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Part 10 - October

There was going to be a hot air balloon festival in the nearby town and all the shires were entering a balloon into the festival. By now, everyone in town knew Addy and how friendly and what a go getter she was with regards to taking initiatives and projects. The President of the Chamber of Commerce, Mrs. Laura McKenzie, came to visit to ask her if she would consider riding in one of the balloons as a town ambassador.

“Mrs. McKenzie, that is a fabulous idea! Of course I would be delighted to represent Altee in such memorable activity.”

Karen was standing next to Addy and looked at her in astonishment.

“Addy, I think we should think about this matter. We really have no idea how safe those things are and……”

“These are professional people, Karen. We wouldn't just go with anyone.” Mrs. McKenzie reassured her.

“Still, I think Addy should think about it before committing to anything.”

Now it was a very astonished Addy who was looking at Karen.

“Well, I'm going to need a reply by tomorrow, just in case I need to look for another candidate.” Mrs. McKenzie said as she was leaving.

“Mrs. McKenzie….Please, look for someone else. Addy is not going to do it.”

Addy was dumbfounded looking at Karen.

Mrs. McKenzie left and Karen turned around to talk to Addy. Addy was gone.

Addy was waiting for her inside the house. “I can't believe what you just did! How could you?!”

“What? Save you from risking your life so stupidly?”

Addy was mad, Karen could see it, she had no idea how much, though,

“Two things, first, I like to make my own decisions. We could have talked about this and you could have explained your point. But the fact that you imposed your decision on me, whether right or wrong, and in front of that woman is unpardonable Karen Larsen! Don't you ever do that to me again!” Addy was livid when she took off for the bedroom.

Karen was still waiting for the second part that never came. She was stunned. What have I done? God help me fix this! She ran upstairs.

Karen ran after her. “Addy, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to tell you what to do. Please forgive me! I don't know what came over me! I just didn't think it would be safe. I don't think you should risk your life like that….I don't want anything bad happening to you. I just have no excuse, I know. It's all about my dumb stupid fears. I can't help it. I shouldn't have said that! That woman's attitude provoked me, I guess! Who does she think she is waltzing in here and practically asking you to bungee jump off a bridge?”

Addy didn't reply. Addy was standing looking out the window. Her head was leaning against the window. She was crying.

“Addy, please say something.” Karen was agitated.

“I need to be alone, Karen.”

Karen put her hand in her mouth as the tears started to flood her eyes. She turned around and left closing the door behind her. She moved to the side and leaned against the wall, unbelieving what she had done, or without any idea as to how to fix it. What else could she do or say that she hadn't done already? Her actions were beginning to sink in. She had stopped crying. Her eyes were burning up as if they were on fire. She felt like her mind was going to burst . How could I have done that? Why didn't I think? What's come over me? I am just so afraid to lose her!

Karen stood by the wall and after a while she slid to the floor and sat. She sat there for hours. The sun set and the house was now dark. Karen was still sitting on the floor outside their bedroom. There were no sounds from the bedroom. After several hours Karen got up and gathered the courage to knock on the door. No answer. She slowly opened it. “Addy?” Still, there was no answer. Karen slowly opened the door and entered the room. She noticed that Addy had fallen asleep fully clothed. Karen lay down next to her. She was careful not to wake her up. She lay on her side looking at Addy. Addy noticed her, but didn't say a word. She just turned the other way.

Karen's eyes welled with tears that began to soak the pillow. She couldn't sleep. She couldn't bear the thought of being so close to the person she most adored and not be able to touch her. Worse yet was the thought that she didn't have a clue as to how to fix this. If she could only turn back time! Unable to get any rest, she got up, went downstairs, sat on the sofa and continued to cry.

Addy couldn't sleep either. She reached out for Karen and noticed that Karen was gone and that her pillow was wet. She sat on the bed, not knowing what to do. Oh God! All of a sudden Addy felt lost. She needed to fix this. She needed to talk to Karen. Karen was hurting and nothing was worth that. She went downstairs. “Ker?”

“Here….. on the sofa.”

All the lights were off. The only light came from the kitchen appliances. It was hard to see anything.

Addy came close and stood next to her. “Ker, come back to bed. What are you doing here in the dark?”

“I couldn't sleep. I didn't want to bother you. Addy, I'm sorry. I had no right to do what I did. I will never decide for you again. I just don't want to lose you and I thought that it was an unnecessary risk and I panicked. This woman has no idea…..” Karen started to cry. When she was able to speak again, she continued. “She has no idea of what we went through to be together and now she comes in here making demands and she wants you to do this thing….” Karen was sobbing. “…and I can't see why you have to do such a thing when there's so much at stake! But I admit, it was my mistake, out of my stupid fear of losing you. If this is something you really want to do you can do whatever you want. If you do it, I will do it with you. If we die, we die together. I'm not staying around without you” Karen was shaking as she spoke.

Addy didn't know what to say upon hearing Karen's fears. “What? Who's talking about dying? Ker, you can't go up in a balloon! You are afraid of heights.”

“I'm more afraid of living without you.”

Oh God! Addy knelt in front of her, between her legs. Not knowing what to say, overwhelmed by emotions, she grabbed her face and kissed her. It was what she wanted to do anyways. “Ker, that bed upstairs is pretty empty and cold without you in it. I want you there with me. I get it. I understand your fears…I just wish you were more positive and not always think that something bad is going to happen.”

