Noemí by Katia N. Ruiz


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By Katia N. Ruiz

Copyright 2000/2002


Terri sat by the window, resting a little; the stitches on her abdomen already itched her in their healing. She smiled softly at the sight in front her on the couch. Lying on her back with long muscular legs crossed comfortably and eyes closed in sleep, was Noemí, with little Noemí face down over her chest, sleeping also. They were breathing softly and evenly, Terri could see her baby's body rise and fall softly with every breath Noemí took, her tiny stomach contracted and expanded slightly as she breathed softly. Terri had just breastfed her, with Noemí watching as if to learn from her actions. Their eyes met from time to time, and Terri thought she could feel the heat of the taller woman’s gaze, her body responding with a quivering of its own.

Noemí had taken to the baby, and the baby to her. In the middle of the night, when she woke and cried, when Terri could not get up that easily and even now that she could, Noemí would get up from the bed, tenderly lift the beautiful crying child in her arms, and bring her to Terri. She also helped her get up from the bed, picking her up easily in her arms and transporting her to the living room when she wanted to change scenery, bringing the baby right away before she would start crying. Noemí held the baby as many times as she could, her face softening with tender love every time she looked at her. Occasionally, she would bring up the question of Terri's feelings for her, but Terri would avoid answering, not knowing the answer yet.

It was true, that she couldn't be away from Noemí for more than a few minutes without missing her. It was also true that her heart skipped a beat every time she laid eyes on Noemí, and that she wanted to hold Noemí in her arms and never let her go all the time. It was also true that her dreams were of Noemí only, and that when Noemí was not there with her, she felt as if something was missing in her. But she didn’t know the basis of her feelings for Noemí. She knew she loved her, just not how much.

Occasionally, Noemí would allow a crazy moment to pass, and she would possess Terri's lips with her own, shaking her foundations with the softness of her lips and making her want more. But she would do nothing more, telling her that she didn't want to pressure her; that she wanted Terri's feelings for her to be clear and true.

As Terri recovered Natalie and Thomas visited almost every day, mostly stayed with her all day helping her until Noemí would return home from work. On the days that they couldn't visit, Victoria would come, joined by Michaela later, and they would keep the still healing Terri company. Their adoration of little Noemí was endearing and touching. Only five weeks and the baby had already gained some fans.

Martha had already visited the baby several times, holding gifts in her hands every single time. Noemí bought a small table for all the gifts, and placed it next to the crib, where Terri adjusted Teddy Bears and dolls brought by other members of the family. Almost every day, there was a visitor in the house to see the baby. Today, thank goodness, there wouldn't be any more.

Terri relaxed against the side of the window and began to sketch, her eyes drifting to Noemí and the baby in her arms.

Before she knew it, Noemí and her young namesake were copied onto paper, without the color. She stopped when she saw Noemí stir, the sleeping baby made a small sound, and Noemí's eyes flickered open to the tiny head resting right below her chin. A soft smile crossed her face, and she looked at Terri, her smile never fading. "What time is it?" She asked softly, her voice hoarse, trying not to wake the child in her arms.

Terri looked at the miniature grandfather clock on the coffee table that faced her way. "Ten thirty." She said, and stood gingerly, feeling her scar pull just a little. It was getting better and better every day. Soon she’d be able to walk without the twinge. She moved slowly over to Noemí and reached down cautiously to retrieve the baby.

"Want to go to bed?" Noemí asked as she sat up, blinking sleepily.

Terri nodded and smiled; she stifled a yawn as she accommodated her baby in her arms. The child never opened her eyes or complained as Noemí walked behind Terri towards her bedroom. When both Terri and little Noemí were settled into bed, Noemí returned to the living room, shutting off the lights. She then shuffled back to the warmth of the bedroom. She yawned, and then looked at Terri. "Would you prefer to sleep alone tonight?" She asked, knowing fully well what that would mean for her.

"No," Terri said softly, patting the area of the bed beside her. "I'm used to you being beside me on this huge bed, and I like it. Come to sleep."

Terri could see the relief in Noemí’s eyes, and watched as she removed her sweatshirt, then her sweatpants, remaining only in a T-shirt, short boxers and socks. Involuntarily, Terri's eyes took in the defined muscles of her thighs, the tightness of the shirtsleeves on her strong arms, and she felt suddenly weak and hot with desire. Noemí lay down beside her on the bed, oblivious to Terri's scrutiny and her state of arousal. She lay down on her back, and then sat up to kiss Terri's lips softly. "Goodnight." She whispered softly against her cheek, her fingers trailing softly on her arm.

She lay down on her back again, and covered her eyes with her arms. Terri shifted slowly, and lay down on her side facing away from Noemí, trying to stop the shaking of her body. Noemí’s soft kiss and physical nearness unsettled her. She watched Noemí reach for the bedside light and bring the room to darkness. She remained awake for only a little time, but in that time, she was fully aware of Noemí's presence right beside her, of her strength and sexy allure.

She woke a little while later to a low voice asking for help.

It was Noemí, trembling and whispering softly, having a nightmare. She shifted and Terri turned on her side, trying to see her through the dark. She reached out and touched her, feeling her cheek. She was feverish and covered in sweat, as she was every time that a memory-nightmare tormented her. Terri grabbed her shoulder and shook her gently, whispering her name. Her sleeve, as the rest of her shirt, was drenched with sweat. Terri shook her again and said her name, louder this time. She knew Noemí's nightmares didn't come often anymore, but when they did, they left Noemí senseless with fear and sorrow.

"Help me, please! Get me out of here, I can’t take it!" Noemí said breathlessly, her hand clutching her pillow tightly.

Terri moved closer to her, whispering close to her ear: "I'm here, wake up, and open your eyes."

With a loud gasp, Noemí jerked upright and began to cry, burying her face in her hands, shaking violently. Terri reached over in the darkness and touched her shoulder with her fingers. Noemí turned and reached for Terri, pulling her into a tight embrace. "Oh God, Terri, I want this to stop!" She sobbed quietly in the circle of her arms for a long time. Slowly, she began to calm down.

Terri let her go when Noemí rolled away from her, staring up at the darkness, her moist arms resting heavily against her forehead. Terri rolled over to her, and rested her hand on her stomach, caressing gently and gazing down at her through the dark. "Noemí," She said gently, laying her head on her chest. "Why don’t you go to therapy? You know you need to."

Noemí took a deep breath and remained quiet. She brought her arms down and wrapped them around Terri; she turned her head and pressed her face onto her sweetly scented hair. Her hands stroked Terri's back and Terri shivered. "I need you, Terri." She whispered softly.

Terri's lifted her head to gaze at her; she reached up and touched her cheek gently. "Noemí, I-" Her voice was cut off as smooth lips covered her mouth in a soft kiss. Her breath caught as Noemí’s lips claimed hers. She pulled back and Noemí let her go, remaining silent and letting her take her space. Terri was panting for breath as she sat up on the bed, running her hands through her hair. She couldn’t deny it even if she tried. She wanted Noemí passionately, and she wanted to make love with her. "Aren’t you going to say something?" She demanded softly into the dark.

"It’s up to you." Noemí whispered hoarsely, remaining on her back.

Just go for it, Terri told herself firmly. How can it hurt? You know you want her, need her. Coming to a decision, she threw herself on top of Noemí, meeting her lips again hungrily. They kissed slowly, mouths open as their tongues danced.

Noemí got over her shock fast, but still couldn’t believe Terri was responding to her with such passion. The younger woman’s hands were in her hair, pulling Noemí’s mouth harder against her own, her thighs opening to allow Noemí’s thigh to nestle between them. She groaned deep in her throat, wondering if Terri was as ready for Noemí as she was for Terri. Terri seemed to be in a heat, the temperature of her body growing hotter every second longer that they kissed. I would die if she decides to stop. Noemí thought to herself, glad that Terri didn’t seem ready to stop.

Terri’s hands alternated between Noemí’s hair and neck, urgently massaging and demanding.

Noemí, arms wrapped around Terri’s waist pulled her hips hard against her own, making the other woman moan. She tore her mouth away, meeting hungry eyes. Breath caught in her throat at the look of raw hunger Terri bestowed upon her. "Are you sure?" She asked hoarsely, giving her one last chance.

