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Strange Love


Kim Pritekel


Part 3 – conclusion


Annie sat on Canton's bed in the hotel room, still able to detect the brunette's scent, no matter how faint. She held her leather jacket in her lap, her tears long since dried. She'd been sitting on that bed for an hour, trying to understand why it felt like her heart was broken.

Taking several deep breaths and running her hands through her hair to push it back from her face, she decided to turn to Canton 's leather jacket. It was heavy, obviously things in the pockets. Curious, she reached into the two outer pockets, finding Canton 's cell phone. She set the phone next to her on the mattress, turning to the inside pocket, as there was nothing in the other outer pocket. Canton's wallet was in the pocket, leather and fat, as well as a small, sealed envelope. Annie's name was printed on the outside.

Her heart fluttered at seeing Canton 's handwriting, but she decided to put that aside, her nerves too on edge to read. Instead, she turned her attention to the leather wallet. A younger, smiling image of Canton peered up at her through the plastic of the pocket for her driver's license.

“Jesus,” she muttered. “You can't even take a bad picture, Canton .”

Moving past the license, she saw a couple credit cards as well as three library cards, all from different counties of the area. Nothing incredibly interesting there. There were only two pictures in the wallet, and the one that caught Annie's interest wasn't the one of a young Canton being held by her father. No, the picture that caught her attention was a picture of a teenaged version of herself.

Annie removed the worn picture from the wallet and studied it, curious – and admittedly a little creeped out – of why Canton had it. Who was she? Did they know each other from another time? Back home, maybe? Were they schoolmates? It all felt very weird, and very surreal. Setting the picture aside, she decide it was time to turn to the envelope. Maybe enclosed was an explanation of some of this.

Taking the letter and moving to sit against the headboard, Annie took a deep breath and slid her finger under the loosely stuck flap, which came up easily. Inside was a folded letter, and inside that, five hundred-dollar bills. Annie looked at the money, stunned, but put it aside. Now that the letter was opened, she didn't care about money.

Dear Annie:


I know things are really confusing, and I hope you can forgive me for not telling you my plan. I didn't want to upset you, or drag you further into my mess. I decided to turn myself in to a man I trust, because I know he will do his job, and realize the truth behind the circumstances of Billy's death.

I know you have a lot of questions about, many of which you've tried to answer but I've sidestepped answering them. Such as, how did I know where you live. I was hired by someone to find you, so that's what I've been doing for the past two years, trying to keep up with your constant movement, only to find your newest address three weeks after you'd moved out of it. It wasn't until now that I caught up with you. Y mission is complete, and now you can go on to a better, and brighter future.

One of the reasons you moved around so much was to try and stay ahead of Alex. Well, I can tell you that you have nothing to worry about. Alex was killed in a motorcycle accident nine months ago. You are safe. Enclosed is a phone number I want you to call. On the other side of that phone line is your happiness.

Take the money enclosed to pay for the hotel, buy a bus ticket, whatever you need to do. I know it's not much, but it's all I had to spare. Please take care and relish in your new-found freedom. Be all that you and I both know you can be. I will never forget you, should we never meet again.


Love always,



Annie read the letter and re-read the letter, until she'd read it four times. She had some answers, but was left some more questions that left her baffled. She glanced at the phone number that was written below Canton 's signed name. She gasped when she realized she recognized the area code. She knew those three numbers by heart, even though she hadn't dialed them in ten years. Her heart began to pound, palms sweating. Could it be?

She glanced over at Canton 's cell phone, chewing on her bottom lip as she battled on whether to call the number or not. Finally, she grabbed the phone and flipped it open.


Canton tried to shut out the crying from the next cell. The woman had been at for more than an hour, and Canton wondered how she had any tears left. She lay on the hard cot in the holding cell, hands tucked behind her head. She had managed to nod off for a few minutes at a time, but something always woke her again, whether it was the crying woman or her own thoughts.

The interrogation with John had gone well. He'd kept her in one of the rooms that she, herself had used while on the force, getting every single detail from her. He also informed her that a witness to the actual events had stepped forward the day before, and he wanted to compare stories, as well as some forensic evidence that had been gathered. It had felt good to get all of it off her chest, finally, and not worry about looking over her shoulder any longer. And, she knew that of anyone, John Delaware would truly listen and try to get to the bottom of things.

After taking Canton 's statement and that of the witness – whose information Canton had not been given, - Delaware was going to talk to some people, including the D.A. to get a decision. Until then, all she could do was wait.


Annie's heart was pounding as she listened to the ringing of the phone line. She wanted to hang up, scream her impatience and throw up all at once. She heard the click of someone picking up the line a second before she heard her own voice on the other end.


