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Part 3

When Karen came back, she told Addy about the whole incident at the hardware store.

“Okay, so we have one homophobic in town and a lesbian couple, one of which seems to have a roving eye, according to the homophobic; and you say that her partner was not very happy to meet you, hum.”


“Is this Mary woman someone who might be trying to roll on my turf?” Addy was so direct, it was laughable.

“Oh, yeah, didn't I tell you? I'm already in love!”

Addy slapped her arm gently. “Go for it then, no one's holding you back. Freedom is my motto!” She turned around and carried on with what she was doing.

Karen smiled and started to unload the stuff she bought from the truck.

That afternoon, some contractors came to mow the lawn and trim the bushes. Addy didn't even get estimates. She contracted the people Mr. Kimbell recommended. She thought that it was imperative to clear the yard and the area surrounding the cottage mainly for safety reason and to draw away insects and other animals that may be hiding “under there,” as she would put it. By that evening, everything was cleared and the cottage was beginning to take some shape, at least on the outside.

Karen brought some food from town for dinner. She was afraid to have Addy turn on the old stove. They weren't sure about the gas lines yet. The next day, the gas, electric and water companies were coming to assess the situation with their respective areas. Also, some contractors were coming to give estimates on the sun room, hot tub, and redoing the kitchens and bathrooms as well as the floorings. They were also getting estimates on replacing windows and doors, and the insulation was also going to be checked. Since the climate was cool in that latitude, there was no central AC. So far this summer they had done well. It was nice sleeping with the top part of the windows open. Although, Karen was not too happy about it considering her safety concerns.

“Fortunately, I still remember my karate moves and as soon as I can I'm going to see about getting a gun permit and a gun.”

Addy was rolling her eyes. “I think you are nuts! Look at this place, the worst crime in the town must be running the corner traffic light! Wait a minute….what am I saying? What traffic light?” Is there even police here?”

“Ha, ha, so funny!”

“Maybe you can apply for the job of sheriff, or is it constable? You may be the only one in town carrying a gun!”

“You are lucky to have someone wanting to protect you, you know!”

“Oh, is that why you are doing it? To protect me?”

Karen was blushing now. “Oh, baby, I'm so mean…. I'm sorry! Come here!”

Karen came close to her like a little puppy. She squeezed Karen into a big hug. “I love you.”

Karen chuckled. How did I ever live without all this love! It's like an addiction! The more I have the more I want!


On Friday night they drove to Edinburgh . Addy had made reservations at a quaint small hotel in the center of town. She picked it because it was accessible to everything. The minute they got there they turned in the car rental and took a taxi to the hotel.

“What are we doing tonight Ms. Addy?”

“Wait a momento! You are the local gal. I was hoping you'd show me a good night in town.” She got close to Karen and was very suggestive with her eyes.

“I don't know that I brought appropriate clothing for that kind of outing, sexy thing!”

“That's where you are wrong, queridisima, because I brought you something very sexy to wear!”

Karen loved when Addy talked in Spanish to her. “Oh come on! Mi querida Addy, I'm not wearing a skirt!”

Addy also loved when Karen spoke Spanish. There was a bit of an accent, but she knew a lot and was picking up a lot from Addy. Addy knew that she tried hard. Karen wanted to be able to communicate with her and have no one understand them. It came in handy sometimes. Although, in Europe , it's normal that people speak more than one language. So, you really had to watch what you were saying no matter what language you were using.

“You are not. You are wearing your sexy black low cut pants and the silk dark green party shirt and the black vest that I got you the last time we went shopping.”

“And what is my lovely lady going to wear?”

“You shall see when I come out of the shower.”

“Oh, God! I have the feeling I know what you are going to wear!”

Addy smiled as she went into the bathroom.

“We could speed things up if I went in there with you!”

A voice was heard from the bathroom. “Hah! Not even you believe that one!”

Still, Karen walked in, and straight into the shower. She was all smiles.

“Kerrrrr! We are never going to go out if…..” Karen silenced her with a kiss, as Addy wrapped her arms around her neck.

“The night is young, baby, and it's all ours.”

It certainly was! They didn't leave the hotel until after midnight. They grabbed something to eat at the café downstairs and then Karen led Addy into the Edinburgh night to show her every nook and cranny of all the places of her youth. They went several places, among which were a gay bar and club. They danced for a while and moved on for a tour of the city at night.

