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Strange Love


Kim Pritekel



High heeled shoes clicked dully on the sidewalk as Annie made her way towards the popular neighborhood hangout. It was colder than a witch’s tit out, so she drew her coat a little tighter around herself. The streets were busy, party time central had already started.

Up ahead loomed the blonde’s final destination for the night, which she was glad about. She was tired, cold, and craved a hot bath. She hoped there would be some hot water available in her building once she got home, probably around three in the morning. A glance at her cheap watch told her that was four hours from now.

With a heavy sigh, Annie reached out and grabbed the handle to the door of the Blue Cock, the neighborhood biker bar, which she’d serviced for about a year and a half. Annie was about half-way through her “shift”, as it were. That’s what Reno would call it, anyway. The first four hours were spent on the streets, finding business where she could. It had been slow tonight, only a few takers. As much as she hated the Blue Cock, she did look forward to the warmth of being inside.

The noise level was like it always was, the patrons of the seedy bar rowdy and usually drunk. Annie took a deep breath before removing her jacket, and making her way inside.

Rowdy and raucous as ever, the patrons of the Blue Cock always noticed the appearance of the gorgeous little blonde, however. Tonight they took in her short, black mini skirt and hot pink, skin-tight shirt, which of course showed off her beautiful breasts and petit frame.

At the back of the bar, hidden in the shadows, were two watchful eyes, which took in Annie’s every move. An upstairs balcony hung over the figure’s head, keeping the already dim lighting from the bar out of the small, coveted nook, helping to protect the woman all the more from curious glances. Nobody bothered to fight the woman for the space, knowing they’d likely lose.

She watched as Annie made her way to the bar, resting her arm around one of the men’s necks who sat at the bar. She leaned into him, breasts brushing against his shoulder, in no way hiding what she was offering. The lone woman took a sip from her beer, swishing the suds around before finishing it off. It was her third of the night, as she’d been sitting in the Blue Cock for two hours. Waiting.

It only took about two seconds before Annie had three men wanting to buy her a drink. She took them all up on their offer, figuring at least one of them would take her up on her offer. She had to be careful, though. With this type of situation, it wouldn’t be hard for it to get out of her control, and she could end up in trouble. She knew that one all too well.

Annie gave a great performance, making the guy who smelled of leather and garlic believe that she was enjoying his slobbering lips on her neck. She giggled and moaned where appropriate, feeling that his excitement was just a small transaction away.

“You know, baby,” she whispered, running her hand up his denim-clad thigh, able to feel the bulge that was already beginning to announce itself. “There’s something I can do about this.” She squeezed lightly, the bearded biker groaning, his hips thrusting every-so-slightly.

“Yeah?” he said, bringing a hand up to cup one of her breasts.

Annie swept his hand away with a tsk tsk. She backed away just long enough to look into his face. “You know how it works, Billy.”

“Yeah, I know,” the biker sighed. He sat fully on his stool again, digging his wallet out from the back pocket of his jeans to see how much cash he had on him. “Ah, damn, Annie. I only got ten bucks on me.” He looked at her with heartbroken brown eyes. “Can ya give me a deal?”

Annie grinned, green eyes twinkling. Despite herself, she liked Billy. “Baby,” she said, “for ten bucks you could suck on one of my tits, but that’s about it.”

The biker growled good-naturedly, an image of that very thing popping into his mind. “Alright. I’m gonna go find me an ATM.” He stood, towering over the diminutive woman. “You stay here.” He began to walk away, but stopped, grabbing Annie’s wrist. “When I get back, you’re mine.”

Annie grinned, nice and sexy. She pressed her body against him, hand on his barrel chest. She looked up at him. “You got the money, baby, and I’m all yours.”

Billy nearly tripped over his own boots in order to escape the bar to find a money source, leaving Annie chucking in his wake. Left alone, claimed for the night, Annie turned back to the bar and her drinks. She downed the shot of tequila, pushing the glass aside, and taking the second of her three drinks, throwing back the shot of rum. Her throat and stomach was on fire as the two potent liquors went down.

“You might regret that combination later on,” a low, smooth voice said from her right.

Annie turned, surprised to see a woman had taken over the stool Billy had just been seated on. The woman was absolutely gorgeous: long, black hair swept back over her shoulders. She glanced at Annie, her blue eyes intense like nothing Annie had ever seen. The blonde was immediately intrigued.

“Oh yeah?” she said, hand on a shapely hip.

“Yeah,” the woman said, taking her refilled stein of beer. She turned to Annie, heels of her boots hooked on the bottom rung of the stool, legs spread just wide enough for Annie to step between them, which she did.

“I’ve had it before,” Annie challenged, not sure why she was talking to the woman. Women typically weren’t where it was at for her. At least, not while working. She’d had a couple, but mostly men were her marks. There was something about this one, though. She had visions of fucking the woman senseless dancing in her head.

“Then you’ve got a stronger gut than I do,” the woman said.

“What’s your name?” Annie asked, bringing a hand up to touch the soft leather of the brunette’s jacket. It was nice, not a biker jacket like the rest of the patrons of the Blue Cock were wearing. It looked expensive, classy.

“Canton,” the woman answered, her hands resting on her own thighs. Though she wasn’t touching the blonde, she could feel the need making her fingers itch.

Annie leaned into her, their faces mere inches apart. She could feel the heat between them rise. “Canton,” she said, running her fingers up and down along the zippered edge of Canton’s jacket. “I like it.” Her hand slid down along the jacket until her knuckles were brushing over Canton’s breast. With a sexy little smile on her face, she ran the knuckles back and forth, slowly bringing the nipple to life underneath the shirt the brunette wore.

“Take your whoring somewhere else, Annie,” the bartender admonished, glaring at the couple.

“Fuck off, Jimmy,” Annie said, never taking her eyes off Canton’s face. “Seems I gotta leave,” she said, her voice growing quiet and intimate. “Wanna come with me?”

