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Part 2 of Loose Change Series - The Addy and Karen series, starring Alex:
(01) Turning on a Dime
(02) New Quarters
(03) One Little Bit
(04) Joint Venture

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She asked the question without realizing that she had also provided the answer.

The question was: How could you love what you have never seen?

The answer was: Because the heart sees what the eyes never reveal.


New Quarters




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Part 1 Preface

It was hard to believe that they were finally together. So much happened during the past year. For Addy, it had been pure hell. First fighting her feelings for Karen, then facing them, anguishing over the whole thing and then coming to terms with the truth. Later the trauma of the divorce. It was not easy, after so many years of marriage. Her worries about how the kids would take the divorce, and the family putting pressure on her to reconsider had really taken a toll on her.

It had been too much, too exhausting. Later, moving in with Karen had also been difficult because in the bottom of her heart, Addy feared that Karen, having been used to living and being alone for so many years, would not get use to having someone around all the time. She feared that living together would change things between them and that things wouldn't work out.

“Ker, please, promise me that if at any time you feel uncomfortable with me around all the time, you'll tell me. I don't want our relationship to suffer. Sometimes people can't live together and still they can love each other. I understand people needing their space.” I don't want anything affecting how we feel about each other, it's too precious to damage it.”

“Addy, stop that kind of talk. I want you here with me. Trust me, baby. Have faith in me.” Addy wanted to believe things would go right. She was hoping for the best, she believed in their love, so, in a leap of faith and following her heart she moved in with Karen.

None of the fears materialized. Everything and everyone had been great. The family had finally accepted the divorce and realized how well Addy was doing and how happy she was, enjoying her newfound freedom. In the end, everyone suspected that she and Luke were not going to make it. They had grown too far apart. The children were away and were never really aware of how unhappy she had been all those years. She always looked happy to them.

They figured that since this was what she wanted, she would be better off now. They knew their mother was no one to make hasty decisions, especially not when it came to family matters. They knew that her decision and action must have been well founded. They also knew their father. They loved him, but knew that he was not an easy person to cope with and knew that their mother had always carried all the weight. They were more concerned about him making it on his own than about her. They knew Addy was independent and full of life. Luke could get lost in his own house. He was not Addy's problem now, so she didn't want to think about him anymore.

As for Karen, life had finally turned real. She now, finally, had a life. There were no more lonely days, or arrival to an empty dark apartment, or endless nights of reading or watching movies on TV. Everything seemed to have acquired a new look, a new perspective, the world seemed busy and perfect. There was always something to do. She loved her new life. Having Addy by her side was her wish come true and she was committed 100% to making it work and being happy. Most of all she wanted Addy to be happy. She was convinced that her own happiness depended on Addy's.

Every day she practically ran home not wanting to waste one moment away from the person who filled her life beyond any expectations. The minute she walked in the door either the most wonderful meal was waiting for her or she would receive immediate orders to change into this or that because they were going out. That could mean almost anywhere, a wacky dinner place, the improv, a walk, biking along the river, eating by the waterfront and taking a water taxi to Alexandria to eat gelato, to Georgetown for cupcakes, a movie, or the little theater in some remote part of town. It was always an adventure with Addy.

On Saturdays, there was a possible trip to Eastern Market or the fish market by the waterfront, or some other farmer's market or a historical trip to whatever historical place was yet to be discovered. There was always something! Of course on the nights of the nice meals at home, Addy would leave work early to do her miracles in the kitchen. After dinner they might play some music or just seat around and cuddle and talk. Sometimes the two of them would sit together and download music or browse their ipads. As simple as it was, just being together was satisfying enough. Looking at each other in total contentment was the movie of the week.

They would sometimes find each other looking at the other and would smile, their love palpable in the air. Addy would blow a kiss from her seat and Karen would pretend to catch it in the air, or Karen would get up and nuzzle her neck and say something “Umm you smell so good!”

Karen was pensive for a moment. “Do you know how long it's been since I've read a book?

“No, how long?”