"Yes," Terri whispered, her hands caressing hair and gently pulling. She could have come at the sexy look on Noemí’s face when she pulled. "I want you." She yanked Noemí’s mouth onto hers again.

This time there would be no stopping. This time Noemí would take what Terri offered; she couldn’t resist if she tried. Noemí's hands were firm as they played along Terri's back beneath her T-shirt, as they moved around her torso, pressing against her ribs to move right under her breasts. Stopping and pulling her lips slightly away, she whispered against her lips: "I want to make love with you, Terri. I want to taste you all over..."

Terri moaned softly, feeling her body ignite with a rush of hot desire. She arched her breasts toward Noemí's hands, her shaking hands grasping Noemí’s strong arms. "Please, please!" She gasped, and her body trembled violently, her breasts aching and hot for Noemí's knowing touch. She pushed her body frantically against Noemí’s, her legs opening to allow Noemí’s thigh between them.

Noemí rolled them over again and lay on her carefully, pushing her shirt up and kissing the sensitive area between her soft breasts. She groaned softly as she caressed Terri’s breasts carefully with her hands, kissing lingeringly around her erect nipples. Terri's legs rose as her back arched; deep pleasure sent a rush of wetness between her legs. Noemí's strong arms wrapped around her arching body as her mouth fed on her luscious sensitive breasts. She kissed her way up slowly, kissed her neck passionately, moaning breathlessly against her skin.

Terri threw her head to the side, moaning again. She reached around Noemí’s body, yanking up her shirt from behind. "Take this off, Noemí, please!" She said, her voice ragged.

Noemí rose up on her knees, and yanked the shirt off, throwing it somewhere beside the bed. She helped Terri remove her own shirt, untied the laces of her shorts, and leaned down to kiss her quivering stomach. Following the line of the shorts with her tongue, she groaned, pulling them down slowly along Terri’s thighs. Her breath caught as she realized that Terri had no panties beneath them, and her lips touched the mostly healed skin above her thighs tenderly.

Terri moaned; her soul was on fire with the body-memory of the brief feel of Noemí's tongue between her thighs that Christmas morning. Her stomach quivered harder, her hips rising, her legs opening again. Her shaking hands reached down to cup Noemí's head and to pull her down onto her flesh, but to her frustration, Noemí pulled away and moved up on top of her.

Noemí pressed her hips between Terri’s legs and allowed her arms to soften; she moaned deep in her throat, full of passion and unrestrained desire. Both women became keenly aware of their breasts pressing against each other, softness against softness. Of their nipples brushing together and sending hot fire through their veins.

Terri could feel the soft material of Noemí's boxers caressing her inner thighs, pressing against the throbbing center of her need. She pressed her lips against Noemí’s shoulders, nibbling softly with her teeth; her eyes closed passionately as emotion and desire collided within her. Her hands traveled the length of Noemí's slender back, and she felt the muscles shifting as Noemí moved on her; her fingers explored the defined muscles, and they moved lower and slipped beneath the boxers, cupping full muscled buttocks with a barely restrained moan. "Oh God, Noemí!" She cried out before Noemí's lips covered hers again, wet and smooth as her tongue slipped deeply into her mouth. Terri's hands moved up and down her sides, her nails grazing the smooth skin making Noemí groan and tremble.

Noemí adjusted her body, straddling Terri’s thigh, as she pressed her own against Terri's wetness. She began moving her hips in a slow undulation; beginning a pressure and moaning softly; her strong arms holding her body up as her lips claimed Terri's. Terri moaned softly, her hands on Noemí’s buttocks pulling her down hard against her, her own hips undulating against her muscled thigh.

"Noemí," She whispered against possessive lips breathlessly, pushing the boxers down more, gasping: "Take them off." Noemí lifted her hips to allow her to push them down over her hips and thighs, and then she rolled over beside her to push them down. Quickly, she was on her again, placing her center carefully against Terri's thigh, pressing her own thigh gently against Terri.

Terri groaned passionately, cupping her nude buttocks again and pulling her hard against herself as she raised her thigh to meet her. Noemí groaned in return and began grinding against Terri’s thigh, feeling Terri's wetness grinding up against her thigh. Noemí’s hands tightened convulsively on the sheets, her muscles trembled from the strain for control. Noemí moaned loudly, her breathing quickening, matching Terri's.

Loosing total control, she pressed her mouth against Terri's, moaning softly into her. Mouths opened to allow tongues passage, lips moved together passionately. Terri moaned into Noemí’s mouth, small hands gliding down her back; her short nails sank deeply into the taut straining flesh, her free leg lifted to wrap around her waist and pressed against her buttocks. Terri’s body arched against Noemí’s, the feel of the hard thigh pressing and gliding against her wetness driving her wild with intensity.

She was torturously aware of the ache for release, of the tight shudders in her abdomen; a cry escaped her throat as a sudden spasm shook her body violently. Her hips rose up again and again to meet Noemí’s. She felt Noemí's strong body above hers, writhing nimbly against her; she was aware of the wetness gliding smoothly against her thigh, leaving a trail of wetness. Their lips made love as their bodies did, Terri's hands caressed Noemí's sweating body as it shuddered and pulsed against hers.

A deep husky moan escaped Noemí's throat; orgasm was so close, so perfectly close… "Oh God, Terri, oh-" She cried out into Terri's mouth, breathing heavily. "Terri!" She groaned passionately, her insides clenching tighter and tighter. She breathlessly whispered Terri’s name over and over as her hips thrust against Terri’s. Release came quickly, her body buckling not too gently against Terri's body.

At the same time, Terri's body reacted powerfully; she arched wildly, and sweating profusely, her stomach heaved. Her body jerked upward and her arms around Noemí tightened as orgasm threatened to break her apart. "Noemí, oh-" She came in wide rising waves, her hips rising onto Noemí's thigh pressing her passion against it, her head thrown back, exposing her beautiful neck. She felt Noemí's soft mouth open on her shoulder, her hard breathing, felt Noemí’s hips driving against her over and over again as orgasm weakened Noemí’s arms and she lay spent and limp above her.

Noemí, body cupped against Terri’s back, pressed her face into Terri’s shoulder. She inhaled deeply of Terri’s sweet scent mixed with their sex and sweat, and smiled. She kissed Terri’s smooth next, nuzzling.

Terri sighed contentedly, her hands caressing the strong forearms pressed against her stomach. She couldn’t even think straight, her mind overpowered by the feeling of the strong body pressed against hers. "You feel so good pressed against me like that." She whispered.

Noemí hummed softly in agreement. "Are you alright?" She asked gently, nuzzling Terri’s shoulder.

"Oh yeah," Terri whispered in contentment. "I’m perfect."

Noemí chuckled, feeling the same way.

"There’s something missing though," Terri whispered, instantly feeling her lover’s body stiffen.

"Oh yeah? What’s that?" Noemí asked cautiously.

Sorry she made Noemí anxious, Terri turned over to face her, grateful the bedside light was on and Noemí could see her face. "I haven’t touched you." She whispered, cupping Noemí’s face between her hands. She could feel Noemí’s body relax; see her eyes loose the fear. Pushing the larger woman onto her back, Terri climbed on top of her, straddling her waist. Just sitting astride Noemí like this made Terri feel hot all over and she allowed her eyes the pleasure of studying her lover.

Noemí had to suppress a groan as Terri climbed on top of her and straddled her waist. Her eyes hungrily took in Terri’s breasts, which hung swollen, nipples hard. She wanted to touch them, her hands ached for them, but she would be patient. She threw her head back as Terri’s smooth hands touched each side of her torso.

Unaware of Noemí’s hungry scrutiny, Terri moved her hands slowly along Noemí’s ribcage. Her hands enjoyed the smoothness of the skin, sending messages to Terri’s brain, which in turn were sent to her clitoris. Both women moaned when Terri cupped Noemí’s breasts, and Terri leaned forward to meet her lips.

Noemí cupped each hip and pulled Terri’s heat down against her abdomen. She grunted as heat met her skin, the soft downy hair painting Terri’s wetness on her skin. She could feel Terri’s breasts brush down against hers as the smaller woman panted, undulating her hips against Noemí, almost as if she’d forgotten what she’d set out to do.

