Waterfalls, Rainbows and Secrets
JM Dragon

Part 18

© 2006 by J M Dragon
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This story primarily features stories involving women. If it is illegal in the state, province, or country in which you live; or if you are under the age of 18, please find something else to read.

Language - Violence - Hurt/Comfort: 

There are elements of strong language, violence,  physical and/or mental, as well as emotional hurt and discomfort in this story.

The events portrayed in this story are fictional and any resemblance to actual events and/or people is purely coincidental. 

Please Note: The Norse warriors in this story are fierce fighters - chapters 8, 9 and 10 have explicit scenes depicting violent battles and events.

Waterfalls Acknowledgements

I’d personally like to express my gratitude to the following for their help and not to mention the immeasurable time with this story. It might have taken me two years to complete, but my friends have had their fair share of headaches as well.

Alice for her initial help with the beta work and for being brutally honest and making me review a story that I thought was finished and I ended up adding another fifty or so pages.

Kay for her due diligence in helping with the final edit, I’m not sure she realised what she was in for, but the epilogue is my gift to her.

Teresa for catching all the little errors everyone else missed.

Mel as always my kindred spirit when it comes to the stories I write. For being my sounding board, beta reader, final editor and making me less testy about the correction process…I now understand the word tinkering-at last! Thank you for your dedication it means the world to me.

To the readers who allow me to enter their lives as each story unfolds entering into another one of my imaginative journeys-don’t blame me it was my muse, honest really! Thank you all for continuing to read my work and the feedback I receive, it is essential to all writers and on occasion, some of the comments are actually used…cheers!

Finally, I can move on as this epic ends, I can concentrate on new stories for the New Year.


Xanadis avoided the brunt of the tidal wave. In celebration of the new beginning for the land and the people who kept their dreams alive, Queen Berdlukare and her consort, Mercie Fulla hosted a great festival. With the rising of the sun, the Festival of Muspell that honoured the sisterhood of Haliarunos began and lasted well into the twilight of the evening. The royal courtyard filled with music as dancers and musicians crammed the area with laughter and enjoyment. Revellers from all areas of the kingdom enjoyed a continuous array of delicious dishes that the royal kitchen provided.

Queen Berdlukare sat in a leisurely pose at the banquet table where she took centre stage and watched the proceedings. Beside her, Mercie was chatting animatedly with Thorleif Spake. I’m glad he has allowed himself a new beginning. His health fails him and I will need a new advisor in the near future, but I will appreciate his wise council while I still can. My Mercie will miss the old man when he leaves us, but I know in my heart that he will have in the next life what he had to forsake in this - his soul mate. Queen Ragnhild will be waiting when the time comes.

She glanced around for evidence of any discontent - there was none. Her eyes turned to the stars and she prayed, Odin, please bring us your bounty in peace, war and for the welfare of my people.

Her attention turned to the hand resting on her upper thigh and leaned in close to her lover. “We should be going my love,” she whispered as she placed her larger hand over the smaller one and squeezed gently.

Mercie said, “Excuse me Thorleif,” before she turned to the Queen and brought her lips close to her ear. “We cannot go yet my Queen for we still have guests.” Her words were but a whisper then she allowed her tongue to slip out and moisten the Berdlukare’s ear. “We have all night,” she said as she pulled away and returned her attention to Spake.

Berdlukare growled as she pulled Mercie’s hand higher on her thigh. Two can play this game! Her gaze swung to the revellers who were dancing and singing to the musician’s jaunty tune. A thin smile crossed her lips when she spied Mark Finch and her head cook Freya, dancing in a manner she did not recognize. It must be something from his homeland she thought as she continued watching the strange gyration. When she felt Mercie’s fingers gently massaging her thigh all thoughts of the dancers disappeared.

Spake had left the table and her consort was watching the dancing with a glazed look. “Mercie my love,” she said softly. “If you continue to do such things I will insist that we leave at once.”

“Look at your cook dancing with Mgni’s father.” Mercie turned her attention to her lover. “Would you say that the dance is of a sexual nature?”