Karen was shaking. “I couldn't live a day without you….I”

“Ker…” Addy came closer and they held each other. Addy was still on her knees. Karen pulled her up to her lap. Addy rested her head on Karen's shoulder.

“I couldn't, Addy, I couldn't.”

Addy kissed her neck and caressed her hair. “Baby!”

“Are you still mad at me?” Karen asked. Her face was still in anguish.

“Yes, but, we'll talk about it later.”

“We'll talk? I thought you were mad, I thought you were going to leave me….” Addy turned around. “Are you crazy? Just because we had an argument?!”

“We've never had one before.”

Addy realized that Karen had never been in a relationship and also that they really, in fact, had not ever had a point of disagreement that had not been immediately resolved.

“Well, there's always a first, and I think it's normal for couples to argue, and please, don't go about thinking that I'm going to leave you for something like that!” She turned around and looked at her. “There are only two reasons for which I would leave you immediately. One if you cheat on me, and the second is if you hit me.”

“Oh my God, Addy, I would never do either!”

“Then be at ease, pal, because I'm not going anywhere!”

Karen was smiling now. Her face was still damp from all the tears.

“However, we need to discuss a few things.”

“Yes ma'am.”

“I think you know that I'm not mad because of not doing the balloon thing. I don't need to go up in that balloon, and I'm certainly not going to have you go up with me knowing that you hate heights! We could have talked about this in private, not in front of strangers. You could have talked me out of it like you have now.” Addy looked down. “It was how you went about it that pissed me off. You could have told me your reasons, I would have listened and understood and we would have arrived at where we are now. I'm not going to do it.” She looked down. “I also made a mistake. I should have asked you how you felt about it. I didn't realize that what I do affects you as much as what you do affects me, so the lesson here is that we have to be mindful of each other when making decisions.” Come on, it's cold down here, let's go upstairs. I need my blankie.”

Karen followed her upstairs. The rollercoaster ride with Addy, again! Life was certainly not boring! When they got upstairs, Karen took off her robe. Once under the covers, Karen realized that Addy was not wearing anything either. Karen found it unusual, but didn't say a thing. Addy never came to bed nude. Karen was the one who took care of removing whatever she was wearing. Karen couldn't resist asking. “Addy, why aren't you wearing any jammies?”

“I thought you liked it like this, I …..”

“Yes, I like it like this. Addy, is it okay if I hold you?” Karen was overwhelmed with emotions, but still not sure of her footing after the latest events. She couldn't believe that two minutes ago she thought her life was over and all of a sudden here they were, naked in bed, as usual.

“Of course! But we have to continue with our discussion.”

“Like this?” She looked down at their naked bodies. “Here?”

“Yep! If the Indians discussed matters smoking a pipe, we can discuss matters in our birthday suit and comfy in bed.”

Karen couldn't help smiling. What a thought!

“So what are these fears that you have that something is going to happen to me? Don't you know I was around a long time before you came along, and I was perfectly fine? Karen Larsen, don't you think that I've noticed that you are always protecting me? And that, the real reason for getting the Range Rover is not only because I liked it or because it is a good car, but rather because it is a safe car? You didn't think I caught that, missy? Do you think I'm so out of it?”

“No, Addy, you are not out of it. I believe I'm the stupid one here for thinking that I could get away with it without you realizing it. I just know you don't like me looking out for you and I can't help myself.”

“Baby, I love how you take care of me, but I can take care of myself too! I take care of you, don't I?”

“Uh huh.” I can't believe it! She's working me!

Karen hugged her as she spoke. “Addy, I love you, and I'm afraid I will do many stupid things for which you will be mad at me. You are the only person I've ever loved, and the only person in my life. You are all I have and love. How can you even think that I'm not going to try to shield you from anything bad! I have to take care of you whether you like it or not. So, I'm afraid, there might be more arguments, and things we will disagree about because you are pretty feisty and I will raise hell whenever I see you about to bungee jump off a bridge or go up in some hot air balloon!”

Addy pulled out of her embrace. “Ummm….I see. In that case, I think we are going to need to develop and practice making up techniques for after the arguments.”

“What?” Karen's jaw dropped. Addy pushed her leg up so that her thigh was pressing on Karen's center, as she nibbled on Karen's neck. “Addy….Oh God!”

“Is this okay, my convert?”

“It's great!”

Enthralled in their love making, Addy paused and whispered on Karen's ear. “And just so that you know, I'm not bungee jumping from any bridge.”

Karen chuckled. She also had something to say. She combed Addy's damp hair away from her face. “I think if the Indians had figured out this form of discussion, neither the pipe nor tobacco would have made it to present day.”

Addy chuckled, as she buried her face into Karen's neck. “It's a good thing for the tobacco industry that I didn't live around those times!”

Karen laughed. “Their loss is my gain! Come here, you devil!” Karen started to tickle her.

“Stop! Woman! You are killing me!”


The following week, they went to the balloon festival. Addy had already informed Ms. McKenzie that she was not going to be available for the balloon ride.

At the festival they met up with James and JP. They stood around the balloons as preparations were going on for their lift up. Karen stood behind Addy amidst the crowd of people. She was so close she could smell Addy's perfume mixed with her inebriating scent. Karen was oblivious of the happenings with the balloons. She was just looking at Addy. Addy could almost feel the heat of Karen's body.

