~ Paradox of Love ~
J. M. Dragon & E. O'Reilly
Part 2
© J.M. Dragon  &  E. O'Reilly 2007


This story primarily features stories involving women. If it is illegal in the state, province, or country in which you live; or if you are under the age of 18, please find something else to read.The events portrayed in this story are fictional and any resemblance to actual events and/or people is purely coincidental.

Language - Violence - Hurt/Comfort:  There are elements of strong language, violence,  physical and/or mental, as well as emotional hurt and discomfort in this story.

The events portrayed in this story are fictional and any resemblance to actual events and/or people is purely coincidental. 

Acknowledgments - Thank you Teresa, Parker, Nancy, Linda and Mel for your invaluable help in feedback and editing this story.

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Parker who graciously let us use her name.

Chapter 12

Attendance at Chief Dunleavy’s retirement banquet was mandatory for all personnel and Parker was not happy. It was the first night in over two weeks that Elisabeth had the time to be with her. “Dammit,” she said when she opened the door to her apartment. What greeted her was a naked doctor with a stethoscope around her neck.

“Know anyone that needs a check-up?” Elisabeth cooed as she approached her lover. She ran her tongue along Parker’s lips and licked them until the mouth opened. The kiss was just the kind Parker craved - long and deep. When she felt Parker react, she fumbled with the holster buckle until she heard the dull thud when it fell to the carpeted floor. She pushed her tongue deeper and gagged slightly as Parker sucked it in even further into her mouth. Her fingers snaked inside underwear until they found soft velvety lips. With precision, two fingers pushed upwards and with a well practiced touch, they began their assault.

“God, it’s been way too long,” Parker strangled out as she moved with Elisabeth fingers. All she wanted was relief, but Elisabeth was playing games by pumping her hard and then stopping just as Parker was about to come.

With a quick move, Parker pulled her mouth away. “Don’t stop fucking me Beth,” she said. “You know I don’t like it when you play games with me.”

“Sure you do. I’ll start again when I feel you inside me,” she purred.

Parker growled as she slid three fingers inside her lover and pumped them hard. “Is this what you want?” she said as she pushed further inside. When Elisabeth responded in kind and Parker felt the smaller explosions she knew would lead to a climax, she increased the tempo until they both erupted.

Spent, Parker pulled Elisabeth’s still trembling body to her. “You never get enough do you,” she said as she let out a breath. “You like the way I fuck you that’s why you keep coming back for more.”

“That I do, that I do. And now, I am yours for the night.”

Parker groaned. “I have that damn banquet to go to tonight.” She took a step back. “Want to go with me?”

Elisabeth laughed. “As your date?”

“Sure why not,” Parker said as she took off the rest of her clothes.

The doctor closed her eyes and sighed. “I wish that were possible but it can’t happen.”

Parker shook her head and laughed. “Too much for you to handle?”

“What time do you have to be there?”

She looked at her watch and said, “I hav’ta be there in a little over two hours.”

Elisabeth pooched her lips into a pout. “You sure?”

“Yeah.” For a few seconds Parker contemplated the night. “Will you still be here when I get back? We can play more then.”

With a playful pout Elisabeth said, “Depends on what you bring for desert.”

Parker laughed. “So its dessert you want. I think I can give you a preview if you want to join me in the shower.”

Elisabeth giggled. “I like the sound of that. Lead on lover, lead on.”

Chapter 13

Parker stood in the doorway of the FPO and let her eyes scan the crowd. The mandatory black tie affair was not something she wanted to attend and she wished she were still in the doctor’s arms. The thought of the passion they shared made her feel warm and wet.

She literally had to drag herself away from Elisabeth if she was going to be on time. Elisabeth helped Parker dress and the sight reflecting from the mirror of her naked lover made her seriously reconsider going anywhere. She smoothed her hands over the black cocktail dress she had since college. Her eyes connected with Elisabeth’s through the mirror. “I really hate this kind of thing.”

For her part, Elisabeth shrugged. “Then don’t go stay here with me.”

Now as she felt the press of the crowd against her she regretted not staying at home with her lover. She felt her skin prickle and her eyes gazed at the faces in the crowd. Her eyes fell on a tall woman with flowing black hair standing near the bar talking with a man she had met at several crime scenes. As thoughts of lust filtered through her brain, she elbowed her way toward the bar.

+ + +

From her vantage point at the bar, Olivia Santos, a tall Latina woman with long black hair dressed in black silk trousers, a white silk shirt with a small black tie around the neck eyed a woman standing at the edge of the crowd. She hadn’t seen her before, which wasn’t much of a surprise as she worked the graveyard shift. She considered that the woman might be someone’s date and as she looked at the man next to her. “David,” she said poking the man. “Who’s that woman over there near Ed Layton?”

David Tourney turned and looked in the direction of Olivia’s gaze. “Oh, that’s Parker Davis.”

“The one everyone’s talking about.” She liked what she saw. For a moment, the crowd thinned out and she took in the woman as a whole before the crowd regrouped. The black dress complemented the woman’s broad shoulders and trim body. Her long legs were accentuated by what she guessed were three inch heels. Without the shoes, she thought the woman would be around five eight or nine. From what she could see from that distance, the woman’s physical attributes were very appealing. “Do you know her David?”

“Yeah, I’ve met her several times. She was involved in that case last week when Citizen’s Bank got robbed.”

“Is she dating anyone?” Olivia looked at the women again.

David saw where his friend was looking and laughed. “I don’t think so. Why, are you interested?” He softly chucked the woman, he considered a sister, on the arm. “I haven’t heard any gossip about her and anyone. But, I’ve heard lots about her.”

Olivia’s eyes followed the woman as she walked confidently through the crowd.

She poked her friend in the ribs with her elbow. “She’s coming this way, introduce me.”

With a bemused look David said, “Not too subtle are we Santos.”

As the woman drew closer, Olivia felt her heart speed up and her breathing stop.

Parker looked straight at David Tourney. “Hi Detective, I thought it was you.”

David nodded his acknowledgement and said, “I must say you look quite beautiful tonight Ms Davis.”

Parker smiled and gave the man a coquettish smile. “As opposed to other times when I look like crap,” she said with a wink.

David laughed. “Nope, can’t recall you ever looking that way. My friend Olivia here,” he gestured toward the woman by his side, “is one of Portsmouth’s finest and she’s dying to meet you.”

Olivia glared at him.

Parker felt her knees go weak when she looked at the smiling woman. She automatically extended her hand. “Nice to meet you Olivia,” Parker said as the feeling when their hands met overwhelmed her.

Olivia took in the hazel eyes as she held onto the hand like a lifeline–the woman was even more beautiful close up. When she felt the other hand squeeze hers slightly she said, “It’s nice to meet you too. I’ve heard a lot about you?” She reluctantly let go of the hand.

Parker creased her eyebrows. “You have?”

Olivia winked and her reward was a brilliant smile. “Yeah, it’s all good. Anyone that can kick Manheim’s ass is ok in my book.”

Just then, the bartender asked, “What’ll it be?”

“Scotch straight up and,” she looked at Olivia.

“Beer would be good.”

“What kind?”

“Whatever is on tap…on second thought, I’ll have scotch too.”

“Make that two Glenlivets.” She looked at the woman next to her and took a step closer. “If you’re going to drink make sure it is the best, my dad always says.”

Olivia’s insides shivered when she felt the warmth of the woman’s body. “I’ve never had that brand it’ll be interesting to see if I can tell a difference.”