Annie couldn't speak, her tongue frozen at the sound of her twin sister's voice, heard for the first time in ten years.

“Hello?” Andi said again.

“Hi,” Annie finally managed.

Now it was Andi's turn to be frozen in shock. It was nearly a full ten seconds before she responded. “Annie?” she whispered.

“Yeah. It's me.” Within seconds of that admission, both sisters burst into tears, ling overdue.

“She did it?” Andi asked in disbelief. “She really did it?”

“Who?” Annie asked, grabbing a wad of toilet paper in the bathroom to wipe her eyes and nose with.

“ Canton . She found you.”

Annie nodded, then realized her sister couldn't see her response. “Yeah, she did.” Annie's heart was pounding, her smile so big it hurt her face. She felt like her life was finally starting to make sense.


Reno stood in the shadows of a convenience store across the highway from the hotel he'd been told Annie had been spotted at. The only thing that could be seen of him was the flare of the cherry on his cigarette, as he took a long drag. It was a old night, and he was looking forward to getting this over with and getting back to the neighborhood. He'd seen on the news that that Steeves bitch had been arrested, so that meant Annie was alone.

He wasn't after his money, now. No, he was after revenge.


Canton was thinking that perhaps giving her jacket to Annie to keep for her was a mistake. She was shivering slightly, and was grateful when Officer Samson noticed and cranked the heat in his squad car. The drive was quite, the officer doing his duty, and Canton lost in her own mind. She was pretty shocked by the whirlwind of events over the last hour. Now, she was on her way back to Annie. She just hoped the blonde was still there.

“You know, I never knew your dad, but I heard about him before,” the rookie cop remarked, glancing over at the woman who sat behind him in the backseat of his black and white.

Canton met his glance through the rearview mirror. “Yeah?”

The young man nodded. “My mom used to work in records when I was a kid. She used to talk about him all the time. Good guy, and a real good cop.”

“Yes, on both counts,” Canton agreed.

The squad car pulled into the parking lot of the hotel, its headlights shining across a figure running through the shadows. It only took one look at the figure's greased hair to put Canton on her defenses.

“Oh shit!” she hissed. “Stop the car!”


Reno 's blood ran cold when he saw the black and white enter the parking lot. He shot away from the stairwell that would have led upstairs to his destination, trying to slink away into the shadows until the cop left. He figured the dude was there on patrol, making sure everything was quiet. He couldn't have been more wrong.

To his shock and pure delight, he saw that Steeves bitch let out of the back of the car by the uniformed officer. He had no idea why she was back, but thought it might be a great opportunity to get and Annie back.

Officer Samson listened to the hastily told tale of Reno , his ears burning as he knew the street pimp well. He drew his service revolver, knowing damn well it wasn't going to be a fun night. Every cop on the streets knew this guy was truly dangerous, and not someone to be trifled with.

Reno watched, his heart pounding in his throat. When he saw the officer draw his weapon, his heart stopped. His gut told him that the action was meant for him.

“Fucking pigs,” he hissed, then bolted out of the shadows, across the lit parking lot, trying to make the shadows of the darkened field behind the hotel before the cop could give chase.

“Freeze!” Officer Samson called out, taking chase.

Canton did everything in her power to not run after them, knowing she'd just get herself in trouble. There was no love lost between her and the pimp, and she' knew she'd likely run him down then beat the shit out of him. The last thing she needed was to be released from a murder wrap only to be thrown in jail for killing Reno .


Annie felt at peace. She hadn't known the feeling since… ever. She sat on the bed, her eyes welling up once again. She was going home. They'd made plans, and Andi had bought Annie a plane ticket for the following week. That would give Annie a chance to wrap her life up, get rid of the rat-infested apartment, and sell her belongings. There was very little she wanted to take with her. It all held such bad memories.

There was only one thing missing from the blonde's new life, and for reasons that still baffled her, it made her heart hurt. Canton . This strange, beautiful woman who had entered her life mysteriously one night, then left it in just as crazy a way. Strange woman. Strange life. Strange, “Love?” Annie murmured, glancing down at the black leather jacket.

She gasped when a knock at her room door sounded. Hand to heart, she chewed on her bottom lip, unsure what to do.


The blonde's eyes widened when she heard Canton 's voice on the other side. Running to the door, she quickly pulled the safety latch open, then the door. Sure enough, Canton stood on the other side, grinning at her. Without a thought, Annie launched herself at her, caught in surprised, but steady arms.

Canton held on, burying her face in sweet-smelling hair. “I wanna show you something,” she whispered, pulling out of the hug and taking the blonde by the hand.