“Looks like you did really get around, my little devil. You seem to know all the hot spots.”

“As hot as you think they might be, they were scary, lonely places for me. Trouble was lurking around every corner. I'm surprised I made it through all those turbulent years. I will tell you, though, today I felt as if I was seeing some of those places for the first time. It's amazing, how one single thing can change everything.”

“What's that?”

“A gorgeous brunette in a tight little, blue dress with magnificent eyes looking only at me for the entire night.”

Addy smiled. “Don't you forget that!”

“I'm a marked woman, baby. A tattoo of your name on my forehead wouldn't make it any clearer that I'm taken.”

“You are not taken, you've given yourself. There's a difference. And…..since you have given yourself, I think we should hurry to the hotel, so that I can take what I've been given! I can also know that for as much as you like this little blue dress, you can't wait to strip it off me! So hurry baby. We have some business requiring imminent attention.”

Karen was grinning. “Let's grab a taxi. It's quicker.” It was around 4 am when the made it back to the hotel.

Once in the room, Karen dropped on the bed. When Addy came out of the bathroom, she found Karen asleep and fully clothed. Addy smiled and leaned over to kiss her. She then proceeded to remove Karen's clothes and to tuck her in. As she got under the covers , Karen immediately came close to her and snuggled. “Good night, my baby, sleep tight.” She kissed Karen on her forehead.


The next morning they were up around ten. “Oh God! My head is killing me!” Then she realized she had fallen asleep last night.

“Oh! Addy, I'm sorry! I felt asleep last night. I think you were right. I can't stay up so late anymore. I feel like my internal clock is out of whack. Are you mad, disappointed?”

Addy looked at her. “Neither, baby. We were both tired. Don't even think about it, or better yet, think that you owe me!” She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

Karen grinned. “Don't worry. I'm really good at paying back.”

Addy gave her the sexy look. “I know.”

Karen grinned and kissed her. “I'm going to get us some strong coffee downstairs. I'll be right back.”

There was a café next door to the hotel. Karen came back with the caffeine fix. After they drank it they felt better. They were both sitting on the sofa. Their heads close together.

“I'm going to get dressed. Maybe if we start moving we will be able to function better.”

It worked within the hour they were having another coffee and croissant downstairs. After that they took off shopping. They weren't able to buy all they needed because since they didn't have a car yet, they wouldn't be able to carry much.

“Maybe next weekend, we can come back and look for a car, Ker. We really need one.”

“Yeah, let's do some research this week.”


Before they decided to drive it, they had the town mechanic come to check over the old pick up truck. It made horrible noises, but it had not exploded and the mechanic said it still had a few rides to give. They had decided to keep it for a while longer until they bought a new car. Karen was driving the old thing to town, as she spoke.

“We are definitely going to Edinburgh this weekend again to get a car. I don't think this old thing is reliable. I'm still praying that we make it back to the cottage today. What do you think we should get? Your pick.”

“A Range Rover.”

“What!? Addy! There can't be a more English car that a Range Rover? I can't believe you! I can't believe that we are going to get such a plain old English car!”

“Well, you know what they say…when in Rome ….I always wanted one of those, Ker, for real! They are very reliable.”

“I can't believe it, I thought you'd want something sporty and fast, but if that's what you want we'll get one. They are plain and ugly, but they are great cars. We'll go test drive one. If you like it we'll look into 3-year lease, I don't want to put any money down if we don't have to, plus, looks like we're going to need all our money to fix that money pit of a house!”

“You are being too harsh, Ker. The cottage will turn out to be beautiful.”

“Oh, yeah, no doubt about it. Throw enough money at it and even a grandma can look like a 20 year old!”

“Ha, ha. You will regret those words, Ms. Larsen.”

“You know, Addy, we have to sit down and think to decide what the grand plan is for this place because that will determine the amount of money I will put into it.”

“Ker, the plan is to fix the place to make our lives comfortable for the next three years and at the same time bring up the value of the property. I mean certainly, no one is ever going to buy it looking like that! That is assuming that is what you want to do with it after the three years have passed. Also, I don't like the fact that you talk about the fixing up as if it was something you are going to be doing by yourself! Aren't we in this together?”