The drinks came and Parker handed Olivia hers and made sure their fingers touched. The feeling was exquisite. She watched as the woman sipped her drink. “Do you taste the difference?”

Olivia was speechless. She had no reference for the attraction and wanton need she felt for the woman. All she could do was to move even closer and hope that she wouldn’t leave. “Oh yes, I taste the difference.”

“Glad to hear that,” Parker said as her fingers, with a mind of their own, touched the hand resting on the bar. The jolt she felt made her close her eyes and take a deep breath. When she opened them, the gaze of Olivia Santos captured her.

All thoughts of Elisabeth disappeared as Parker found herself drawn into the dark blue eyes. Fireworks seemed to be emanating from everywhere but Parker couldn’t track them as Olivia’s eyes held her captive.

David was watching the entire episode and saw the sparks fly the moment Olivia and Parker’s eyes met. He considered all he knew about his fiery friend and what he had gleaned from other officers about Parker Davis and shook his head–if they got together there would be fireworks twenty-four seven..

“Well I guess I’ll be on my way,” David said. Neither woman took notice of him or his comment.

With eyes still locked, Olivia asked, “You here with anyone?”

“No, you?”

“No. Want to get out of here for a breath of fresh air?”

“I don’t think we’ll be missed do you?”


Just then, Scott Davidson, the chief’s adjutant said over the PA system, “The bar is closed. We all need to get to our seats now.”

Olivia released Parker’s eyes and looked as the crowd gravitated toward the tables. She shrugged. “Guess we didn’t make our getaway fast enough.”

“We can do it later,” Parker said as she grabbed Olivia’s hand. “Let’s find a table near the door.” She winked and began threading them through the crowd.

Chapter 14

Once the meal was over and before the toast to Chief Donleavy, Parker asked Olivia, “Want something more to drink?”

“Sure,” Olivia reached out and touched Parker’s arm. “Don’t take too long it’s almost time for us to break out.”

With a wide grin, Parker leaned in and whispered, “In that case I’ll hurry.”

Once Parker left the table, David sat next to his friend. “How’s it going?”

Olivia watched as Parker went toward the bar. “It’s looking up,” she said.

A serious look crossed David’s face. “Be careful will ya?”

“Who me?” Olivia said pointing to her chest and laughing. “I’m just playing…it’s nothing serious.”

“Yeah, sure it is,” he said softly as he watched Olivia’s eyes take in the woman returning from the bar.

When Parker returned to her table, she nodded at David. “Mind if I join you?” he asked.

Parker’s eyes tracked to Olivia. “Here you go.” She eyed David. “No.”

Olivia took a taste of her drink and exhaled. “I can’t wait to try that brand of scotch again. Thanks for turning me on to it.”

 With a slight smile and a nod, Parker said, “Glad to hear it.” She moved a bit closer and added, “I hope that’s not all that turns you on.”

The two women exchanged glances during the next hour as the formalities of the evening droned on. With David sitting next to them making a getaway was impossible so the two women settled for touches.

As everyone rose to leave Olivia said, “Might as well wait till the crowd thins out. It’ll be impossible to get out of the lot now.”

The need to touch the woman next to her was overwhelming as much as it was erotic. “You work tonight?” Parker asked as she let her hand rest on Olivia’s forearm.

Olivia looked at the hand resting on hers then at her watch. “Yeah.” For a long moment, she stared at the woman next to her. “Wish I didn’t have to. I’d rather stay here, but I guess I better get going. They tend to frown if you’re late.”

Parker snorted a laugh. “Yeah, I know what happened on my first day when I arrived late.”

“You didn’t.”

“Yep, but it wasn’t my fault. As a prank for the newbie, they tied all these knots in my uniform shoes and it took forever to get them out. I think the watch commander was in on it ‘cause he laughed along with the others.”

“Sounds like the day crew is a really funny bunch, I’m glad I’m on nights.” Olivia shrugged. “I guess I’d better go.”

Not wanting her time with Olivia to end, Parker said, “I’ll walk out with you.”

Once they were outside in the deserted parking lot standing next to Olivia’s Jeep, neither knowing what to say or do. Olivia looked down and kicked a small pebble before she said, “They say it might rain tonight.” Mentally she slapped her head.

Parker looked up at the sky. “Looks clear to me…weathermen, I think they throw darts for a forecast.”

Olivia nodded and laughed. “I think you might be on to something there.”

“I can’t believe we never ran into each other before,” Parker said fighting the urge to kiss the woman.

Blue eyes sought out hazel before Olivia said, “I keep to myself most of the time. I know a lot of the guys hang out after their shifts are done…I never saw the appeal.”

“We would have run into each other if you had, but the fates didn’t want us to until tonight.” Inwardly Parker shook her head–she sounded like a dreamer who believed in fairytales.

A smile filled Olivia’s face before she chuckled. “The fates huh, well I guess that’s as good a reason as any.”

Parker shook her head and laughed deeply. “Pretty lame isn’t it.”

“Yeah, but I like lame.” Olivia looked deeply into Parker’s eyes. “Now that I know you’ll be there, maybe I’ll stay a little longer in the mornings,” she said with a shrug. “That is if it’s ok with you.”

Parker moved closer and wrapped Olivia in her arms. “It’s more than ok with me Olivia. It will make my day.”

Olivia unresistingly melted into Parker’s arm. “It will make mine too,” she whispered.

As lips met, the kiss they shared was tentative and gentle. Parker let go of the woman before taking a big step backwards. When she looked into Olivia’s eyes, deep down she knew they mirrored hers. “I guess I’ll see you in the morning then.”

Olivia leaned in and let their lips fleetingly touch again. “Knowing my luck, some idiot will be in an accident and I won’t be able to get away until you’re already on the road,” she said with a shrug.

“I’m counting on that not happening.” With a gentleness that surprised her, Parker caressed Olivia’s cheek. “I’ll look for you,” she said.

Chapter 15

The drive home gave Parker time to think about the strange way she was feeling after meeting Olivia Santos. Ever since she realized she was a sexual being, she looked to others to gratify her needs. Whether the other person was satisfied really wasn’t her concern. This woman was different and she couldn’t remember ever feeling that way. She smiled then hit the steering wheel. She wanted to know Olivia better. Not just in her bed but Olivia the person. I must be sick. She quickly felt her head–she didn’t have a fever.

She parked the Mustang, walked toward her apartment, and unlocked the door. When she spied Elisabeth’s keys on the table and grinned.

“Is that you Parker,” Elisabeth called out.

“Yeah,” Parker said as she kicked her shoes off.

“I lit some candles in the bathroom to set the mood,” she whispered as she moved closer and kissed Parker’s cheek. “How was the banquet? You’re such a flirt I expect you found someone to occupy your time there. I could easily come up with a list of candidates from the ones I’ve treated in the department.”

“My, my Beth are you jealous,” Parker said with a laugh. “I seem to remember someone named Roger and if I’m not mistaken you’ve flirted many times when we’ve had dinner.”

“Me a flirt, you’ve got to be kidding.” Elisabeth laughed as she wrapped her arms around Parker and kissed her. “Let me get you undressed. I ran a bath for us.”

“Hmm, that sounds inviting.” She let her eyes wander over Elisabeth’s naked body–she was hot. “I hope it’s one of your special baths,” she said wiggling her eyebrows.