But Terri did not forget, and unexpectedly, she moved down to take a nipple into her mouth. Her hands caressed strong shoulders down to strong arms that tensed under her touch. The fingers of her left hand traced the scars on her Noemí’s right forearm gently, as her mouth hungrily fed from the taut nipples. She could feel Noemí’s muscles clench, could hear the soft moans of pleasure and encouragement. Terri could feel Noemí’s chest expand and contract rapidly, in rhythm with her increasingly urgent breaths. Terri moved slightly to kiss the tense biceps, lips slowly moving up to each juncture of shoulders and arms and marveling at the sharp indrawn hiss her actions brought forth.

Noemí had no idea that those spots were sensitive places of her body, but by God if she didn’t feel it all the way down between her legs. She grabbed Terri’s hand and met her lover’s gray-brown eyes, guiding the hand down between them and her thighs. "You’re doing this to me." She whispered brokenly as Terri’s fingers moved tentatively through her wetness. She watched as Terri’s eyes narrowed and her breath hitched, and brought her hand back up to cup Terri’s face and bring her mouth down to be ravished.

Terri moved her fingers hesitantly, slowly gaining confidence as the minutes went by. She felt Noemí’s need and it matched her own, she realized as Noemí writhed beneath her, moaning against her mouth. Terri didn’t know what drove her crazier: Noemí’s throaty moans or the fact that such a strong and aggressive woman was allowing her to take control. Not realizing it, she brought her heat down against Noemí’s thigh, groaning as her flesh made contact.

Noemí moaned upon feeling the wet heat rubbing rhythmically against her thigh. Groaning deep in her throat as she hung just before the edge, she could feel Terri’s moans vibrating against her lips. Throwing her head back and arching, she grunted as orgasm shook her to the core, the muscles of her abdomen clenching in synch with the muscles between her thighs. Panting, she was dimly aware of Terri’s increasingly urgent thrusts and shaky breaths. The wetness against her thigh had grown, and continued to grow.

Terri heard a shaky moan and realized it was her own. She moaned again as her insides clenched in readiness for what was sure to be an incredible orgasm. Noemí’s hands were at her sides, pulling her down hard against her thigh again. "Ah," She breathed into Noemí’s ear. "Noemí, oh God-" she felt what must have been a flash of fire rushing through her veins and spreading to her body, taking a hold of her chest and squeezing hard until she couldn’t breathe. She thrust once, twice, and this orgasm was stronger than the first, making her cry out again and again into Noemí’s shoulder.

Spent, she lay on top of Noemí, their sweat mingling as they kissed. "That was amazing," She breathed into Noemí’s mouth, her hands caressing Noemí’s arms.

Noemí smiled softly, her hands caressing Terri’s smooth back. "Hmm, yes…" She whispered, feeling herself drift off.

Noemí woke feeling refreshed, with Terri still on top of her, soft hair pressed against Noemí’s neck. She could tell Terri was awake; her short nails raked softly over her shoulders. "How long was I asleep for?" Noemí asked softly, stretching.

Terri lifted her head to look at Noemí, smiling lazily. "About fifteen minutes," she said. She looked into Noemí’s beautiful blue eyes, feeling like she could sit on needles and still laugh at that very moment. She felt wonderful, and she could tell Noemí felt the same way.

"You're amazing, do you know that?" Noemí whispered, touching gentle fingers to Terri’s cheek. "You're so beautiful, Terri, in the throes of passion."

Terri blushed. "Noemí, is- is it always so wonderful?" She asked softly.

Noemí lifted her head and kissed her deeply. "Yes, that’s what it's like." She whispered against Terri’s mouth, and then said after another deep kiss, her voice teasing: "But there's always more." She pushed Terri gently onto her back and climbed onto of her, kissing her softly.

Terri pulled back and pushed Noemí’s hair away from her forehead, caressing her smooth back with her other hand. She remained silent for a few seconds, in awe of the beauty of the strong woman lying on top of her. "More? What could be more wonderful than this?" She asked, remembering Noemí's silky mouth between her legs, feeling herself blush.

Noemí paused, and then kissed her again. After a while, she pulled away and looked at her closely. "You've never…" She trailed off, hoping that Terri would get the clue.

Terri did. "Nothing more than penetration, if that's what you're asking. And I never felt the way I do with that, except for when you… you know." She said, and turned her face away in embarrassment.

Noemí grabbed her chin and turned her face back, lowering her lips to hers again. After a long time of kissing softly, she whispered hoarsely against her cheek: "Well, there is more, and I can show you. There’s plenty of time."

Terri trembled, as much with desire as with fear of the unknown. She didn't say anything for a long time and then she kissed Noemí for a long and passionate moment in answer. Her hands cupped Noemí's face gently, feeling the erotic appeal of her caressing tongue. She was instantly aroused again, and there was new wetness between her legs. Her eyes clenched as a deep shudder shook her body. She pressed up into Noemí, fingers straining against Noemí's back again, her hips already rising.

Noemí hummed softly and she rose from Terri's body to kneel above her, kissing her and pushing her tongue into her mouth when Terri whimpered her complaint. She kissed her eyelids, her nose, her cheeks, her lips, her chin, and her neck, over and over, marveling at their silkiness. All the while, one hand was gently touching Terri's breasts, her fingers touching around the nipples so slowly, lightly, so torturously gentle, erecting them to aching tips. Her mouth took one in softly, and Terri's groan was long and full of desire. Her tongue flickered around the nipple, teeth biting gently, as her hand moved slowly down her quivering stomach to the soft hair above her thighs.

Noemí's fingers were greeted by intense, hot wetness, by quivering spreading thighs allowing her passage into the sea of treasures between them. Terri moaned with growing urgency, her hips lifting as her legs spread in invitation.

Without warning, groaning deep in her throat, Noemí sank long fingers inside her. Terri's body buckled even as her breath stopped, and then arched hard as a long moan came from her trembling lips. Noemí moved her lips from Terri's nipples and moved upwards along her skin; she kept her fingers inside her without moving them, feeling the wet muscles of her lover’s flesh tighten around her fingers deliciously. She moved to her ear, kissing her way along her neck, and she whispered sensuously: "How does that feel?"

Terri groaned loudly, she couldn't respond with words. Her skin was flushed red, sweating again; the sweat running in rivulets down between her breasts, and her hips thrust rhythmically against Noemí's fingers. "Mm, you have to keep quiet, Terri," Noemí whispered sensuously, moving down to lick the sweat from valley between Terri’s breasts very slowly then lying down beside her. "The baby will wake up then, and I won't be able to finish what I've just started." She moved her coated fingers gently, and Terri groaned, trying to restrain the cries that were gathering in her throat; her body jerked violently.

Noemí could see the muscles of her neck tensing, the tendons sticking out as she held back a moan. She could feel the wetness flood around her fingers.

Terri’s stomach quivered against Noemí's arm, her breasts heaved as she struggled for breath, her body trembled hard, her hips rose to meet the thrust of Noemí's fingers, her hands clutched at the bed covers frantically as Noemí's fingers began a smooth glide inside her. "Noemí!" She whispered brokenly, her breathing shallow.

Noemí lifted her face to touch her lips to Terri’s, and then she kissed her sweaty face gently, moving along at a slower and gentler pace than her fingers inside Terri. "Tell me how you feel. Tell me if you want more, Terri. I want to hear you tell me how you feel…" She whispered, thrusting harder and faster now, pulling out all the way and gliding smoothly back in. Her mouth moved along her neck again, and she bit passionately into the skin above her breasts, awakening in Terri a wild passion as her lover’s fingers made her ache for release.

Soon, Terri knew what Noemí meant when she said there was more. She suddenly knew that her body and soul could reach different and higher levels of ecstasy, as Noemí's fingers continued their rhythm. After many, long-lasting orgasms, she couldn't take any more, and her body buckled as if lightning were running through it, shuddering violently. Noemí slowly stopped moving her fingers, leaving them deeply inside her, and allowing them to feel the quivering clench of wet muscles.

Terri lay in Noemí arms, spent and beautifully sore, her eyes closing as she kissed her shoulder. "That… was so… beautiful, Noemí." She gasped, shivering, and aware that Noemí's fingers were brushing her wet hair away from her forehead. "That was amazing; I never thought it would be so good." She paused, and lifted her head to meet Noemí's lips, whispering against them: "I never thought- I-" Her voice trailed off and she lay her head down and fell asleep.