Berdlukare looked at the pair swaying to the music while standing in one place. “I can see where you might think that,” the Queen said. “Perhaps we should try it.”

Hand in hand, the Queen and her consort stepped onto the crowded pavement before they wrapped their arms around each other and began to sway slowly to the music. Mercie, feeling instantly aroused whispered, “Yes, I do believe this type of dancing is acceptable.”

The Queen pulled her lover even closer. “We must retire to our chamber soon.”

Mercie nestled her head between the ample breasts and said, “Not yet my love, we still have guests.”

Later, while Mercie chatted with their guests, Berdlukare stood at the wall looking out towards the water. It had been three months since the tidal wave had washed some of their lands clean and with it the chance to rebuild again. Fortunately, they had lost few, but those with vengeance and hatred in their hearts living in the forest had all perished. It is as it was meant to be. Her thoughts turned to Larsen and his ultimate sacrifice so she could live. I know you are at peace in Valhalla. A voice distracted her…it would always do so.

“You look pensive my love, is everything alright?” Mercie’s voice invaded Berdlukare’s very soul as it called to her heart.

With a widening of her lips into a smile she only ever fully shared with the woman she loved, she gazed adoringly into her eyes. “I have never been better my Mercie. If I have not told you so already, you look beautiful tonight.”

Mercie traced a finger down the fierce profile.” You have told me several times, but I am always happy to hear it again and again.” She pressed her finger to lips that kissed it tenderly.

“Then so you shall, a thousand times over.” Berdlukare’s eyes filled with gentle passion quite in contrast to her formidable nature. I wonder how our people would see me if I had let anything happen to Mercie? Would they think me a monster instead of the ‘just Queen’? Mercie still does not understand that part of me. Or, does she choose to look beyond it? She is indeed my saviour.

Mercie saw the reflective look in the eyes that gazed deeply into hers. “I thank Lofn with all my heart that she allowed our love to blossom. I do not know that I would have lived if you had not saved me.”

At first, the words meandered through Berdlukare’s veins until the meaning of them crashed through at such a pace that she had to draw in a deep breath. “If that is the truth, I will have to build a private temple to her in our courtyard.”

A sensual expression played in Mercie’s eyes as she gazed into her Queen’s before she said, “I was thinking that something more private might be appropriate and we could perhaps offer her a more physical appreciation of what she has given us.”

Berdlukare gave a soft chuckle as she felt the colour rise in her neck at the proposition. She has strung me along all night…I will not waste this opportunity. “If that is your wish my love I am at your command.” She stood drawing Mercie up with her. “We shall go now and honour Lofn,” Berdlukare said raggedly.

“We can’t leave now, we still have guests!” Mercie fluttered her eyelids and a smirk crossed her lips when she saw her lover grind her teeth.

“I am the Queen! I can do anything I want, we are leaving,” Berdlukare finally ground out. She screwed her face in determination and grasped Mercie’s hand.

“Did I tell you recently that I love you?” Mercie whispered with her lips only a fraction away from the full ones she adored.

“Oh yes, but I know that is one sentiment I shall never tire of hearing. Now, we go…we have a bed waiting to accept us into its welcoming embrace.

Mercie sighed happily. Oh, I love my warrior when she takes charge like this. She allowed her eyes to drift towards the people milling in the courtyard most saying goodnight as the evening drew to a close. “I haven’t said goodnight to Mgni or Hrafn this evening, have you?”

The mention of the two women, who had become legendary, had the Queen saying, “Ah, I think I saw them head off towards the market square sometime ago. No doubt, they are getting provisions for their journey. I suspect they want to get a head start in the morning before I changed my mind.”

Mercie took the Queen’s hand and walked with her towards the royal chamber. “I was surprised that you agreed to Hrafn’s request so easily,” she said with an easy smile. Berdlukare chuckled which caused a low jolt to Mercie’s senses one that often disarmed her.