 “Oh it will be special alright. Tonight my dear, I am gong to knock your socks off.” Elisabeth moved closer to her lover and said, “Turn around and I’ll unzip you.”

Parker let Elisabeth undress her and by the time her lover lead her into the bathroom, she was close to coming. She looked at the flickering candles and thought of Olivia. It would be easy to fantasize about Olivia while having sex with Elisabeth but she didn’t…she wanted the real thing.

“Hey babe, you with me or are you dreaming about some new girl?”

Parker growled and kissed Elisabeth before she said, “Now how could I think of anyone else when I have the most gorgeous doctor in the town in my bed.” Her lips assaulted the doctor’s body and soon their passion ignited into an all out blaze.

Long after Elisabeth fell asleep, Parker laid awake thinking about Olivia and their meeting in the morning. She yawned knowing that when the time was right she and Olivia would become lovers. Then she fell into a deep sleep.

+ + +

It was still dark when she woke, but she slipped out of the bed anyway. She made her way into the bathroom and turn on the water for the shower before getting in. The cold water hit her body and she trembled it was exactly what she needed–a cold slap in the face. After she exited the shower, she wiped the mirror off with her towel and looked at her body. On her left breast, she saw a distinct bite mark and she recalled how Elisabeth took her the night before. After the bath, her lover became voracious. It was just how she liked it, hot, heavy, and hard. Parker looked at her neck, saw several small hickeys, and growled. Elisabeth was marking her territory. She fumbled in a drawer, found a makeup stick, and rubbed it over her neck.

From her vantage point in the bed, Elisabeth watched as Parker buttoned up her shirt. “You’re up early,” she said. “Usually when you wake at this time you want sex but you’re dressed so I guess that’s not on the agenda.” She pushed the sheet away exposing her naked body. “Can I persuade you to join me?” she purred

With eyes blazing, Parker turned toward the bed as she rubbed the makeup off her neck. “Look, look at these Beth,” she said pointing to her neck. “I thought we agreed from the get go that there would be no marks on the neck! And, now look at me…I’m all marked up.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself,” Elisabeth said with a giggle. “You were just soooo good I had to eat you up.”

“You couldn’t help yourself? Beth you eat pussy not necks. You’re a doctor for heaven’s sake…you should know that difference.” Parker said with a glint in her eyes. “I think it was more like you wanted to mark your territory!” Parker’s eyes narrowed. “I guess I’m just going to have to punish you,” she said with a scowl.

“Oooo, I like it when you take command makes me all horny and wet,” Elisabeth said as she let her fingers stroke a nipple.

Parker wasted no time getting her clothes off before she crawled in next to Elisabeth. “First, we need to punish you for the bite mark on my breast.”

“Oh, no not that…please Parker be gentle with me.”

With a crooked smile Parker said, “You sure gentle is what you want?” before she pulled the sheets over their heads.

Chapter 16

Her mind was a jumble of thoughts a she drove to work. She focused on how insatiable Beth was and had to wiggle a bit in her seat. She’d probably walk funny all day. Then her thoughts turned to Olivia Santos and the night before and knew without a doubt that she wanted to get to know her better. She considered that it might have been the lighting or the ambience that made her enamored with the woman and there was the distinct possibility that in the light of day Olivia might not hold the same appeal. She thought of Beth when she slid out of the Mustang and felt pain between her legs. Just the thought of the early morning sex made her juices flow. Then Olivia floated into her consciousness and she felt even wetter. “Wonder if she’ll show? I guess I’ll find out soon enough.”

While she tried to concentrate on unfinished paper work, Parker kept an eye on the door for any sign of Olivia–she saw none. She got up, went into the locker room, and saw a few people she knew were on the night shift, but not Olivia. She paced the length of the room several times before she looked at her watch–the shift briefing was in ten minutes. When she looked up, she saw the brilliant smile of Olivia Santos, and all thoughts of anything else left her mind. It was at that moment she knew she had found the love of her life.

“Hi,” sorry I’m late we had a 10-40 that lasted longer than I hoped it would.”

Parker stared at the woman as she tried to make sense of all the different emotions swirling around in her head and body. “No problem. Well I guess the fact that I have to go in a few minutes is a problem,” she said with a slight laugh.

Olivia eyed Parker and liked what she saw. “Really why,” she said and batted her eyes.

 Parker shrugged. “I was hoping we’d have more time.” She quickly looked at the wall clock. “Listen, I really have to go.”

Olivia waited as Parker advanced on her. “I’ll walk with you part way,” she said. She touched Parker’s hand and wasn’t ready for the felt a jolt she felt. “What are you doing later…when you get off?”

“I’m having dinner with you,” Parker said as she bumped hips with the other officer.

“Good answer.” Olivia fished in her pocket came up with one of her cards and scribbled her home number on the back. “This is my home number. When you get a chance give me a call and we’ll set up the particulars of our date.” When she saw the questioning look on Parker’s face she said, “It is a date isn’t it?”

Parker’s face broke out into a genuine smile. “Yes, it’s a date.”

“Good. Give me a call ok?”

“I don’t want to disturb you if you’re asleep.”

Olivia grinned. “You won’t, I don’t sleep much.”

+ + +

Around noon Parker pulled up to a pay phone, took out the card Olivia gave her and picked up the receiver as a vision of Olivia flashed into her head. There was no denying that the woman would make a great partner in and out of bed. The ringing stopped and she heard a male voice say, “Hello.”

“Hmm, is this Olivia Santos’ house?”


Parker heard, “It’s for you,” and smiled.

The deep sensuous voice that Parker identified as Olivia said, “Hi, you called.”

“I didn’t wake you did I?”

“No, I told you I sleep very little.”

“Is this a good time…I mean you have company…are you busy?”

A deep laugh floated across the telephone line. “That’s my brother. No, I’m not busy. If you want to know the truth, I’ve been waiting for your call.”

Parker grinned. “I started to call you about ten times, but every time I thought I was alone the idiot riding with me today was glued to my side.”

“And who is that?”

“Willard Donleavy,” Parker said. “No wonder no one wants to partner with him. He’s the worst excuse for a partner material I’ve ever known.”

Olivia laughed. “Now that his uncle won’t be chief much longer I doubt he will be kept around.”

It was Parker’s turn to laugh. “From your mouth to the new chief’s ears, but, that would leave me in need of a new partner. You know anyone that might be available?”

“Hmm, maybe. I just took the test for detective so my fortunes are about to change.”

Parker was unprepared for the jolt that pierced her brain. For the entire day since she last saw Olivia, she was formulating a way to get the woman to be her partner. Now, that idea seemed out of reach. “I’m happy for you Olivia…I’ve been thinking about doing that myself. I guess now I have a reason to.”

For a moment, Olivia said nothing as she mentally calculated if being Parker’s partner would be a good idea once they were both detectives. “The test wasn’t that hard,” she offered.

Silence ensued until Parker said, “Do you know a place outside of town called the Hideaway?”


“What time should I pick you up? I mean if you still want to go out.” Parker held her breath.

“I’ve been looking forward to a date with you since I first saw you last night,” she purred. “How about I pick you up? Ever ridden on the back of a Harley?”

Parker felt her shoulders relax and for some reason she giggled like a school girl. “Yeah with my brother but with you it sounds far more exciting…it’ll be fun,” Parker said with a catch in her throat. “My address is…”

“I already know it,” Olivia said. “I’ll pick you up at five. Have you ever walked the path along the river?

“Yep, it is one of my favorite pastimes.”