In the crowd no one noticed how Karen's hand traced Addy's fingers as their hands rested on her side. Karen was absorbed looking at Addy's profile as the wind and the sun made her look vibrant and full of life. Karen was mesmerized. Addy sensed the scrutiny and barely tilted her head looking for Karen and smiled. Karen was so close, Addy could almost hear her ragged breathing, and she felt like turning around and succumbing into her arms. Karen couldn't resist not holding her and barely placed her left hand inside Addy's jean's front pocket and pulled her closer to her. “You smell so good. I think I'm going to faint if I don't hold you.”

Addy gasped when she felt Karen's hand pulling her in and when she felt her rear pressing against Karen. Addy turned her head sideways towards Karen, as Karen breathed heavily on her. “Ms. Larsen, if you continue with this, I'm afraid we are going to have to cut the festival short because certain matters may require immediate attention.”

Karen whispered in her ear. “Say the word, and we are out of here. I think I need a change of underwear, I'm soaked from just looking at you.” Addy closed her eyes and smiled. “Oh God, woman! I need fresh air.”

Karen smiled knowing she was driving Addy to the edge. “We are already outside, you know!”

Addy turned her head towards her again. “You are so bad. You know exactly what you are doing to me, and you love it!”

“Yes, I do. I love to see you flushed and mushy. My problem is that what I do to you is half of what you do to me.”

“Too bad you can't reach far enough here to feel my underwear, Ms. Larsen, otherwise you'd be able to see the fallacy of your statement.” Before Karen could utter another word, she turned around and looked at Karen straight in the eye with a look of desire and want. She broke the spell when she smiled and raised her eyebrows. However, she couldn't help herself. Opening her mouth she brushed her upper lip with the tip of her tongue from side to side and as her tongue descended to her lower lip, she bit it and smiled in mischievously.

Karen froze. She could hardly breathe as she felt the air sucked out of her from the pang she felt and the tingling sensations between her legs. “Oh God!”

Addy chuckled as she came close to Karen and whispered. “Sssh! Save it, woman before we make a spectacle of ourselves and I ravish you right here, right now! Let's go talk to JP and James over there. We need to get our minds out of our panties!” If it hadn't been because Addy pulled her to start walking, it would have taken Karen several minutes to even think of moving. Karen closed her eyes and smiled as she felt Addy pulling her towards where JP and James were sitting. She still couldn't believe the effect Addy had on her. There had never been anyone in her life who had done that to her.

Addy let go of her hand and moved ahead faster than her. All Karen could see were those gorgeous hips swaying in front of her. She smiled and followed contently hypnotized by the vision.

JP had noticed the interaction between the women and elbowed James. “Aren't they adorable?” JP commented. James smiled. JP and James were sitting under a tent of one of the local wineries.

“Hi guys!”

“Well, well, the love birds decided to fly and join the rest of the world! We were wondering if …..”

“If you guys were going to join us?” James interrupted. He knew that JP was already about to stick his foot in his mouth. He gave JP a very direct look, which did not escape Karen.

JP looked taken back by James interruption, but dismissed it immediately.

Karen looked at James, knowing perfectly well that James had averted a situation.

James ordered some wine. “Isn't he a gentleman?” JP asked.

Karen smiled. “I will drink to the gentleman!” James smiled at her very sweetly.

They laughed and started talking and reminiscing.

“Addy, do you remember that night at the restaurant when we got drunk?”

Addy chuckled. “You bet! I had a great time that night, at somebody's expense!” She put a lot of emphasis on the “great.” “Do you know I actually kissed her twice that night?”

JP was laughing. “Yes I remembered you asking about it the next day. So you actually knew you did?”

“Of course, I did, JP! I was testing the waters.”

Karen looked at her unbelieving it. “I cannot believe my ears! And there I was all worried because I thought she was drunk! That also reminds me that I ended up picking up the tab that night when everybody was going about their happy lives! James, you should have seen these two! JP claiming that parked cars were moving and the next thing I knew I had to go pick him up from the hood of a car. Thank God that no alarms were set off! And the missy here, poking into my life trying to figure out if I had a secret love!”

James chuckled. “I should have been there!”

“It was an interesting night to say the least.”

Karen looked at Addy. “You did kiss me twice. In the car and in the bedroom. I really thought you were drunk!”

“I was, but I'm never that drunk not to know what I'm doing.” She winked at Karen. Karen nodded unbelieving what she was hearing.

“Let's drink to interesting nights!” JP had already been wine tasting around the different tents and was a bit too happy already.

Addy was also laughing too much, which only meant that she had already tasted more wines that she should have! “I need to get some food, before all this wine makes me start kissing people again!” She got up and headed towards the food tents. Karen followed her.

“I better go with you just in case you start kissing people again. I need to make sure those kisses go to the right person!”

Addy extended her hand to pull the woman towards her. “Oh, honey, my kisses always go to the same person. Come on let's get food. I'm starving!” Addy kissed Karen on the cheek. JP and James laughed when they heard the women's banter. “Bring some food when you come back!” JP yelled. Karen followed, again smiling.

Addy slowed down and waited for her. “I also know that you kissed me that night, when you tucked me in bed, little Ms. Right.” Karen smiled but was unable to say anything because they had arrived at the food table first. She came close and whispered in her ear. “You'll pay for this, you know little devil?”

