Emily helped her daughter with a tricky decoration for small fingers.

"There you go sweetie. Yes, They really appreciate your forgiveness honey."

Dylan shrugged. "Well life's too short. We were all in pain, and it's time to heal. It's what Joey would have wanted."

Emily looked thoughtful. "I wish my parents felt the same. My Mother didn't even contact you when I was in hospital."

Dylan knew this had hurt her fiance deeply so she tried to make Emily feel better. "You've made your own family baby girl. If they don't want to be a part of that, then it's their loss."

"Thanks for that honey. You always make me feel better."

"That's my job. So did you get some of the presents we talked about?" Dylan whispered, but Molly was more interested in the tree anyway.

After Molly had written out her list for Santa to make the video with her mom, both Dylan and Emily had decided she would get a couple of the gifts when she was out, but Dylan would go out to the toy store on her own and get the bulk of it, so as not to over tire Emily.

"Yes. I got a few ticked off the list, just remember not to go wild when you go to the toy store, she doesn't need everything she's asked for. I don't want her to be spoiled."

"Would I?" Dylan asked in a shocked tone then gave her a goofy smile.

Emily knew it was a hopeless task to get her partner not to spoil their daughter and just shook her head in reply.

"Okay smurf, just the angel to go. Do you want to put in on?"

"Yes Mom! Pease?" Dylan lifted Molly up high and got her on top of her shoulders.

"Okay Molls, stick it on." Molly stretched her little arms and go it on.

"Okay Mama flick the lights." The tree began to twinkle in sequence.

"Yay! It's so pwetty mama look!"

"I see it sweetie." Dylan lifted Molly down and held her in one arm, while pulling Emily into her side with the other.

Dylan sighed in contentment. This is what it's all about. Family, and making happy memories.

"I can't wait till next year, when were living at the long island house. I'll put lights all over the outside, a light up Santa and sleigh on the roof. It'll be so much fun!"

Emily smiled warmly. I just bet you will goofy. Why don't you take a picture of the tree and put it on your Facebook and Twitter?"

"No. I've told you I've been far too open about my life. Some things are private."

"Some things are private, but I bet your fans would get a kick out of seeing it. Those sort of sites made you who you are, your career. Don't lose it."

Dylan looked unconvinced, then Molly added, "Yeah sow our twee mom."

She sighed knowing she would give in. "Okay!"

Dylan took the picture, and typed out the Twitter message.

The Morgan Family Christmas tree. What do you think Twitter buddies?







The following weeks brought more normality back to Dylan and Emily's life, even though Emily still had her days where things didn't seem so bright, and her anxiousness would creep back, she now had the tools to fight it, and she had a great boost in confidence when she finally got the cast off her arm.

It was the day of the wedding and Dylan and Emily lay in bed enjoying the quiet, early morning before the madness of the day set in. Emily already cuddled tight into Dylan's chest tried to snuggle in even further.

"Hmm. I love this with you." Emily said in contentment.

Dylan kissed her brow and smiled broadly. They had still to become fully intimate again, but they were taking the time to touch and kiss as much as possible, in order to build their bond and trust back to what it was. Emily's therapist, Rain, said it was the best way for Emily to become comfortable with the physical side of their relationship. Just to see Emily smiling again and being close to her made Dylan more than happy. The rest would come in time.

"I wish you didn't have to go." Dylan was going over to Jackson's apartment to get ready for the ceremony, while Emily got ready at home.

"I know baby girl, but it's just for a few hours then you'll have to go to a lawyer to get rid of me." Dylan received a soft slap on the stomach for that, "Ah! Don't beat me up; I'll set Molly on you."

Emily leaned up on her elbow and looked down towards her fianc é . Her face set with a look of mock annoyance. "We'll don't say anything about lawyers or divorce on our wedding day TV star."

"Hey Emmie, I'm only kidding. If that ever happened I'd tell you not to be so silly and come on home with me and Molly."

"Awful sure of yourself Morgan." Emily said.

Dylan rolled Emily over gently, so as not to spook her fianc é or make her feel trapped.

"I'm sure of the fact that you are meant for me and nothing on this earth could break us apart. We have been through possibly everything in the short time we have been together." Dylan joined their two hands together and said. "Our love is unbreakable. We are unbreakable."

Emily pulled her partner's head down into a long deep kiss. Dylan was right, after all they had been through, Emily knew there was nothing that could tear them apart.

When their kiss ended Emily said, "I can't wait to grow old and grey with you, goofy."

"Mom! Mama! Its edding day"" Molly came rushing into the room and jumped on the bed beside them.

"What did I tell you about knocking Molly?" Emily said as they both sat up.

"Sowrry Mamma but I cited!"

"Come here Molls." Dylan lifted her up onto her lap.

"Ask me mom!" She shouted excitedly.

Dylan and Emily smiled at each other. This was Molly's new favorite thing to do, and it had been going on nonstop since Dylan's lawyers had informed them, they were now legally a family.

Playing along Dylan said, "What's your name little girl?"

"My name tis Molly T...tonner" Molly struggled with her middle name, that was given to remember her paternal Grandmother.

"It's Conner Sweetie."

"Molly Tonner Morgan! Me Molly Morgan!"

Dylan ticked Molly's tummy. "That's right smurf. We're all Morgan's now."

Molly giggled. "Mom! stop!"

"Okay. Now sit up nice. I wanted to have an important talk with you before I go over to Jackson's."

"What Mom? I listen."

"You have a very important job to do today. You're going to give your mama away with Grandpa to help."

Although it was going to be a very small quiet affair, the couple still wanted some traditions. Molly would give Emily away with Tommy's help, and Rosie would be Emily's bridesmaid, with Jackson standing for Dylan. There was also a little surprise for Emily that Dylan thought her new wife would like.

"I know Mom, I pwactice lots and lots with mama."

"Good girl. I know you'll do great. I want you to be very good today and very good when you stay with Grandma and Grandpa okay?" The newly married couple weren't having a honeymoon as such, Dylan promising that they would all go a family vacation in the summer, but they were having three nights on their own at The Four Seasons. Molly would be staying at home with her grandparents.

"I will mom. I miff ou though." Molly crawled over to her Mama for a hug.

"We'll miss you too Molly and we'll call every day. Mom and I just need some grown up time together after the wedding. But listen, you have so much to look forward to. Your grandpa is going to take you to see his dojang, so you'll get to see where you're mom learned taekwondo, and grandma told me that he was bringing a special video and surprise to show you."

"What vidyo?"

"The one of your mom winning her gold medal, and maybe the medal too."