“Great. Maybe we can watch the boats on the river before dinner.”

“I’m looking forward to it. I get off at three…maybe we can go as soon as I get home and change clothes. That will be around three thirty. We can take a walk along the river and get to know each other better.” It was a stupid thing to say. “Or not.”

Olivia heard the note of doubt in Parker’s voice and said, “I think walking along the river with you sounds perfect?”

Parker felt her cheeks heat up. “Yeah, I feel the same way.” The mic on Parker’s shoulder squawked. “Unfortunately, I have to go. I’ll see you later then.”

Her shoulder said, “All units, code 2 a 10-60 is in progress at the Portsmouth Bank, 920 Main.”

Parker said, “10-4, Adam six responding.” She said into her shoulder. “Sorry Olivia I gotta run.”

Olivia listened as the phone went dead and jabbed a fist into the air. “It’s just you and me on my Harley Parker,” she said with a smile.

“You gotta date Sis?”

Chapter 17

The driver pulled the Harley into a parking spot at the park near the river and lowered the kickstand. Parker loved wrapping her arms around Olivia’s tapering waist.

Parker reluctantly let go and removed the helmet. “That was such a rush Olivia, thank you I loved every minute…it was way cooler than riding with my brother.”

Olivia smiled; diverting the pleasure in her eyes for fear Parker would see the joy the comment brought. “Glad you liked it,” she said as she tried to reign in her emotions. It was rare that she let anyone see what she felt and rarer that she let anyone inside. When she finally looked at the woman, she saw the big grin on her face and knew she was different from anyone she’d known before–that scared her.

“When I first moved here I found this place and have made it one of the spots I visit when I need solitude.”

Olivia looked down the paved path along the river and frowned. “You come out here alone?”

“Yeah, why?”

Olivia said, “As desolate as this place is it wouldn’t take much for a rapist or mugger to do some damage to a pretty woman who is all alone.”

Parker tilted her head and creased her brow. “As cops it’s our nature to never let your guard down. Have you ever gone anywhere that your eyes weren’t in constant motion?”

“Yeah, yeah I get the point, but I still think it isn’t a smart idea to come here alone.”

Parker walked a short way before she jumped up on the rock wall, sat down and let her feet dangle over the side. “I guess you’ll have to always come with me then.” She winked and when she saw Olivia’s face light up she too smiled.

“I like the sound of that,” Olivia said as she positioned herself next to her new friend.

“Have you lived in Portsmouth long?”

“Practically all my life. My family moved here when I was six and my brother was nine.” Her eyes searched Parker’s she wondered how much more to say. When she saw genuine interest, she continued. “When I was sixteen my mom found out she had brain cancer and died six months later.” She blew out a breath. “I never realized how strong my parent’s bond was until I saw my dad deteriorate after her death.” She shrugged. “He died the next year.”

“That must have been hard for you.”

“Yeah it was. You never know how precious something is until you lose it.”

Without thinking, Parker put her arm around Olivia’s shoulders and pulled her close. “What about your brother…what does he do.”

“Our dad was a police officer and we both followed in his steps. Nicky works undercover…I wish he didn’t. I don’t like the idea of him living in the underbelly of society. There are a lot of nasty people out there. He’s assigned to a new case starting tomorrow so who knows when I’ll see him again.” She looked at Parker. “Tell me about you. Where are you from?”

“I’m a farm girl.” Parker felt Olivia’s body react and grinned. “It’s true. My folks have a farm just across the state border in a little town named Kyle. I too have a brother who is five years older than me although he acts like he’s two most of the time.” She laughed and jumped off the wall. “Come on, I want to show you my favorite view.”

Olivia let Parker take her hand and drag her down the path until they came to a huge flat rock that seemed to hang over the river. She followed Parker’s lead, scrambled to the edge of the rock, and sat down.

A long satisfied sigh emanated from Parker. “Isn’t this the coolest place?” She turned to her companion and let her eyes rake over the woman. “I just love it here.” Parker pointed to the distant shore. “See over there where it looks like boats are launched. Someday I want to go there and see what this side looks like.”

Olivia had no point of reference for what she was feeling or what to say for that matter. She nodded her head and bit her lower lip then said, “Sounds good.”

Parker heard what she thought was reluctance in Olivia’s voice and boredom on her face. “I guess this was a dumb idea…I mean showing you this stupid rock.” She shrugged and looked away from the woman. “Guess we’d better have dinner.” When she start to get up a strong hand grasped her forearm.

“No, I like it here,” Olivia said awkwardly. When she felt Parker no longer moving she added, “Tell me more about you.”


“Yeah, I really want to know.”

Parker told Olivia about growing up on a farm, her first kiss with her best friend, going to college where she had her first real relationship and her various police jobs before Portsmouth. “I guess that is about it.”

Olivia was about to speak when the sky seemed to open wide with one large drop of rain that seemed to immediately lead to a deluge of water. The two women stood up and ran under a covered picnic area on the other side of the path.

“Wow where did that come from?” Parker asked as she shook her hair and shivered slightly.

“You do know don’t you, that I have two rain suits back in my bike.” Olivia laughed and shook her head. “A lot of good they’re doing us now.” She looked over, saw Parker shiver, and instantly unzipped her leather jacket. “Here, put this on.”

Parker’s gaze settled on the woman offering her a jacket. The black sleeveless t-shirt clung to Olivia’s body leaving nothing to her imagination. “Thanks,” she said lowering her eyes as the sound of a crack of lightening made her jump slightly. “That one was close. Guess we have to stay here till it’s over.”

Olivia looked around the enclosed area and noticed that by tucking the shelter into the side of a hill all but the front portion was rainproof. Her eyes traveled to the fire pit in the middle with wood neatly stacked to one side and she grinned. When she gazed at Parker she noticed she had her arms wrapped around her middle as she pulled the jacket close. “At least we don’t need to be cold. I can start a fire.”

“You can?”

“Yeah, my brother taught me how one time when we went camping.”

Olivia found an old newspaper in the trash and crumpled up the pages as she threw them into the fire pit. After she carefully arranged small logs on top of the paper, she struck a match and soon a fire was going. Olivia said, “Why don’t you take off those wet clothes and maybe they’ll dry some.”

A thrill beyond excitement filled every nook and cranny of Parker’s existence. That is exactly what I want she thought as she cast her eyes upward. The rain pounded in what she guessed were mega drops off the metal roof. “Sounds like a real gully washer is happening,” she said looking out at the concrete walkway in front of the shelter.

Olivia looked in the direction of Parker’s gaze and nodded. “Guess we will be here a while.” She saw Parker pull the jacket close and said, “Hey, you’ll never get warm in wet clothes. If you take them off I can put them near the fire and they will be dry and warm when you put them back on.”

It was hard for Parker to contain her excitement at the prospect of undressing for Olivia. She shrugged and gave the woman an apologetic smile. “I’d better not do that,” she said as she continued to shiver.

Parker creased her brow and asked, “Why not?”

Parker allowed her eyes to drift to the concrete floor. “My going to the bar and meeting you last night was no accident.” She lifted her head and allowed her hazel eyes to capture blue. “When I got there I scanned the area for any women who might look interesting. My gaze fell on you, the most attractive and alluring woman I’d ever seen and I had to meet you.” A smile played around her lips before it filled her face. “You’re all I’ve thought of since we parted last night. Everywhere I went, everyone I met or was with…,” she said as she envisioned making love to Elisabeth. Her smile grew brighter. “Everything reminded me of you.” She released Olivia’s eyes and looked away. “I don’t want to screw this up by…” she shrugged and looked at Olivia once again. “By letting things happen too fast.” Parker decided early in the day exactly what she would say if an overture to sex occurred when she met Olivia. Now, she held her breath hoping that she hadn’t gone over the top in her ramblings. She didn’t want to scare her off.