Karen smiled. “Can't even remember, oh my God!” She laughed!

“Is that good or bad? Why haven't you?”

Karen grinned. “I guess I don't have time anymore. I don't need to read anymore for entertainment! I have you to entertain me now. I think I read so much because I had nothing else to do. Now it seems like there is so much to do with you!”

“Well, that does it! We are going to dedicate one night a week to quiet reading. I don't want to be the cause of illiteracy in this house!”

Karen bit her lip to control her laughter. “Come here, you devil!” She pulled her to her lap.


“Confess that even you don't believe that! Plus, I think I've read enough in my life already. I'm already a very wise woman.” Karen tickled her.

Addy got up squirming, screaming and laughing. Once out of Karen's grip she made a face.

“I will confess to that only if you admit that you loooove doing stuff with me, rather than sitting around reading books!”

Karen looked at her. “Adriana I will admit anything if it would make you happy!”

Addy squinted her eyes. “You are so easy!” She was looking pretty self assured.

Karen pouted and smiled. “I've said it before and I'll say it again, when it comes to you I'm a slut, babe.” She smiled and remained quiet.

Addy came closer and tapped her head. “You are a very wise woman. Everyday you prove more to me how very smart you are!”

“And just how do I do that?” Karen was grinning.

“Because you pick your battles and keep your mouth shut when you know it's not even worth the talk!”

Karen nodded. “Just remember that when we are in the middle of a fierce battle! If I put up a fight it's because I'm the one who is right!”

“Point taken, Ms. Larsen. How about some gelato, or would you rather read a book?” She raised and eyebrow in a challenging look.

“Let's go!”

Walking out Karen caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She liked what she saw. Addy was wondering about the look on her face. “What? Did you all of a sudden realize how gorgeous you are?”

“Nope. I've just realized that I don't think I've ever smiled so much in my life as I have since I've been with you. You make me happy!”

“I also make you cry after you know what!”

Karen was smiling again, if she had ever stopped! “Yes, but those are happy tears. They say that people who smile and laugh more will live longer, you know.”

“Good, in that case we will live to be 100! Ooooh so much time, Ker, imagine all we'll get to do!”


After they moved to the new apartment, Addy felt even better and began to be her good old self. Starting again had invigorated her in a way that it was just wonderful to watch. Karen had been right. She was making plans to decorate the place and a million other plans that just tired Karen, just from listening. But Karen adored all that vitality and self determination and simply would sit and listen and watch her adoringly. Then when action was required she would follow her like a little puppy everywhere. They had agreed to sell all the old furniture and start totally fresh. Not even the dishes in the kitchen were going to be the same. This was a brand new life and they were starting it from the ground up. Karen was thrilled to see Addy so pumped up again.

Karen knew all the mental tribulations circling in Addy's mind. Addy didn't speak much about them, but Karen knew her too well and words were not necessary. Karen didn't talk much about it either; she didn't like to dwell on the past. She'd much rather deal with the present and plan a future. Therefore, she dedicated herself to anticipate any possible motive of anguish or preoccupation for Addy and to work things out in a way that the issue would not materialize, and if it did, she would minimize it and offer all her support and comfort.

Nevertheless, Karen knew there were ghosts that would not go away easily. That is why she pushed for the purchase for the new apartment. It signified a new beginning together. When the move to Scotland came up and Addy seemed so pumped up about it, Karen thought it might be good, after all, to go far away and be on their own, away from every thing and everyone, if only for some time. Regardless of how crazy the idea might have sounded at first.

She thought that after the three years were over, they would be more established as a couple and they could come back and face the life they left behind. Karen wanted to dedicate the next three years to Addy and to cement their new relationship.

For Addy, the trip and the three year term is Scotland was an adventure, a fresh start and an opportunity to dedicate herself completely to Karen. She also needed to let Karen know that she was with her for good, for long, in fact forever. She wanted Karen to be sure that she was her life and that no matter what, they would stay together. So both women embraced the change with open hearts and open minds. They both new this was going to be a difficult move, being far and in a strange place, but they both hoped that it would be a good change.