Molly bounced up and down. She was a little young to understand the significance of the Olympics, but she did understand that her mom won a medal for being best in the world at her sport, and to Molly was a superhero. When Dylan had returned home she had given the medal to her dad as thanks for getting her there, but since they had become estranged, she didn't have an opportunity to show Emily and Molly her prize. Dylan realized what a great thing it was bringing her family back together. They had so many shared memories, and now her mom and dad could pass them on to the next generation.

"I wear it mom! I be like you."

How did I ever get this lucky? Dylan thought proudly.

Emily saw that Molly had made Dylan feel as proud as can be and gave her a quick wink.

"Yes you will, then next weekend Santa will come with toys for you, and after Christmas we move into our new house at the beach, so don't be sad and miss us because you have so much to look forward to."

Molly jumped off the bed and said, "I go watch my Santa message."

After shooting and e-mailing a video letter list to Santa, a few days later Dylan came into the kitchen with Molly's Ipad announcing that Santa had sent a video back to her.

Emily had looked her partner and said,

"Hmm. Santa is really good with all this new technology then? I wonder how he managed that?"

Dylan started the video for Molly and said quietly, but with the goofiest smile, "There's an app for everything remember Emmie."

Emily smiled warmly and came to join her daughter. The Santa on the screen said,

"Hello young Molly. Thank you so much for your letter. My elves and I are working hard to get all the toys ready for Christmas. I understand you've been a very good girl this year..."

Molly beamed with happiness. "Santa say my name Mama!"

Emily gave Dylan a kiss on the cheek. "You are the sweetest TV star ever!"


Since then the video had been played hundreds of times, and had made their little girl very happy.

"Okay on you go, I'll get you some breakfast soon." Emily said as Molly dashed out their room.

"I better get going too. Jackson's getting us a special breakfast from her favorite deli."

Emily cuddled back into Dylan's side. "Yes I know. You're parents and Rosie will be here soon too. Just ten more minutes of cuddling though, Please?" Emily pleaded.

"You don't have to ask me twice. Come here."






After a few moments of silence Emily said, "So was Jackson annoyed you didn't want a bachelor party?"

Jackson had wanted to organize a night out for Dylan to a big boxing event that was happening at Madison square garden, then have some drinks after. Nothing big, just Dylan, Jackson and her Dad, but Dylan wanted to keep a low profile in the run up to the wedding, so as not to cause any press speculation about when it might be. As it turned out, the three of them watched the fight on the big screen in Dylan's game room, with just a few beers. That suited Dylan down to the ground. She had no interest in going out and leaving her family for a last night out as a single woman. They made a night of it and Rosie and Pattie came over to have a girl's night with Emily. Pattie had brought along a book of Dylan's baby photos and they laughed through each page at the fashions of the time, and the many pictures of Dylan in a state of undress. Apparently Dylan didn't think clothes were necessary when she was a child, and one particular picture of a butt naked Dylan, dressed only in a pair of rubber boots had them in stitches.

Tommy, Jackson and Dylan ended up in her gym, trying to impress each other with fighting techniques, which, after a few beers caused a couple of bruises.

"Nah. I think she was happy to stay in. Rosie accused her of wanting to organize a stripper and how that objectified women."

Emily laughed softly. "Those two are so funny together."

"Yeah, when you walk into a room, you don't know if they're gonna be fighting or making out!"

Emily hugged Dylan tighter and said "It's sweet though, Jackson is totally gone on her."

"Yeah she follows her around like a little puppy; pathetic!"

Dylan received another soft slap to the stomach. "Hey you're just as puppyish and pathetic as Jackson!"

Dylan thought about all the times she had been reprimanded for getting in her fianc é 's way in the kitchen, because she just wanted to be near her, or if Emily had been sick and gone to lie down, Dylan had lasted all of ten minutes watching TV in the family room, before she came into the bedroom and planted herself next to her on the bed.

"Hmm, yeah and just think after today, I can get under your feet forever!"

With a little smile Emily said, "I can't wait goofy."




The Morgan house was officially chaotic. Tommy, Pattie and Rosie had arrived, and Molly was running around screaming excitedly, dressed only in her underwear. Dylan had just left for Jackson's, and Emily's hair and makeup people were due shortly.

"Molly! Would you come here, sit down, and eat your breakfast!"

Pattie sensing the growing tension said "Tom, go and pick up Molly and bring her to the breakfast table. Emily, go and enjoy your bath before the hair stylist gets here."

Rosie stood and pulled her by the hand "Yeah come on Em, let's get you destressed, looking good and ready to become Mrs Morgan."

Emily nodded and sighed. She followed Rosie to the huge main bathroom. "Wow, I love this tub."

Emily watched her friend fill the luxurious spa tub and add some relaxing oils. "It's one of my favorite things about this apartment."

"Are you going to miss this place when you move to the Long Island house?"

"Yes and no. This place has happy memories and bad ones, but I've always felt safe here, like a cocoon against the outside world. The Long Island house is a dream but it's big and open, I might not feel as safe."

Unbeknownst to Emily, Rosie knew about Dylan's surprise Christmas gift for Molly and Emily, since Jackson had been asked to keep the gift until Christmas Day. She just gave a smile and said, "I'm sure everything will work out okay. Hey, I'll put some relaxing music on for you."

Rosie took out her iPhone, and hooked up with Bluetooth to the bathroom speaker, "I think you'll like this, I use it for meditating."

Emily closed her eyes and took in the mystical twangs of the flowing music "Hmm. I like it."

Satisfied that she had helped her friend, Rosie said, "I'll leave you to it then."





"Would you come away from the window and eat something? They're not going anywhere."

Someone had leaked the fact that the Morgan wedding was today, and when Dylan left the apartment, there was press camped outside. Some had followed her to Jackson's, and she fully expected there to be a presence at city hall.

"Yeah I'm coming." Dylan sat down at Jackson's small table, which had bags of sandwiches, bagels, coffee and juice, from Jackson's local deli.

"Thanks, this was really nice of you."

"Hey the condemned woman has to have a last meal right?" They both laughed and Dylan tucked into one of the sandwiches.

"You know not to worry. I've got a couple of guards with Emily, someone with us and a small team for city hall and the restaurant. Just relax."

Dylan nodded. "I know. It just feels like I can never relax and my family are constantly in magazines and gossip columns. Sometimes I think maybe I should give it all up. Just live out of the public eye, be with my family."

Jackson sat her coffee down. She was shocked, she knew Dylan's career was everything to her, and she had worked so hard to get there.

"You would do that? I mean, really?

"Yeah, I mean no matter how popular the show is now, it won't be forever. I've made enough money, and my production company can still continue to make TV shows and small films, without me fronting a show. I could take a back seat, and enjoy my family. I'm a happy woman Jackson. I don't need fame and recognition, for what I do anymore."