For a long time the two women stood side by side near the fire pit in the quite stillness that deep thought brings. Olivia cleared her throat. “I…,” she began before she turned and gathered Parker in her arms. “I want the same thing.”

Their lips met in longing and discovery. For Parker, the kiss was everything she hoped it would be and more. She pulled out of the kiss and let her finger trace Olivia’s lips before running it down her cheek and slipping slowly towards the valley created by breasts. Her eyes searched Olivia’s and saw a desire that probably matched her own. “Ever do it on a picnic table,” Parker asked as her hand disappeared inside Olivia’s tank top.

Olivia pushed the jacket off Parker’s shoulders and took a step backward so the woman had full access to her breast. She closed her eyes as experience fingers played with a nipple. “God,” she said. “Do you think we’ll make it that far?”

Parker released the nipple, let both her hands slip under Olivia’s shirt, and started to lift it up when she heard voices. Through the pouring rain, she saw a man and woman in running attire dash for the enclosure.

“Get by the fire Gloria,” the man said ignoring the two other occupants.

The woman huddled in front of the flame and smiled at Olivia and Parker. “My husband isn’t usually that rude. When we smelled smoke, we hoped it was nearby. That rain is really wicked.”

Olivia bent down, picked up her jacket, and readjusted it on Parker’s shoulders. “Did it ever occur to you that we didn’t want to share the fire?” she bit out between clenched teeth. Her body was humming the tune of sexual overload and the couple’s arrival only made it worse.

“Oh, I’m sorry…” the woman said.

“Not want to share the fire? What kind of soulless person are you?” the man countered.

Glacial blue eyes stared at the man as Olivia bent down and picked up a log and shoved it toward him. “Since you’re here you can tend the fire,” she said as her top lip curled into a snarl.

Parker placed a reassuring hand on Olivia’s arm. “Want to make a run for it?”

The softly spoken words made Olivia’s anger dissipate somewhat and she smiled warmly at Parker. “Tell you what, let me have my jacket back and I’ll get the bike and drive it down here. Then we can put the rain gear on and be on our way to the Hideaway.”

“Hmm that sounds like a delicious idea,” Parker said as she slipped the jacket off her shoulders. “I can’t wait to put my arms around you again.” Her feet ate up the short distance between them and she held the jacket as Olivia slid her arms inside.

“Be right back,” Olivia whispered before she took Parker in her arms and kissed her lips hard before she said, “I can’t wait either.” Her gaze fell on the man and woman who had their eyes glued to what was happening between them. She gave them a full smile and a wink before she turned and began her run back to the parking lot.

Chapter 18

At ten o’clock, the Harley and its riders pulled up outside Parker’s apartment building. The heavy rain that sporadically happened over the time they were eating dinner had finally stopped leaving a thick mist that rose up from the streets.

“Wanna come in for a coffee?”

Olivia looked at her wristwatch and sighed. “I wish I could but I have to be at work in an hour.”

Although Parker knew when they left the Hideaway that she and Olivia would not spend any more time together when they reached her apartment, a feeling of disappointment welled up inside her. “Oh,” she said as she gave Olivia one last squeeze before she got off the back of the Harley. “Ok then. Guess I’ll see you at work sometime if we happen to run into each other.”

A booted foot pushed down on the kickstand and Olivia got off and stood between Parker and the entrance to the building. The kiss was long and searing as each woman’s body cried out for satisfaction. Olivia was the first to break away but that lasted only a second as her lips, with a mind of their own, captured Parker’s again. As time slipped by their kisses became more urgent and their bodies, strung tightly with the hum of sexual excitement, craved more.

They broke apart when a car sped by and honked as the occupants hurled ugly epithets in their direction. Olivia rested her forehead on Parker’s forehead. “I wish I didn’t have to go,” she whispered as she resisted the urge to kiss the woman again.

Parker said, “Me either.” She wrapped her arms around Olivia and pulled her closer. “Guess we will have to put this on hold for another time.”

“When’s your next day off,” Olivia asked as she tried to squelch her desire.

“Tomorrow,” Parker whispered into the dark hair.

“Want me to come over when I get off work?”

Parker felt the tingle of the small orgasms that were erupting in rapid succession and sucked in a deep breath. “Yes,” she groaned.

Once again, their lips touched but not as passionately for that would have to wait for the morning. “It’s a date then.”

For a long while after she could no longer see the red taillight of the Harley, Parker stood glued to the spot where Olivia had left her. Her mind was whirring with all the possibilities of what was to come. She finally turned, went into the building and placed a key into the door marked 3A. As she stepped inside, she couldn’t shake the overwhelming feeling of need she felt for Olivia.

The black Town Car that was tracking the movements of the Harley and its two riders pulled to the curb and stopped under a burned out street light. Its occupant, a man with a face filled with craggy lines and dark wavy hair, took out a night vision monocular and watched as the two women stood talking outside Parker Davis’s apartment building. He had been watching them ever since they arrived at the river and wasn’t surprised when they embraced. When he noticed the curtain in Parker’s lit apartment move slightly he smiled. “Wonder how she’s gonna get out of this one,” he said as the two began kissing in earnest. “One inside…one outside.” 

A sense of disappointment filled him when the other woman got on her motorcycle and sped away. “Damn,” he growled as he lowered the optical lens. He scrolled through the various pictures on his digital camera that he had taken of Parker over the last two months. He stopped at one that displayed the two women having an intimate dinner at the Hideaway Restaurant. As he rubbed fingers over the short stubble of his beard before he shook his head.

When his cell phone rang, he opened it and said, “Hi, Eliza.”

For a few seconds he listened before he replied. “Yeah, but the Santos woman left.”

His eyes watched as Parker Davis walked into the building. “I don’t understand it either. It didn’t take her this long to get the doctor into bed. I’m fairly certain the doctor is in her apartment.” The man laughed. “I wished Santos had stayed it would have been interesting to listen to her getting around that one. It would have given us vital insight into how she handles touchy situations.” He listen then added, “I’m heading back to the hotel and will be back here watching her tomorrow. I’ll keep the recorder going.” He closed his eyes as he recalled the explicit sounds of Parker Davis and the doctor–arousing was an understatement. “Yep, it’s her day off. Ok talk with you later.”

He turned the key and the car roared to life before he put it in gear and drove slowly by Parker’s apartment window. The lights were off.

+ + +

“You’ve finally come home,” Elisabeth said as she strode out of the bedroom and stood in front of her.

Parker’s brow creased and her eyes bore into the doctor. “What are you doing here?” she asked in a brusque tone.

“Don’t tell me you’re not glad to see me.” She pulled Parker’s shirt over her head and squealed in delight. “No bra…I like it.” Her fingers then worked on the button and zipper of Parker’s jeans and with success, they fell to the floor. “And, no underwear…how delicious.” When her fingers stroked the valley between Parkers legs, Elisabeth groaned. “You’re all ready for me.”

Parker allowed the doctor to pull her into the bedroom but grabbed her hand and stopped it when Elisabeth’s fingers pressed inside. “Someone else made me wet.”