“Could I have stopped Hrafn? As one of my subjects, she is difficult to keep under control in most circumstances and when it’s something, she wants, well…” The Queen smiled with a twinkle in her eye. “She and I have agreed to disagree on many things, but the one that is close to both our hearts is that Xanadis is cleansed and remains so. She does irritate me with her incessant questions and curiosity. I felt that exasperation the first time I ever met her.” The memory of the rough treatment she gave Carolyn when she first arrived and touched things now made Berdlukare smile.

Mercie giggled. “Yes, that was a difficult time, although Hrafn’s questions were usually relevant and invariably you would agree with her in time.” Mgni is so proud of her. I can see it every time Hrafn enters her vision. I know the feeling well for I do the same with my love. “Do you think they will ever admit they love each other as we do?”

When they reached their bedchamber, the royal guard at the entrance quickly turned the key and with a bow of respect opened the door. Before answering Mercie, Berdlukare turned to the guard. “You may go and take part in the festivities before they finish completely.”

The guard drew back his shoulders and swallowed hard. “My Queen, my orders are to remain here to provide you protection. It is Leader Henrickson’s order. I cannot disobey them.”

With her thoughts still on her friends, Mercie chuckled and left Berdlukare to sort out the hierarchy of who obeys whom. Why they will not admit they love each other and get all that over with defeats me. There I am thinking they are intelligent human beings. Such a waste of time and I should know. If only they knew what they were missing. Loving arms surrounded her as she felt familiar lips kiss the line between her neck and shoulder. “Who won?”

Berdlukare’s glare was her answer as she melted under the heat of the love she found in her eyes. “I love you.” Her words lost as her lover, with practiced ease, slowly slipped away the flimsy fabric she had worn for the festival. Lips hungry for the taste of delicate skin captured each delightfully exposed morsel.

“I love you too.” Berdlukare managed before she lifted Mercie to the bed. Ravenous eyes, filled with desire, feasted on the naked body lying before them. “Now I want to ravish you for teasing me so,” she said with a low growl. When she saw the want and need in her lover’s eyes, she allowed a feral grin to surround her lips. “But, not quite yet.” She began a striptease by unfastening her tunic and slipping it slowly up exposing first a curve, then smooth skin and then the dark nipples until the full, supple breast heaved in desire. “You like what you see?” she said with the deep smoky voice of desire.

“Oh, yes. Please my Queen, now.”

Berdlukare only smiled as she undid her leggings before she let them fall to the floor. Fully naked, the Queen began to caress her own body seductively as she crept towards the bed. “All day you teased me Mercie making me wet with desire for you,” she said as she crawled low like a cat stalking her prey . “You must be punished for selecting our guests over my needs.” When she reached Mercie’s naked body, she crouched and ran her tongue along her lover’s body before taking a bite of her neck.

Mercie groaned. Oh my love…my warrior, you don’t know what you do to me when you take control like this. She reached out, but Berdlukare stopped her by pinning her arms above her head.

“No, you cannot have me yet,” she whispered as she measured her body over the smaller one. “I am the Queen and you will do what I want…you are my captive.”

“Oh yes, my Queen I am yours to command.” You can be the warrior with me for I love your fiery passion. She arched her body wanting desperately to feel the contact of Berdlukare’s skin against hers.

“Hmm, how does it feel to want and not get?” the Queen hissed. Eyes, glazed in passion, bore into Mercie’s soul until the lips she longed to feel met hers.

Hands roamed with consummate dexterity and passion as lips moved over flesh exposed to the air. Berdlukare lowered her body so that they touched breast to breast and felt the savage rage of her primitive sexual appetite explode. With sure strokes, Berdlukare’s free hand explored every inch of Mercie’s body with wanton need until her fingers rested on firm erect nipples. With a low growl, she eagerly devoured every inch of one soft white globe and not satisfied attacked the other with complete abandon.

Mercie, pinned to the bed by the larger body was powerless to do anything but beg for release. “My Queen, do what you will, but please give me release.” Dark, dangerous eyes stared up at her and she felt her body explode with the primal need to have the dangerous warrior consume her. When Berdlukare released her arms, she immediately placed her hands on the larger woman’s shoulder. “Lower I need you lower,” she pleaded.