She was sure she heard the baby crying, but thought it was a dream until she felt the bed shift noticeably as Noemí got up. The bedside light flickered on and she covered her head with the quilt, groaning sleepily. The baby's throaty cries came closer to her ear, and she heard a faint chuckle. She turned over and pulled the quilt from her head, squinting and blinking rapidly as the light tortured her eyes. She gazed up at the little red-faced Noemí, held close to her by Noemí's tender hands.

She sat up slowly, and rested against the headboard, knowing instinctively that it was time to feed her daughter. "Come here, baby." She whispered tenderly, taking her from Noemí's hands and adjusting her into a feeding position on her left breast. The baby found her nipple on her own, eagerly sucking. "Ouch!" She whispered with a little jump as little Noemí's toothless gums chewed on her nipple, which was already tender from Noemí’s earlier attentions.

Noemí moved to the other side of the bed and climbed under the covers, lying on her side propped up on her elbow. She gazed at the child in Terri's arms with tender love. Her eyes met Terri’s, and a flash of heat burned Terri's body anew. "How do you feel?" Noemí asked softly, her smile sensuous and playful.

"Like a brand new woman." Terri answered in a low voice, and Noemí moved closer to kiss her lips lingeringly. Then Noemí leaned her face against Terri’s shoulder, and both women gazed at the baby together. "Isn't she beautiful, Noemí?" Terri asked softly, her voice full of love. The child was staring up at them with wide blue-green eyes, her lips wrapped hungrily around Terri’s nipple.

Noemí nodded slowly, a smile curving her lips. She pressed her lips against Terri’s neck, and she felt Terri tremble and moan softly. They continued to gaze at the child feeding off Terri's breast, and Noemí whispered in her ear after a while, her voice sensuously throaty: "I want to feel your nipples in my mouth again."

Terri moaned, and threw her head back against the headrest. "Oh, just wait until she's asleep again." She said in a low quavering voice. They talked as the child fed off Terri's full breast, her tiny lips sucking the milk with relentless hungry vigor. Her little hand rested against the side of Terri’s breast, tiny fingers clenching and unclenching. Terri laughed at something Noemí said, looking down when little Noemí’s hungry sucks turned lazy and eventually stopped.

The baby was asleep again, her tiny stomach full and protruding adorably between the line of the diaper and her baby shirt. Terri knew that she had to burp her before laying her down again. She placed her against her chest; a little towel on her shoulder in case something more than a burp came up, and tapped her tiny back very gently, like Natalie had shown her. She gazed at Noemí, who was gazing back at her with uninhibited desire. "I can't believe I'm a mother." She said in a low voice full of loving wonder.

Noemí smiled at her and leaned forward to kiss her again. "A beautiful mother at that." She whispered, trailing her fingers against her inner thigh softly. Terri let out a long breath, her legs opening against her will. As if on cue, little Noemí's burp was bigger than life and was followed by two small ones.

With a chuckle, Noemí got off the bed and came around to take the sleeping baby in her arms. She kissed her tiny forehead very gently and lowered her carefully into her crib. "She's so well behaved too; we can make love all we want." She whispered, and turned to the bed, smiling as Terri spread her arms for her to come into.

Noemí climbed onto the bed, and moved into her arms with a soft sigh. She pushed Terri down onto her back and lay on top of her. They kissed passionately for a long time, tongues twining wetly. They each nuzzled the other's neck, teeth gently sinking into shoulders, breaths catching, murmuring. Terri reached for the light, but Noemí caught her hand, kissing it and moving her lips slowly up her arm. She whispered as her reason, her mouth thirsty and desiring: "I want you to see this."

A feeling of anticipation made Terri’s body tense and the inside of her thighs quiver, her wetness growing intensely. Noemí pushed herself up slightly with her arms and hovered above her, kissing her lips again and moving down to her neck and breasts.

Noemí grabbed at a pillow and pulled it beneath Terri's head, wanting Terri to watch her pleasing her. Terri watched the top of Noemí's gold-red hair move down, concentrating on feeling the silky lips moving across the plain of her stomach, her tongue trailing a line down along her skin. She moved lower, and pressed Terri's legs open, lifting her knees and holding her open to gaze at her. She kissed her inner thighs, and Terri groaned, her stomach quivering all over again with renewed anticipation.

Spreading Terri's legs more, pushing her knees down as far as they could go and opening her wide, Noemí licked her way from each knee and up to her wet outer lips, teasing deliberately slow. Terri's back arched as she shivered and her eyes closed tightly, her body tensed and her head pressed against the pillow. From below, Noemí whispered: "Look at me." Her tongue stroked her wetness, the tip tickling softly.

Terri's body jerked and she released a shuddering moan; her hips lifted, inviting more. "Look at me," Noemí whispered again, her warm breath tickling Terri as her lips kissed right above her wetness; she made a move to get up. "Or I'll stop."

Terri made herself look down, gasping, her face flushed and sweaty.

"Hold your legs, baby." Noemí instructed softly, kissing her inner thighs again, reaching up and grasping Terri's shaky hands and pulling them down to her legs to make her grasp right below her knees, holding them open. "Mm, that’s it." Her tongue stroked her wetness again, firmer now and Terri moaned, feeling Noemí's strong shoulders pressing against the back of her thighs.

There were no words to describe what she was feeling, only the distant memory of Noemí briefly bending down between her legs months before. Her legs trembled, her hips rose to meet Noemí's silky tongue. For a long time, the tease drove her wild, to the point where she couldn't take any more. She threw her head back again and cried out, her body tensing, her hips thrusting. She gasped loudly; she sounded like she was sobbing and her eyes rolled back in her head and she clenched them closed.

"Look down at me." Noemí said again, and her fingers caressed taut buttocks, kneading softly as her tongue licked the engorged clitoris very, very softly.

Terri flooded into her lover’s mouth. Suddenly, hearing Noemí groan hungrily, Terri felt her tongue sink deeply into the wetness, taking it in, tasting and feeling it thoroughly. Terri was on fire, her body weakened deliciously, and her legs fell over Noemí's shoulders as her hands moved to grab Noemí’s head. She gazed down at her with narrowed eyes, her mouth hanging open as she panted hotly for breath.

She could feel the sweat break out of her body again, the hot ocean in her body rise, and her wetness throbbing hard. She felt swollen and ready to explode. Her head felt light; the room seemed to spin around her. She pressed the heels of her feet hard against the small of Noemí's back, lifting her hips to clamp her throbbing wetness against the hot mouth. "Yes, Noemí!" She groaned, biting her lower lip. "Please, please, don’t tease me!"

Noemí's silky mouth took a more substantial feeling, her tongue sinking into her again and again and then flicking over her engorged clitoris. She moaned thickly as she thoroughly sucked, licked, tasted her delicious sweetness, felt the silk of her wet flesh. Her arms wrapped around her hips, her hands flat over her quivering stomach, and she pulled her down harder onto her mouth, her wrists pressing downwards against her tense thighs.

Terri groaned, turning her face onto her pillow and crying out against it. She sobbed, trembling, turning her face to breathe loudly: "Oh God- Noemí! I'm com- I'm com-" Her voice broke into a prolonged moan, her hands grasping the pillow to the back of her head, her face contorted and red as ecstasy melted through her. Over and over again, her body trembled and her hips twisted, cries leaving her throat like wails. For a long time, Noemí held her as orgasm shot through her body like fire, fingers slipping deep inside Terri again to feel the wet vibrations, her wet face pressed against her heart.

Eventually, Terri lay spent beneath Noemí, unable to move much less talk. She tried, and gave up, seeking Noemí's embrace. "Oh Noemí!" She said after a long time, drifting to sleep again before she knew it.

Head resting on Terri's soft stomach, Noemí dreamt. This time there were no nightmares, no tears, and no pain, only peacefulness. It was too real...

She is standing on a rocky beach, the water laps generously against the shore, the white foam of the waves lingering before being sucked back into the sea. The sun shines brightly, a yellow-white hot ball of fire on the white sky. It doesn’t burn her, but it warms her, giving her comfort. The water is a yellow-white color also, and the sounds it emits are wonderful to Noemí’s ears. Like music. It’s all so realistic, yet so dream like.