Karen had parted from Scotland a long time ago and she would have to get reacquainted with her roots. She was hoping that the family would stay away and that she wouldn't have to deal with them. She didn't think they would approach her in an attempt to reconnect, when in fact they had never been connected. They never accepted her and now with the inheritance issue hanging over their heads, they probably disliked her even more and maybe even hated her. They probably thought that she didn't deserve the property because she never even cared to come back to her homeland. She also thought that eventually they would find out that Addy was a not just a friend and would come to hate her as well.

For Addy, this was a brand new world. She was used to moving, having lived in many other places in her lifetime, but she had been in the US for the greater part of her life and she was used to the way of life there. Living in a country setting in northern Scotland was definitely a different scenery and pace than living in Washington DC .

In the bottom of her heart Karen feared that they weren't going to last there. She thought that either Addy would miss her children terribly, that she would never get used to the country pace, or that she would hate the long cold winters up there. In her mind, Karen had resolved that Addy's happiness and the success of their relationship was the most important thing and that the minute she detected any kind of unhappiness in Addy, they were packing it in and going back. The property and the inheritance were nice, but her priorities were clear, Addy came first no matter what. Her relatives could do whatever they wanted with the inheritance once she was out of the picture. She did tell Addy about all this. They had no secrets and agreed that happiness came first.

“Addy, I've told you before, and I'm telling you again because I know how you are, if I have to choose between Buckingham palace and you, I want you to know that you are definitely going to be my choice. I will not think twice about leaving Scotland or the inheritance, if being there makes you unhappy. Is that clear?”

“Got ya! Can we eat now?”

Karen rolled her eyes. “Adriana Marcos, sometimes I think you don't take me serious. I worry, I worry a lot!”

“Good, somebody has to worry. I'll let you be the one.” She smiled, as she spoon fed Karen some rice. “Eat, it's going to get cold…..and to put you at ease….I promise that if I'm not happy, I will tell you, okay?”

A mouth full of rice mumbled some words. “Even if you don't tell me, I'll know. I know everything about you!”

“Everything, huh?” She raised her eyebrows suggestively, as she continued to fill Karen's mouth with yet another spoonful of rice.

“Yes, puff….puff… I do!” Rice was flying everywhere, as Addy laughed.

“Baby, you are so cute!” Addy kissed her on the cheek.

A very content Karen chewed her rice, as she resigned herself to her fate. It didn't matter what Addy said or thought, she was going to have the last word on this matter. She was resolved, but didn't see a point in arguing, at the moment, with someone so stubborn. So, she decided that she would cross that bridge, if there was need, when she came to it.

“You know you accuse me of being a brat, but it's pretty evident who the real brat is around here!”

Addy smiled, she knew she could get away with murder. “Yes, but I am your little brat and you like it that way.”

Karen grinned. There was no point fencing with this woman. “Touché, Adriana!”

Addy gave her a serious sort of seductive smile. “Au contraire, mom cherie, I'm the one hit. To death, with an arrow with your name on it, right here.” She pointed to her heart. Addy was so dramatic some times. She would always say that it was her Latin roots showing. She spoke with her hands and her face. She was vibrant and fiery. Karen loved her demeanor. Probably because she was her total opposite. Karen was calm, cool and passive except when it came to Addy. With Addy she was able to pour out her emotions. She would say that if it weren't that way, Addy would probably squeeze them out of her. Jean Paul would always say that Karen was reborn after she met Addy.

“That woman brings you out, which is not the same thing as to say that she brings out the best of you, which she does also, by the way. She just brings the you in you out. It's like since you met her, life matters, you have a new look about you!” Jean Paul loved Addy. He definitely thought that she was the best thing that had ever happened to Karen and the key to Karen's locked doors.

“She's easy to love, JP.”

“Addy, that is a matter of opinions! She's rather bitchy sometimes!”

Addy laughed. “Not my baby!”