“With pleasure, I'm sure!”


As they were going around the different tents, Addy approached one of the tasting centers for one of the wineries before heading for their table. Karen went ahead of her to bring JP and James some food. Addy wanted to compliment the winery owner on the red wine she was enjoying with her meal.

“Hi, I'm Adriana Marcos, I just wanted to let you know how much I‘m enjoying your wine.”

“Hello, Isabella Ludwig, very pleased to meet you. You are the Inn 's owner, right?”

“Well….” Addy was about to explain that Karen was the owner but Isabella cut her short. She was eager to speak to Addy.

Isabella Ludwig was a woman in her 70s. She had started the vineyard and winery from scratch about twenty years ago. Her husband, a former business mogul, helped her to get started and the winery had prospered incredibly. In fact it was well known as one of the best in the region. She was a very pleasant woman who loved the art of wine making. The moment she and Addy started to talk they hit it off. Isabella's children, she had two sons, had never shown any interest for the business and after her husband's death, she was running the business alone. She had a very knowledgeable management team who took care of the daily working of the winery, but the marketing and sale of the wines was all her thing, still at her age. She simply loved what she did.

“Ms. Marcos, I have been meaning to pay you a visit. You see, my vineyards are adjacent to your land and right now at our current production rate, we are barely meeting our customers demand. So future projections indicate that unless we grow, we will be losing customers to other vineyards, and you know how it is….when people start trying other things, they might just go all together. She laughed so hard, she could be heard from far away. Her laugh was so contagious that Addy was laughing too. Karen, James and JP were wondering who was the woman with Addy and what could Addy have said to make her laugh so much. Karen was already wondering what it was all about. With Addy, anything could happen anytime.

“So, I just want to mention this to you now because I know we are all partying here and have drunk more than we should of my great wines!” She was laughing again and so was Addy. “Anyways, dear, what I would like you to think about is the possibility of you and I coming to some sort of arrangement that would allow me to use your land to grow more vines. Of course, at a fair price. So, think about it and we can meet some other time and discuss it.” They continued to talk for a little while longer after which Addy headed over to the tent where everyone was waiting for her very intrigued and expectantly. Especially a certain blonde, who was already a little anxious about the whole impromptu meeting, and all the laughter.

Of course, it was JP who couldn't wait and asked first. “Addy who is that woman you were with? I think Karen here was a little worried!” This, of course, was said in jest because Isabella Ludwig was in her 70s and although she was a nice looking lady, her years showed in more than one way. She even walked with a cane.

“Very funny, JP! She's the owner of the winery adjacent to us. We've been there for tastings. I complemented her on her wines. She's very proud of her wines so I think my comments got her going. We were talking about wine.”

“She seemed to enjoy your company. We could hear her laughing all the way here.” JP continued his mocking.

“Believe it or not she's one of those people who laughs at her own jokes. I was just laughing because her laugh is contagious!”

Karen smirked. She knew Addy wasn't saying everything. She could tell because Addy kept looking at her as she spoke. She knew that the minute they were alone Addy would spill her guts.

When they left, and Karen started to maneuver the car towards the road, Addy began to speak.

“Ker, I have something to tell you.”

Karen smiled. She knew, she just knew!


The Inn was very prosperous and their lives had gotten quiet busy. Business was booming, money was coming in, the bills were getting paid and Karen was not so worried about money anymore.

Late in October of that year as they went to bed one night, Addy took her usual spot snuggled next to Karen. Karen quickly accommodated her and kissed her.


“Yeah, baby?”

“Do we need the income from my legal work at the firm?”

Karen looked at her. “Why? What's going on?”

“I want to quit, Ker. It's getting to be too much and I'm' tired of all that crap. I enjoy working at the Inn more and it feels like I barely have time and …..”

Karen stopped her with a kiss. “Send your letter in tomorrow. We don't need the money. I want you to enjoy what you are doing here.”

“It's going to be a big deal over there with the clients and all.”

Karen reassured her. “They'll live. You don't owe anyone anything.”

“Are you sure we can afford it?”

“Yes, baby. And even if we didn't, we would readjust. I want you to do what you really want to do. Above all I don't want you to wear yourself out working. We will be fine. If that's what you want to do, I'm totally okay with it.”

With her index finger she circled Karen's belly button. “Are you going to keep me now that I won't be making all that money?” She smiled mischievously. She knew the answer to that question very well.

Karen played along, smiling. “I don't know….you might have to find other ways to make yourself useful around here.”

Addy grinned. “Well, the Inn does keep me busy, but I would be willing to work some overtime for the right price. Should I explain the terms of payment?”

Karen turned her and placed her leg over Addy's thigh. She pushed Addy's hair back and chuckled. “I'm quite familiar with the terms of payment, and they have always been very agreeable to me. I believe that I have never either owed or been late on a single installment.” Karen was already making all the moves to put her deposit down.

“Umm! I think I like working here….the boss is very generous…ummm… and the pay is excellent!”


The horse stables had proven a great success with the guests.

“Ker, why don't we go to the stables and go horseback riding?”

“You want to do that? I'm all for it. Let's go. Should we walk to the stables?”

“Yeah, it'll be good exercise.”

It was really a nice day as the made their way to the stables across the green fields. Once there, Mr. Nelson prepared two horses for riding.

“Addy, I have one question before we start riding.” Thank God Karen was such a cautious person. “Have you ever been on a horse?”