She feels truly peaceful inside for the first time in a long time.

"Does this mean I can say goodbye?" A familiar voice asks behind her.

Noemí spins around, shocked. Amelia stands there, hands on her hips, incredibly beautiful, as she had always been. Short and black curly hair frames her slender face like a halo. Beautiful brown eyes reflect the light of the sun and twinkle as tears fill her ethereal eyes. Her lithe, yet shapely body is covered with a robe-like sheet, shoulders and arms bared.

Noemí chokes up with tears, her eyes taking in everything about Amelia. "Amelia!" She gasps, bringing the back of her trembling hand to her quivering lips. "Oh God, are you real?"

Amelia’s arms open in welcome; a radiant smile opens her full lips to reveal perfect teeth. "I’m very real." She says in her soft melodic voice.

Noemí walks into her arms, sobbing in happiness and burying her face into the crook of Amelia’s soft neck. "I’ve missed you so much!"

Amelia nods, lips pressed against her temple. "I know," She says. "I’ve been watching you." She runs her fingers through Noemí’s soft hair, just like she used to when they hugged or made love.

Noemí pulls her head back and their lips meet hungrily. Memories of their time together flash behind Noemí’s eyes, and her body responds with a familiar hunger and desire. She fumbles with Amelia’s robe, but Amelia grasps her hands. Noemí can see she is breathing hard, just like her. "What?"

Amelia swallows hard. "We don’t have a lot of time, Noe." She says shakily.

"Why?" Noemí demands, panicking. "Where are you going?"

"Back home." Amelia says, and sits on a nearby boulder; she gestures Noemí to join her.

"Where is home?" Noemí asks, calmer. She sits down beside her and feels comforted when Amelia takes her hand. "I want to come with you." She says decisively.

Amelia smiles softly, her eyes shining love as she looks at Noemí. "Oh, but you can’t, my love." She says with a chuckle. "My home is the place where you go when you die. You haven’t died."

Noemí shakes her head stubbornly. "I still want to come with you." She says.

Amelia’s smile grows as she studies her. "What about Noemí Imogene?" She asks melodically. "Beautiful name it is, Noemí Imogene." She says slowly, looking out at the horizon, tasting the name in her mouth. "Noemí Imogene, she and I think alike." She looks at Noemí again, her eyes full of love.

Noemí is smiling sweetly, the sound of the baby’s name does that to her. "You’ve seen her?" She asks softly, meeting Amelia’s radiant eyes.

Amelia chuckles, squeezing her hand gently. "Yes, I have." She responds. "She is beautiful, and so is her mother."

"Terri." Noemí whispers, her eyes glazing over at the thought of her.

Amelia chuckles and squeezes her hand gently. "Yes, Terri," Amelia asserts. "They’re waiting for you, back home." Noemí looks at her with confused eyes. "This is just a meeting place for loved ones from either side." She explains, making a sweeping motion with her free hand.

Noemí nods in understanding. "Where is your home?" She asks again.

Amelia grins. "It’s a beautiful place, the sun always shines, and everyone loves each other." She says. "Everyone knows everyone, we all get along, and it’s heaven. I wish you could see it, and for a while I thought you would, but now you’re not going to cross over as soon as everyone expected."

Noemí frowns. "What do you mean?" She asks.

"Well," Amelia says, shrugging. "In a way, I’m very grateful to your irresponsible brother. If he hadn’t seeded that child within Terri, she wouldn’t have come into your life, and neither would have that beautiful child. She’s yours too, now." She smiles gently. "If Terri hadn’t come into your life and turned you around, within a year, you would have been ill, maybe you would have killed yourself driving drunk, or you would have come up with a deadly liver disease that would have consumed you quickly. You were due to come up in about a year. But now you have a whole life to live, your body is almost completely cleansed from that disgusting drinking, and your heart is healing. I just wanted to see you to say goodbye, and to give you the go on loving again." She breaks off and looks over her shoulder.

Noemí looks behind them also, and sees to the distance, a white light that is growing. Her hand around Amelia’s tightens. "Don’t go, Amelia." She pleads tearfully.

Amelia looks at her with the most tender of expressions. She stands up and pulls Noemí to her. She kisses her lips gently. "You and Terri are meant to be." She whispers against her lips, she pulls back and stares at her with watery eyes. "You’re so beautiful, my love, you always were. Be happy." She starts to turn towards the light.

Noemí watches her walk away, the tears streaming down her cheeks. Just before Amelia walks into the light, she calls out: "Wait!" Amelia turns to look at her, those gorgeous brown eyes glistening with tears and ethereal health. "Our baby, where is it?" She whispers brokenly, not able to say it loud, hoping Amelia hears her over the sound of the sea.

But Amelia hears her as if she said it in her ear. She smiles gently, and she says: "She is with you, Noemí Imogene." She lifts a slender hand and waves. "Remember that I love you, always have and always will. Be happy…" She turns and walks into the light, the white light grows, momentarily blinding Noemí, and then disappears. Just then, Noemí feels everything around her fade.

She opened her eyes slowly, and found that it was still dark. She was now lying on her back, an arm dangling from the bed. The faint silhouette of Terri’s body caught her attention, and she moved closer, wrapping her arms around her, sighing peacefully when Terri burrowed deeper into her embrace. Sleep overtook her again.



The sun was beautiful outside, flowing through the window into the room. Noemí opened her eyes slightly at the sound of a baby gurgle. A smile slowly grew on her face as she sat up and stretched. She looked over at Terri, grinning at the stomach down sprawled position of her smaller body. Noemí could tell she was dead asleep, and that nothing short of an earthquake would wake her. She got up, padding around the bed towards the crib; she leaned over, finding a grinning and kicking Imogene staring up at her.

"Ah, you’re awake, aren’t you?" She whispered, reaching in and taking a tiny socked foot and gently shaking it. "How long have you been awake, eh?" She reached her other hand in and picked the baby up into her arms. She could feel her heart expand as it always did when she held the baby. Walking back around the bed to her side, cradling the baby and cooing at her, she back sat on the bed with her slouched back against pillow, propped up against the headrest, the baby in her arms lying face down over her bare chest.

Little Noemí was fully awake, gazing up at her with wide eyes. Noemí crooned at her, saying little things to her and patting her diapered butt gently. Little Noemí kicked out and laughed soundlessly, her body bundled up warmly; she was cheerful and smiling toothlessly.

Terri drifted awake, but she didn’t move from her stomach-down position, listening to Noemí's sweet words. She gazed up at her through her hair, which lay in a mat over her face, preventing Noemí from seeing that she was now awake.

"Do you know how much I love you and your mommy?" Noemí was saying softly, her voice sweet and full of love, her eyes full of adoration as she gazed at the child in her arms. Not really knowing much about baby care, Noemí had wrapped the baby in her blanket after changing her wet diaper and now she held her gently in her embrace.

The smile on her face was one that Terri had never seen before. The sun reflected off her gold-red hair as it fell over her forehead. "I love you both so much, I wouldn't be able to live without either one of you. You're both part of my life now, and I'm happy about that." She laughed tenderly when little Noemí's small head fell to her chest for a rest, and then drifted up again, her eyes wide and looking up at her again. Her little forehead crinkled a little as both of her eyebrows arched in her innocent stare.

"So beautiful, you and your mommy, and I feel so lucky. You know," She said with an adorable tone of conspiracy, touching the child's nose with a tender finger. "You remember what I told you the first time I brought your mommy home with you in her arms? That I love you and your mommy so much, that's what I told you." A little dribble of saliva dripped down from the baby's tiny lower lip, and touched Noemí’s chest, leaving a thin band of saliva between her lip and her chest. Adult Noemí gurgled like a baby and smiled when Terri couldn't stop herself from chuckling at the beautiful sight.

Terri lifted herself up, turning over onto her side, brushing her hair away from her face and leaning to little Noemí, pressing her lips against her little temple very gently. The baby turned her head to gaze at her mother, and Terri sat up and reached for her. "You're going to spoil her." She chided gently as Noemí sat up and kissed her lips tenderly.