“I know,” cooed Elisabeth. “I saw you from the window…her loss is my gain.”

“Make me come,” Parker said as she let go of the hand.

Chapter 19

Her alarm sounded and Parker groggily opened her eyes. She was glad that Elisabeth only stayed until midnight for she didn’t want to have to explain the doctor’s appearance when Olivia arrived. She scurried around changing the sheets, making coffee, and doing the dishes before she took a shower. As her hands ran over her body she imagined Olivia was standing there with her and she felt arousal begin just as it did every time she thought of the woman.

She toweled off and wondered what she should wear. If she were dressed, Olivia might think she didn’t want to have sex. If she was naked, and that wasn’t what Olivia wanted, she might leave. She stood naked in front of the full length mirror in the bathroom and appraised her body. When she saw the small bite mark Elisabeth left on her inner thigh she shook her head and laughed. It would be lights off for the first time. Then, if Olivia saw the bite mark, Parker could pass it off as something she did.

Parker had never wanted anyone as much as the dark haired Latina. She craved her touch so much that she began devising ways to see her all the time. Her bare bottom hit the cold chair and she jumped a bit before she settled in and started her computer. Her eyes scanned the Portsmouth Police Department web page after she logged in, until she found the qualifications for detective and the dates of the exam. “It’s a piece of cake,” she said when she heard a knock on the door. “Shit, I’m not even dressed.” As she hurried to the door, she picked up the robe Elisabeth discarded and was tying it just as she threw the door open. “Hi, you’re early.”

+ + +

Everything she had imagined about making love with Olivia paled in comparison to the actual event. They hugged in an embrace that screamed for skin on skin contact as they tore at the barriers that denied them. Then, when their naked bodies met, they both trembled as greedy lips sought to kiss and dominate every inch of the other. Hands caressed and kneaded willing breasts before fingers explored inner depths. Their reward was a powerful release that exploded in multiple orgasms.

They lay in an embrace as sweat beaded up on their slick bodies. Words were not necessary as the lingering touch of each body screamed for more. Just as each woman thought she could not soar higher, the need and want erupted into passion once again sending their bodies into uncharted territories.

“Wow,” Parker whispered as her finger lazily traced a line down the center of Olivia’s body. “I dreamed of this but reality is so much better.” She rose slightly before she leaned in and kissed Olivia. “Hmm, what do you think about taking this into the shower?”

“Not yet,” Olivia purred as she pulled her lover in for a deeper kiss.

A crooked grin was her answer as Parker rolled on top of the body she craved letting her thigh rest between Olivia’s legs. What started out as a slow grind, ended with each woman’s thighs saturated before Parker’s lips made their way down her lover’s body. With a slight hesitation, Parker looked up Olivia’s body and into blue eyes.

“Don’t stop,” Olivia begged.

Parker took what was on offer. After she finished feasting, she captured the glazed passion completely obliterating any other emotion in Olivia’s sensual zones. Olivia was now hers forever. Her complete domination of her lover resumed as she brought Olivia to further heights of passion.

Olivia had her eyes closed as tightly as possible as she fell through the maelstrom of excitement Parker’s love making had produced. One thought fused her senses and brain–sex. She’d never been so turned on…even her brain was overloaded with thoughts of when they were going to do it again. As she opened her eyes, she saw Parker smile as her tongue dipped into her navel–she was going to like having Parker around. “Hey sexy did you mention a shower?”  

Parker crawled up Olivia’s body and grinned. “Do you like doing it in the shower?”

Tangling her hands in Parker’s hair, Olivia grinned devilishly. “Oh I know a few games we can play in there if you’re up to it…you might be tired?”

With a hearty chuckle, Parker rolled off Olivia and stood on the floor with her hand extended. “With you I am always up for anything.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” Olivia grinned as her hand clasped Parker’s in a strong but gentle hold. Feeling her feet touch the cold floor caused the heat of the sex they had indulged in dissipate somewhat.

“I like my showers hot.”

Moments later, the water cascaded down on them as Olivia felt the rush beginning again as her hands moved surely over Parker’s well-toned body. Grinning, she spied the bottle of shower gel. She knew if she were inventive with her mouth in just the right places, she could cause a profusion of bubbles. “I think the shower would be hot without any running water but I need the water for what I have in mind.”

Parker arched an eyebrow as she pulled Olivia close and kissed her hard. “Please Officer, be gentle with me.”

Arching her eyebrow Olivia produced a mock serious expression, “of course Madam, we aim to serve.” Then her hands traveled over Parker’s shoulders in a sensuous exploration. Dipping into the collar bone and tracing intricate patterns producing a sigh of approval from her lover. Where her hands went, her mouth continued the journey. Firm breasts molded like the fit of an Italian leather glove in Olivia’s hands and as the nipples perked, she feasted on their tips for a few seconds but only a moment. If Parker was insatiable in bed she could follow suit in the shower, it was only fair. Fingers deftly tracked down the taunt belly and circled the navel as her tongue swirled around inside. Olivia could feel the tension building in Parker as her body almost hummed aloud.

With a devilish grin, she skirted the mound waiting for her and planted a quick kiss on the dark hair. Then moved dexterously to part Parker’s thighs, as she did she caught the scent of her lover’s juices. Almost stopping from her original task to take the precious gift on offer-she resisted, then as her fingers trailed down each thigh and her kisses matched them her eyes bulged at a mark she saw on the inner left thigh.

Parker closed her eyes as she felt the lips caressing her thighs as oblivion took over her senses. Nothing outside the confines of the bathtub mattered. Olivia was hers and that was all she needed to know.

When she saw the bite mark on Parker’s thigh, she shook her head. The mark was fresh and she knew she hadn’t done it. As her thoughts turned from good to bad, she stood and glared. Her voice managed to ask equably, “Where did that come from?” Her finger pointed at the spot.

Feeling like a blow hit her body Parker opened her eyes and saw accusing blue eyes. “What do you mean?” She followed the finger pointing at her thigh. Shit! “I expect it is your doing,” she said with a grin. “You are very oral and your bites only heightened my desire.” She leaned in to kiss Olivia hoping she would accept the explanation.

Olivia took a moment to digest the answer–branding wasn’t one of her specialties in fact she hated it. She knew Parker was lying to her and she debated whether to tighten the noose or let her off the hook. “I don’t bite… maybe a nip but bite…not me.”

She was caught in her lie but there was no way Parker was going to admit that anyone else was in her bed. “We were going at it hot and heavy,” she said with a shrug. “What other explanation can there be?”

The one thing Olivia hated was someone lying to her. When that someone was a person she’d hoped would become a part of her life it was as if a stake were rammed it into her heart. The heat of her passion faded as she felt the words tripping off Parker’s tongue turn the warm water to icy droplets. “I need to go. You can take it from here. I guess you must be double jointed because I sure didn’t give you that mark.” She opened the shower door and without even toweling herself dry, she walked back into the bedroom to collect her clothes.

“No wait,” Parker pleaded as she too left the shower. “I can explain…please let me explain Olivia.”

Olivia gave Parker a caustic glance as she shrugged into her shirt, “I gave you the opportunity to explain you squandered it. I don’t give second chances.” 

Parker grabbed at Olivia’s arm. “Stop, you have to listen to me…it’s not what you think. I lied because I thought you would leave if you knew I…”

“I thought you and I might have made it Parker I was going to give it my best shot, you blew it. I detest people who lie to me, especially someone like…I’m going.” She pulled on her pants and grabbed the rest of her gear, and headed for the door.