After Addy gave her the arrow in the heart speech, Karen looked at her in awe. Addy had a way to say things that electrified every nerve in her body. The effect was such that she felt paralyzed, the sexual attraction being too overwhelming. She was left breathless. Addy was her Achilles tendon. No woman in her entire life had absorbed her in such a way that it was as if she had lost her will. It was as if Addy possessed her, as if a spell had been cast on her. She lacked will, she lacked power, she lacked words, she lacked everything when faced with this wonderful, adorable creature in front of her.

Addy kissed her. Karen attempted to speak. “Addy…”

Addy took her face in her hands, Karen's lips started to twitch the minute Addy touched her.

Addy came close and whispered. “I love you, baby.”

Karen could feel the heat of Addy's breath as the words were spoken. Karen continued to be in a trance, finally closing her eyes giving herself to the love bearing down on her.

“Come on, baby.” Karen felt faint, as Addy led her to the bedroom. Addy smiled, as she kissed her a million times on her face. She couldn't believe Karen's reaction for as many times as she had seen it happen. There was hardly any time to undress. When Addy touched her, Karen was already there. Karen closed her eyes in pure ecstasy. “Oh God!” It was all she could say right before she convulsed and held on to her possessor. A barely audible voice was heard. “Addy…..I can't believe what you do to me! How do you do this?”

Addy kissed her passionately. “I don't know baby, but I love to see you like this, all wobbly! And I hope you are no serious about asking me how I do this because all I know is what I learned from you. Then of course, you turn me on in such a way that I just can't stop m…” Karen pulled her towards her and kissed her to quiet her down. Sometimes this was the only way she could stop her from talking. Karen loved to shut her up like that because it always surprised her and whatever was left unsaid didn't really matter.

Although, sometimes also in the aftermath of their love making, Addy would say something like, “I didn't get to finish what I was saying.” A loving sexy voice would say, “what were you saying…. Addy?” The laser green eyes stared, melting the chocolate ones. Addy would be so mesmerized looking at the green in those eyes that she would say something like, “I… can't remember,” or “nothing important” or “I don't really know!” The green eyes knew the effect they had on the woman now on top and would smile with mischief taking full advantage of the bewitchment. Just as Addy could paralyze Karen, Karen could hypnotize Addy. They were both under each other's spell.

Again, another series of tossing around, and tickling here and there fighting for control. Addy won, as usual, Karen just couldn't take the tickling and the teasing. Plus, she loved to see Addy taking the lead. All of a sudden control didn't matter. She was putty in those hands and she loved it.

Addy kissed her as her tender loving hands caressed her face and neck. Following a southbound path, Addy's hand went all the way to Karen's thighs barely brushing the skin. Karen closed her eyes, absorbing the feelings and letting the sensations take control. Addy saw the look of pleasure, as misty, loving green eyes looked at her in total disbelief. Karen felt Addy's hand on her nipple and gasped. Addy smiled as she again saw Karen relinquish herself to her touch. Her lips barely moving breathing and brushing the hardened nipple. “Addy!”

Addy was enjoying this too much. She loved to see Karen crave for her. She pulled away, her legs straddling Karen's thigh, and took off her shirt and bra as Karen lay back on the pillow taking in the full view. Addy knew how much Karen liked to watch her undress. Karen was all smiles. Beautiful! Absolutely, mesmerizingly beautiful! As she finished her thought, she saw and felt Addy's body coming onto hers. “And now, baby, slow just like I know you like it.”

“Oh, God!” Was all Karen could say as she closed her eyes and felt Addy's touch.

“I never knew you were so religious!”

Karen chuckled as Addy was already working all her buttons. “I wasn't until very recently!”

“Who would have thought, I have a convert!”