Mr. Nelson looked at Karen and then at Addy in full expectation of a reasonable answer.

“Well, years ago in Gatlinburg , Tennessee , we took a horse ride up the mountains. It was the scariest thing ever!” Both Mr. Nelson and Karen listened attentively to the story. “The ride was up the mountain in the middle of the forest and all you could see where trees and more trees right in front of you. The horses were just following a trail so narrow I thought we were going to die if the horse slipped. There was a precipice right by the trail. I could not wait to get out of there!”

“And that's been your only experience on a horse?” Karen asked.

“Yes, but it was quite an experience.” Addy was all excited about her story.

Karen spoke to Mr. Nelson. “Is this the best horse for her, considering her vast riding experience?” The sarcasm was palpable as Karen chuckled. Addy wrinkled her nose and made a funny face looking at Karen.

Mr. Nelson chuckled. “Yes, Ms. Larsen, this is a very tame one.”

“Oh, Lord! You two sound like a pair of old ladies! How hard could this be? Look at all that space out there! And look at this horse! I don't think he can even move! I don't even know how I'm going to get him started! How old is this thing?”

Karen was trying to hold back her laughter. Her worries however, were beginning to overtake the smile.

“It's a her, Addy, come on. Let me help you up.” Karen couldn't help smile as Addy looked below the horse for evidence. This was going to be fun.

“Don't worry, I can do it.”

Addy couldn't even reach the stirrup. Mr. Nelson facilitated a small stool and she was able to climb up. Karen helped her get all geared up.

“You see, this is all fine!'

“Mr. Nelson, do we have helmets?”

“A helmet? Isn't that for little kids? Wouldn't it make our heads hot?”

“Yes, but it will make them safe too.”

Karen was used to riding, and she never wore a helmet. Today, however, helmets were highly recommended because she wanted Addy to wear one, so she had decided to wear one also to set the example.

When Addy saw Karen putting on the helmet, she rolled her eyes but followed Karen's lead. Karen smiled when she saw Addy putting it on. Her plan was working.

Karen climbed on her horse without any difficulty. “Wow. You are really good at this!”

“I always rode when I came here. I know this property like the back of my hand. Come on. Follow me.” No sooner had Karen finished talking, Addy kicked the horse, allegedly to get him started. The horse took off full fury. Addy at first was quiet, and then she panicked and started screaming for help when she realized she didn't have a clue as to how to stop the animal. She called all the known words she had heard in movies, but it appeared that the horse had not seen those movies and did not respond to any of the commands. So, she ended up screaming for help on how to stop “the beast.”

Karen couldn't believe the scene. She took off after Addy like an Indian pursuing a caravan. It was a sight! Mr. Nelson's eyes were about to pop out of his sockets. He didn't know what to do either. He didn't have another horse ready to go after them and all he could see were the two horses in a sort of stampede towards the open field.

Karen couldn't remember ever riding so fast, it had also been such a long time ago, she was feeling a bit frightened herself. Mr. Nelson got in the pick-up truck and drove fast down the road to see if he could cut-off Addy's horse down the path and make it turn back, so that, at least Karen could intercept her in the open filed and stop the horse.

That's exactly what would have happened, if Addy's horse had not been frightened, or more so terrified with the sound of the truck's engine. When Karen saw what was about to happen she panicked. When the pick-up truck approached the horse, the horse lifted its two front legs in the air and a terrified Addy fell to the ground. Karen jumped off her horse and ran to Addy grabbing her practically from under the horse and pulling her away from the terrified animal. It was fortunate that the horse continued to run after Addy fell to the ground. At least she was not kicked by the horse, which was Karen's fear.

“Are you okay, baby, are you okay? Addy was on the ground, Karen kneeling next to her holding her on her lap and caressing her and touching her to make sure she was okay.

Addy was crying, still terrified by what had just happened. She nodded and sort of mumbled that she was okay as she held on to Karen. Karen could feel her body shaking, really unable to tell who was the one shaking, she or Addy.

Karen hugged her. “It's okay, baby, it's okay.” Karen was checking her all over to see if she was hurt anywhere.

“What hurts, baby, tell me what hurts?”

“My butt, Addy said amidst gigantic tear drops.”

“Oh, baby, you scared me to death!”

“I don't think I want to ride the horse anymore today.”

Karen had to chuckle as she still held on to the woman on the ground.

“No, I think we've had enough horses for today. Do you think you can get up?”

“um huh.”

“I want to take you to Dr. Naylor for a checkup.”

“Ker, no, don't be ridiculous, ouch! I'm not going to let Dr. Naylor see my butt!”

“Honey, I don't want anyone to see your butt but me, but I'm taking you for a checkup. I don't think he will be checking your butt as much as your bones, anyways. I'll take care of checking that butt real well at home later.”


“What? What else hurts?”

“Just my butt.”


Reluctantly, Addy did see Dr. Naylor. Karen would not let this one slide by. “Do you know how many times you've made me go to the doctor for much less than this? You are going and I want not buts out of you, missy! I will not let this one pass. You are going!”

Dr. Naylor checked her and concluded that nothing was broken and that there would just be some pain from sore muscles and maybe a bruise in the gluteus area.

“See, I told you! All that fuss just to tell me that my butt is going to bruise and to take acetaminophen! I hate doctors!”