Karen stopped the pickup on the side of the road. “Addy, we are in this together, but you are crazy if you think I'm not going to let you sink your money into this pit.”

“I thought that we were looking at this as a joint venture.”

“Not on the money part! You are not using your money for this.”

“Why not? Didn't you tell Mr. Kimbell to put the title in both our names? Something which we still must address, by the way. I really don't think is right.”

“You'll end up losing your money if you put it into this! Although we know what the place is worth, we don't know if at the end of the three years we are going to be able to sell it. Nothing guarantees that we are going to have prospective buyers. We don't know what's going to happen here, Addy. Sure, we'll have clear title to it, but what will we be able to do with it?”

“So, let me see if I have this right. My role here is to be a kept woman?”

Karen rolled her eyes. “ADDY! You know that's not what I mean! Why do you always assume these things? Where do you get all these ideas? I just don't want you to lose your money. Your being here with me is enough contribution to the cause.”

“First, I don't assume things. I'm just telling you how I feel. I think it's important that we communicate our feelings. So, it's not alright for me to lose money, but it's alright for you to lose yours, is that it? See, that's where we see this thing different. I don't just see this as ‘a cause' I see it as us spending three wonderful years here in a very nice comfortable home that we will both put together to make our lives here pleasant.”

“It's my sink hole, you have no reason for which to put money in and lose it.” Karen started the pickup and they kept going.

No one spoke for a while, although looks were exchanged. Addy looked sad, or mad, or not happy. Karen was resolved to not let Addy spend a penny of her money on this gamble.

Addy was the first to speak. “Ker, I thought we were partners.” Addy looked like she could start crying any minute.

“We are, Addy! We are. Why do you even question that? What does that have to do with anything?” Karen knew that Addy was very emotional, and all of a sudden fear struck. She felt she had done something wrong. She pierced the bubble! She needed to fix this. Addy was hurt. Shit! How stupid can I be?

“Stop the truck, right now.” Addy demanded.

Karen stopped the pickup again on the side of the road. She was petrified with fear. She was messing up big time. What to do?

“Ker, it appears that this partnership is sort of selective. It's only for certain things. It appears that you feel like you have to be the one doing everything and providing everything! I'm not a child. I don't need to be taken care of! I'm in this with you, our partnership and this project. I don't want to feel like a guest, or a protégé, or fuck, why the heck are you doing this?”

Oh, oh ! Karen was in pure panic now. Addy never cursed unless she was livid. She was. “Is it because you feel some kind of guilt for my being here or for having left Luke? You tell me right now because I want to get things cleared right now. I left Luke because I was not in love with him, and I came here because I'm in love with you and want to spend the rest of my life with you. Good or bad, rich or poor, cottage or not cottage, money or not money. We do this together or we sleep on the old mattress and cook in the fireplace for the next three years. You are not putting one cent in there that I'm not matching and those are my terms!”

Karen closed her eyes and exhaled. “Addy, I'm only doing what I'm doing because I love you and I'm trying to protect you. Is that wrong? “

“Ker! There's nothing wrong with that except that I don't need protection and second I want to feel that I'm part of this too. I convinced you to stay and I'm going to live here also, it is only fair that I contribute to the project in equal share.”

Karen looked to the road. She knew that Addy was determined and that the woman was stubborn.

Addy continued. “I also don't like the fact that you see this as a failed project. I don't get into something if I think it's going to fail! I think attitude is 90% of anything. I want to start this on a happy note and make the best of it.”

Karen was thoughtful for a while. “Okay, Addy, you win.” Addy was stunned at such an easy win. Something was coming. It was not like Karen to give up so easily. I know she's cooking up something, be prepared to bat the next one Adriana!

Karen continued. “Here's the deal….” Addy rolled her eyes knowingly. “If you contribute on an equal share to refurbish the cottage you have to agree that at the end of the three years when the title becomes clean, you have to accept that your name appears on the deed as co-owner.”

“AAaahhh!!! I will most certainly not accept those terms!”

Karen chuckled and bit her lip. Addy looked so cute in stating her protest.