Afterwards, Addy fell asleep exhausted. She had taken control tonight and had barely given Karen a chance. She said it was ‘her treat' for Karen being so perfect. Addy was now turned away from her. As Karen looked at the nude body next to her, scrutinizing every inch of it, it was very obvious who the perfect one was. Karen came close and gently, not wanting to wake her up, kissed her thigh, her buttocks, her arm and shoulder. As she reached her shoulder, a slumbering Addy turned around and in her sleep put her arms around Karen and kissed her, cuddling into the arms wrapping her. Karen closed her eyes. “Thank you, God, thank you so very much.” There was a bit of a chuckle and then someone whispered. “You are welcome, my convert.” Karen also chuckled and kissed her and held her really, really tight.


Washington , D.C.

“Say what!!!! Are you crazy? What the heck are you guys going to do all the way over there? My God, Karen, we'll never see each other! Honey I don't make all that money to go see you over there? And Addy? How does she feel about leaving her kids over here? Honey, I don't know if that's a good move for you. She's going to get homesick and she's going to leave you freezing your ass over there! Sweetie, I don't think you've thought this through! You are asking too much from Addy, after all the woman just got divorced and is starting a new life with you. Ker, I think you are risking it big time! You have to make things nice for her to feel good and comfortable. In my opinion you are playing with fire. This is like going for your honeymoon to Antarctica rather than Hawaii !”

“Are you done Jean Paul?” Karen would let him to talk for hours sometimes so that he could get everything out of his system. Whenever JP was nervous or preoccupied he went on and on about the same thing.

“I don't know! I'm really nervous about all these. It's as if you like living on the edge, or what? You are playing with fire here! I thought Addy was all you wanted. Now you have her and you want more?”

“Jean Paul. Addy made this decision for us. She wants us to do this. I didn't want to take her away from here, but she insisted that this was a good thing and that we should do it. I really don't know. The truth is that if in three months she wants to come back, we pack it in and we'll be here immediately. I want her to be happy, JP. She is all I want and she is for sure my number one priority.”

“Well, I feel a little better now. I'm going to have to talk to that girl, put some sense in that head. Doesn't it get real cold up there? You know how she hates being cold! She's not going to like it!”

“Talk to her if you want to she just walked in.” Karen handed the phone over to Addy.

“Hi ballerina man, how are you?” Addy picked up the phone.

Karen chuckled when she heard Addy call JP ‘ballerina man.' Such a thing would only occurred to Addy! The best part was that JP was okay with it!

“I was fine until two minutes ago when I got on the phone with your blonde there! Adriana Marcos have you gone bananas? Do you know how cold it gets up there? That has got to be like the Antarctica of the North! Your butt is going to freeze there, honey, your skin is going to get all prunny and wrinkly and, Oh God, I don't know what else to tell you! Do you know what that is going to do to your complexion? Have you forgotten that you come from the tropics, my dear?! Plus, we won't get to see you guys, it's awful Addy, just awful! Whatever makes you think that this is good or that it will work? What ever possessed you to have you do this?”

“It will work, JP. I know it. It's a beautiful place. It's Karen's homeland! Everything is green and beautiful like her eyes!”

Karen rolled her eyes, nodding and grinning. JP was screaming on the other end. “YOU ARE PATHETIC! PLEAZZZEEE! Don't give me the gorgeous green eyes speech again, honey, get real! The fact that you are drooling over the sexy blonde is not going to make the winters over there warmer!”

“Nope, but the sexy blonde will keep me warm! I've got you on the speaker phone JP, you better be nice to the green eyed monster because she is turning a very dark shade of red right now. I definitely think that she can generate a lot of heat to keep me warm all winter, JP. I know this for a fact!”

“Oh give me that!” Karen took the phone from Addy's hands, even though it was on speaker phone. Addy reclined on the sofa to laugh. “I cannot take anymore of this nonsense talk! We are going, and that's that! Live with it, and you better start saving to come and visit. We want you guys to come and see the place.”

Addy spoke again from her reclining position on the sofa. “Really JP is very nice and I'm serious. It's Karen's home and I don't want her to lose it. She can do whatever she wants with it later, but it should be hers. That's what her aunt wanted.”

“I don't know. You are not going to miss your kids here?”