"Good morning to you. Or is it afternoon?" She said with a small laugh. She looked at the clock on the bedside table, and laughed again. "Okay, afternoon." She corrected herself, kissing her shoulder tenderly. "I personally am very hungry. Do you want to order out for brunch or something?" She asked softly, inserting her index finger into the baby's little creamy fist, pulling a little against her hold. "Strong, isn't she?" She said proudly, leaning down and kissing her little fingers tenderly. She kissed Terri's shoulder again, and asked: "What do you say? Order out?"

Terri shrugged; she bent her head down to kiss her lips. "Why don’t we take showers first, and then I make something here?" She said instead.

"Mm, I don’t want to make you cook for me, baby." Noemí said softly, moving closer to her.

Terri pulled her legs together and folded them up, settling the baby comfortably on them. The baby stared up at her with innocent awe; her little legs kicked excitedly against her blanket. Terri smiled as she opened the soft bundle Noemí made with the blanket around the child's body, saying to Noemí gently: "I think she's warm enough, don’t you?"

Noemí smiled at her and shrugged. "She was comfortable for a while and then she looked a little cold, so I bundled her up. Oh, and I changed her diaper too." She said, sounding very proud of herself.

Terri winked and blew a little kiss at her as she lifted the baby up so that Noemí could remove the blanket. As soon as they were freed, the tiny legs began to kick healthily, sticking down straight. Noemí moved closer and nuzzled her chunky thighs, tickling her with wriggling lips. She moved down to nuzzle her tiny feet, chuckling softly. The baby began to kick again, and caught Noemí on the nose; Noemí fell away, rubbing her nose.

Terri laughed and laid the baby along her thighs again, touching her tiny feet with gentle hands. After a while of laughing, little Noemí began to grow cranky, redden, and then she began to cry; she was obviously hungry by the way she began to suckle on her own tiny little fist. Terri had fed her early in the morning, and she had held out long enough. She shifted her gently and cradled her, staring down at her as she twisted her face this way and that, trying to find her erect nipple. Soon, her tiny lips were sucking the milk with gusto, her eyes closed sleepily.

"I'll order out." Noemí said, reaching for the phone.

Terri reached out with her free hand and grasped her shoulder, stopping her. "No!" She said in a no nonsense voice, smiling at her. "I really want to cook for you. Now go take a shower."

Noemí stared at her for a moment, smiling mischievously. She moved to the edge of the bed, and padded naked to the bathroom, Terri’s eyes admiringly following every movement of her strong body.

They ate quietly, gazing and grinning at each other across the table. Terri had made a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon with wheat toast. Noemí munched happily on her food, gazing at the baby, who sat on a baby seat beside Terri on the table. She kicked her little fists and laughed that adorable baby cackle. Terri reached over and touched the Imogene's foot, grinning at her. Then she moved back and looked at Noemí again, her smile fading as desire ran through her, and she saw the same look reflected in Noemí's eyes. She stood up as Noemí stood, and both women moved around the table towards each other, forgetting about their breakfast.

They came together in a passionate embrace, arms wrapped around each other as their lips met. Noemí's tongue slipped into her mouth, and she moved them towards the refrigerator, pushing her against it. Terri brought a leg up and wrapped it around Noemí, feeling Noemí press her hips against hers. She moaned softly, feeling Noemí's hand slip between them, then between her legs under her long shirt.

Noemí groaned as her fingers slipped into ready wetness, and Terri brought her head forward, pressing her forehead against Noemí's shoulder. Her fingers dug into her shoulder and her head arched back; Noemí's mouth came to her throat and her teeth gently nipped on her skin. She moved her head back and watched Terri's expression as she thrust her fingers in and out of her wetness.

Terri threw her head back, eyes closed in ecstasy, her mouth hanging open. She seemed unable to moan, and her breath left her in a hiss. When it seemed they wouldn’t be able to stop, Noemí whispered: "Let's go back to bed." She gently pulled her fingers away from Terri and moved back. Terri’s thighs trembled as she stood on her two feet again. They grabbed the baby seat and hurriedly made their way to the bedroom, wanting each other with all the passion in the universe.

Noemí groaned, looking down and letting her eyes take in the pinkish color of Terri's very erect nipples, the sensuality of her newly flat stomach heaving as a soft moan escaped followed by a long shudder. Noemí was aware of Terri's arms clasped tightly around her neck, of her fingers brushing through her hair and tightening convulsively as Noemí's mouth took in a nipple and sucked gently, her teeth biting very tenderly.

Terri's body arched in welcome, her legs spread wide. She grasped Noemí's shoulders and pushed her down, a gasping plead in her low whimper. Her fingers sifted through Noemí's wet hair, pulling it hard as a thick moan made her way through her clamped lips. She couldn't hold any longer, she longed for the silky feeling of Noemí’s mouth and tongue. She couldn't be made love to slowly; her trembling body was reaching for release.

Noemí's lips trailed hot caresses down between her breasts, her stomach, dipping into her navel and teasing gently. This had an effect on Terri, who began to tremble and whimper. Noemí smiled at her discovery and she shifted to lie between Terri's legs, pressing her breasts against the hot wetness; she began licking and dipping her tongue into Terri's quivering navel over and over.

Terri's hips began a thrusting motion and she lifted her legs to wrap them around Noemí's torso. Noemí could read the urgency in Terri, in her frantic movements, in the way she whispered Noemí's name like a breathless chant. Noemí reached back with an arm and removed Terri's legs from around her body. She moved down, lifting them over her shoulders. She could feel their immediate tightening; they urged her mouth towards the dripping wetness that was of her making.

Noemí couldn't resist, mouth watering even before it opened to the sweet milky taste of her. Terri's legs tightened convulsively around Noemí, and her hands pulled at her hair and her body buckled. Noemí's hands moved lovingly along her thighs, up to knead the beautiful hips and up more to caress the beautiful breasts and tease her nipples with gentle fingers.

Terri's hips thrust fast against her tongue; helpless cries escaped her lips. The now familiar tightening pressure began inside her, her breath caught in her throat and her hips rose in one long pressure against Noemí's hungry mouth, her legs clamping together around her head. She pressed her lips shut, breathing loudly and deeply, because she knew that if she allowed her mouth to open, the scream that would tear through her would frighten her sleeping child.

"Hmm, oh yes!" She whispered hoarsely over and over again, grunting as she felt herself reaching the edge, hovering, floating there until she couldn’t take any more. She could feel Noemí's expertly coaxing tongue stroking her so softly now, so tenderly, holding her at the edge of release, licking so slowly until she couldn't take any more. "Inside! Inside, Noemí!" She sobbed and was instantly gratified by the smooth inward glide of Noemí's long fingers against the tightness of her wetness.

Noemí pushed Terri's trembling legs from her shoulders, spread them open wider and held them open with her shoulder as her tongue and fingers taught Terri about a new way of pleasure. Her fingers glided in and out against the clenching muscles, her tongue licked, her lips sucked with more force now, aiming without preamble for Terri's release. Terri threw her head back and grasped Noemí’s hair, pulling her mouth tighter against her. And then release came in the form of one incredible orgasm followed by more of the same magnitude and stronger. Her legs fell open weakly and her fingers slipped limply from Noemí’s hair.

Noemí licked the nectar from her own lips, her eyes took in the expression of pure rapture on Terri's beautiful face as ecstasy claimed her like never before, and she moved up to hold her as her body shuddered and tensed. Noemí looked down at her sweaty face with love and leaned down to kiss her sweetly on the lips.

Terri was still gasping, trying to catch her breath and crying from the joy at the same time. "Oh, God, Noemí…" She croaked softly and trembled in Noemí's embrace. Within minutes, she was deeply asleep, her head on Noemí's shoulder, her face buried in the crook between shoulder and neck.


Anthony slammed down the phone, growling. He had been checking his funds at his bank, and they were low. He only had about a hundred thousand dollars left, and the expense of his hotel room and gambling would take care of that in a couple of months’ time. He had been in Vegas for about three weeks already and he had to have the best room in the Caesar’s Palace Hotel; the room had to be big enough for him to be able to have parties.

Many vacationing young women had passed through his room, impressed by the amount of money he waved around and the lavishly expensive room he had in one of the best hotels in Las Vegas. Of course, they wanted him to spend lots of money on them, and he sure did, wanting them to return. Gambling, he’d lost about thirty thousand dollars already, and would keep loosing if he continued.