Berdlukare smiled as she released the nipple from her mouth. “As you wish,” she said unevenly. Eager, wet lips relished the taste of Mercie’s body as they descended lower and lower searching for satisfaction . The kisses spiralled in swirls around her lover’s navel until the final onslaught began in a forest of temptation. Berdlukare slowed her assault to breath in the heady scent of the lover, which only made her rage and fire burn hotter. She progressed further and dexterously licked the liquid she sought to temper both their desires. Sure fingers in perfect time with the insatiable impulses from her partner delved deeper and deeper until her lover cried out, “More, please more.” Berdlukare’s long fingers and insistent tongue took Mercie to new heights until their intense passionate love for each other exploded.

Sometime later, sated by Berdlukare, the glassy expression in Mercie’s eyes turned to lust. In the unmistakable voice of desire she said, “Now, my warrior you must surrender.”

Although the timber of Mercie’s voice intoxicated her, Berdlukare growled, “Never! I surrender to no one.”

Mercie’s tongue trailed down the Queen’s chest to a protruding nipple licked it then took it into her mouth and sucked hard. Eyes full of want fixed on the Queen’s darker ones as Mercie released the brown skin. “Do you surrender?”

“No, never.”

Mercie straddled Berdlukare’s belly and ground hard before raising just enough to let the soft thatch of hair whisper close to the skin. “Will you surrender to me?”

The sleek muscled thighs that held her sent a million tingles down Berdlukare’s spine. Want depleted her will as her passion raged and she could no longer refuse. “Oh yes my love, for you every time.”

The two women surrendered to the ardour and love they shared and as they did, a momentary shaft of light shot through the slightly open window. The shadow of a whisper in the breeze said, “Now you are worthy of my gift.” A seed was sown that night…for the future generations.

+ + +

Jennifer kicked off her dancing shoes as she’d laughingly had called them that morning when they dressed for the festival. “God that feels better! Next time I’m going to put on an old pair.” Her words travelled into the room where Carolyn was changing her clothes.

In an amused tolerant tone, Carolyn replied, “I told you so…but nooo, you wouldn’t listen would you.” When she came out of the room, she sank into a seat opposite her friend.

“Hey, I wasn’t expecting that we’d go from shop to shop for provisions after the party…we were lucky they were even open.” Jennifer said with a gentle smile before she eyed her friend. “Hey, why were they open? Everyone was at the festival.”

Carolyn winked. “Oh, they did me a special favour.”

“Really? You were that sure I would go with you?” Her eyes travelled over her friend’s apparel and she tried to prevent the laughter that bubbled up inside as she mentally shook her head. This morning she looked beautiful all dressed up and every hair in place – even sexy. Now look at her! She looks worse than a sack of potatoes in that oversized T-shirt she loves… and her hair is even worse than Einstein’s was on a good day. God, but I love you Carolyn.

Carolyn pursed her lips slightly. Is this a gentle way of telling me she doesn’t want to go? I know I’ve done it again spoken for her but I thought…yeah right I think too much. “I’m sorry Jenn. If you don’t want to go I’ll understand…after all they have offered you a marvellous opportunity. I should have realised that before I…”

Jennifer shook her head. What am I going to do with her I wonder? “Enough Carolyn, for you know I’ll come with you. Someone has to keep you out of trouble and who better than me?” Jennifer sighed. It’s the same old same, we both want to be together but neither one of us has the courage to come out and say it. They want me to take over as the leader of the Berserkers…god wouldn’t they soon take that back if they knew how little courage I really do have. I don’t even have the courage to tell the woman who is the most important person in my life that I love her.

Carolyn gave her friend a mock stern glance. “Me trouble,” she said pointing to her chest. “Please Jennifer, I’m hurt.” The fleeting look she received in response had her shaking her head with a smile. “Ok you got me. I just thought going back to Muspell and trying to make sense of all that happened might be good for us both.” Ok so I want you there because I won’t go without you…you’re so much a part of me that it would break my heart not to see you every day.