Addy sat up. “Of course I will, JP! What kind of a question is that? They'll come and visit too. This is only a three year thing. Besides I think it will be good for us to be by ourselves for a while. We need to have some time to us.”

“Luckily neither one of you can get pregnant, otherwise, you'd end up with five kids from all the sex you'll be having all those long winters up there. That's the only positive thing I see out of all this!”

Addy spoke again. “JP, we don't need long winters for that!”

Karen jumped and grabbed the phone again. “O God, let me have that phone! How do you turn off this speaker phone thing? This conversation has to end now. I seem to be the only one with a sense of decorum around here!”

Addy was cracking up laughing. Addy pulled her down to her lap and held her from behind placing her head on Karen's back. JP chuckled. “Who would have thought!? I've lived to see the day!”

“Good night, JP, I love you too!”

“Ha ha! I love you devil incarnate! Take care, give my love to Addy. On second thought, the woman already has enough of you…..”

“Good night JP!”

Addy chuckled. She got up from the sofa pulling Karen by the hand. “I don't want to prove him wrong, come on, let's go to bed sexy thing!”

Karen got off the sofa and followed the bedroom command. She was a foot soldier when it came to following those kinds of orders!


A few days later, the whole family came over for dinner. Joey and wife, Laurie and her fiancé, and Jacob, Addy's brother and his wife. After dinner Addy broke the news. Karen looked very much at ease, but the truth was that she was a pack of nerves.

“There is some information that I would like to share with you. First, I'm taking a leave of absence from work. I need a break and the timing is perfect. The other piece of information which is a bit more drastic is that I will be moving to Scotland for the next three years.” Karen was in near panic. She was thinking that there was going to be some sort of revolt in the family and that at the last minute things would not go well. After all she was looking forward to the move. Even though, she shared all of JP's concerns, she was willing to give it a shot because above all, the idea of having Addy all to herself for however long they lasted there was comforting enough to give it a try.

The family did not revolt. Addy raised her children well. She'd always say that she raised them for the world, not for her. They were mature, well adjusted individuals who understood that their mother had a life and that being who she was, she was going to live it her way and to the fullest.

They knew that mom needed a change and that she thought of this as a new adventure. Rather than thinking that she would be far, they were already making plans to come to see her and whether she would pay for their tickets! Addy laughed. “Of course, I will pay for the tickets, you guys can't afford them!” She'd laugh some more. It was true. Joey and wife were working hard to pay for their new home and Laurie was still in grad school and unemployed.

Addy explained to everyone the matter of the inheritance and Karen's reluctance to accept it. “The truth is that I need a change in my life. Karen on the other hand needs someone to keep her company over there, so I said, why not? I'm really excited about the whole thing and looking forward to the change.”

“What's going to happen with work, mom?” Joey asked.

“They agreed to allow us to work from there on a retained basis. That way we can make some money and do what we need to do.”

“That's really far, Addy.” Her brother said.

“Not really Jay, it's only a ticket away. Distance is not a problem. Plus, this is only a temporary thing for three years. After that Karen will have her place and she can sell it or do as she pleases.”

Everyone was satisfied that Addy thought it was a good move and wished her well. She told them that they would be leaving in about two months and that as soon as they were settled and had the cottage in order, they could come and visit. Everyone was thrilled with the possibility of visiting Scotland . Karen had remained very quiet. Only answering questions.

Laurie had a chat with Karen in the kitchen. “Take good care of her… please?”

“Laurie, do you really need to ask?”

“No, Ker, but she's our mom and I need to look out for her.”

“I know, sweetie. Just remember, she's all I have too.”

Laurie was satisfied with her chat with Karen and left happy.


When everyone left, the two women talked. Karen collapsed on the sofa. She could finally relax. She spoke first. “What do you think? Do you think everyone is okay with the move?”

“Yeah. It actually went better than I expected. I think that I always expect more opposition than I get from the kids. After all they have their own lives. You were nervous, all the time, weren't you?”

“Addy, I think I've lost three pounds this evening! I was almost sweating there for a while!”