He thought about how good he’d had it before Terri came along and took it from him. "That bitch," He snarled. The thought of returning home and begging his father for forgiveness had crossed his mind, but that meant he’d have to marry Terri and that was not an option. He would never tie himself down to a woman for some brat. He should have stayed away from her from the beginning, as her initial attitude had warned him.

Terri had been a challenge, just as ready to sock him across the head than to let him even say hi. He worked hard at getting her to trust him, to consider him her friend. He couldn’t deny to himself that Terri was a fine specimen to behold, if you looked past the frumpy clothes and attitude. Oh yeah, he had wanted her, but only because she rejected his advances. He always knew how far to go with that, and when he took her out for her birthday and got her drunk, he knew it was his chance. She had struggled at first, especially when he entered her, but then seemed to deflate, her eyes closed, her face thrown to the side.

Terri hadn't let him back for many days after that, only when he groveled and promised repeatedly that he wouldn’t just leave, did she let him back in to her apartment. He made sure he brought birth control with him, and made sure she took it every day. He frowned as he thought of the day she told him she was pregnant. He felt his world collapse around him, and Noemí’s name kept popping up in his head.

Noemí would kill him if she found out, was his first thought, knowing Noemí’s reactions to his problems. When she had bailed him out of jail a few months before, she had smacked him across the face many times, and he didn’t dare retaliate. The fury in her eyes had him almost pissing his pants; Victoria’s hand on Noemí’s arm was the only thing keeping him from getting a good socking. His sister was very strong, and though he could probably beat her up, she would not go down by herself.

He would have to call his father and talk to him about the rest of his inheritance; it had to be ten million at least. He would get it out of him, even if he had to use the brat as leverage.

Noemí leaned against her desk, gazing out the window. There was a small smile on her face, and her eyes were distant as she remembered the weekend. She and Terri had basically spent it in bed, engrossed in each other, and when the baby woke, playing with her.

She sighed softly, shoving her hands in to her pockets and missing Terri and Imogene deeply. On Monday morning as Noemí was leaving for work, she’d stood by the door with Terri in her arms for a long time. Their kisses were passionate, and Noemí was definitely not ready to go. She could sense Terri hadn’t wanted to let her go either, and it took a lot of false starts before she was finally able to walk away.

Noemí never imagined she could feel this way again, this expansion of her heart and mind, the warmth. When she’d held Terri in her arms, their mouths locked and their bodies pressed together, she felt like the weight of the earth could rest on her shoulders and she could run up a mountain with it. She closed her eyes at the memory of the sweet taste of Terri’s wetness, the sound of her moans as Noemí feasted on her, the feeling of her thighs pressing against the sides of her head as her body surged upwards towards her mouth.

Shaking her head, Noemí brought herself back from her lustful musings. She shivered slightly, taking a deep breath. She couldn’t wait to get home that night and just have Terri again. Smiling softly, Noemí reached for the phone.

Terri picked up the cordless on the third ring, splashing water onto Imogene’s full tummy. "Hello?" She grinned down at her daughter, whom she had leaned back on the little tub and bathed gently. She had taken off her shirt and stood bare-chested to avoid getting wet.

"Hi," Noemí said softly, sitting down on her chair and closing her eyes. The sound of Terri’s voice made her miss her all the more, if it was possible.

"Hey, you!" Terri exclaimed, glad to hear her lover’s voice. "I’ve been thinking about you all morning." She soaped a little rag and began to brush it gently over her baby’s tummy. Imogene kicked her bare feet, splashing her mother.

"I’m glad to hear that, I’ve been doing the same about you." Noemí whispered into the phone, and could hear the water splashing. "What are you doing?"

"Giving the baby a bath," She said, tucking the phone between her shoulder and ear. "She puked all over herself." She chuckled, lifting the baby up and turning her around slightly to wash her back.

Noemí’s nose wrinkled as she laughed softly. "Glad I wasn’t there for that moment," She said, and then sighed. "I wanted to let you know that I miss you, and that I’m going to visit my parents for a little bit before coming home. I haven’t really seen them much since the baby was born."

Terri smiled. "I understand," She said. "I’m going to see if Imogene will fall asleep, then I can paint a little."

"I can pick her up if you want and take her with me to see them." Noemí offered, knowing that if she came home, she’d never leave.

Terri thought the same thing, and laughed softly. She lifted the baby up off the little tub and wrapped her in her little hooded towel, walking out of the bathroom into the bedroom. "You know that if you come home you’re never going to see your parents, so I recommend you go see them and then come home. We have all evening after that." She said seductively, and grinned when she heard Noemí sigh.

"You’re right," Noemí conceded. "So I’ll see you tonight, alright?"

"Yes," Terri said. "And I’ll miss you terribly in the meantime."

Noemí grinned as they hung up, leaning back on her chair and looking up into the air. Paula found her like that and smiled when it took her a couple of tries before getting her boss’ full attention.

"Hey, dad," Noemí said, walking into her father’s study.

Thomas looked up from the large book resting on his desk. With a smile on his face, he stood up and walked around his desk, arms open to hug his daughter. She went to him and wrapped her arms around his waist, squeezing. "Hi, honey," He said. "How is everything?"

"Everything is great, dad," Noemí replied, pulling back slightly to look at him. "But I have to talk to you about something."

Thomas looked his daughter over worriedly, trying to find any sign of unhappiness, but found none. He let her go and gestured for her to sit down, doing the same. "What’s going on?" He asked gently, eyeing her intently.

Noemí looked down at her lap, hesitating, glad her father was not pressuring her. "I’ve fallen in love again, dad." She said softly, looking up at him again.

Thomas wasn’t sure what he should say, but he was sure that the grin spreading across his face said enough. My daughter is in love again! He thought ecstatically, leaning forward. "So," He said gently, leaning forward and gazing into eyes so much like his. "Who is the lucky woman?"

Noemí swallowed hard, wiping her sweaty palms against her thighs. "Terri." She said quickly, looking away.

Thomas sat back and took a deep breath, staring at his daughter in stunned silence. He thought back to New Year’s Day, when Terri had given birth, and the state of mind Noemí was in. He had attributed her declaration of love for Terri to be part of her nervousness. She had been so agitated that he hardly paid mind to her words, more worried that his daughter would have a nervous breakdown. After a long moment, he licked dry lips and nodded slowly, gazing at her with wide blue eyes. "This is a surprise, Noemí." He said gently, and after a long moment, he asked: "Does she feel the same?"

Noemí looked up at her father, surprised that he hadn't had a fit. Not that Terri had ever given him doubts about herself; she was a good woman, and everyone knew it. "She hasn’t said it." She said slowly, crossing a leg over her knee and clasping her ankle.

"I just don’t want you to get hurt." He said softly.

Noemí nodded, smiling at him. "Dad, just the fact that I can love again," She paused, shaking her head slowly. "I never thought I would feel this way again, I never thought I’d feel alive."

Thomas nodded, feeling tears fill his eyes. "I know," He said huskily, so happy to see the light in her daughter’s eyes again.

"If she doesn’t love me back, I don’t know what I would do; but I rather not think about it." She ran a hand through her hair. "All I know is that she makes me feel," She closed her eyes, leaning her head back against the backrest. "I can’t explain it."

"I understand, Noemí," Her father said, smiling at her. "I suspect I know what it is. The same way I feel about your mother, I’m sure."

Noemí smiled at her father, nodding. "Speaking of, where is mom?" She asked.

"Gone shopping for the baby’s baptism," Thomas said, smiling.

Noemí scowled. "Baptism?" She repeated, standing up. "I haven’t heard anything about a baptism. Did she ask Terri about it? Maybe she forgot to tell me."

Thomas chuckled, shaking his head. "She hasn’t said anything to Terri yet," He said, humor in his voice. "And you know your mother."

Noemí’s face cleared, and she laughed softly. "Yes," She said. "I guess it’s my duty to let Terri know, eh?" Her father nodded. Laughing and shaking her head, she stood up and went towards the door, stopping and turning towards her father. She hesitated, swallowing visibly. "Have you heard anything from Anthony?" She asked slowly.

Her father smiled comfortingly. "That scares you doesn’t it?" He asked gently, and his heart reached out to her as she nodded. "I haven’t heard anything yet. Last I heard he was in Las Vegas, gambling his money away. I should hear something soon, I think."