"Have you said any of this to Emily?"

Dylan took a gulp of juice and said, "No, I will talk to her about it though. After the wedding maybe. It's just an idea."

"You really are getting married and middle aged Morgan." Jackson ribbed her friend.

Dylan sat back and raised eyebrow at her friend. "So when is your big day?"

Jackson gave a hallow laugh. "Are you kidding? The other day Rosie was reading this pamphlet she got from a feminist bookstore called, 'Marriage and its place in supporting a patriarchal society. Do we really want equality?' "

Dylan started to choke on her sandwich, she was laughing so much. Jackson jumped up and smacked her hard on the back. "Hey don't go dying on me. I've got to deliver you to city hall in one piece or I'm dead!"






Pattie and Rosie watched Emily look at herself in the long mirror. Her hair had been put and held in place with a tiara, some ringlets of blonde allowed to fall loosely around her face. The dress was a simple white strapless dress with a very light grey sash round the middle, which hung low down the back of the dress, and coordinated with Dylan's suit.

What a lucky woman my Dylan is. "You look stunning Emily." Pattie told Emily.

"Yeah, you look amazing Em. Dylan's heads gonna totally like explode when she sees you. I think she might skip the restaurant and go straight to the hotel!"

Emily laughed and turned towards them.

"I hope so." Emily placed her hand on her stomach and said, "I'm so nervous, the butterflies are dancing around in here."

Pattie wanted a moment alone with Emily and said to her young friend, "Rosie? Do you think you could check on Molly? I think she may be running Tommy ragged out there."

Sensing Pattie wanted some time alone with her daughter in law, Rosie immediately said, "Sure, I'll let you know when the car arrives."

When they were alone, Emily said, "Do you think Dylan's this nervous?"

Pattie moved forward and took Emily's hand. "I'm sure a little, but not about marrying you. I'm sure she can't wait. I wanted a few minutes to talk to you on your own, before you go out there and everything gets crazy."

"Of course."

Pattie took a moment to collect her thoughts before saying. "Tommy and I haven't been there for our daughter for the last few years, and you have no idea how much that hurts me still."

"Dylan doesn't hold any grudges for that."

"I know that, but it still hurts. You're a mother; you know you never stop worrying about doing the right thing for your kids."

"You're not wrong there." Emily agreed.

"I want to thank you for being there for Dylan when we weren't. You've taken care of her and her heart and that means so much. Apart from being gay, Dylan is a very traditional kind of person. Ever since she was young, I knew all Dylan wanted in life was to work hard and have a family. You've given her that, you've given her love, a child and Tommy and I a grandchild, and for that I thank you. It's been a difficult time for you both recently, but the love you have for each other got you through, and now you both know you can tackle anything. I know you haven't had the best of relationships with your Mother, but I want you to know you are marrying into a family that loves you and Molly. Tommy and I will be there for you, you are our new daughter."

Emily wiped away a tear and hugged her mother in law. "Meeting Dylan has given me everything I ever wanted. A Family."

"Don't mess up that beautiful make up."

"I won't. Thank you so much. Since we're all family, do you think I could call you Mom?"

Patties' heart leaped for joy. "I would be honored."

They heard a knock at the bedroom door and Rosie shouted. "Paulie's here with the car, Em."

Pattie kissed Emily and said, "It's time to marry that daughter of mine."

"I'm ready."





Dylan and Jackson had been shown to an ornate private room in city hall. She had used her influence to have the city's current mayor, Nancy Coleman, officiate their ceremony. The liberal mayor was a favorite of Emily's and so Dylan thought she would get a kick out of it.

"How are you doing?"Jackson asked as she watched her friend nervously adjust her highly starched collar.

Dylan and Jackson wore matching grey suits, vests, white shirts and white ties, with white handkerchiefs just visible in their top pockets.

"I'm just anxious about Emmie getting through that press pack at the front door." The throng of photographers had built up so much that a police cordon had to be set up. A large crowd of well-wishers and Dylan's fans had also found out about the wedding on the internet, and had flocked to city hall.

"She'll be fine. She has the team I put together and Pauley."

The door opened and in walked the charismatic Mayor Coleman with a few of her aides. The woman was small in stature but she packed a punch, being famous for her no nonsense attitude and straight talking.

"Dylan, good to see you!"

Nancy gave Dylan a firm handshake, and before letting go pulled her closer and said, "You feel like high tailing it out of here yet?"

Dylan laughed, "Never Mayor Coleman. I can't wait for it. Thank you for taking the time for this Mayor."

"No problem. Now I expect an endorsement when its campaign time Morgan." The mayor joked.

"You got it Mayor!"

They were interrupted by Lynn, who was coordinating the small event, coming in and announcing, "Not long now Dylan. Your Mom and Rosie's car is here, Emily's will be here in minutes. I'll bring everyone in now."

"Thanks Lynn."

The Mayor went to the large ornate desk in the room with her aide, to sort out the paperwork and Dylan turned to Jackson and said. "My legs feel like jello. I've never felt this nervous. I just want everything to be right from Emmie."

Jackson put and arm round her shoulder. "Everything is perfect. Emily is going to be one happy woman."

"I hope so."

Although they were having very few guests, a small number of chairs had been set out for the wedding party, Lynn and her husband, and Rosie's father Walt. Emily had thought it only right to let Walt see his daughter be a bridesmaid for the first time, and Dylan's good friends, Mark, Patrick and their partners.

They filed in except for Rosie, who waited for Emily.

Dylan gazed toward the door and thought. Hurry up baby girl. I can't wait!





Emily saw the large crowd gathered in front of city hall, and felt panic start to set in. Tommy n oticed and asked, "Are you okay Emily?"

"Yes, just a bit anxious. Give me minute?"

"Sure." Tommy said to his Granddaughter, "Molly, sit quiet for your Mama."

Emily closed her eyes and took the time to breathe slowly as Rain had taught her. Molly stopped squiggling and sat still. The little girl knew by now what it meant, when her Mama needed quiet.

Emily counted her breaths in and out, going to that calm place inside where she could centre herself.

After a minute she opened her eyes, her anxious panic banished. Nothing is going to spoil my special day, s he thought. Emily looked over at her own miniature version of Dylan and her heart melted.

Molly had made such a fuss and thrown several tantrums about wearing a dress. So they had agreed to have a special outfit made at Dylan's suit designer. Molly insisted she wanted to dress like her Mom. They had come up with a little white suit that consisted of pants, white blouse and jacket, and she looked adorable. "Molly, we're here. Remember and keep hold of Grandpa's hand at all times, okay?"