Canton’s gaze never left that of Annie as she placed her hands on the blonde’s thighs, slowly moving them up until they squirmed under the tight skirt, and cupped firm ass cheeks, separated by the string from the black thong Annie wore.

Annie gasped, her sex pulsing with anticipation.

Canton leaned forward, whispering in Annie’s ear. “I don’t pay for pussy.” She gave the ass cheeks a squeeze, her hands sliding off Annie’s body as the blonde backed away from her. Canton smirked at the look of anger on the gorgeous blonde’s face. “Besides,” she said, nodding to something behind Annie. “I think he’d get pissed. Real, real pissed.” Canton raised her beer in salute to an irate Billy, who had witnessed the whole thing.

“Fuck you, you self-righteous bitch,” Annie fired, turning to her trick for the night. Billy grabbed her in a possessive hand, as though she were his girlfriend, and not a toy he was paying for.

Canton watched the two leave, unmoved by Annie’s temper. She did, however, get a good look at the blonde’s ass before it disappeared in the throngs of people.

Annie led Billy outside and around to the side of the building, where they’d be hidden in the shadows of the ally. Their usual spot. Either there or Billy’s truck. As soon as they reached the ally, Billy already had his hands all over Annie. He gabbed her and easily hefted her up to sit atop a short stairway landing, the metal railing long ago rusting away. He was about to shove Annie’s skirt up when she stopped him with a look.

“Aw, damn it, Annie!” he whined, stomping off to his truck like a temperamental child.

“You know this, Billy,” Annie called after him, lifting herself up as she slid her g-string down over her hips and down her legs, setting the black material on the stoop next to her. The cement under her was cold on her bare ass.

As she waited for Billy to return with a condom, she heard a door opening at the back of the ally, someone coming out the back door of the Blue Cock. The figure was almost entirely shrouded in shadow, but somehow she knew it was Canton. The beautiful woman stopped, obviously spotting Annie.

Annie was still stung by what Canton had done and said, but damn it all, a huge part of her still wanted the woman! She opened her legs, her naked sex exposed to the night. She grinned, noting the figure hadn’t moved a muscle. She decided to play. She brought a finger down between her legs, and ran it up and down along her sex, gasping as she felt herself getting hard, Canton’s face in her mind’s eye. She was actually getting wet!

“You startin’ without me?” Billy asked, returning from his truck. He was so excited that he didn’t even notice they had an audience as he ripped open the condom packaging. He growled in frustration as he dropped it, grabbing it up and finally pulling the thing onto his painfully erect penis.

Annie glanced back over to the shadows, noting Canton was still there, as she got into position for Billy. As he slid inside her, she closed her eyes, imagining it was Canton who was fucking her. She didn’t care what Billy – or any of the others – did to her body, because none of them could ever touch her mind. Not as Canton had.

As the figure in shadow continued to watch, Annie felt her body respond, her imagination filling in the blanks. She felt her climax beginning deep in her belly, and closed her eyes briefly, her breath stolen from her by the intensity she knew was about to explode within her.

Billy was groaning low in his throat, his hips thrusting furiously as he knew he was about to come. He grabbed Annie’s hips, holding her in strong hands as he slammed into her.

Annie felt herself being fucked, but in her mind, it wasn’t Billy doing it. She opened her eyes to look back over at Canton, only to find the ally empty. It was too late: her climax slammed through her, making her cry out as the pleasure washed through her, making her shudder in its wake.

She’d never had an orgasm while with a trick before, and that made Annie uneasy. She pushed Billy away from her, hopping down from the stoop with her panties tucked into her hand.

“Jesus Christ that was fucking amazing,” Billy panted, readjusting his pants. He pulled out a wad of twenties, stuffing them into Annie’s other hand. “”Here ya go, babe. Hundred bucks.”

“Thank you so much, Billy.” Annie leaned up and planted a kiss on the large man’s cheek. “See ya next time.”

Billy nodded, watching as the hot blonde walked out of the ally, and into the night. Best fuck he’d ever had!


Canton was still shaken as she walked down the street, She had left through the back door simply to keep an eye on Annie, but had found something right out of a fantasy. Well, almost. A fantasy without the big, sweating biker dude. She ran a hand through her hair and let out a deep breath, which came out as white vapor in the cold night. She wasn’t used to the temperatures, and would be glad when she could get back to the warmth.

The hour was getting late, and she had somewhere she had to be. She reached into the pockets of her jacket, hoping against hope that she’d had the foresight to put her gloves in them. Of course not; that would have been way too smart.

“Fucking hands are gonna fall off,” she muttered, trying to shove her hands as deep as she could into her jacket pockets. Suddenly, she was pushed from behind, making her stumble, and nearly fall on her face. Turning around to see what the deal was, she was cold-cocked by a huge fist.

“Bitch!” Billy exclaimed, looking down at the woman who’d been knocked to one knee by his punch. He grabbed the woman by the throat, pulling her to her feet. “You don’t touch what’s mine,” he growled, eyes wild.

“She isn’t yours,” Canton whispered, barely able to breathe, let alone speak, as the grip got tighter. She grabbed his wrist with one hand, using the other to reach back behind her. It took several tries, but finally she felt the solid object tucked into her waistband.

Billy was enraged, too much alcohol and jealousy turning his logical mind red. He brought his knee up, knocking the woman in the stomach, as well as snatching the knife from his boot that he kept there.

Canton cried out as it felt like she’d been punched again, in the side. She realized it wasn’t a hit when the intense stinging began, and she felt something hot and liquid beginning to run down her side. She knew she had to do something, and fast!

The blast cut the night in two, sending distant dogs into a frenzy of barking excitement. Billy staggered backwards, dropping his captive. He held a hand to his gut, pulling it away only to see it was covered in dark red blood. He fell back on his butt, then collapsed onto the sidewalk.

Canton didn’t wait around to see what the end result was. Holding her side, she ran off into the night.