“Silly, I think the kids are kind of glad that I'm out of their way.”

“Well, if that's the case, I'm very happy to be at the other end of the spectrum, because I am more than happy to take this heavy burden off their hands and into mine!” Karen pulled her into a hug and kissed her. She held her close to her. Addy could hear Karen's heart pounding still.

Addy smiled as she caressed Karen's face. “What did JP called you? Devil incarnate?”

Karen smirked. “Ha, Ha, very funny.”


Passing inventory of their finances to make sure they could afford the adventure, they concluded that they could do it. This was not a totally crazy thing. Addy had in the bank her share of the sale of the house, plus all the money she had in investments and savings. Just the income from her investments, gave her a good cash flow and the rest was a hefty financial cushion. Karen for her part also had plenty of money in savings, plus she also received income from her investments.

Although, upon leaving the firm neither would be receiving a fixed income, they would both be retained with a modest monthly check, plus any amount based on work done on an as needed basis. In addition, they would be living rent free in Scotland . The plan was to sell the property at the end of the three years and come back home. Pay for the apartment in full and retire while still young and travel everywhere and enjoy life and each other.

Karen, who was the financial whiz, ran the numbers and calculated to the penny their expenses over there and reported that they would be fine.

Addy's reply to Karen's financial report was simple. “Honeybunch, even if we have to eat spaghetti with no meatballs, we are going!” Addy was resolved. “Plus, how does that song go… ‘all I need is the air that I breath and to love you!'” She was singing the song.

Karen smiled. “I'll have to remember that one when you start missing the meatballs in the spaghetti! As soon as we are there and I can see what the expenses will be, I'll come up with a budget.”

Addy rolled her eyes. “Karen, we'll be fine. We are reasonable people and neither one of us goes is the type who goes to the jewelry store every weekend!”

“Addy, but we are used to spending without looking at whether we have the money because we've had a steady flow of a lot of money coming in, and now the amount of that flow is not going to be the same, and….” She was silenced by a finger and a kiss.

“We will live on whatever budget you come up with. Happy?”

Karen raised an eyebrow. Not quite convinced of having won the argument or of the sudden agreement. “Humm….”

“Don't worry so much, Ker, I didn't always have everything. We'll manage. I think that we will have more than we need, you'll see.”


At work not everybody was happy with the news. Their going away meant that, albeit temporary, they were loosing two valuable trusted, money making people. However, everyone understood that this was an opportunity that Karen couldn't pass up and that Addy needed to get away for a while. The firm agreed to the arrangements they requested because a lot of Addy's clients had threatened to leave if she was not retained as the “guardian of their interests.” This infuriated some of the more established partners because even though she was pulling this little stunt, they still had to cater to her.

Every week her staff had to prepare a status report of all her clients' accounts and she would contact whoever if her input or intervention was needed. Addy had loyal followers. People liked her and they felt good that she kept an eye on their matters. As for Karen, they needed her financial brain. The firm didn't have anyone quite like her. In fact, there weren't many people anywhere like Karen. She was extremely good at assessing consolidations and security portfolios. Addy was always amazed at what she did. Sometimes she would just sit next to her and watch her work her magic.

Addy would comment. “Some people are definitely brighter than others.” Karen would continue to work and smile. “Of course, the real super bright people are the ones who get to seat next to the bright ones and watch them make the money. It's like that old Spanish proverb “ Quien a buen arbol se arrima, buena sombra lo cobija .”

“Okay you are going to have to translate that one for me, what is ‘cobija?' something about a good tree and shade?” Karen knew some Spanish and always wanted to learn more from Addy. Addy was sure that someday she would be fully bilingual.

“Yeap, ‘if you sit under a good tree, you will be covered by good shade.'”

“I don't know where all these proverbs come from, but you should write them down. You probably have enough for a book!”

“Yeah, that's what Laurie always says. Maybe I ought to, but that will be after I write our story.”

Karen looked at her, eyes wide open. “You are going to write our story?”