Molly nodded quietly, having looked out the window and seen all the people outside. She was very unsure still by all the attention her parents got from the public. "It's too noisy Mama."

"You'll be okay sport, I'll lift you up." Tommy tried to reassure the little girl. The limo door was opened and he got out and reached in for Molly. She buried her head into her Grandpa's neck, not liking the shouting and camera flashes going off around them.

The cameras really went wild when Emily took Tommy's hand and stepped out of the car. The barriers around the front of city hall groaned and the crowd pushed forward. There were shouts from fans that held cell phones above their heads, hoping to get footage for their respective Facebook or twitter pages.

Photographers shouted from every angle hoping she would turn to give them a better shot. Emily gave the fans a smile and a wave but ignored the photographers. Tommy held her hand, while holding Molly tight in the other. They were flanked by a small team of bodyguards that Jackson had organized. She then noticed to her left that there was a group that were not there to wish them well. They held up placards stating ' God hates Fags!' 'Homosexuals are possessed by demons!' 'You will burn in hell!' 'You condemn your child to hell!"

As the hate group shouted and screamed, one member jumped the barrier and tried to grab Molly. He was tackled to the ground by the police, and the bodyguards made a tight ring around them. Emily shouted to Tommy, "Get Molly inside quickly, I'll be behind you."

Emily got inside and found Molly crying, "Mama! Me want Mom, those people scare me!"

Not caring about her dress, she picked Molly up and hugged her. "Thank god you had her Tommy."

"If he'd laid one hand on this girl, he'd be drinking though a straw for a month!" Tommy was furious.

"Are you aright Ma'am?" one of the bodyguards asked. "Yes thank you."

Molly wasn't calming down and still crying for her Mom. "Tommy could you go and get Dylan, I think Molly just needs to see her, to know everything's okay."


A minute later, Dylan came storming out like a raging bull, "Are you guys okay?"

Molly held her arms out to be lifted. "Mom! Mom! People scare me!"

Dylan held her tight, rubbing her daughters back in an effort to calm her. "We're okay Dyl, just got a fright. The police tackled the guy. It's some gay hate group, and this one guy made a grab for Molly, but your Dad had her up in his arms thank God."

Dylan put an arm around Emily "And you're okay?"

"Yes I'm fine."

They shouldn't have to put up with this shit. Dylan thought.

Molly's tears had slowed down a small sniffle. "Okay smurf, no one can get you now okay. I know it was really scary, but I'm here, grandpa's here and Jackson's through there too, so how about you be a big brave girl?"

Molly nodded. "I brave like ou Mom." Dylan smiled at Emily and gave her daughter a kiss. "Good girl. How about we go and become a family?"

"Yeah, let's go Mom!"

Dylan finally had a chance to look at her fianc é . "Wow! You look absolutely beautiful Emmie. I can't wait to marry you."

Emily looked up and down Dylan's solid, suited body and felt a hunger for her partner, which had been slowly coming back to her as her recovery progressed. "How about you get back in there then and we do this properly?" Emily said.

Dylan smiled. "Yeah, the Mayors waiting."

"The mayor! Mayor Coleman?" Dylan was delighted to see Emily so surprised.

She winked at her partner and said, "I have connections. Let's get married!"





Dylan and Jackson stood waiting at the mayor's desk. The door opened and Tommy led Emily in on his arm. At the other side, a very serious looking Molly held her Mother's hand and helped escort her up to her Mom.

Dylan's eyes were glued to Emily and her heart beat faster with each step closer she got.

Jackson on the other hand couldn't keep her eyes off of Rosie who followed behind. Rosie wore a knee length silver taffeta dress, which was made to coordinate with the rest of the wedding party.

Jackson found herself wishing it was her own wedding that day. She gave Rosie a smile and mouthed, "You're beautiful."

Nancy shook Emily's hand and said. "Pleased to meet you Emily. I would like to welcome you all to the marriage of Dylan and Emily. First of all we have a few documents to be signed and then we'll get to the ceremony.

After the marriage license was signed by the couple and they're witnesses, Rosie and Jackson, Nancy began.

"I want to thank you all for coming here today to witness the marriage of Dylan and Emily. They have some vows they would like to exchange, but first who gives Emily Taylor to be married to Dylan Morgan?"

After a small silence, Tommy nudged Molly. "Me! I dive Mama to my Mom!"

The adults all gave a little chuckle. "Very well then, Emily if you'd like to start."

Emily took both Dylan's hands and said, "I never knew my life could be filled with such joy and happiness. That is what you give Molly and me. I know we've been through our difficult times as well, but I would face anything as long as I'm with you. I can't wait for the rest of our lives."

Dylan couldn't help but give one of Emily's hands a kiss for her heartfelt declaration.

The sound of sniffing could be heard in the background as Pattie, Lynn and Rosie felt the emotion of the event.

Dylan looked deeply into Emily's eyes and spoke from the heart. "Emily, the day I walked into that diner, you changed my life. You've given me love, a family, and a new meaning to my life. You are the love of my life, the mother of my child, and I pledge to you, I will care and protect Molly and you until my last breath."

Tears fell down Emily's cheeks and she found it difficult to speak her next part. Rosie stepped forward and gave her the broad wedding band, made for Dylan. Emily pushed it onto her partner's finger and said. "With this ring I thee wed, and pledge my eternal love."

Next Jackson gave Dylan a smaller version of her wedding band, and Dylan repeated, "With this ring I thee wed, and pledge my eternal love."

The couple clasped they're ringed hands together and smiled happily as the Mayor said, "Now, by the powers vested in me by the state of New York I declare you married for life. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Dylan and Emily Morgan. You may now seal your vows with a kiss."

Dylan didn't need to be told twice, and kissed Emily thoroughly, while they're guests clapped and cheered. Dylan then lifted Molly, and they both hugged her tightly.

"We are a family now Mom?"

"We sure are Molls!"

After receiving hugs and kisses from family and friends the new family posed for photographs, before heading off to the restaurant.







The restaurant was packed out with Dylan's studio staff and they're guests. Molly had been having great fun chasing in and out of the tables and talking to all the people she knew from the studio.

At the main table, Dylan stood and tapped on her glass for quiet. "Hi everyone. I'd just like to say a few words. My wife and I," the room whopped and clapped at that statement, Emily smiled up at her partner.