Annie bent over, shaking her hair free from the towel that she’d had wrapped around it, the long strands dancing around like the flames from a fire. Flipping her head back up, she finger-combed the hair, padding across the living room and switching the TV on. It was nearly four-thirty in the morning, and though she was tired, for some reason, she knew sleep would elude her. She had a lot of pent up energy inside, so decided to watch a movie until she fell asleep.

Finding something on one of the cable channels, she padded back to the bathroom, all warm and comfy – and freshly showered – in flannel pants and a big, baggy t-shirt. Annie looked at herself in the bathroom mirror, after wiping the steam away with her towel. She was 27 years old, looked 23, but felt 48. She leaned over the sink to get a better look at her face, checking for any lines or crow’s feet. Everything looking good, she grabbed her comb and padded back out to the living room as she combed out the tangled strands of her hair.

Some cop drama was on the TV. Sitting in the recliner – one of two pieces of furniture in the tiny living room – she switched through the pay channels. She was grateful that her neighbors not only had cable, but that they were nice enough to share. She grinned at the thought. They’d likely be pissed to know that the renter before her had spliced into their connection.

Her choices for a movie were slim: cop drama, stupid comedy or soft core porn. None of the above appealed. She turned off the TV, only to yelp in surprise when someone pounded on her door. Heart pounding, Annie stared at the locked door as though she’d be able to see through the solid wood. Someone pounded again.

Annie tried to think of what to do. She glanced over at her phone, but then remembered that it had been shut off last month for lack of funds.

“Fuck,” she whispered, feeling nervous butterflies dive-bomb her organs.

Unsure what to do, she tip toed over to the door, peeking through the peephole. The hall beyond was dimly lit, and she really couldn’t make out anything other than a shadowy figure.

There was another pounding, though it sounded much weaker, then a thud on the hallway floor. Annie chewed on her lip for a moment, not sure what to do. Something inside told her someone needed help, and fast.

At length, Annie unchained and unlocked the multiple mechanisms on her door, and pulled it open just enough to peek into the hall. Lying in a heap on the floor was a body, long, dark hair covering the face. Annie took in the black leather jacket, and suddenly knew exactly who it was.

“Oh my god!” She squatted next to the woman, searching for a pulse. She grabbed Canton’s hand, which was covered in dried and fresh blood. “What happened to you?” she whispered, placing her fingers where she thought they went at the wrist. She was relived to feel a pulse. “Canton?” she said, brushing the long hair out of the beautiful face. “Hey, are you okay?”

Canton heard a voice distantly speaking to her, and somehow found the strength to open her eyes. She was looking into a concerned set of green eyes, and felt relief wash over her as she realized it was Annie. “Found ya,” she murmured, then her eyes fell shut again.

“No! No, you gotta wake up. Wake up, Canton!” Annie lightly tapped the brunette’s cheeks, praying she’d respond.

Blue eyes blinked several times before finally staying open, though at half-mast. “This hurts,” she whispered.

“What does? What happened?” Annie watched as Canton pulled her jacked aside, showing a cut in her shirt, which was flooded with blood. She gasped. “Oh my god! We gotta get you to a hospital, Canton.” Annie stood, ready to go to her neighbor’s door and knock to use her phone. Michelle Vasquez was her neighbor, and she worked the same streets Annie did, so she knew Michelle would be awake still.

“No!” Canton said, her voice quiet but firm. “No hospitals.”

“Canton-“ Annie’s words were cut off when suddenly she found herself looking down the barrel of a mean-looking 9mm. She swallowed.

Losing energy, Canton’s hand fell, the gun still clutched in it. “No hospitals,” she managed before her eyes slid shut again.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Annie cried, burying her hands in her hair, not sure what to do. The first thing she knew she needed to do was get the bleeding woman – who brandishing a gun, by the way – out of the hallway of her apartment building. No matter how ghetto her neighborhood might be, it still wasn’t wise to keep Canton lying on the floor.

It took nearly ten minutes, but finally Annie got Canton dragged into the apartment, and heaved onto the small, itchy couch. She hurried back across the hall to Michelle’s apartment, trying no to pound as she knocked.

The door opened, followed by a wave of pot smoke. “Hey, babe!” Michelle drawled, her eyes glazed from the drug.

“I need your help, Chelle. I need a doctor, but not one from the hospital.”

“Oh!” Michelle said, eyes opening wide for a moment. “Got the pig in ya, huh? That sucks. Hang on.” Michelle left her door open as she sauntered back into her apartment, returning a moment later with a business card in her hand. “This dude’s awesome. Very discrete, and will usually do it for a good hand job.”

Annie took the card, looking down at it. Printed on it was the name: LEWIS McGOWEN, M.D. and a phone number. Michelle was about to close the apartment door, but Annie stopped it with her hand. “Wait! I need to use your phone.”

Back in her own apartment, Annie hurried over to Canton, who was lying in the exact same spot as she’d been left. “The doctor will be here in ten minutes,” she informed the brunette, who did not respond.

Annie pushed the leather jacket off Canton’s shoulder, gently sliding her arm out of the sleeve. The other woman was unconscious, and didn’t seem to feel a thing, which Annie figured was probably good. She studied Canton’s shirt in the area where the wound was. She wasn’t sure if Canton had been shot or what. It looked more like a stab or slash wound, considering the pattern of the cut mark on the shirt. She peeled the shirt up and over the wound, Canton whimpering in her unconscious state.

“I’m sorry,” Annie whispered, her gaze riveted to the wound. She jumped when there was a knock at the door.

Dr. Lewis McGowen was a man in his late 50s, with salt and pepper hair and a sleezy smile. He looked Annie up and down when she answered the door, approval in his blue eyes. “Francis?” he asked, using the fake name Annie had given him.

“Hello, Doctor. Please come in.”

McGowen walked in, his medical bag in hand. “So, where shall we do this?” he asked, setting the bag on the kitchen table, not even aware of the bleeding woman on the couch behind him. “When was your last period?” he asked.

“Wait, my last period, what?” Annie asked, completely baffled.