Parker followed the woman to the door. “Please give me another chance I promise you won’t be sorry. I’ll never lie to you again.”

Olivia stopped in her tracks her heart pulsing at the words. It would be so easy to turn back into those arms and feel the electricity between them. Her brain decided otherwise as her lips unconsciously moved. “I’m not sorry Parker. You are one wonderful sexual partner. Say hi to your next conquest. Tell her you get an A+ approval from me. I’ll see you around.” She wrenched open the door and ran outside with tears of frustration and betrayal trickling down her cheeks.

Shocked, Parker stared at the door willing Olivia to turn around–she didn’t. “This isn’t the end of us Olivia Santos. You will be back in my bed that is certain.” She padded across the floor and looked out of the window just as the Harley sped away. “You are mine and I will see to it that you come back to me.”

Chapter 20

She sat in an overstuffed green chair with her arms wrapped around her legs and her head resting on her knees as she slowly rocked. “What the hell am I going to do?” Her mind drifted back several hours to when she and Olivia made love and she felt a tingly sensation. “Maybe I can send her flowers.” When the phone rang, she jumped slightly and grabbed the phone. “Olivia.”

“No lover it’s not Olivia.”

“Beth, what do you want?” Parker growled.

“It’s your day off and I thought I’d have you for dinner.”

“That’s not going to happen today or ever again.”

Elisabeth laughed heartily. “Oh no, don’t tell me you got religion after bedding the Santos woman.”

“How the hell do you know that?”

“Remember I saw you with her last night. She made you wet but it was me who made you come,” Elisabeth purred. “Let me help make you forget all about her.”

“Damn you Beth, no means no.”

The doctor’s laugh lasted long after Parker hung up the phone. With Elisabeth’s words still ringing in her ears Parker picked up the phone and called Olivia-no one answered. Then she made up her mind. “Olivia is mine and I will do whatever I have to so she’ll come back to me. If she won’t come to me I’ll go to her.”

An hour later, Parker was sitting behind the wheel of a midnight blue Chevy Malibu watching Olivia’s home from a block away. Around nine, she saw Olivia come out of her house dressed for work and she followed her discretely the rest of the night until it was time for her to return to her apartment and get ready for work.

It was fortunate for Parker that she didn’t have a partner that day so she could drive by Olivia’s house frequently. With each pass, she became more and more agitated when she didn’t see Olivia’s motorcycle parked in the driveway. “Where are you?” Succumbing to her irrational thoughts she stopped in front of the small house, got out and walked up to the door. She knocked then pounded before she was satisfied that no one was home. “Dammit.”

The ritual went on for two weeks and once she found out what Olivia’s schedule was, she was able to find time to sleep. Each time she recalled making love to the woman, she would become more determined to win her back. Twice she sent a dozen roses with a note that read ‘I’m sorry. Please forgive me and give me another chance’. The result was a deafening silence that made Parker even more determined.

True to Elisabeth’s predication, Parker called her several times and each resulted in an impersonal sexual encounter. She had learned her lesson and made sure the doctor understood that biting of any kind was off limits.

“If you want to have sex with me it will be on my terms Beth,” she growled. “Biting is off limits.”

All Elisabeth did was laugh and raise an eyebrow before she said, “Are you sure? Remember I know what you like and my bites send you into overdrive.” She pulled Parker into an embrace. “I’m in your blood Parker,” she purred. “You will always let me in your bed-you can’t help yourself.”

Parker wanted to walk away but the need for sexual contact was overwhelming. “Just know that you’re nothing more than a body to me. I will always be thinking of someone else.”

Chapter 21

Olivia kicked the bike stand into position as she dismounted the Harley. Depositing her helmet on the bench, she opened the door from the garage into the house, and entered the hall. The house had been eerily quiet in the last two weeks since her sudden departure from Parker’s bed. 

Her whole life had turned upside down, as she tried to equate her constant craving for the woman over her black and white attitude toward a liar. Throwing her jacket onto a clothes peg, she passed on her way to the kitchen as she summed up her present state of mind-depressed. She couldn’t get Parker out of my head even though she considered her nothing but a good lay…no she was a great lay. She even conceded that the woman knew how to tweak all her buttons. Her thoughts drifted from the great sex to the unknown woman who had given Parker that bite. She considered that maybe a man was responsible but dismissed the thought. If Parker wasn’t one hundred percent lesbian she’d know–or would she.

A noise from the kitchen had her mind go into cautionary mode as she crept closer to the open doorway. Her eyes widened in surprise as her depressive mood wavered and then fell completely away. Her brother Nicky was leaning against the sink with a cup of steaming liquid at his lips.

With a squeal of what, could, almost be described as childish joy escaping her lips, she dashed over giving him a bear hug. “I’ve missed you.”

With an affectionate chuckle, her brother shook his head as he replied, “Careful Oli, or you’ll make me drop this coffee all over us. Trust me it wouldn’t be a high fashion statement and it’s really hot.”

A faint flush appeared on Olivia’s cheek at the mock censure as she moved away slightly and looked him over. He looked like shit. “Sorry I wasn’t expecting you so soon. Have you finished with the case?”

Nicky grinned and shook his head. “Almost, I still have the paper work to complete and a couple of other leads that will probably go nowhere. Then I’m taking a vacation-want to join me?”

“Don’t tell me I look as bad as you?” She shrugged, a small smile fleetingly accompanying the words.

Nicky gave her a grave concentrated stare and then with a nod to the coffee pot he asked, “What some coffee? You’ll never look this bad for you have mom’s beautiful skin tones. Let me get you some coffee and you can tell me what’s bothering you and before you say nothing just remember one thing…” He smiled inwardly as he recalled when Olivia was a child, plain and fat. That’s when he teased her with the nickname Oli. It was his reference to one of his favorite comedians-Oliver Hardy–his sister had certainly changed.

With a heavy sigh, Olivia sat on one of the kitchen stools. “What’s that?”

“I love you kid. Nothing…absolutely nothing, is going to make you unhappy if I’m around to fix it. That, Oli, is a promise I’ll keep to my dying day. Here take this and tell me what’s eating you.” He raised a hand as his sister began to protest. “I can see it in those eyes of yours.”

Olivia felt the tears she’d held since leaving Parker’s apartment fall like a steady stream down her face as she sipped on the coffee. “It’s nothing really I was dumb that’s all.”

“Dumb huh? My beautiful, dangerous and did I mention intelligent sister, could never be classified as dumb. Naïve…I grant you that but never dumb. I haven’t seen you cry in …oh since you last watched ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’. Do I guess or are you going to tell me?” He placed a hand on her shoulder and squeezed it in comfort while his genial expression never changed. However, he felt the anger burning inside, as he allowed his thoughts to rage. If he found the person who did that to his sister, they’d be sorry.

Self-consciously blowing her nose on a paper napkin, Olivia related an edited version of her involvement with Parker.

“Was that the woman who called and you got real excited before I left?”

“Yeah, you won’t know her, but David does.” She sighed heavily. David would probably give her chapter and verse on Parker and her many attributes from a guy’s point of view.

Nicky winked at the mention of his best friend and former partner. “David tends to fantasize at the moment. You know that their second child is due soon and unfortunately, Jenny's tuned him out sexually if you get my drift. Roll on the arrival of baby Tourney and then he’ll lighten up. So you see Sis, you’re not just the only one with romance problems.”