“Yeap. One day. Not just yet, maybe when we are older. Maybe then I'll send it to a publisher.”

“What makes you think they will publish it?”

“Oh, they will. It's a beautiful love story where love triumphed and overcame all barriers. Even going beyond the rational. I still think I'm not a lesbian, you know.” Karen smiled. “I've never really liked another woman, this is just a you thing. Doesn't that make you feel special? That you are so gorgeously sexy to attract a straight woman! I better keep an eye on you! I don't want anyone rolling on my turf!” Karen was grinning by now, still looking at her computer. Addy, of course was joking. She knew Karen was totally in love with her. She just loved to see Karen all worked up.

“Adriana Marcos, first, it's all in your mind that I'm that gorgeous or sexy, you are suffering from that ‘love is blind' thing. Second, even if it were true, you have nothing to worry about. One hundred women could ‘roll on your turf' and it would mean nothing to me. All I want, I have. I appreciate it every single day and night and would not trade it for anything on earth. I'm as good as gold!”

“I know, baby, I'm only kidding!” She came closer gave her a big kiss on her cheek and got up to leave. That would have worked except that Karen grabbed her and pull her to her lap. “You are my everything, Addy! I don't ever want you to doubt me.” She kissed and tickled her neck. Addy squirmed. “Stop that Larsen, finish what you need to do, no fooling around now.” She got up to leave. “Save it for later.” Addy winked from the door. Karen was already drooling.


They were in their last a management meeting, but neither of their minds was there. Addy didn't want to be there. She didn't care for any of that anymore. She wanted to start a new life, do something different. She wanted to enjoy life and to make her new relationship work.

Karen could only think of being with her Addy, at last. A new far away place offered endless possibilities. Most importantly, she'd have Addy all to herself. If there was ever a heaven, this had to be it. She could not focus on the meeting. When it was over, they both looked at each other, knowing that they both wanted to get out of there. Addy winked. Karen smiled.

That day when they left the building they had the most content look on their faces. “Hey, want to take a stroll in the Park?” Karen was a bit surprised, but she'd go anywhere with her. “Sure.” They bought some ice cream and crossed over to Franklin Park . Karen was silent, she knew Addy was up to something. “Remember that day when I found you here.”


“What were you thinking off when I found you?”

Karen smiled. “You.”

“Really? I was thinking of you too. I couldn't get you off my mind. I thought it was such a coincidence that I found you. I don't think it was a coincidence now. I think it was all meant to be.”

“Do you remember that I talked to you about a dimming light at the end of the tunnel? You were the light I was talking about. I had just found out that you were married and unavailable. I was devastated. You said, not to give up, that maybe that dimming light would turn out to be my sun with time. Little did you know you were making your own prediction, huh? I always remember that day. I was so amused and shocked at the same time. Addy, I fell for you since that first day I saw you at the gym. I remember hating myself for falling so stupidly?” Addy was grinning.

Addy nodded. “Remember when we were over there in that corner after you stormed out of the restaurant and you told me that next time I went to NY you'd come with me to look for a blonde while I looked for my brunette?”

Addy, chuckled, as she spoke. “I sort of knew then that I didn't have to go to NY to find my blonde. I was very confused, that's why I asked you if a straight woman could be in love with a gay woman. I didn't know what to make of things. Do you know that I went home every evening looking at every woman on the street trying to figure out if I was attracted to any of them?”

Karen chuckled. “Are you serious? Were you?”

“No, no one appealed to me in particular. I concluded that I had a ‘you' thing.”

Karen grinned. “Let's go home, all of a sudden this ‘you' feels like demonstrating its appreciation.”

“Hurry, then get to the car!”

Karen chuckled. Addy had a way to resolve things quick.


They went home and, after the demonstration of appreciation, they continued with their packing. There was still more packing and shopping to be done. They wanted to have everything needed, at least for the summer.

Just around this time the Watergate apartment was leased and the cars sold. After that, they were done and headed for the airport to begin their adventure.

To be continued in Part 2


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