Annie willingly went, yet again, her eyes filling with tears. She was on emotional overload! She was led to the railing of their level, and followed Canton 's pointing finger. Below, there was a cop car and two men. One of the men was bent over the hood, the other searching him.

“Is that?”

Canton nodded. “We found Reno slinking around out here. He had a gun and cocaine on him.”

Annie's hand went to her mouth, realization dawning. “He was going to come after me, wasn't he?”

Canton nodded. “But it's okay. He's on parole, and having a gun is a huge no-no. And, the drugs, well…”

Annie looked at her, and suddenly none of that mattered. What mattered was that Canton was standing next to her. Out of jail! Again, she wrapped her arms around Canton , pulling her close.

“I don't understand this,” she murmured into Canton 's neck. “How are you here?” She pulled away just enough to look up into a very tired face.

“The department dropped the charges,” Canton explained, her eyes feasting on the beautiful sight before her. She saw Annie's red, swollen eyes, and without thinking, brought a hand up, gently caressing her cheek. “Why were you crying?” she asked softly.

“Because you were gone! Now you're here. And I talked to Andi!” Realization hit Annie. She smacked Canton lightly on the arm. “Why didn't you tell me?!”

Canton grinned, shaking her head. “I couldn't. “ She was so relieved to know Annie was okay, and was just as glad to see her, she grabbed her in another bone-crushing hug, holding their bodies together. “God, how is it possible to miss somebody so much?” she whispered, As she lowered her head, Annie raised hers.

“I don't know,” the blonde whispered against Canton 's lips, “but I missed you like crazy.”

The kiss was immediate, both melting into it. Even so, it was so different than the last time. This time had nothing to do with lust or overwhelming need to control. This was about gratitude, relief and something far, far deeper.

Annie brought her hands up around Canton's neck, her body on fire, for sure, but more than that, her heart reaching a level of expansion that she worried any minute would burst. After a long moment, she pulled away, resting her forehead against Canton 's shoulder.

“Why did they drop the charges?” she murmured, taking Canton 's hand and tugging her towards the room.

Canton went freely. “A witness stepped forward who saw the whole thing,” she explained, closing and securing the room door behind them, then turning back to Annie, who met her halfway for another kiss.

“Thank god,” Annie said, beginning to work on Canton 's belt.

“The D.A. knew he didn't have a case for conviction,” Canton explained, fingers tugging at the hem of Annie's shirt, pulling it over the blonde's head. “I'm free and clear, now.”

“I was so worried,” Annie said, laying a trail of kisses all along Canton 's neck, her own hands working at her shirt. “I thought I'd never see you again.” She found Canton 's mouth once more, the kiss deeper, filled with the promise of ultimate passion and need.

“Me, too,” Canton said, tugging the button-fly loose on Annie's jeans. “I've wanted you since the day I knew who you were,” she admitted, hands sliding into the opened jeans and moving to cup Annie's ass.

Annie's eyes slid closed, reveling in the touch. She worked Canton 's bra clasp with trembling fingers “I can't believe you were hired to find me,” she moaned, arching her head back as Canton 's lips and tongue found the tender flesh of her neck.

“I've searched a long time for you,” Canton murmured, both knowing there was far more to her words than the surface meaning.

“And I'm grateful you found me,” Annie said, meaning every single word. She unfastened Canton 's jeans, pushing the material down, just enough to feel the skin of her upper thighs and butt. “ Canton ?”

“Yeah?” Canton whispered, mouth roaming over the landscape of Annie's bare shoulders. She reached around, unclasping the black, satin bra, her hands finding Annie's beautiful breasts.

“Can you make love to me, now?” she said, her voice not much more than a whimper.

Canton nodded, gently pushing Annie back to the bed. “Oh, yes.”

They finished undressing themselves, then Annie took Canton by the hand, laying down and pulling the brunette on top of her. They both moaned at the full-body contact, their mouths meeting in a heated kiss. Annie ran her hands down Canton's strong back, all the way down to her ass, cupping the flesh there and pulling Canton further against her.

“Don't ever leave me again,” Annie whispered, bringing her hands back up, fingernails running along Canton 's spine, making the brunette shiver.

Canton shook her head, kissing a trail along Annie's jaw. “Never again.” She found her neck again and licked and nipped the flesh. “Ever.”

Annie's head arched back, her legs spreading as Canton fit herself between them. The wet heat between them was intense, nearly searing both their flesh. Her fingers buried themselves in long, dark hair as Canton made slow progress down, stopping to pay homage to defined collarbones, as well as to lick a trail between two, perfect breasts.