"As I was saying, my wife and I would like to thank you all for coming. First of all, thank you to my family, and to Lynn, Jackson and Rosie for you help and support through some difficult times. To my staff, thank you for helping me and being more like a family to me over the years. The success I've enjoyed, I couldn't have done it without you. So thank you so much. Now I'd like to ask you to raise a glass to my beautiful wife, Emily Morgan." Dylan got a rush every time she said Emily's new name and that along with having Emily close to her in that dress was fuelling Dylan's libido. It had been a long time since they had made love last and Dylan would wait as long as it took for Emily to feel comfortable, but today she was feeling it particularly badly.

The restaurant had a small dance floor and so they were able to enjoy a first dance. Jackson and Rosie joined them, Jackson seemingly sharing the same problem as Dylan in that she couldn't keep her hands off Rosie.

"Hey soldier boy, calm down, my daddy is here!" Rosie said as Jackson's hands wandered from her waist down to her butt.

"He's not even looking."

Rosie looked at her dad and smiled. He had been talking to Tommy all evening. He seemed to have made a friend there. Molly sat on her Grandma's knee eating some cake, the day was beginning to take its toll on her as she yawned and was happy to sit quietly with her grandma.

Sometime later, Jackson took Emily to dance while Dylan danced with Rosie. "It was a wonderful day Emily." Jackson told her friend.

"It was wonderful. We've come through a lot but we got here in the end. I want to thank you for looking after us Jackson. You are such a good friend."

"It was my pleasure, Emily."

"So what job are you going to next? Now you've officially finished with me?"






When Jackson returned to her girlfriend, Rosie asked, "What were you talking so seriously to Emily about?"

Jackson handed Rosie a glass of champagne. "Oh she was asking what job I'm going on to next."


Oh yeah, I told her that I was offered a year's post working with a politician in Australia. She's had some threats..."

Jackson's explanation was cut short by a strong slap to her jaw. "What the hell was that for?"

"You are a low down freaking snake Hunter! I knew you would do this to me!" Rosie stomped off toward the ladies room.

"Woah! Are you alright buddy?" Dylan asked as she walked by with some drinks.

"I told her I'd been offered work in Australia, but she didn't give me a chance to explain. I don't want to leave her."

"Go find her quickly, don't let her stay mad. Explain and everything will be fine." Dylan knew what Jackson had in mind, as they had discussed it a few days ago.

Jackson nodded and headed off to the ladies bathrooms. When she went in, she heard Rosie crying in one of the stalls. She knocked on the door. "Hey hippy girl, let me in to talk. You didn't give me a chance to explain. It's not bad honestly.

The door opened and she let herself in. Rosie looked up at her with a tear stained face. "I trusted you. I've never trusted anyone. I let myself love you and let you make love to me, and now you're just going to take off for a year!"

Jackson pulled Rosie to her feet to face her, "If you'd let me finish I would have told you, I was offered the post but politely declined because I have commitments here."

"Wh...what? You said no? What commitments?"

Jackson put her hands on Rosie's hips "Commitments to you darlin. It's time to settle down. I'm expanding my business, taking people on to send out on jobs, I want to become more of a manager. I've spoken to Dylan about it, she's going to be a silent partner in the business, and Pauley is going to be my first hire. It's time to build something for the future."

Rosie was stunned. "The future?"

"Our future darlin, and one day I hope I'll persuade you to enter that patriarchal institution called marriage, but don't worry, I'll let you out of the kitchen sometimes, if you're a good girl."

Jackson received a smack on the arm for that one. "You would do that? For me?" Rosie said in wonder.

"I would do anything for you hippy girl. I love you."

Rosie attacked her lips with a fervor that surprised Jackson. She was pushed against the wall of the toilet stall. I don't think so hippy girl! Thought Jackson, as she reversed their positions and lifted Rosie up against the wall. Her legs went round Jackson waist. "I love you Jack. I was so scared you were leaving."

"Never darlin. Now I've got you, you're not getting rid of me."

Jackson slipped her hand under Rosie's dress and found the warm wetness she sought soaking through Rosie's undergarments. "Oh God Jack, what if someone comes in?"

"They won't, and you can be quiet anyway."

"Yes!" Rosie panted.

Just as Jackson was about to slip her fingers into her girlfriend, they heard a door open and Dylan's voice shout. "Hunter put that girl down; we're leaving for the hotel now."

They rested their foreheads together a laughed. "We'll drop daddy home and then go to your place for some unfinished business."

"Sure thing darlin."








"Thank you Ms Morgan. Anything you need, just press the buzzer. You're clothes have been pressed and hung up. Can I get you anything before I go?"

Dylan had managed to surprise Emily yet again. She knew they would be staying at an expensive hotel suite, as Dylan always liked to give her the best, but this was the famous Four Seasons TY Warner suite. At $35,000 a night, it was one of the most expensive hotel rooms in the world. For that price, along with the expensive furnishings and amenities, a twenty four hour butler was at their disposal, with whom Dylan was talking to now.

"Is there a bottle of champagne as I asked for?"

The tall stiff looking man said, "It is waiting by the bar Ms Morgan."

"Thank you." Dylan tipped him and he left them alone at last.

Emily was reading aloud in wonder from the suite brochure. "Wow! This place has four balconies, a Zen room, spa room, infinity soak tub and steam rain shower!"

"I'm glad you like it." Emily looked over at Dylan who was undoing her tie and looking unsure of herself."

She's frightened of making a wrong move and scaring me off. Emily thought. She walked over and held on to the Dylan's loose tie.

"I know. Don't worry, we'll just relax and take it as it comes." Emily leaned up and kissed Dylan softly on the lips.

"How do you do that? How do you know what I'm thinking?"

"I'm your wife." Emily said gleefully, "God! Do you know how good that sounds to say Dyl?"

"Almost as good as it feels to hear baby girl. How about we get some champagne and look around this big crazy place."

They got their drinks and found themselves out on the balcony. "Do you think Molly's missing us?" Emily asked.

"I doubt it. She couldn't wait to kiss us goodbye and go to her Grandpa's and Grandma's house. Mom and dad are going to have a ball looking after her. As much as we argued the past few years, they were great parents when I was growing up. Mom just loves to have a family to take care of."

Emily tucked a stray lock of Dylan's hair behind her ear and said, "And your dad has a miniature version of you to pass on his skills to. Between you and your dad, she hasn't got a chance but to be a little Tom boy."

Dylan laughed. "Maybe."

Emily took Dylan's hand. Remember the first time we had champagne together?"

"Oh yes. I recall every time we have made love and in every way." Dylan replied.

Then as an afterthought said, "You know you don't have to do anything like that, we can just be together..."

"Dyl, I appreciate you saying that, but remember let's just see how things go. We should keep doing as Rain said, and just rediscover each other's bodies. I want to be able to make love. Do you know how much I've missed it?"