“This is your inheritance, your birth right, I am not a gold digger, this place is worth 8 million Euros! Don't even think about me getting any of it just because I throw in a few bucks! Anyways, the cottage is a minimal part of the property, why would a few thousand bucks get me half the property? I am also not going to say anything like ‘you can reimburse me later when you sell it.' I'm not going to say that because we are not business partners and I don't think that sets a good precedent. What's mine is yours, that's the way I see it.” She crossed her arms and looked ahead to the road.

Karen grinned. She could hardly speak for fear of laughing. She tried to control herself. Laughing would make Addy madder. “Addy, a gold digger is someone who hooks up with someone because they know they have money and they are only hooking up for the money. You and I have known each other and loved each other long before we knew this was ever going to happen. Shit, even I didn't know this was going to happen! This is the equivalent of winning the lottery after people are married, it's community property, it's as much yours as its mine. We don't have a piece of paper stating that we are married, but we are partners and we are committed in a relationship! Wasn't it you who said this was not a shack – up deal? Didn't you say that what is yours is mine? Why can't what's mine be yours as well?”

Addy was beginning to show signs of coming around from her position. “I don't know Ker, Aunt Charlotte was your aunt. This is your place.”

“Ergo, it's my money that goes into it!”

Addy looked at her with menacing eyes. “Karen Larsen, if my money doesn't go into this project I'm not going to be a happy camper!”

Karen looked at her and laughed. “Okay, Addy, you win, but it's really your loss.”

“Didn't we agree some time ago that there is no losing with me? Ker, no one loses here. We both win!”

Karen smiled and kissed her. She said nothing. She knew she had lost the argument, but still didn't feel good about taking Addy's money to rebuild the cottage. She started the pickup and drove. She was still a little shaky.

Addy remained very quiet the rest of the way. They arrived in town did some shopping, and had dinner. Addy had a resigned pensive look as they drove back. She didn't speak the whole way back. Karen was worried as she drove. A quiet Addy was worse that a screaming Addy. There was something going on here.

When they got to the cottage, they settled their groceries in the kitchen, went to the bathroom and then came out to the patio. Karen brought two glasses of wine with her.

It was a warm Spring night. “Here.” She handed the wine glass to Addy.


“Wanna talk?”

“Sure, what about?” Addy asked.


Addy gave her a look. “Is there more?! If this is about the money thing, I'm claiming res judicata !”

Karen laughed. “Am I ever going to win with you?”

“I'm a very reasonable person, when you are right, I will be the first one to admit it. So, yes, you will win, but not on this, not tonight.”

Karen couldn't help smile at the stubbornness of her adorable brat. “Addy, we agreed that we wanted to make a life together, right?” Oh shit, big guns, be prepared, Adriana!

“Yes.” Addy replied.

“We have never spoken about a commitment as such, but trying to make a life together seems like a pretty solid commitment, right?” Karen noticed that Addy was not very responsive and Karen was feeling a bit nervous. Addy was just wondering what the hell this was all about!

She sat on the edge of the chair in front of her and leaned forward. “Addy, you said some things today that made me think. I feel like we need to clarify certain things. First, you are my love and my life. There's nothing I want more on this earth than to spend the rest of my life with you. You are all I have, all I need, all I want. You and your kids are named as heirs in my will, all I have is yours. We have powers of attorney to handle each other's affairs and health issues. That's how it is, that's how I want it, that's how you want it. I think this commitment makes us partners. We may not be legally married, because we can't be, but not because we wouldn't want to. This is how it is, this is how I see it. I just need to clarify that with you because out there on the road today, I had the feeling that we weren't clear about this. It is for better or worse, in sickness and in health and forever. I need you to understand that this is how I see it also. Nothing less, Addy, nothing less. Is this how you see it also?”

Karen's hands were trembling by the time she was finished, she kept moving them so that Addy wouldn't notice her nervousness, but Addy knew her well enough to know that this was one of her mechanisms to hide her nerves.

Addy, took Karen's hands in hers, she could feel the vibrations of her body in her hands. She brought Karen's hands to her lips and placed gentle kisses on them and brought them close to her cheeks to caress them. She looked into the green eyes and nodded.

“Yes, Ker, that's how I see it.”