“Oh, my god,” Annie whispered, the feelings inside her so strong and intense. She breathed out a long, languid moan as one of her nipples were taken into a hot mouth, Canton 's tongue lapping across the painfully erect bud. One of her hands came up to cup the other breast, fingers gently squeezing at the tip.

“You're so amazing,” Canton murmured , making her way to the other breast with her mouth. “Taste so good…”

She continued to move her way down, making Annie shiver as tendrils of her hair tickled sensitive skin. She could smell Annie's need, and it made her mouth water. The heat between Annie's legs was unreal, and Canton couldn't wait to dive in.

Annie cried out softly, her hips rising to meet a questing tongue. She caressed Canton 's hair with her fingers, gently guiding her to where she needed to be touched the most. It didn't take long before her body was filled with sensation, fingers of pleasure reaching into every nook and cranny of her body and soul.

Canton could tell Annie was on the edge, so redoubled her efforts, feeling the blonde's body tremble with the power of her intense release. She held on, batting Annie's clit with her tongue to milk every ounce of pleasure from the blonde, until Annie's weakly pushed her mouth away.

Canton climbed back up Annie's body, kissing her way back to her mouth. “Please promise me you'll never do this with anyone else again?” she pleaded, taking Annie in a passionate kiss, which left them both breathless.

“Never again,” Annie promised. “Just you.” With that promise, she ran her hand down Canton 's side, wiggling her fingers between their bodies until she found the wet heat that was Canton 's need.

Canton gasped, lifting her hips enough to allow Annie access to her. She groaned deep pin her throat as she was entered, effectively claimed by the blonde. She pushed herself up until she was straddling Annie's hips, her own moving with the rhythm Annie was setting inside her.

“Oh god, Annie,” she whimpered, leaning forward to take hold of the headboard for support as she rode out the pleasure, which increased with every one of Annie's thrusts.

Annie grasped Canton's hips with her other hand, helping to guide her. She was breathing just as hard as the brunette was, her clit pulsing in time with each thrust of Canton 's hips.

Canton 's body jerked, her mouth falling open and eyes shut as her climax ripped through her. Her grip on the headboard was white=knuckled as she slowly came out of it, relaxing as Annie's fingers slid out from inside her. Heart pounding, she looked down at the blonde, and could see how flushed she was, and that she needed release again.

Annie was surprised when Canton readjusted herself, taking her in a deep kiss as Canton moved herself between Annie's legs, pushing her hips into Annie's swollen sex. She cried out, breaking the kiss as her hands flew down to Canton 's ass, pushing her further into her.

Canton raised herself up onto her arms, using quick, hard thrusts into Annie, whose sex was so swollen with need, it didn't take long. Annie gasped, her body shuddering with her release, leaving her breathless.

Exhausted, Canton rolled off Annie, both women turning to their sides, facing each other. “That'll be a hundred bucks,” Annie joked, still trying to get her breath back.

Canton grinned. “I already gave you five hundred, a nice leather jacket and cell phone. That should give at bare minimum a month's worth.”

Annie sighed in contentment, moving closer to Canton and stealing a kiss. “How about a lifetime supply?”

“I like the sound of that.” They shared a long, leisurely kiss, with a few caresses thrown in.

Annie broke the kiss, lying her head on the pillow as she studied Canton 's face. “So, you're a private detective, huh?”

Canton nodded. “Yeah. I drifted for awhile after I left the department, but found that I really missed the work. I missed helping people. So, I joined an agency, and eventually, started my own.”

“How did my sister end up contacting you?” Annie asked, drawing lazy patterns on Canton 's hip with her fingertip.

“Luck of the draw, I guess,” Canton said.

“Meant to be?” Annie asked, brows raised.

Canton grinned with a nod. “Meant to be. She said she wanted a female P.I., and we're hard to find, so I guess that narrowed the field down substantially.”

“I'm going home, Canton ,” Annie said quietly, almost afraid to say it out loud. “And just when you found me.”

Canton leaned in, placing a soft kiss on her lips. “I'm mobile,” she whispered. “I move around from place to place. Free-lance, if you will.”

“Really?” Annie asked, hope entering her eyes. “Like, maybe Kansas , free-lance?”

Canton chuckled. “Well, they say home is where the heart is, so….”

Annie's smile lit up the entire room, her heart near bursting. She pushed Canton onto her back and moved on top of her, resting her head on the brunette's chest. Canton wrapped her arms around her, relishing in the feel of their closeness.

“Thank you, Canton ,” Annie said at length.

“For what?” Canton asked, gently running her fingers through soft, blonde hair.

“For everything.” Annie left a kiss on Canton 's heart.

The End

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