Jennifer sank onto the bench next to Carolyn and grinned as she captured Carolyn’s gaze. “Good for us both? You have some imagination.”

“I thought that was your prerogative. I, on the other hand, have logic.” Carolyn smiled winningly. Hell I hope she can’t hear my heart beating for it feels like it’s going to jump out of my chest into her lap. “Hey we make a great team. Besides…” She trailed off not wanting to say too much in case she crossed the imaginary line they’d built in recent months. I need your friendship too much to do something stupid.

Jennifer wondered if the mulled wine she consumed gave her the courage to prod her friend for more. Darn I knew I never should have taken that bet from Henrickson. “Besides?”

Carolyn briefly saw the twinkle in Jennifer’s eyes before she glanced down at her hands trying to shred the t-shirt and puffed out a breath. “Olrun did say you were my protector so I figured that, well you know...” she said with a shrug.

Jennifer’s thoughts were chaotic as she stood up, padded over to the fireplace and placed the cauldron of water over it. Why don’t I just say what I feel? If it doesn’t work then she can go to Muspell and I’ll stay here…yeah, and that’s going to happen. I’d follow her like a puppy dog to the end of the earth and I think deep down she knows it. “Yeah she did.”

Carolyn walked over to her friend who was staring into the fire. I’m so damn selfish and she hasn’t a selfish bone in her body. Suddenly, she realised she still had something to give Jenn. Things had been so hectic since they’d come back that they only saw each other late at night when they were too exhausted to do much more than say what they had done that day. Today felt like a two-week vacation in one day. “Give me a minute I have something for you.”

Carolyn ran towards the bedroom that they all called her cupboard under the stairs - a homage to Harry Potter. She threw several items around until she found what she was looking for inside the wooden cabinet she kept her clothes. Great still in one piece, thank god the water didn’t raise much in town. Moments later, she returned and took a deep breath before opening the pack and withdrawing an item only to have another small packet fall to the floor. After she handed Jennifer the brown paper wrapped package she picked up the packet on the floor and grinned. Wow…that’s right, I’d forgotten about this. “Hey Jenn, guess what…I brought coffee beans so that one day I could make you coffee again.”

Jennifer’s eyes flared at the words. Oh no…not her coffee! “Yum,” she said as she rolled her tongue around her mouth certain she could still taste the bitter brew. As she mulled over the most tactful approach about Carolyn’s coffee making abilities she concentrated on her package. “Thanks, what is it,” she said holding it up.

“Open it and see,” Carolyn enthused. Her grin changed in an instant to a hesitant smile.

Jennifer ripped the brown paper and a glazed film appeared over her eyes, which rapidly changed to tears as she tried to blink them away. In her hand she held a book, but not any old book, oh no, it was hers. With a wondrous expression on her face she whispered, “How, I mean…this is my work.”

“Yeah, the Illustrated Adventures of Missy Molly…pretty cool huh. They published the book a few months before I began searching for this place again. I figured that you’d like a copy if I ever found…well, hey, you got it…finally. What do you think?”

Jennifer felt the tears fall as she peered at Carolyn. She is so hard to figure out. Perhaps that creates the continuing connection we have. “Thank you. Now I can show everyone what I used to do back in the other world. On second thought, maybe not…they’ll take back the job offer,” she said mocking her old career.

Carolyn felt the intensity of emotions that flood her friend. What the hell. She placed her arms around Jenn’s shoulders, hugged her close and again felt an immediate jolt to her senses – wow that’s a wonderful feeling. “Hey, you deserved it. I didn’t realise until I read the book exactly what you did for a living. I’m jealous.”

Jennifer gazed at her friend. She’s jealous of me. “Don’t give me that Carolyn. We both know you can wipe the floor with me academically.”