Addy realized that Karen needed to clarify how she viewed their relationship. She suspected that her words out there on the road had unsettled Karen. That she might have thought that Addy was questioning her intentions or how she viewed their commitment. Karen was telling her that this was the real thing, that they didn't need a piece of paper to guarantee a forever. They were the ones guaranteeing the forever, under any circumstance. Karen was trying to clarify the formality of their relationship as to leave no doubt.

Addy wanted to say so much more, but she realized that words would never express how she felt and that only time and actions would make Karen realize how she really felt about their relationship. Right at that moment she made a promise to herself and silently to Karen. As she looked into those mesmerizing gorgeous green eyes and kissed those lips. She promised to let Karen know every single day of her life that she was loved and that she was unique and special in her life. I will make sure that you feel my love everyday! I'm also going to start researching domestic partnership. Maybe it's legal here, or we'll go wherever we need to go to establish ours.

Karen inhaled and exhaled as if cleansing her body of all her fears. She got up and looked into the dark ocean. Addy remained on the chair. Karen looked back aware of the silence. Addy was stiff, her eyes welled with tears.

“What's wrong?”

“Nothing. I'm just overwhelmed, I guess.”

“I need you to know that how you make me feel, no one has ever made me feel like this, Ker. I love you with all my heart.” Karen dropped to her knees right between Addy's legs. Karen was trembling. She tried to speak but hardly could. Somehow whispered words came out. “I need you, Addy, I need you.” She put her head on Addy's lap. Addy leaned forward and kissed her neck as she brushed away her hair.

“I need you, too baby.”

Karen looked up as she swallowed hard. Her hands came to Addy's face and holding it gently devoured her with a kiss which was returned with the same passion.

Addy pulled away from the kiss. “Come on let's go inside.” She led the way to the cottage.

Once inside, Karen closed the patio door. Addy came from behind and hugged her. She nuzzled Karen's neck. Karen was excited at the simple thought that Addy was coming on to her. Oh! Heaven on earth!

Addy pulled her to the sofa. Karen was loving Addy's boldness. They started to undress each other. Karen reached out for Addy, but Addy pulled back. “My move, Ms. Larsen.” Brown seductive eyes bore down on her. Karen was already melting, when Addy pushed her down on the sofa and began undressing her. Addy placed one knee between Karen's legs. Karen looked up and smiled as Addy finished removing her own clothes. Looking at Addy undress was unbelievably arousing. Karen loved it. Addy knew it, and was purposely taking her time. Addy was all smiles, while Karen slobbered.

Karen came up to meet her half way, her hands desperately reaching out to engulf the gorgeous body on top of hers. Addy wasted no time, though. She wanted to assert her position. She reached below Karen's waistline. Karen couldn't move when she felt the hand sliding inside her pants. “Oh God!”

“Umm, how could you be so …….” Karen gasped. She managed to speak softly, her eyes were hooded. She was almost faint with pleasure. Almost inaudible she said, “Addy …..I don't know how you do it, but you melt me…. by just looking at me.”

“Um! Really?” Addy questioned as she continue to provide the much wanted attention.

“Yeah, Oh God!”

Addy was a fantastic lover. Time froze for Karen when Addy was in charge. Karen loved how her hands brushed her skin, caressing every inch, every centimeter of her body, arousing every single cell in it. She ached for her touch, she wanted it. She couldn't wait for more, or have enough of it.

It was like being slowly bathed in a slow moving river. Then, when she placed pressure to knead muscles that were already aching for her touch, the want became desperate. The anticipation of the moment when those sensual hands finally reached her thighs and the torture of feeling those hands move once again away to caress her abdomen, or her arms, or breasts only increased the want. Her desire built to the point of almost wanting to scream and beg for her touch. When Addy finally eased her way slowly and gently into her, it didn't take long for Karen to climax. Her orgasm would be immediate and intense.

“Aalready?.. ummm….”

“YES!..........Addy!” Karen grabbed on to her as her body rode the waves of the orgasm.

The first few times, Karen was worried because she felt that Addy would think that she was doing something wrong. Karen had to explain all she felt and why it happened so fast. Addy's reply was simple. “Baby, if it's because you feel so good, I'm in trouble because I don't know how not to make you feel good.” Karen was grinning unbelieving what she was hearing and waiting for her turn to talk. “The only thing to do about this, I guess, is to let you go through the first quick one, and then we can go for seconds. Maybe the second one will come slower and you can enjoy it more. What do you think?” Still unbelieving what she was hearing, as she was chuckling.