Emily walked to the barrier and looked out over the New York skyline. Dylan joined Emily and put her arms round her wife from behind.

"Sex isn't everything Emmie. I love you no matter what." Dylan pulled Emily tight into her and kissed her neck.

"No sex isn't everything, but making love is. I miss than closeness you get, the bond that tethers you together closer than anything. I want that feeling and this is my wedding night, I don't want what happened to ruin my dream day. I'm not saying I might not get scared or anxious, but I think we can get through it together."

Emily lifted up their clasped hands and kissed both their wedding bands. "Unbreakable remember?"

"Unbreakable." Dylan agreed.







After relaxing for a while the newly married couple brought their drinks through to the bedroom. Dylan suggested they showered together to relax into their evening some more.

She watched as her wife unpinned her hair and then presented her back to her partner. "Unzip me."

"With pleasure."

The wedding dress slipped off to reveal beautiful ivory lingerie, stockings and a garter.

"Good God Mrs Morgan! Are you trying to drive me insane?" Dylan had this insane need to pull the garter off with her teeth.

"Let me do the rest? Please?" As Dylan walked forward towards her, Emily put a finger to Dylan's chest, to push her back.

"Nu uh! I have to hang this dress up carefully first. It's expensive you know."

Dylan growled, "I don't care. I'll buy you another." Seeing Emily like this was making her pledge to go slowly become really hard. The very sight of her new wife was driving her crazy. Before Toni took Emily, they couldn't keep their hands off each other, and now knowing that Emily was her wife, hers and hers alone, made Dylan insane with need for her.

Emily hung up her dress and came back to Dylan. "Let me undress you first. I want to see that hard body, Dyl."

Dylan groaned in frustration. "Okay, but you're making this difficult."

Emily gave her a smile. "No matter what happens, we'll have fun okay?"

She took off her partner's jacket and vest and started to undo Dylan's shirt, button by button.

Emily knew in this moment that that they would make love, it would be slow and she would take it step by step, but they would make love. She had missed this feeling, the feeling of bringing pleasure to her partner, seeing the passion she evoked in Dylan's eyes and being so utterly wanted and desired.

She pushed the shirt off her shoulders, and took in the sight of her partner ' s well-muscled shoulders, chest and stomach.

"Take off your pants." Dylan smirked at her partner. Normally they both liked Dylan to be in control of their lovemaking, but she sensed Emily's need to set the pace between them this time.

"Your wish is my command, baby girl." She quickly took off her pants and tossed them aside.

"Oh really?" Emily walked slowly round Dylan, who was now only dressed in her Calvin Klein jockey shorts, stroking Dylan's body with the back of her hand as she went.

Dylan shivered at Emily's touch. "I love being your wife honey, I get all this to play with."

"It's all yours baby." Dylan groaned. Emily stood in front of her and said "Good answer. Now you can take off everything for me."

Dylan immediately dropped to her knees and set to work on the silky garter with her teeth. It was soon off, and she then spent some time kissing the top of Emily's thighs, while taking her wife's stockings off.

"Oh Dyl, take us to the shower now before we can't."

Dylan picked her wife up and carried her through to the bathroom. The whole room was decorated in Chinese onyx, and the sinks were carved from blocks of rock crystal, the floor to ceiling window looked out over the Manhattan skyline.

"Dyl, this place is simply stunning."

"You are the one that's stunning. Come on baby, I want to wash and kiss every inch of you, to show you how much you're loved."

They stepped into the hot jets and lost themselves in each other's touches and deep kisses.





The two bodies on the bed rocked gently together. After the touching and kissing in the shower, Dylan had carried her wife to the bed where they continued the slow rediscovery of their bodies. They made love so slowly and passionately, that Emily felt completely safe and secure, and without any words, they began to rock together, Dylan's long slow thrusts, bringing them gently toward the place that would meld them together forever.

Emily broke their kiss and said in a breathy voice, "I've missed you so much Dyl. Don't ever stop."

"I never will. You're my wife and I love you." Dylan saw small tears escape from Emily's eyes.

She knew not to worry when Emily pulled her head down for a deep kiss. When she pulled away she said, "It's just too much, I can't keep it inside. Dylan's thrusts began to quicken as Emily wrapped her legs around her partner ' s hips, pulling her deeper inside. "Emmie, take my hand, oh fuck." Emily took Dylan's hand quickly, and they both gazed at their wedding bands so close together as they came, feeling as if their souls were now truly one. Neither one wanted anything more, than to fall asleep in each other's arms.






The next morning, breakfast was delivered early and they allowed themselves the luxury of eating in bed.

Dylan delighted in feeding her wife every morsel of the delicious breakfast. After her last bite Emily said, "Hmm. This suite is just pure decadence. I love it, and the bed was so comfortable to sleep in."

Dylan stared back at her smiling, "What are you staring at TV star?"

"Just looking at my amazingly beautiful wife."

Emily turned round to face her partner "Oh you have a wife? Do you?"

Dylan took Emily's hand and kissed both her wife's engagement and wedding ring, "Yup, sure do! And I've got the piece of paper to prove it so she can't get away!"

Emily giggled and snuggled into her partner's side. "You're such a goof. You always make me laugh. "Glad to be of service ma'am!"

Emily sat up and looked at down at Dylan seriously. "Apart from Molly being born, yesterday was the best day of my life, and last night was just...I can't describe it. It felt like the last piece of the puzzle was slotted into place. I feel so much lighter, happier, and I'm so glad we've been able to get over my...eh...physical problems."

"We will always get over any problems that come up. You're my soul mate baby girl, we're like ham and eggs, cookies and milk, eh...well you get the idea."

"Ha ha! You are such a goof."

Dylan rolled Emily over so she was underneath her again. "So, what would you like to do today my little wife?"

Smack! Dylan yelped when Emily smacked her on the butt."Hey! Why are you beating me up?"

"You always make fun of my height. I think you'll find it's you who's obscenely big TV star!"

"That's what you always tell me baby." Dylan said in a suggestive manner.

Another slap was delivered to Dylan's butt. "We've only been married a day and you've already started beating on me! Anyway, I'm not making fun of you. I like you being small, means you need me to reach things for you. If you could reach stuff, what would you need me for?"

Emily gave her a sexy smile and said. "Oh Honey, I would find lots of uses for you. How about I kiss that muscled butt of yours better and show you?"

"I think you'll lead me astray, Mrs. Morgan."

"I hope so, Ms. Morgan." Emily then kissed her partner all better, all over.





After enjoying their short few days of honeymoon, Dylan and Emily couldn't have been closer. They returned to find that Molly had a wonderful time with her Grandparents and now wanted to take up taekwondo, after visiting her Grandpa's Dojang, and watching the video of her Mom win gold at the Olympics.