The doctor looked at her. “I need to know how far along you are,” he clarified.

“Oh! No. It’s not for me. It’s for her.” She pointed to Canton, the doctor’s eyes bulging in surprise at the sight.

“Oh my.”

Canton had very few memories. She remembered opening her eyes to see some old guy leaning over her. Then she remembered a shit-load of pain. The next thing she remembered was opening her eyes to see Annie giving the old guy an enthusiastic hand job. Everything went black after that.

Canton groaned as she began to surface once again from the black sea of painless peace. The pain in her side was a dull throb, but nothing she couldn’t handle. She blinked a few times, seeing Annie walk across the room, drying her hands on what looked to be a kitchen towel. The blonde noticed she was awake.

“Welcome back to the land of the living,” she said, so relieved to see Canton awake.

Canton groaned as she turned a bit more to her back. “Why is it that every time I see you, you’re having sex with some guy? Don’t you get enough?” she asked, her voice a weak whisper.

Annie grinned. “I wasn’t aware you’d woken to see that. For your information, I was paying your doctor bill.”

Canton smiled weakly. “I’ll pay you back with a strap on, or I’ll eat you out.”

Annie chuckled, sitting on the cheap coffee table that was placed in front of the couch. “You can pay me back by getting better and leaving. You’re gonna bring me trouble. As it is, I had to run to the second floor and swipe someone’s Welcome mat to cover up the blood you left in front of my door.”

“Sorry ‘bout that,” Canton whispered, her eyes feeling so very heavy. She wanted nothing but to get some good sleep.

“You look like you’re about to pass out again. Me, too for that matter. It’s six-thirty in the morning, Canton. I’m exhausted. I’m going to bed.” Annie stood, looking down at her uninvited patient. “Before I do, is there anything you need? Water? Gotta pee?”

Canton shook her head. “Sleep.”

“Okay. Well, um, sleep well and please don’t die on me. God only knows what Dr. McGowen will want from me to help me dispose of a body.”

They both smiled at that. Annie turned out the lights and padded off to bed, collapsing into an immediate dead sleep when her head hit the pillow.


Even though it was cold outside, the afternoon sun was hot shining in through the window. Canton groaned as she began to surface from sleep. Her side was killing her, she was hot, hungry, and had to pee like a race horse.

“Shit,” she murmured, a hand going to her side, where she felt a thick bundle of bandages that had been applied to her sutured wound.

“Careful with that,” a soft voice said, while and even softer hand gently pushed Canton’s hand away from the wound.

Canton opened her eyes to see the face of an angel leaning over her. If she didn’t know better, she would have thought she’d died and gone to Heaven. But then she remembered: right, Annie. “It hurts,” Canton said quietly.

“I know. Here. Let me help you sit up.” Annie did just that, helping to get the brunette settled against pillows and the arm of the couch. The sunlight from the window above the couch was shining directly on Canton, so she reached across her patient and twisted the vertical blinds closed, much to the relief of Canton.

“Thank you,” she said, closing her eyes, as if she didn’t, she would been nearly nose to nipple with Annie, as the blonde closed the blinds.

Annie sat on the coffee table and looked at Canton. “Did you sleep? Other than a pain pill, do you need anything else?”

“Gotta pee.”

“Oh. Okay. Do you think you can make it yourself, or do you need help?” Annie asked reluctantly.

“I think I can manage.” Canton went to sit up, but fell right back against the pillows, weak and in pain. “I think.”

“Come on. Let me help you.” Annie met Canton’s panicked look. “At the very least to the bathroom. The rest, you can handle on your own.”

It took a few minutes, but they finally got Canton to shaky legs, one arm draped over Annie’s shoulder. They made slow progress to the short hall that led to the bathroom and one bedroom. Canton was in too much pain to give much notice to her surroundings.

“You okay?” Annie asked once they’d reached the open bathroom door. “Do you need help, or can you manage?”

Canton leaned against the wall, panting from the pain and exertion. “I think I’ll be okay,” she said after a moment. “If not, I’ll call for you.”

Annie agreed, leaning against the opposite wall of the closing bathroom door, just so she could be within easy earshot should she be needed.

Slowly, oh so slowly, Canton got her pants pushed down and herself seated on the cold toilet seat. Away from the hot sun, she realized how cold it was in the apartment.

Looking around the tiny bathroom, Canton saw the deeply scarred tub, the sink just as badly stained. The linoleum on the floor was torn and bubbled up in some areas. The place was a mess. Her attention turned back to focus on her unwitting hostess. The woman she’d seen at the bar was not the woman she’d seen in the pictures she’d been given. The loose seductress at the Blue Cock was a stranger to the Annie Canton had been told about. However, the woman who helped her last night and this morning, was the woman she’d heard about, and saw in the snapshots. Now, Canton just had to figure out how to decipher between the two.

Within half an hour, Canton was back on the couch with Annie sitting on the coffee table, cleaning out the area, just as Dr. McGowen had instructed her to do. She was trying to be gentle, but no matter how careful she was, Canton was in pain.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, wincing every time Canton did. “I can only imagine how much that hurts.”

Canton didn’t respond, instead watching as gentle hands replaced her bandages. “Thank you.”

“Sure. I figure the sooner I get you healed up, the sooner you can go.” Annie sat back, tugging the t-shirt she’d let Canton borrow, over the wound. “How about some TV while I make us something to eat?”

“Sure,” Canton muttered absently, reclining on the couch, grateful the pain meds had begun to take affect.

Annie grabbed the remote, turning on the TV, flipping through the channels until she got to the weather. “Good. I need to see what it’s gonna be like tonight,” she murmured, tossing the remote to her recliner and heading into the kitchen to make a couple sandwiches.

Canton tried to relax, maybe even doze a bit. She was tired, the pain coming back to wake her up about halfway through her sleep, making sleep restless and uncomfortable. As she lay there, the TV murmuring in the background, she thought about what had happened with Billy. How had things gone so wrong? It had never been part of the plan to get stabbed. It certainly hadn’t been part of the plan to shoot a man!