Noemí frowned, her head cocking to the side. "Where are you getting this information from?" She inquired, curious.

"Martha. She thought she should warn me of his impending return." He chuckled; he knew there was no love lost between his niece and his son.

Noemí nodded. "Caesar must be keeping track of him then." She said quietly. "I’m going now, dad, tell mom I love her for me."

"Okay, honey," He said. "See you tomorrow."

"Yes," She said, smiling and walking out of the study.

"Why all this poop, eh?" Terri asked gently, her nose wrinkling at the smell of another dirty baby diaper, which she had thrown on the floor next to her bed. Her daughter was a poop machine. She’d even asked Travis about it, and he said it was normal for babies as young as Imogene to poop a lot after each breastfeeding. Terri grinned down at her staring daughter, wiping her clean and putting another diaper on. "You have beautiful eyes, Imogene. They’re going to be just like Noemí’s." She whispered, seeing the deep resemblance between her daughter and her lover.

Once finished putting Imogene’s clothes back on, Terri gently gathered her daughter into her arms and went towards the living room, where she sat her back down her rocking chair. Sitting down, she picked her pad and pencil up from the coffee table, opening it. With a last smiling glance at her dozing daughter, she began to sketch. Not much later, she heard the sound of keys jiggling on the other side of the front door. She leaned forward and covered a now sleeping Imogene with her little blanket.

Noemí stepped into the apartment, an arm behind her back, and kicked the door closed gently. "Hi," She whispered, looking over at the sleeping infant, her smile widening even more.

"Hi," Terri whispered, standing up slowly, a welcoming grin on her face. Her eyes concentrated so much on Noemí’s face and eyes that she never noticed the hidden hand. She held her breath and felt her heart stop as Noemí neared, a soft smile curving her lips. She stared up at her mouth, remembering what those lips had done to her body. I’m branded, She thought fleetingly.

Noemí pressed her lips onto the smaller woman’s, kissing slowly and deeply. She brought the bouquet of roses around and holding them up close to their faces. She felt Terri sniff, and grinned when the younger woman pulled back slightly to stare at the roses.

Terri’s eyes went back and forth from the roses to Noemí’s eyes. She reached for them, her heart blooming, and sniffed them, closing her eyes. Smiling up at Noemí, she said: "I’ll be right back; I’m going to put them on water."

Nodding, Noemí sat down in front of her sleeping niece. "I love you so much, Imogene, and I love your mommy. I hope she can love me too." She whispered, gently touching a tiny closed fist with her index finger. When Terri returned to the living room, Noemí stood back up and kicked off her shoes and loosened her belt.

Terri’s eyes never left her lover as she placed the vase with flowers on the coffee table. Straightening back up, she turned to her and started pulling Noemí’s shirt up out of the waistband of her slacks. She smiled up at Noemí. "How are your parents?" She asked, beginning to unbutton Noemí’s shirt.

"They’re fine," Noemí said quietly. She was thoroughly enjoying Terri’s attentions, and she gazed down at her with a gentle smile. "We have to talk about my mother."

Terri looked up at Noemí, curious. "Is something the matter?" She asked worriedly.

Noemí chuckled, shaking her head. "No, but I just want to warn you that my mother is making plans without your knowledge." She said, trying to hold back a smile. She lifted her hands to the smaller woman’s shoulders and gently kneaded.

Closing her eyes and throwing her head back, Terri grunted softly. "What are you talking about?" She asked, distractedly. Noemí’s massage felt too good.

Staring at Terri’s lips, Noemí could feel herself warming up. "My mother is shopping for a baptism for Imogene." She whispered, leaning forward and pressing her lips against Terri’s, feeling an electric-like surge up and down her spine.

Moaning softly against Noemí's lips, Terri wrapped her arms around Noemí’s waist under her shirt. "Baptism," She whispered when Noemí pulled her lips away and began to caress each side of her neck with gentle hands. "I didn’t know your family was religious…" Her voice trailed away when she opened her eyes and met Noemí’s, getting lost in their passion.

Noemí’s lips curled into a teasing smile. "They’re not," She said softly. "Just tradition." Her fingers threaded through the back of Terri’s hair and pulled her forward for another kiss.

Climbing into bed, a naked Noemí moved into Terri’s waiting arms. She had just placed a deeply asleep Imogene in her crib, and she hoped she wouldn’t wake again; getting the baby to fall back asleep after her nap had turned out to be a nightmare. Sighing softly at the feel of smooth skin pressing against hers, she smiled as Terri wrapped her arms around her neck and pulled her close. "Can I ask you something?" She asked softly, wrapping her arms around the other woman and pushing her onto her back.

"What?" Terri said lazily, nuzzling Noemí’s neck.

"What was the other reason for you leaving your home?" She asked softly. The question had been on her mind since that conversation months ago, but the novelty of lovemaking with Terri had made her forget it.

Terri stiffened in her arms. "Talk about ruining the mood." She said, trying to pull away.

Noemí held on to her. "I’m not trying to ruin the mood, but we’re closer now than we’ve ever been." She explained gently, making Terri pause. "Look at us; you’re lying naked in bed with me. You’ve let me do things to you you’ve never done to yourself. If you don’t trust me by now, will you ever?"

Terri pulled her head back to gaze at Noemí. A smile played at the corners of her lips. Noemí was right. "You’re right," She said, to Noemí’s surprise. "But you still know how to ruin a mood."

Noemí chuckled, kissing Terri’s forehead gently. "And I know how to bring it back, trust me." She joked. "So, will you tell me?" She asked seriously.

Terri nodded, burying her face against Noemí’s shoulder and taking a deep calming breath. After a long moment, Terri, grateful that Noemí was patient, began to talk. "When I was fourteen, Kevin, the youngest of my brothers tried to rape me." She said softly.

Noemí tensed, anger and outrage making her grind her teeth.

"He’d gotten drunk for the first time," Terri continued, eyes closed and remembering that time when her brother first broke her trust. "He was nice to me before that, he stood up for me many times against dad and my brothers. We used to talk and play together when we were younger. Until this one day my brothers took him out and got him really drunk."

Noemí was listening intently, angry beyond words. She ran a hand comfortingly up and down Terri’s back.

"He came home stinking like booze and went into my room, he got mad when he tried to hug me and I pushed him away. Apparently, dad had been talking to him about man-haters, dykes, and how to cure them. So he added two and two and came up with twenty, assuming I was one too. It seems dad thought a good fuck would cure that." Terri took a deep breath, pausing.

"That bastard!" Noemí growled, tightening her arms around her lover.

"This went on for about seven years, but he was always too drunk and clumsy to get anywhere." Terri continued in a whisper, her hand caressing Noemí’s side slowly. "That last time he almost did, he tore half of my clothes off and everything. I managed to knock him out with a vase of flowers. I left with some money from my father’s safe and never went back." She shivered and closed her eyes.

Noemí kissed the top of her head, feeling tears burning her eyes. When Terri lifted her face up, Noemí kissed her lips gently. "I’m so, so sorry." She whispered hoarsely.

Terri pulled back and looked up at her, confused. "Why?"

"My brother finished it, didn’t he?" Noemí asked, her voice low. "He came along and took what he wanted."

Terri frowned. "I didn’t really fight back, I didn’t any fight left," she said softly. "He probably thought I wanted it."

"You were drunk!" Noemí exclaimed. "Don’t excuse him! He took what wasn’t his and then left you when he could have helped you."

Terri sat up and touched Noemí’s chest gently. "This probably sounds fucked up," she whispered. "But if he hadn't done what he did, I wouldn’t have Imogene… or you."

Noemí sat up too, covering the hand on her chest with her own. "I know," she whispered, looking into Terri’s eyes. "But at what expense?"

"None," Terri said slowly, increasingly mesmerized by Noemí’s passionate icy looking eyes. "I’m strong, I moved past it; for my sake, for Imogene’s sake."

Noemí smiled tentatively, taking a deep breath. "If I ever see him again, I’m going to bash his face in." She said slowly. "That’s all I have to say."

Terri nodded, smiling as she moved towards Noemí, wrapping her arms around her neck and pulling her close again. "Okay," she breathed as she felt Noemí respond by wrapping her arms around her waist, her breathing increasingly heavy. "But right now I want you to do other things."

Continued in Part 8

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