Added to the excitement of the wedding, knowing that Christmas was coming, made Molly crazy with excitement. Today was Christmas Eve, and Emily sat in meditation in Dylan's gym room. She thought it best to regain some calm in her mind before the coming day got out of control.

At times like these, Emily felt like she was living with two children instead of one. Instead of enjoying an early morning snuggle with her wife, Dylan jumped up at five for her work out, then woke Molly up at six shouting. "It's Christmas Eve Molls! Santa is coming!" When Emily heard that and the resulting shrieks and excited screams, coming from her daughter's bedroom, she put the pillow over her head and tried to hide. She recalled that within minutes her little kid and big kid were jumping all over the bed.

"Get up mama! We got ots to do!" Molly pulled back the comforter and pulled off the pillow to get to her mama.

"It's Mismas eve mama!"

Dylan came crashing down beside them. "Yeah mama smurf, get up! It's nearly Santa time."

"Morgan, I have the feeling by the time this day is through I'm going to want to kill you."

Dylan laughed and bent down to give her wife a kiss. "Nah, you love us too much. Come on Scrooge Mcduck, get up!"

That made Molly giggle and laugh. "You funny Mom!"

Emily sat up and looked at her pair of dark haired troublemakers and smiled. She understood Dylan's excitement, it was her first Christmas with Molly, and she was having a ball. Emily gave up trying to tell her partner to ease up on buying Molly gifts. It was a hopeless task, as she had watched Dylan return from the toy stores with bags and bags of gifts, and deliveries were made to the house. Dylan had tried to reason that Molly needed lots of things for the new house.

"Okay I'm up. What are all these lots of things we have do? I know I have things to do. The food delivery is coming at lunchtime; I have to clean the house. What exactly do you two have to do?"

Dylan looked Emily as if it should be obvious. "We have to watch Christmas films, with lots of candy and popcorn, and then we have to track Santa on the North Pole website. We can see him going from country to country before he gets to America, then we're going to Mom and dads for dinner, when we get back we have to put out the magic reindeer food..."

Emily stopped Dylan in her tracks. "Wait! backup...reindeer food?"

"Yeah..." Dylan said as if Emily was dim-witted. "Remember I ordered it from the North Pole online store? It's the sparkly food that makes the reindeer fly. Don't you know anything Mama Smurf?"

Emily gave her partner a sharp look. "Clearly not Dyl, but since you're so informed on these matters I'll leave it to you."

"That's probably a good idea Emmie." Dylan gave her wife a wink.

"Mom reindeers need carrots too and Santa needs milk and cookies."

"He sure does. We'll do all that once we come back from Grandmas tonight." The Morgan's were hosting Christmas dinner at the apartment. As well as Dylan's parents, they had also invited Jackson, Rosie and her dad. Not having a big family, Rosie and Walt were delighted to be asked to a big family Christmas. Tonight they were meeting Tommy and Pattie at Holy Cross chapel, to lay a wreath at Joey's grave, and then having dinner with them.

"Well first things first you two. I'll get you some breakfast, then how about you watch one of your Christmas films with Molly, and give me a chance to meditate before I have to get started on other things?"

"Sure, that's a great idea. We'll be quiet as little mice for you!"

Molly started to bounce on the bed. "Mom! Mom! Elf first pease?"

"You read my mind smurf! Elf is the best, let's go!"

Emily could only laugh as she watched them walk out the room, Dylan launching into an impersonation of Buddy the Elf. "I love smiling, smiling's my favorite."

That had been very early this morning, and despite Dylan's promise for quiet, all she could hear as she tried to relax into her meditation was the pounding of feet, up and down the hall, and shrieks and shouts as Dylan and Molly chased each other. I love the fact that my family is so happy again, but can they not be happy and quiet? Thought Emily wistfully.

The final straw came when she heard a loud crashing noise then her poor innocent vase smashing. That'll be my flowers destroyed then. She couldn't hold her anger any longer and shouted at the top of her voice, "Dylan Morgan, if I have to come out there, Christmas is cancelled!"

There was a long silence, then the sounds of brush and shovel being used to clean up.

Emily smiled, took a breath and began her practice. "Ohm."










Later that afternoon, the Morgan's were driving over to Brooklyn to meet Dylan's parents at Holy Cross church.

The Christmas music was playing creating a jolly festive atmosphere. Emily looked into the rear view mirror to see Molly playing games on the ipad, and stole a glance to her partner who was happily singing along to the music. This is happiness. She thought.

A short time later they pulled into the church car park and spotted Tommy and Pattie waiting for them.

Dylan took off her belt and turned round in the seat. "Okay Molls, Do you remember why we've come here?"

Molly put her ipad down and said, "Yeah, we here to see my Uncle Doey, with Grandma and Grandpa."

"That's right. Will you be good?" Asked her Mama.

"Yef Mama. Is Uncle Doey in eaven?"

"He is, but he can see us and he will be really happy we've come to visit him. Let's go Smurf."

Dylan got out and first opened Emily's door, helped her out and then lifted Molly out of her car seat.

Molly took Emily's hand while Dylan carried the wreath. When she spotted her Grandpa she broke free and ran into his arms. "Hi sport! How are you?"

"Me cited for Santa coming!" Then her little brain remembered why they were there and said, "Grandma, we bring fouers for uncle Doey."

Pattie gave her Granddaughter a kiss as Dylan and Emily joined them. "That's wonderful sweetie."

Tommy put Molly down and held his hand out to Dylan. This was the first time they had visited Joey's grave since the funeral, and he wanted to make sure there was no tension or bad feeling.

"Great to have you here, champ." Dylan took his hand and pulled him into a hug. This was their first since they began speaking again, and Tommy held on tight to his daughter. "I'm happy to be here with you dad. I love you."

"Love you too, champ." Emily and Pattie smiled at each other, realizing the significance of what had happened.

"Okay you two. Let's go visit Joey." Pattie said to her family.

They arrived at the graveside and stood in silence for a minute. Molly looked around nervously at the adults faces. Even though she had been told her uncle was gone, she somehow expected to see him somehow.

"Mom, I can't see him." Dylan knelt down beside her and said, "We can't see him Molls, but he can see us."

"Want to see Uncle Doey."

Dylan looked at up Emily for some support. "Show her his picture Dyl." Molly often sat looking at his picture at home. Dylan had told her lots of stories about what she and Uncle Joey got up to as kids, and Emily knew she just needed something to focus on, rather than just the stone.

"Oh yeah, just a minute. Dylan rifled through her wallet, and found his picture next to the ones she kept of Molly and Emily. "Here you go Molls."