Canton groaned, the memory of it all coming back to her. She saw the big man as he’d stumbled backwards, finally falling to the ground. The look of stunned pain in his eyes was something she knew she’d never forget. She reached over and grabbed her leather jacket, removing her wallet from the inside pocket. Hearing Annie moving around in the tiny kitchen area, she knew she had a couple minutes. Canton opened the wallet and removed the one photo she kept with her, the rest back at her hotel room.

The photo was a snapshot of Annie when she was 17, taken not long before Annie’s troubles had begun. The young innocence of the girl in the picture – long gone, from the looks of it – broke Canton’s heart. Where had Annie gone so wrong?

Annie calculated how much money she had in her purse from last night. She had to pay rent, Reno his share, plus the electric bill, and pray she had a bit left over to buy some more groceries. She had a decent amount of food in the house, thanks to the extra money she made at the stag party the previous weekend. Even so, she hadn’t intended to feed another mouth.

She had to admit, the last twelve hours were vastly different than she had ever anticipated. Out on a regular business night, making regular money, and ending up with a very irregular houseguest. And for how long? No, she couldn’t send Canton out onto the streets, or wherever she’d come from, as badly wounded as she was. She hadn’t yet asked the brunette what happened, and who had stabbed her. She figured they could talk about that over breakfast. Or, lunch as it were, considering the digital readout on the microwave announced it was almost two in the afternoon.

As she made the sandwiches, she heard the TV in the background. It sounded like the weather was over, and the news was back on. She, of course realized that she’d missed the weather. Oops.

“This just in. The man murdered last night has been identified as William Kinslow, known as Billy, to his friends. Kinslow was shot to death in the early hours of this morning, a block away from popular biker hang out, the Blue Cock.”

The story caught Annie’s attention. She glanced around the wall that separated the kitchen from the living room, only to see Billy’s face plastered across the TV screen. She watched the rest of the story unfold.

“Witnesses say Kinslow was shot by a woman wearing a black leather jacket, with dark brown or black hair. After the shooting, she ran…”

Canton’s eyes popped open, barely registering the scene before her before it was too late.

Annie ran for the door, intercepted by Canton, her back held close against the larger woman’s body. “Let me go!” Annie cried, trying to fight against her captor.

“Shhh,” Canton hissed into Annie’s ear. “It’s not what you think.”

“He’s dead!” Annie exclaimed, though her struggling had stopped.

“And I nearly am, too.” They were still for a moment, Canton feeling faint from the energy she’d just expended, as well as she worried she’d just made her would bleed again. Taking several deep breaths to stop the dizziness, she loosened her grip on Annie, but only after she felt the blonde wouldn’t struggle or try and get away again.

Annie turned around, glaring up at Canton. “You killed him,” she said, a demand, not a question.

Canton staggered back, resting her weight against the wall. She took several deep breaths before responding. “I was walking to my hotel when I was pushed from behind. It was Billy, pissed because he thought I was making a play for you in the bar. He apparently wanted to teach me a lesson.”

“So you shot him?” Annie asked quietly, hugging herself and feeling really nauseous.

Canton shook her head. “It wasn’t like that, Annie. He hit me, thus this,” she pointed at the heavy bruise on her jaw. “He had me by the throat, and that’s when he stabbed me. I had to do something, so-“

“You shot him.”

Canton sighed, exasperated. “What would you have me do? Not defend myself? I didn’t mean to kill him.”

Annie looked down at the floor, watching as her toe kicked at a tear in the cheap carpet. She knew in her gut that Canton was telling the truth. Hell, the proof was in the pudding of Canton’s injuries. “You can’t stay here, Canton,” she said after a moment, glancing at the brunette. “The cops are going to be looking for you, and I don’t need anymore trouble than I already have in my life.”

“Where would you like me to go?” Canton asked, pushing away from the wall and making her way back to the couch. She flopped back in the worn cushions, groaning as her body was jolted.

“What about your hotel?” Annie sat down in the recliner, her legs curled up against her chest. “You said that’s where you were headed when Billy jumped you.” She thought of something. “Why don’t you just go to the cops? I can vouch for what happened to you. I’m sure he probably still had the bloody knife on him. It could be proven that it’s your blood, and that it was self-defense.”

Canton shook her head. “I can’t.”

“Why not?” Annie sat forward in her chair, really grabbing onto the idea. “You could totally pull this off, Canton. It was, after all self-defense.”

“I can’t!” The room was silent at Canton’s vehement response, which she regretted as soon as it was out of her mouth. There was no way she could take it back, but there was no way she could explain, either.

“Okay,” Annie said at length. “I guess you have your reasons.” She met Canton’s gaze with an intense one of her own. “Are you reasons dangerous? I mean, you don’t have anyone after you, do you? You didn’t just rob a bank or something…” Annie’s chuckle was nervous, indicative of her dislike of the situation.

Canton shook her head. “No. Well, nobody’s looking for me other than the cops, now. I gotta stay out of sight, Annie.”

Annie knew there was a lot more to the story than she was hearing, but understood everyone had their secrets. Lord knows, she had enough of her own. “Alright. Fine. You can stay for a few days. Okay?” She sighed. “After that, we’ll figure out something else.”

Canton nodded, taking several deep breaths as she fought against the sharp pain that was exploding in her side. She was beginning to break out in a fine sheen of sweat.

“You look like hell,” Annie said, hurrying over to the brunette and taking her usual place on the coffee table. She gasped. “You’re bleeding!’ Quickly, she pushed up the t-shirt, terrified to see how much blood there was on the bandage, which had seeped a bit onto the cotton of the shirt. “Damn it, Canton. I bet your stitches are broken.”

Canton’s breathing was shallow, pain radiating through her. “Another hand job might be in order,” she whispered, then lost consciousness.