A serious note entered Carolyn’s voice as she quietly replied, “Sure I can…so can thousands of people around the world and that isn’t a slight it’s just a fact. Nevertheless, what you did, what you can do, your imagination well...only a few can do that! It’s an awesome talent, if I wipe the floor with you, then I’m merely the dirty soapsuds when it comes to your talent. Damn, I wish I wasn’t so logical.”

She actually thinks I’m better than she is! Wow, I wonder what’s next . “Hey don’t beat yourself up. I’d rather have a few more serious brain cells than the imaginative ones because damn am I jealous of you at times. Look you can reel the Norse language off and you haven’t even been here six months and I’m still a fledgling.”

With her arms draped over Jennifer ’s shoulders and her face moving unconsciously closer to Jennifer’s, she whispered, “You know what this means don’t you?”

Jennifer checked her euphoric emotions that were coursing through her blood. “What?”

“Means we’re equals in everyway except one. Back in the other world, I had several small academic volumes published. Maybe we could collaborate on the next book, how about it.”

“Collaborating on a book? About what exactly?” she asked. She stole another look at the cartoon she had spent a portion of her life creating. I wonder what ‘except one’ is. Maybe it’s that royal bloodline thing.

“Why about going to Muspell with me. That way we can verify the facts together and instead of losing all that…magic stuff we write it down for future generations.” Carolyn gave Jennifer her most appealing puppy dog gaze.

Jennifer chuckled and hugged Carolyn closer. What the hell…nothing ventured nothing gained. “I love you, you know.” Jenn whispered into Carolyn’s ear.

And, I love you just as much. The closeness of Jennifer made Carolyn feel weak in the knees as she leaned into the lips close to her ear. God you make me horny. “I love you too Jenn,” she said with her eyes fixed on a distant corner. “In fact I gave up the chance of immortality so you could keep my soul safe.”

Wide-eyed in astonishment Jennifer felt her mouth open to say something only to close in silence. To hell with words, she loves me if I ever wanted proof she just handed it to me on a platter. Jennifer reached gently for Carolyn’s chin and turned her face so they were almost nose to nose. She could smell the spices of the food they’d eaten that day and smiled before she leaned in closer and placed her lips on the pliant ones of her friend.

Carolyn’s eyelids flickered shut as Jenn’s lips captured hers for their second kiss. As she relaxed into the pressure of Jenn’s lips she thought, if this is dying please don’t let it end. She responded with the pent up passion she held since that first kiss at Muspell – finally, her heart not her head was in control. Eager tongues sought out each other as they lost themselves in a kiss as endless as time until only the need for air had them breaking their passionate embrace. Flushed faces with shy but sensual smiles stared at each other for an everlasting moment. They remained close as Jennifer trailed a light finger over Carolyn’s lips.

Carolyn smiled and broke the silence when she softly said, “Where you go I go it’s as simple as that Jenn…I think it always was.” She cocked her head and stole a quick kiss. “You’re the only reason I’m here and frankly the only reason I’m still alive. I don’t want to live without you, because you make me whole.”

Jennifer closed her eyes briefly and let the words wash over her spirit before she kissed Carolyn again. She leaned in so that their foreheads touch and said, “I’ve missed you so much it hurts inside. Now, all I want to do is make love with you and share everything that I am.”

With eyes sparkling sensually, Carolyn pulled Jennifer’s face to hers, “I want that too Jenn,” she said hesitantly. “But… I need to tell you something before we do.”

Puzzled, but careful not to push Jenn replied, “You can tell me anything Carolyn.”

Her eyes closed and with a slight tinge of red on her cheeks Carolyn whispered, “This is my first time.”

For a moment Jennifer was dumbstruck. Is this her first time with a woman or anyone. Wow, either way she is offering me her virginity. As gently as possible Jennifer said, “If you’re not comfortable Carolyn we can wait,” she said as she ran a finger down Carolyn’s cheek. “I can wait forever if necessary.”

A glazed expression crossed Carolyn’s eyes as she hoarsely replied, “NO! I want you Jenn and I want you to be my one and only lover…you are the only one.”