Karen followed. “But, at least, we know that nothing is broken.”

When they got home, Addy sat on a kitchen stool. “Ouch!”


“I can't sit… my butt hurts!”

Karen chuckled. “Here, let me see.” Karen unzipped her pants and pulled them down, as Addy turned around. “Addy, I want you to go upstairs, take your pants off and lie down.” Addy looked at her. “What? Ker, I just fell of a horse….my butt hurts!

Karen was smiling as she kissed her. “I know, sweetie…..I didn't mean for that…your butt has turned purple and I think we need to ice it like Dr. Naylor said.”

“Oh! Does it look that bad?”

“Hun, you will never hear me say that your butt looks bad, but this bruise needs icing, okay? Go upstairs. I'll bring the ice.”


When Karen got upstairs, Addy was on the bed, belly down. She had the covers over part of her. Karen smiled seeing how cute Addy looked curled up on the bed with a pathetic look. Karen came over and laid down next to her, she had the ice pack on her hand. She pulled down the covers and there it was! The most gorgeous purple butt she had ever seen. Addy looked so cute in bed, Karen had to smile at the sight. “Poor baby.” She came close and kissed it. She also felt a pang on her stomach. This woman could be dead and would still excite her! Addy was delighted with the attention she was getting. “It's going to feel cold. Your body temperature is kind of high and…..”

“Oh, just do it Ker, Aaaaah!”

Karen couldn't help smiling. “I was trying to go slow about it…”

For as gentle as Karen went about it, the ice felt really cold when it came in contact with the over-heated, swollen body part. “Shit! That's cold!”

“I know baby, I'm sorry!” Karen kissed her head coming closer to her, but still holding the ice pack in place. “I'm going to get a towel to wrap the ice pack, it might feel more comfortable that way.” Karen wrapped the ice pack with the towel and placed it back on Addy's rear. “Is that better?”

“Yes. I'm sorry too, for the scare I gave you.” A muffled voice said. Addy's face was buried in the pillow. “I'm such an idiot! I should have told you that I had no idea about how to get the darn horse going, or how to stop the beast! Would you show me how to do it?

Karen smiled as she kissed her. “Sure, baby, sure. It's my fault too. I should have asked you if you knew. At least, I'm glad we were wearing the helmets.”

“Yeah, thanks to you! I thought it would be easy. Ker, are you going to hold the ice pack on my butt all night?”

“Yes. All night and all day if I have to.” Addy turned around a bit. “You are not mad at me for being such an idiot? It seems like I'm always screwing up. First with the cow, and now with the horse. Maybe I should stay away from animals all together!”

“No, I'm not mad. I love you and your purple butt.”

“I think you are actually enjoying this little incident! You are terrible!”

Karen grinned. She couldn't hide it. “Yep! I'm loving it, baby. I guess I am terrible. I love it now that I get to ice your purple butt, but I was terrified out there today! I think Mr. Nelson freaked out. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't get to ice your butt!” Karen was smiling. She kissed her. Addy had to smile at the comment.

“Just move it around a little bit, because it burns if you leave it in one place for too long.”

“I will.”

“Ker! Just watch that you don't put it any other sensitive area.”

“Nope, I was thinking some warmth for those sensitive areas.”

Addy hid her smile. “Ker, I'm in pain here!”

“I know, baby, I'm just kidding you, trying to make you feel better. Just try to rest a bit. I'm going down to makes us some sandwiches and then I'll prop you up with some pillows and we can watch a movie here in bed.”

“Sounds good.”

That's exactly what they did. When the movie ended, Karen turned off the TV.

“That was a good movie.” Not hearing a word from Addy, she looked back to check her and found her sound asleep. Karen smiled. She went to the bathroom and came back to bed. She removed the ice pack, which by now had melted, looked at Addy's rear to check the color of the bruise and noticed that although it was still purple, it was less swollen. She kissed it several times, covered her up and got into bed. The minute Addy felt Karen's body in bed, she crawled closer to snuggle. Karen held her tight and gave her a ton of kisses, which were returned instinctively. Ummm! Perfect!


The next day, Addy was so soar she couldn't even get off the bed to go to the bathroom. Karen had to help her.

“I think you better stay flat on your belly today and rest. I'll fix us some breakfast, go to the Inn and I'll be back by 11 and stay home with you.”

“Shit! I can't believe how stupid I was!”

“Don't be so hard on yourself. Things happen. Thank God that you landed on your butt and not on your neck!”

“Hum, I don't think I'll be getting on a horse any time soon!”

“Oh yes, you will! Just as soon as that butt is not purple anymore.”

“What? Why? Because you have to lose the fear now, and you need to learn to do it right. I will personally make sure that you do!”

“You just love feeling so grand, don't you?” Addy smirked at her.

“Yes, I do and you along with your lovely purple butt, will become an expert rider!”


Alana Dickerson lived in London . She was the marketing representative of the public relations firm Karen had contracted to give exposure to the inn in the local tourist scene. The firm had already sent people to make sure that the Inn complied with certain standards. Alana was the daughter of the owner of the PR firm and her job was to be visit and test everything being promoted.

Alana was a very refined woman. She had a business degree from St. Andrews . She was smart, worldly and attractive. She was 5'6, had long black hair and sparkling blue eyes and was also openly lesbian.

When she arrived at the Inn , she asked to speak with the owner. JP immediately called Karen who was the person at the inn at the time.