“Yeah but mine is different…at least David would never cheat on Jenny!” She allowed the words to burst forth finally. They’d been on the tip of her tongue two weeks, virtually strangling any other conversation she had. Fortunately, being gregarious at the station wasn’t part of her repertoire. Now that she actually said the words, she felt the tension ease a little.

Before he replied, Nicky pursed his lips. “She explained what was going on I take it?”

Olivia scowled. “I asked her but she lied.”

Nicky let out a low whistle. “Did she outright lie big time or just try to keep the subject low-key?”

“There’s a difference?” Olivia ground out wondering why her brother was taking Parker’s side.

Nicky gave his sister a long look. “Hey, calm down. I’m not taking sides. If I was I’d be your right hand don’t ever forget that. Look, not everyone lives in a black and white world like you.” He grinned at her affronted expression before he continued. “Maybe this Parker woman lost her head for a moment. From the limited info you’ve supplied, I’d say you were both lost in the world of passion. It makes people do and say things they wouldn’t normally. Did you ever think of that?”

Olivia closed her eyes. Nicky always made things so simple and so right. “I…I don’t like people lying to me. It’s part of who I am. You know that Nicky.”

With an affectionate smile, he cuffed her gently under the chin and then kissed the top of her head as he stood over her. “Yeah I do, but she doesn’t. If you can’t get her out of your head and heart, I’d give her a second chance. Sometimes it takes that special understanding to make a great relationship. It requires even more give and take to love someone. You wouldn’t want that chance to slip away would you…for the sake of a misunderstanding?”

 “You think I overreacted don’t you? I might have…I…” she placed a hand over her mouth and pulled at the full lips as she considered her brother’s words. Perhaps she was hasty and, if given one, she might accept an olive branch.

“Sounds like you need some time to think. I’m going to have a drink with David and who knows by tomorrow you might be inviting her over to meet me.” He laughed at the archaic fatherly impression it created in his head.

Olivia stood up abruptly. She made a decision. She hugged her brother tightly whispering, “I love you Nicky. My life wouldn’t be worth living without you. I need some time to think. How about I catch up with you and David for supper later?”

Nicky smiled at the genuine bond they’d developed since the deaths of their parents. It hadn’t been easy, but they’d managed to find the happy medium that allowed them both to accept who they were and what they wanted in life. All his sister had to do was accept that same situation with the Parker woman. “I need a shower. I’ll catch you later Sis.” He winked as he headed for the stairs.

Olivia watched him leave and then moments later mounted the stairs for a quick shower of her own before she changed clothes. The view by the lake appealed to her thoughtful status.

Chapter 22

The lake was soothing as Olivia thought it might be. Her conversation with Nicky had been encouraging and frank just as it always had been since they’d lost their parents. She smiled slightly as a thought flittered around. Her brother was a good man and when he stopped being undercover and settled down, he’d make a great husband and dad. The idea of her brother’s children made her smile.

The breeze fluttered gently around her as she threw a couple of pebbles in the water, watching them skim across the flat surface. She needed to decide what to do about Parker. As the lights from the city drew her gaze, she became lost in a world of her own and blocked out any other sound.

Parker had followed the Harley to the parking lot by the trail near the river that she had taken Olivia to in what seemed ages ago. The fact that the woman got off her motorcycle and headed down the path gave her hope. Over the last fifteen days, the opportunity to approach Olivia never presented itself to her. She sucked in a deep breath and got out of her car. “Now, I’ll make you understand.”

After Parker walked about two hundred yards, she spied Olivia sitting on the giant flat rock that jutted out into the river. She smiled as her heart filled with hope.

As she neared Olivia, she felt her heart race as pheromones made her body hum. “Hey, I see we had the same idea,” she said holding her breath. “Look, I know I screwed up and I want to apologize.”

Olivia, caught off guard at Parker’s approach, gave her a startled wide-eyed look. Then she rapidly composed herself as her heart raced. In a reedy voice, she managed to reply, “I guess.” The woman had somehow snuck up on her and she found it unnerving.

With hesitation, Parker edged closer to the rock and cautiously walked toward Olivia. “You deserve an explanation and if you’ll let me, I want to tell you what happened.”

Nicky’s words played around in Olivia’s head as she guardedly replied, “Take a seat.” She pointed to a spot on the flat rock. “I hate someone standing over me. It reminds me of being in school.”

Parker grinned and sat close but not too close to Olivia. “When you left me after that night we were here last, I didn’t know what to do with myself. You made me so aroused that nothing, not a cold shower or my vibrator, would quench my need. I went out and looked for someone to give me satisfaction. It was a stupid, childish thing to do because once we made love I knew no one would ever compare to you.” She shrugged and tilted her head. “I’m sorry.”

Olivia digested the explanation. It appeared to ring true and might be plausible but…. “Why didn’t you just tell me that instead of fabricating a story?”

Hazel eyes drifted to the river before they fixed on Olivia. “Because I didn’t want to lose you,” Parker cried as she wiped away a tear. “And that’s exactly what happened.” She hung her head and whispered, “I’ve never felt so connected to anyone.”

“My brother tells me I should give you a second chance. Would you lie to me again if I did? I hate people that lie to me…especially people I care for.” Olivia felt as if she was crossing a rickety bridge and it would either collapse or take her to a new beginning. Sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith. Nicky was right. A tender smile flickered at her lips with the thought of her brother gloating.

Blowing out a breath, Parker let relief fill her face. “I promise that I will never lie or betray you ever. If it’s ok with you I’d like to try again.”

Olivia turned to Parker her subconscious asking her to take it slow, but the rest of her body wanted to peel the clothes off Parker and ravish her right there. “I’d like that as well. So what happens next?” she asked as a nagging voice in her head said to be careful.

Parker let her eyes take in the body that she craved as a lascivious smile crossed her lips. “Well,” she said as she scooted closer. “We could try a kiss to seal the deal.” She let her lips hover close as Olivia’s scent kicked her libido into overdrive.

Olivia didn’t need a second request as their lips locked in a fevered passionate kiss. Once again, the feel of Parker in her arms igniting the sexual need that had been building since she’d stormed out of the woman’s apartment. God I need you, she thought as her hands wandered over the body clasped against her. What seemed like hours later they came up for air and Olivia with a glassy expression gazed into Parker’s eyes, “Your place or mine?” she said in a husky tone that was filled with undisguised lust.

“My car is closer.”

Olivia grinned, as a feral look etched her eyes. “Let’s go, I’ve always wanted to do it in the back of a car.”

Parker’s arousal lessened as she thought how to explain why she had a rental car. “Me too and we are in luck for unlike the mustang the car I have has a big backseat.” She grabbed Olivia’s hand and the two raced to the midnight blue Impala.

Peripherally, the car focused in Olivia’s brain. “You got rid of the Mustang? There I was thinking we could be real close, acrobatic even.” She chuckled as she opened the door and dragged Parker unresistingly inside.

“I was in such a funk over you leaving that I thought I should go for a bit more conservative,” Parker said as she tore at Olivia’s shirt. “Now I’m glad I rented it.” She unzipped jeans. “Not to worry, I still have the Mustang and we can try it out next.”

Olivia became lost in the haze of sexual need and incoherently muttered, “You have an answer for everything,” before her mouth sucked on a nipple that begged for attention through Parker’s bra.

Parker grinned as she found Olivia’s breast–she’d say anything to keep Olivia in her life.

To be continued next week in part 3 of 5

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