The gift offered wasn’t lost on Jennifer as she realised what it meant for Carolyn to surrender her body and soul. “I promise you that I’ll love you forever Carolyn and you’ll never regret this moment. If at any time you want me to stop please tell me, ok?”

Carolyn blew out a silent breath. Let’s get on with it ‘cause that sexy voice of yours can’t you ravish me Jenn. “I will,” she rasped. "But, what about your grandfather...won't he be home soon."

With a wicked smile Jennifer replied, "No, he is spending the night with Freya." Jennifer lead Carolyn to the bed in the closet under the stairs then gently laid her down. “You are so beautiful,” she said as her hands parted Carolyn’s clothing exposing flesh that begged to be kissed. Her eyes travelled to breasts that seemed to throb with want as Carolyn’s nipples strained to break through her bra. With one quick movement, Jenn unfastened then dispensed with it leaving Carolyn only in scant panties. She could faintly see the dark triangle of hair and Jennifer felt her knees shake. She knelt down next to Carolyn and gently slipped the panties down Carolyn’s legs - finally she was naked. The only barrier to feeling the sensual pleasure of flesh against flesh was her clothes and with abandon ripped them off.

Soon naked bodies pulsed with need, as both women lost themselves in the reactions of Jennifer’s sure touches and the tentative, but nonetheless effective, ones from Carolyn. The smell of excitement and the moisture emanating from them both pushed Jennifer to her limit as she ravaged one firm breast then the next. With fingers seeking out a reward, Jenn teased Carolyn’s clit until she felt her lover writhing in abandoned passion beneath her. As her lips captured Carolyn’s, she whispered, “I love you.”

Out of her crescendo of passion Carolyn moaned, “I love you too…please Jenn…”

Jennifer captured Carolyn’s lips in a gentle but passionate kiss as she slid her fingers deeper inside and pumped in rhythm with Carolyn’s movements. When Carolyn let out the long, low groan of total surrender and pleasure, Jennifer felt her own answering orgasm.

As Jennifer kissed her again, Carolyn felt herself falling from the wonders of her first orgasm. “I love you Jenn. I want you by my side forever,” she whispered as she clung to Jennifer. As the small aftershocks of her orgasm began to ebb, Carolyn gently bit down on Jennifer’s earlobe. “I believe it is my turn.”

Jennifer giggled as she felt tapering fingers trail a path down her inner left thigh, oh this is going to be good. She gave herself to the brilliant novice, knowing this was the beginning of the rest of their lives.

Sometime later in front of a glowing fire, they held each other within the protective arms of love. With a twinkle in her eye, Carolyn grinned as she snatched a kiss before saying, “Of course we both know that trouble follows me around and I’m going to need a protector by my side twenty-four seven.”

The warmth and truth of the words passed as a glow between them for it was a door opening to a new beginning that both would walk through without fear. “As long as you need a protector I’m the one. Just so you know…I’d prefer it to be a lover rather than a protector.”

A glowing smile greeted Jennifer’s words - all the waiting was finally over. “Loving protector sounds like the perfect plan to me. You know I think we’ll call the book, The Last of The Haliarunos, what do you think?”

Jennifer pulled Carolyn closer and said, “Sure whatever you want.” She chuckled as she watched sparks from the fire pit leaping up and crackling. I wonder if that’s a sign of things to come. “You do realise that you still have to tell the Queen that you’re related to the Halfdan bloodline.”

Carolyn shook her head and stole another kiss before capturing Jennifer’s lips for a deeper one. When she finally released the kiss she whispered, “Another time perhaps. In your arms is exactly where I want to be for the rest of my life…not running Xanadis.” A crooked, sensual smile played around her lips as she reached inside Jennifer’s shirt and captured a nipple. “Is making love again and again and again all night long too much to ask for?”

“No,” Jennifer said as she found Carolyn’s breast. One thing is certain, we’ll venture to Muspell and anywhere else, this strange place takes us, together, for the rest of their lives she thought before passion and Carolyn took her total attention.

The End

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