“Hello, my name is Alana Dickerson, from the Dickerson Group. I believe you are expecting me.” She looked at Karen up and down with a very satisfied look on her face.

“Yes, hello. Karen Larsen.”

They shook hands. Karen had a bad feeling about her immediately.

“I will take you to your room personally and……”

At that precise moment Addy showed up. “Ker, I just came from the stables, I was talking to Mr. Nelson and …..Oh! I'm sorry. I didn't realize you were busy.” Addy took a look at the attractive woman next to Karen and was a bit taken back.

“Addy, this is Ms. Alana Dickerson from the Dickerson group. She's going to be staying with us for a couple of days to check out the Inn . Ms. Alana, this is my partner, Adriana Marcos.”

“Oh. I would shake your hand, but I just came from handling some horses and I'm afraid you would prefer it if I didn't.”

Alana chuckled. “Thank you for your frankness. I do appreciate it. Perhaps we can have that hand shake later.” Alana was absolutely enthralled with Addy. She couldn't take her eyes from her from the moment Addy walked in and when they spoke, it was like adding wood to the fire.

JP, who had been listening to the whole exchange, saw how Alana was devouring Addy with her eyes. He could recognize that look anywhere, so could Karen. Addy, of course, was oblivious to any of it. Oh Oh!

Alana's response did not sit well with Karen either who merely grimaced. Perhaps she understood that we are partners in business only. Addy, of course, the good hearted, simple, naïve person that she was, didn't think much of it and just smiled not getting the message at all.

Addy looked kind of cute in her jeans, riding boots and jacket. She also had her hair all tussled and looked so much younger than she actually was. Karen immediately caught Alana's drift and figured that there might be some trouble ahead.

“Sure. Now I need to go home.” She spoke to Karen. “Babe, I'll see you later at home. I need to take off these boots, they're suffocating my calves! I really need to go now. Pleased to meet you, Ms. Dickerson.” Everyone laughed at Addy's comment on the boots.

Somehow Addy wanted to let Karen know that she caught the drift also and that she was making clear what the situation was.

“So you live with her?”

“Yes, we are partners.”

“I thought you were referring to business partners.”

“Yes, but we are also a couple.”

Alana smirked. She's a lesbian! Nice!

JP had to smile. Yeah, rub it in, Ker, good for you girl!


That evening, before leaving for the cottage for the night, Addy ran into Alana by the pool deck.

“Howdy, cowgirl! Going somewhere?”

Addy had to chuckle, Alana had seen her in her riding outfit earlier and that's why the cowgirl reference.

“Hi, are you enjoying your stay? Have any plans for tomorrow?” Innocent Addy, asking an innocent question.

“Not really, do you want to make some for me?”

Again, Addy didn't know that she was being baited. “Well, you could go sailing on the lake in the morning. They can pack a lunch for you in the dining room, and if you don't know how to sail, we have someone out there that takes people out in the morning. A real cute fellow, if I may add!”

“Thanks, it so happens that I'm not interested in sailing or cute fellows.”

“Oh! So what interests you?” Alana liked this simplicity.

“Horseback riding with a cute cowgirl.”

This was too obvious. Addy caught it immediately. “Well, Mr. Nelson is certainly a good instructor, but I don't think he would qualify as cute.” She chuckled.

Alana smiled and looked at her up and down. “But I do know who is cute around here and she happens to ride even if her boots suffocate her.”

Another very direct punch. There was no way that Addy would be able to avoid this one.

“Oh! Well, Ms. Dickerson….”

“Please, call me Alana.”

“Alana, I… can't, I have lots of things to do around here, and besides I don't usually ride with the guests.”

“Not even special guests?”

“Not to be offensive or anything like that, but I fail to see what it is that makes you special.” Addy decided to be blunt.


Addy had to smile. Alana was a player, and she knew all the right moves. “Listen, thanks for the invite. I'm flattered, but I am already spoken for. I don't think Karen would be too thrilled with our riding together, and frankly neither would I. Sorry.”

“Why? We would only be riding.” Alana was not giving up easy. She was resolved. She found Addy absolutely charming and was ready to do whatever for some time with her.

“I can't and I need to leave now. Have a good evening.”

Alana smirked. She thought she had captured Addy's attention and that Addy was running away for fear of changing her mind. Alana was used to getting her way with women. What she wanted, she got.


Addy didn't know what was best to do. Should she tell Karen and maybe get her all worked up? Or should she handle this matter on her own. She decided to wait. Maybe the woman got the message and would leave her alone and it would be totally unnecessary to disturb Karen.

This did not happen. The next morning, Alana called, the concierge, meaning JP and asked him to find Addy. She required special attention from the owner in order to get some things straight regarding the many services offered by the Inn .

“Sweetie, Cruella de Ville is asking for you, sorry, hun. Addy, look out for her, I don't like her! She has trouble written all over her face. I think we need to get Karen into this matter.”

“JP, Karen has enough worries already with her family. I don't want to worry her unnecessarily. I will deal with this woman. I'm a big girl and can set her straight.”

Addy was not too sure about that statement, but for sure, she was going to try!

“Hi Addy. Thanks for meeting me. Please, sit down.” They were in the dining room.

“So, what's going on? What do you need to know?”

“I need you to tell me everything a guest can do here and how much would it cost him or her.”