Molly studied the picture and said. "Hi Uncle Doey! It's Mismas eve and we bring ou flouers."

Pattie and Tommy smiled at the little girl's innocence. "She's just adorable isn't she?" Said Pattie.

"She sure is. Hey Dylan, how about we get his picture put on the stone? That way Molly could talk to him, when she comes to see him."

"That's a great idea Tommy, what do you think Dyl?" Asked Emily.

"Yeah. Sounds perfect. Let's sort it out after Christmas, dad."

"Sure thing, champ."

They noticed Molly search though her jacket pockets. She pulled out Dylan's Olympic gold medal. "Look what I bring to show ou Uncle Doey? My Mom won dis medal, couse she dis the best, the tampion." All the adults' hearts melted at the kind gesture by the little girl. "Molls, didn't we agree that you're not to bring mom's medal out of the house?" Emily said gently.

Ever since her grandpa had shown Molly the medal and the video of Dylan winning it, the medal had been a permanent fixture around her neck.

"But Uncle Doey like to see it."

"It's okay Emmie. It's a special day. Now how about we put this wreath down?"

After Dylan helped Molly lay the Christmas wreath, she kissed his stone and whispered. "Thank you so much little bro. You have given me everything, and I'll never forget that. I love you."









The family returned from Dylan's Mom and dad's house later that night. Dylan spent some time with Molly putting out a little bag of sparkly reindeer food, carrots, milk, and cookies for Santa. Just before bed they checked where Santa had last been spotted last, and then it was time for Molly to go to settle down. It had taken a lot longer than usual, but after a second story, the little girl lost her fight to sleep.

Emily and Dylan worked together to set all the gifts under tree. Then there were the toys that needed putting together. It was now getting close to midnight and Emily sat with a drink and watched Dylan all her tools around her, putting together Molly's new bike.

"Fuck!" Said Dylan, as one of the bolts refused to go where it was supposed to.

"Dyl, do you really have to curse on Christmas Eve?"

"It the stupid toy company's fault! If they put the right things in the box, I wouldn't need to." Dylan said moodily.

Emily sighed knowing it was probably best not to say anymore. Then she noticed a piece of paper scrunched into a ball on the floor. She opened it up and found the instructions for the bike.

"Dylan, why are the instructions crushed into a ball and thrown to the side?"

"Because they're stupid."

"They're stupid? How can instructions be stupid? If you read them, you might already be finished."

Dylan looked at Emily as if she was insane. "I do not need instructions to put my daughter's bike together. It's the parts that have been made the wrong size."

Emily stood up furiously. It had been a long day and tiredness was making her patience wear thin.

"Oh of course, because a huge multinational toy company are going to put all the wrong things in the box and in the wrong size! It couldn't possibly be because your ego can't take looking at a little instruction sheet!" And she then stormed off to the kitchen leaving Dylan somewhat lost for words.

"Woah! Ego? I don't have an ego!"








About fifteen minutes later Dylan came into the kitchen to find Emily checking her dinner preparations for tomorrow. She was unsure of her reception and said nervously. "I...I've fixed the bike Emmie. There was a little bag of bolts I hadn't seen in the box. It was easy once I found them. Sorry I made you angry." Dylan walked up behind her and tentatively put her hands around her wife's middle.

"Did you finally check the instructions?"

Dylan leaned into the crook of Emily's neck. "No way. I threw the box when I was angry, and this little bag of bolts fell out."

Emily couldn't help but laugh and turned round in Dylan's arms. "You really a goofy aren't you?"

"I guess so." Dylan glanced over at the clock on the stove and noticed what time it was.

"Hey, it's after midnight, its Christmas. Our first Christmas morning together. Merry Christmas Mrs. Morgan." Dylan said as she brought her lips closer to her wife's.

"Hmm. Merry Christmas TV star." She melted into Dylan's kiss and allowed herself to be lifted on to the kitchen counter.

Dylan's hand came up to Emily's breast and squeezed. "Mmm. Can I unwrap you baby?"

Emily sniggered softly. I think now is the time Emily. I hope this is the right thing to do. She had gotten a special gift for Dylan, and just hoped she would appreciate it.

"Before you do honey. I have a Christmas present I want you to open while we are on our own."

Dylan quirked her eyebrow. "Oh? Is it something sexy for you to wear?"

"No, is that really all you think about? I'll be back in a second." Emily raced off to their bedroom.

What's wrong with thinking about sex all the time? As long as I'm thinking about it with my wife, that's a good thing. Isn't it?

Emily came back holding a red envelope, tied with a bow. "I had no idea what to get you. I mean you have everything. Every gadget you can think of and you even get them before they come out."

"You don't need to get me anything Emmie. I'm just happy to spoil you and Molly."

Emily still held the envelope with a tight grip. "You still have some things to open in the morning, but this one is just for you and me. Open it."

Dylan was mystified and when she opened it and pulled out a white card with a time and date on it, she was still mystified.

"Look at the address at the top." Emily found Dylan's confusion very amusing.

"Manhattan Fertility Centre. Dr Heart - 11 am January 5th. What? What does this mean?"

"I thought you might like to try for number two, since we've got this new big house to fill up."

Suddenly the penny dropped and Dylan scooped Emily up in her arms. "We're gonna try for a baby? This is the best gift ever! I can't wait!"

Emily was showered with kisses. "I love you so much Emmie. We are going to be such a happy family."

"I know. I'm glad you like your gift. You are such a good parent you know. The things you did earlier with Molly? The reindeer food, the milk, the cookies. You bring such magic into Molly's life. Thank you goofy."

"I love doing it, and it'll be great when we have lots of kids around to do this kind of stuff with."

Emily pulled Dylan down for a kiss. "Lots of kids? Let's try for our second and see how we go okay?"

"Whatever you want. Oh, I nearly forgot! Stay there." Dylan picked up her motor cycle boots from the front door and asked Emily. "Have we got flour?

"Flour? Of course we do. What do you need flour for?" Emily got it from the cupboard and handed it to her partner, then followed Dylan as she walked a path from the front door to the Christmas tree, every few steps sprinkling flour over her boots, so it appeared as if a snowy boot print was left.

"Aww Dyl! That is so sweet! How did you think of that?"

They walked back to the kitchen to clean off the boots. "Dad reminded me he used to do that for Joey and me. I thought Molls would like it."

Emily ran her fingers down Dylan's bicep. "Oh honey, you are so perfect, you need a reward." She hooked a finger in the collar of her partner's t-shirt, and pulled her along, heading for the bedroom.

"Come unwrap me now TV star."

I love Christmas! Thought Dylan.



To be continued........


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