Annie lounged on the recliner, munching on baby carrots dipped in ranch dressing as she watched a re-run of Diff’rent Strokes on TV. The sun had already gone down for the day, evening well established. She glanced over at her guest – something she’d done every ten minutes since Dr. McGowen had left three hours before – to make sure Canton was okay, and most importantly, alive.

Sure enough, the good doctor said Canton had ripped her stitches open with her little move earlier that day. He was more than happy to sew her back together, for another hand job, that is. Either way, Annie was relived to see Canton comfortable and sleeping. Though she wasn’t entirely comfortable with the situation, she didn’t want to see the strange woman suffer.

Canton slowly rose out of peaceful bliss, surfacing in the ugly world that was Annie’s run-down apartment. She blinked a few times before her eyes remained open. She looked around the room, filled with the dancing shadows thrown by the TV, which was the only light in the apartment.

“Welcome back,” Annie said quietly, setting the bowl of carrots and dressing aside. “How are you feeling?”

“Like I’ve been stabbed,” Canton muttered drying, bringing up a hand to rub her eyes. “I don’t think I’ve had this much sleep in a week.”

“I’m glad you got some rest. You need it to heal.”

Canton nodded, glancing at the bowl of carrots. She’d never gotten to eat the sandwiches Annie had prepared, and her stomach was making its presence known loud and clear. Literally.

Annie chuckled at the loud grumbling. “Hungry?”

“A little.”

“’K. Let me get you something. I wrapped up your sandwich.” Annie pushed out of the chair, padding to the kitchen. “You want chips, too?” she called.


“Anything, it is,” Annie murmured, looking through her cabinets, looking for anything she could put with the sandwich. A few minutes later, she presented Canton with a plate full of sandwich, chips and a few carrots and cut pieces of celery. “Dinner is served.”

Canton took the plate, grateful.

“You like water, semi-flat Pepsi or water?” Annie asked, hands on hips and looking down at her patient.

“I think I’ll have to go with water, thanks.” Canton dug in with gusto, thinking her egg salad sandwich was the best she’d ever had. She took the water with a nod of thanks, downing half the glass in one chug.

Annie sat back down in her recliner. “I have to leave for work soon,” she began, grabbing the remote and muting the sound.

“Okay,” Canton said, setting her empty plate aside. She could tell they were about to get into a discussion.

“Is there anywhere you can go while I’m gone, then maybe come back?” the blonde asked, voice weak, as she knew the answer to her really stupid question. The look on Canton’s face said it all. If she had somewhere to go hang out, she’d have somewhere to stay and heal. Annie let out a long breath, brushing a few strands of long, blonde hair behind her ear. “I guess not.” She looked at Canton, really looking her in the eye. “I don’t normally leave people in my apartment when I’m gone. Especially a total stranger.”

Canton smirked. “Well, you didn’t want to be total strangers last night at the Blue Cock.”

Annie blushed a bit, looking away. “That was different.”

“Ah. I see,” Canton said, amused. “Either way, if you’re worried I’m gonna rob you, you can rest assured. I have no interest in your stuff, Annie. I just need a place to hid out until I heal.”

Annie studied her for a moment, head slightly cocked to the side as she tried to gauge her sincerity. Finally she blew out a breath, knowing she didn’t have much choice, nor the heart to throw Canton out on her ear. “Okay.”


The night wore on, and Canton was wide awake. She’d been knocked out twice by pain meds, so had slept most the day away. Though she felt sluggish, she was definitely awake. And bored.

Annie’s apartment was small. Tiny, really. The one bedroom was a square, just large enough for the double bed, one dresser and a small laundry hamper. Canton wandered around the small room, fingering a few of the cosmetic bottles that were littered across the top of the scarred dresser, smelling one of the two bottles of perfume. Turning away from the dresser, she looked at the small room as a whole, noting there was nothing hanging on the walls, absolutely nothing to impart any sort of personal touches. Nothing in the apartment said Annie. Well, other than the multitude of books that filled the built-in bookcases in the living room. Titles of various types and genres were cram packed in the limited space, as well as piles of books stacked on the floor next to the wall.

Canton looked at the bed, walking over to it and sitting on the edge, bouncing a bit to test the mattress firmness. The bed springs squeaked a bit at the movement. The bed certainly was softer than the couch. She laid back carefully, sighing in contentment as her body relaxed. Hands tucked behind her head, she stared up at the ceiling, wondering what she was supposed to do now.

She had come to the city for a very specific purpose, half of which she’d fulfilled. But then, after Billy’s strike, things had gone terribly wrong. A complete back step to a carefully thought out and executed plan.

She pushed up off the bed, giving it a wistful glance as she left the bedroom, and entered the living room. She took her cell phone from her jacket, growling when she saw that it was only on half-battery. She had to find a way to sneak back to her hotel and get her charger. She wondered how far the police investigation had gone. Had they figured out who she was, yet? If they had, she was fucked.


Annie pulled her shirt back over her heat, shaking her hair free of the neckline. She could hear the guy in the bathroom of the “rent by the hour” motel room, grunting as she presumed he took a big dump. She rolled her eyes, absolutely disgusted. She wanted to leave, but he’d headed to the John the moment he’d rolled off her, so she had to stick around until he was done to get paid.

She was tired and ready to go home. Though it had been a lucrative night, it had also been a long night. She’d definitely worked hard for her earnings. As she finished getting dressed, she thought about Canton, and prayed that everything would still be there when she got home. She didn’t have much, but what she did have she’d worked hard for, and it was all she had.

What a strange situation, she thought, tugging her skirt up her legs. Who was this woman who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere? What did she want? Though Annie believed that the situation with Billy was exactly as Canton described it, she couldn’t help but feel there was more to it than that. There was more to the brunette than met the eye, that Annie was certain of.

“How much I owe ’ya?” the old guy asked, making his way out of a very stinky bathroom.

Annie was grateful there was an all night grocery store near the apartment. She was also glad she’d made some extra to get some extra food. As she perused the aisles, she wondered what types of foods Canton liked. Was she a sweets person? By the looks of her amazing body, probably not. Was she a veggie freak/ Tofu junky? Annie smirked at the thought. Probably a meat and potatoes kinda gal.