Addy went through the whole list. Alana appeared to be interested in Addy's explanations of the amenities, but she wasn't really listening. She already had all that information. She just wanted to spend time with Addy. She kept looking at her very closely. Of course, Addy was unaware of the scrutiny she was getting until the end of her talk when she caught Alana's eyes again, devouring her. JP had been all the time in the vicinity keeping watch in case Addy needed help with the snake!

While all these was happening, Karen was home working.

“Addy, do you ever come out to London ?”

“No, not really. We did when we first got here, but we haven't since.” Addy was not about to tell her about the three year term or any of that information.

“Listen, I know that you are with Karen and all, but if you ever want to come to London and go shopping or the theater, I can put you up. I have a very nice flat and plenty of room.”

Addy was a very polite, nice person and expected people to treat her just like she would treat them. Now she was getting the full picture that this woman was relentless and that she was just going to have to put an end to this immediately and for good.

“Alana, first thank you for the invitation. I thought last night I explained my situation to you. Perhaps I didn't make myself clear…”

Alana interrupted. “Addy you made yourself clear. I'm just not giving up on you just like that. I like you and I think it could be fun if we got together. You might like it a lot.”

That did it! “Alana, it's not that I can't go out with you because of Karen, but simply because I don't like your style. I'm very sorry if this comes out a bit rude, but the truth is that I am very much in love with my partner. I have no interest in anyone else, and just to be very clear, I have no interest in you other than you accomplishing your business here and doing what you need to do.” Now Addy was going for the kill. JP was close by and overheard the last part of the conversation. “If you feel that this exchange between us this morning would prevent you in any way from carrying on your business with us, please let us know now, so that we can release you from your contract. In any event, I do not expect to be confronted with this type of matter anymore. Now, if you'll excuse me, I believe this conversation has ended.”

Addy got up and left, not without glancing at JP, who proudly winked at her.

Alana remained seated. She had just been turned down in the classiest of ways. This kind of thing never happened to her. But the truth was, she had never come across someone like Addy. This had been more a turn on that a turn down.


Addy was mad. She was going to tell Karen now that it was all over. She came home.


“Up here in the office.”

Addy went up and sat on the comfy chair they would use for reading. Karen was sitting in front of the computer. “What's going on, Ms. Addy?”

Addy looked at her and made funny movements with her mouth and pouted. “I have to tell you something. First of all, the matter has been resolved. I dealt with it.”

This statement worried Karen somewhat. She turned around in the chair. She had been working on the computer. “What?”

“I don't want you to be mad, or do anything. Geez! I don't even know how to tell you!”

“What Addy, you can tell me anything, what's going on?”

“That woman, Alana….we need to get rid of her.”

Karen suspected. “Why? What happened, did she come on to you?”

Addy was surprised at how quickly Karen had picked up the issue.

“Yes. She's done it twice…” Karen was listening but her heart was racing big time. “Yesterday, she invited me to ride with her. I was polite and told her that I didn't think you would be too happy with that. Today, she suggested I visit her in London . I told her off.” Addy continued to tell Karen the whole thing. “I don't think she'll come near me again, now that she knows she doesn't stand a chance. Ker?”

Karen was fuming. Karen was already thinking of how to hang the woman from her feet and feed her to the lions! Karen's mind was in overdrive. “Ker! Dam it! I told you this because I want you to know everything going on, but if you get near that woman on my account I will be very mad…I'm warning you! Promise me you won't go near her. I took care of it already.”

Here it came. Karen's venting. “Bitch. That's what she is!! I knew it. I saw the way she looked at you yesterday and the way she was all smiles. This is the type I told you about, the worst kind. Bitch! Why didn't you say something before? I would have been delighted to put her in her place….right on her butt from the good kick I'd give after I'd punched her in the face! Bitch!”

“This is why I didn't tell you sooner! I knew you might want to have a word with her and I was trying to avoid any confrontation. I, on the other hand, managed the whole situation with civility. Do not worry, this has been resolved. She leaves tomorrow, anyways. I won't even go by the Inn, okay? Neither will you, I won't let you!”

Addy kissed her. I'm going to go and make us some dinner now.

Somehow, Addy didn't think this would end so easy. She wondered what was going through Karen's head. That night in bed, Karen was quiet. She had spent a good part of the night planning how to dump Alana's company. Addy could sense Karen's uneasiness.

“Ker, give it a rest! Augh! You are not thinking for a minute that that woman has a chance with me, do you? Because if you are…..”

“I'm not, Addyyyy….I just hate the fact that she thought she did.”

“Well, you really can't blame the woman, I mean with such a fine specimen in front of her….” Addy was laughing. Karen wasn't. “Karen Larsen, relax! You are my one and only. I've told you before…. I have a ‘Karen thing' and nothing else.”

“And I want to keep it that way!”

“I'm yours, baby, I'm yours only, believe me, relax and go to sleep.”

Addy came close and hugged her. Karen held on to her and kissed her. She didn't like Alana Dickerson. The thought of her having thoughts about Addy kept her awake for a long time. She'd stick around Addy tomorrow. Addy had no malice in her and probably couldn't handle someone as vicious as Alana. She was going to take matters into her own hands and protect ‘her turf' as Addy would put it. She smiled at the thought. That Alana woman certainly didn't know what she was up against! This turf would be protected to death!


To be continued in Part 11


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