Deciding to try that route – get some foods into Canton though pack some protein to help her heal – she pushed her buggie along the meat cooler, looking down at the cuts of chicken and beef.

“Been awhile, Annie,” a deep man’s voice said in her ear, making the blonde jump.

She whirled to see Reno grinning at her, his gold-capped front tooth getting her attention as usual. “Not long enough,” she muttered.

Reno chose to ignore the comment. For now. “I’m coming by your place later, Annie. Make sure you’re home.”

Annie stared at him, immediately feeling a tinge of panic and fear. Then she remembered Canton was at her apartment, and as soon as she felt relief, she felt dread. “Tonight’s not a good night, Reno.”

“Whenever I say it’s a good night, it’s a good night.” He took a step closer, his breath minty fresh from his ever-present gum chewing habit. “Got it?”

Annie sighed, nodding in resignation. She knew better than to decline a second time. “Fine. I’ll be home in about two hours,” she lied, intending to go directly home. She wanted to have time to make sure Canton was okay, and to get her out of sight.

The apartment complex was quiet when Annie arrived there. She paid her cab fare and headed inside, digging her keys out of her purse as she did. She was stopped by Michelle in the downstairs lobby.

“Hey chica,” her neighbor said. “Did you hear about that asshole, Billy?”

Annie nodded. “Yeah. Kinda sad.”

“Sad?! He was such a fuck head!” the Latino exclaimed, dark eyes wide. “’Bout time somebody knocked him off, in my opinion.”

“Yeah. Guess it happens if you’re going to be an ass,” Annie said, heading for the stairs. She just wanted to get home. She hadn’t been able to buy most of the stuff she’d planned to, as she’d have to give most her extra to Reno. Fucker.

“Hey, chica wait!’ Michelle hurried over to Annie, as fast as she could in stilettos, anyway. She looked around to make sure they were alone. “Carlos on the fourth floor said he thought he seen that lady around here today.”

Annie’s brows drew. “What lady?”

“The lady who popped Billy! Total psycho, I guess. Be careful.”

“Okay. I will, thanks.”

Annie hurried up the flights of stairs as fast as she could, yet again cursing the elevator. She unlocked her door, glancing both ways down the hall to make sure she was alone before pushing inside.

Canton sat on the couch reading a book, a perfect little angel. She glanced up when Annie entered. “Hey. How was your day, dear?”

“Sucked,” Annie muttered, tossing her purse and grocery bag on the kitchen table and flopping down on the recliner. “Literally.”

Canton smirked. “Guess that’s what happens when you service cock or a living, huh?”

Annie looked at her, stung by yet another barb. “If you want to judge me and what I do, Canton, then don’t stay here. You got a lot of nerve, you know that?”

Canton felt immediately guilty. She just couldn’t wrap her mind around the girl she’d been told about, and the woman who she’d found. “You’re right. I’m sorry.”

The apology only sounded partially genuine, but Annie didn’t have time to fight right now. “You need to hide. I’ve got… someone, coming over in about -” she glanced at the clock on the microwave – “thirty minutes.”

Canton felt her stomach twist, and a very strange bit of jealousy pierce her reason. “A client?”

Annie glared at her. “No, it’s not a client.”

“What, no cock coming to make a house call?” Canton didn’t know where the words were coming from! She was mentally screaming at herself to stop, but she just kept vomiting cruel words.

“You know what?” Annie said, getting to her feet. “Fuck you. I’m going to take a shower. By time I’m done, get your fucking mess cleaned up in here so you can go hide in my bedroom while Reno’s here. Take all your shit with you.”

Canton started at the slam of the bathroom door. “You are the biggest fucking asshole, Canton,” she hissed at herself. “What is wrong with you?”

She pushed up from the couch, putting the book she’d been reading back on the shelf, and taking her glass to the kitchen, rinsing it out and putting it in the ancient dishwasher. Jacket in hand, she was heading towards the bedroom when there was a knock on the front door. When there was no answer, there was a second, much harder knock.

“I know you’re home, Annie!” a man called out, his loud voice muffled by the wood of the door.

Annie burst out of the bathroom, dressed in a robe with a towel around her head. She gave a passing glace to Canton as they passed in the hall, then hurried to the front door,

“Jesus, Reno!” she exclaimed. “Wake up the entire building, why don’t you.”

“Why didn’t you answer?” he asked, stepping into the apartment. He looked around as though he owned the place.

“Because I was in the shower.”

“So, how you been?” Reno asked, turning the blonde as though they were old friends.

Annie hated his extreme change in mood. “I’m fine. How are you?”

“Good, good.” He grinned at her, snapping his gum. “Okay, what you got for me?”

Annie felt sick as she walked over to her purse, pulling her wallet out. She had learned over the years to not skimp where Reno was concerned. If he suspected she was holding out, he usually beat it out of her. She pulled exactly one-third of the money from the wallet, handing it to him.

Reno took the bills, quickly counting it. He looked at her with drawn brows. “This it?”

“Yes. That’s all I have, Reno.” Annie tossed her purse to the kitchen table again and walked to the front door. “Now please leave. I’m tired and want to go to bed.”

Reno’s mood darkened perceptively. “You’re not going anywhere until I get the rest of my money.”

“That’s all I’ve got, I swear. Look in my wallet. I gave you exactly a third.” Annie was trying not to sound frightened, but couldn’t help it. The truth was, Reno was a scary dude.

From inside the bedroom, Canton could hear muffled voices, then she heard a cry of pain. She pushed off the bed and walked over to the closed door, listening.

“Stop!” Annie begged, bringing a hand up to cover where she’d just been slapped.

“Don’t tell me nothin’!” Reno yelled, looming over where Annie had fallen onto the couch. “You give me my money, bitch! You been hiding away from me, now it’s time to pay up!” He slapped her again, leaving a matching red hand print on the other side of her face. “Pay up!”

Everyone stopped at the sound of the hammer of a gun being cocked back. Reno froze, not daring to turn around. He didn’t need to, as he could feel the business end of a gun pressing against the back of his head.

Annie was panting from fear and exertion as she looked at Canton, standing large over Reno. Her eyes were wide with fear, unsure what was going to happen. She still didn’t fully trust the brunette.

“Nice and slow, asshole,” Canton said, taking a step back to allow Reno room to move.

Reno backed away slowly, finally turning to come face to face with the stranger. “Who the fuck are you?” he asked, eyeing her face. Slowly, his gaze fell to the gun. “You can put that thing down. Ain’t no reason for it, ‘k?”

“I got plenty of reason for it.” Canton looked him dead in the eye, gun pointed right at his heart. “Now leave, and don’t come back.” She raised the gun. “Ever.”

Reno could feel his blood boiling, but knew he was out powered this time. As he looked at the woman’s face, though, something was niggling at his brain. She seemed familiar, somehow. He didn’t even bother to glance at Annie, nor to pick up the money he’d dropped during the skirmish with the blonde, as he turned to leave. The apartment door slammed with finality. It was only then that Annie was able to release the breath she’d been holding.

“You okay?” Canton asked, lowering the weapon and rendering it safe.

It took a moment, but finally Annie pulled out of her shock of the entire event. “What did you just do?” she asked, fear consuming her reason. “He’ll kill you!”

“I don’t care, and am not worried about that. The question is, are you okay?” Canton walked over to Annie, her heart going out to the trembling blonde. She put a hand on her shoulder, trying to give comfort.

Annie, still shaken by the events of the last hour – with both Reno and Canton – pulled away. “Don’t look now, Canton, but you’re touching a whore.”

Canton stared at her in disbelief, pulling her hand back as if burned. She was frozen in place for a moment as Annie stormed off towards the bedroom. Canton shook herself out of her reverie. “What the hell?” she asked, following.

Annie entered her bedroom, grabbing the door to slam it shut, but Canton caught it, shoving it back open. She whirled on the brunette.

“I was trying to save you from being beaten!” Canton raged.

“I never asked for your help, Canton!” Annie yelled back. All her frustrations from the past few days – hell with it, the past few years – were unleashed.

“You like being treated like a whore?” Canton asked, taking a menacing step towards her. “Fine! I can treat you like a whore.” Canton’s own frustrations were getting the better of her. Without a moment of hesitation, she pushed Annie back on the bed.

Annie bounced slightly on the mattress, and was pushing herself up when she was suddenly pinned to the bed by the weight of Canton’s body. “What are you doing?” she asked, fighting against her captor.

Canton shoved Annie’s legs apart, fitting herself between them, holding Annie’s wrists to the bed above her head. The woman beneath her was panting, her chest heaving with every breath. Green eyes looked up at her with fiery hatred. “Is this what you want for yourself?” Canton demanded. Her side was killing her, but she didn’t care. “Huh? Some guy to shove his cock in you for money?” she emphasized her words by thrusting her hips against Annie’s sex.

Annie was overwhelmed by the ferocity and vehemence of Canton’s actions and voice. She looked up into the brunette’s face, blue eyes like ice chips, freezing her to the spot.

“Is it?” Canton asked, her voice growing softer.

“Don’t judge me,” Annie whispered, feeling the heat between them, which was singeing her very soul.

Everything in Canton was telling her to get off Annie and leave her be. It was her life, and the blonde had the right to do whatever she wanted with it. Then she thought of all the countless hours in two years that she’d been staring at pictures of Annie, fantasizing about what she was like in real life, outside of what she’d been told.

She released Annie’s wrists, both of them breathing hard, the air around them heavy. She brought her hand up to Annie’s face, barely touching the soft skin of her cheek with a fingertip. The touch sent a jolt through both of them.

Annie could feel her heart begin to pound anew, her fear and anger swiftly melting to a desire, of which depth she’d never known before. Hands freed, she slid them up around Canton’s neck, pulling gently until they met in a kiss, which deepened immediately. Canton lowered her body completely, resting herself between Annie’s legs. The blonde could feel how wet she was already becoming, her sex naked against the denim of Canton’s jeans-clad crotch.

Canton lost herself in that kiss, one of her hands running down Annie’s side, a finger trailing over a nipple, which was already growing hard underneath the material of Annie’s robe. She found the belt and tugged on it, the silky material falling open as Canton raised her upper body just enough to allow the material to fall away.

Annie was left exposed, but she didn’t care. She buried her fingers in Canton’s hair as Canton’s mouth left hers, trailing down along her jaw and to her neck. Annie’s eyes slid closed, her head falling back to offer as much of her neck to the hot tongue as possible.

“God, yes,” she moaned, opening her legs wider as Canton’s hips began to rock slowly against her.

Canton was on fire, all reason and logic leaving her mind as she kissed her way to the hollow of Annie’s throat, tasting the flesh there. She’d never wanted anyone so badly in all her life. She forgot all about the pain of her healing wound as she allowed her fingertips to wander across the landscape that was Annie. Her fingers reached a hardened nipple, squeezing gently before rolling it under the palm of her hand.

“Fuck,” Annie hissed, new wetness oozing from her core, slicking the insides of her thighs. “Canton,” she moaned. “Fuck me. Please, fuck me…”

Canton froze, images of Billy doing just that in a dark ally rushing to mind. She stopped all movement, her body growing instantly cold.

Annie noticed the sudden change in the room, almost as if the temperature had just dropped twenty degrees. She opened her eyes to find Canton looking anywhere but at the blonde’s face. “You can’t, can you?” Annie asked quietly, the hurt obvious.

Canton said nothing, but raised herself off Annie, the blonde slipping out from beneath her.

Annie sat on the edge of the bed, re-belting her robe, stalling for time so Canton wouldn’t see the tears in her eyes. “Please don’t judge me, Canton,” she asked softly, then left the room, the bathroom door closing softly behind her.


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