“Seconds are good too, but Addy, I didn't mean to say I didn't enjoy the first one also. I actually loved it. ”

“Oh! Then you get a double deal!” A very smiley Karen flipped her.

“How about you? Should we go for seconds too?”

Addy smiled. “Seconds and thirds, how many do you think I can have in one night?”

Karen was nodding her head, knowing that finally she had found someone who could outlast her. “Lord have mercy!”

Their love making was beyond the rational. In her wildest dream, Karen never thought that anyone, much less Addy, could bring her to that state of arousal and pleasure. It was beyond perfect!

When they were done, they were exhausted, and just held on to each other. “Not bad, huh?” Karen chuckled, still recovering. “Not bad at all, baby.” A speechless smiling Karen would just look at her in complete awe. They continued their love making upstairs. The truth was that Karen couldn't have possibly gone to sleep that night without a visit to what Karen now came to call her very own ‘heaven.' More so now that Addy had apparently decided to count the number of orgasm she could have on one night!


In the morning a very smiling Karen got up after kissing her partner gently on her forehead. Standing on the side of the bed Karen couldn't help admiring the spectacular view. Addy's nude body on her stomach, the sheets barely covering part of her buttocks and one leg. Beautiful. Who would have thought? She bent over and kissed her again.
I just can't get enough of her!

Addy, squirmed a bit when Karen kissed her again. “What time is it? Do we need to get up?” “No, baby.” Karen came close and kissed her right hip and massaged her right buttock. “Umm! So good! You can sleep some more, babypooh, I'm going to shower and make some coffee.” Karen knew that if she remained there one more second, she wouldn't be able to leave and the morning would turn into the afternoon. She had to force herself away form Addy. She was concerned that Addy would grow tired of her. She just couldn't explain the crazy, overwhelming attraction that drew her to Addy . It was as if she was a woman possessed!

Once downstairs, she started the coffee, picked up the paper from the front door and stepped out on the patio to glance at the fabulous view of the ocean. She was one happy woman.

After a little while, Addy came downstairs to get her coffee. Looking out the kitchen window she saw Karen outside in the patio looking at the view. Karen was wearing a white long loose tunic shirt and black baggy lounge pants. The strong warm wind from the ocean blowing her hair and her loose clothes into the air. Addy got her coffee and began to drink it, still looking at the gorgeous woman outside the window. She came out and from the back wrapped her arms around Karen. “Good morning gorgeousness!” Karen felt like melting in her arms.

“Good morning, sleeping beauty! Isn't this a great view?” She opened her arms as to display the sight.

“Yeah, but you missed the one from back there, though.” Karen turned around still in Addy's arms.

“What view?”

Addy smiled, holding her arms wide open. “All of this….. and you in the middle of it.” Karen's heart skipped a beat, as she buried her face in Addy's shoulder.

Karen chuckled. “Addy!'

Addy kissed her hair, inhaling her scent. “I wouldn't trade this picture for the Mona Lisa!”

Karen was visibly shaken by Addy's words and she snuggled into her arms.

Karen smiled. “You've turned out to be some sweet talker, you know!”

“Ker, I've got a lot to talk about …and …admire… Plus, I've held it all up for a long time, sweetie.”

Karen combed her hair back and kissed her on the lips.

“Hey, hot lips, cut that out, I think we need to go to town and take a break. All this love is going to kill us, you know!”

Raising her fist in the air, Karen said: “Live hard, die young!”

“Don't know, I think I want to live long and enjoy all of this.” She ran her hands up and down Karen's arms.

Karen chuckled. “I‘ve created a monster! I still think that I'm in a sort of coma and that all this is not real.”

“How's this for real?” Addy grabbed Karen's butt with her hands and bit Karen's lower lip pulling it gently. Then she kissed her. “Plus, last night seemed pretty real to me!” Addy wiggled her eyebrows. “Come on, let's make some breakfast.”

Karen grinned from ear to ear, as Addy pulled her into the house.

Addy started her breakfast preparations. “Scramble okay with you?”

Karen snuck up behind her, nuzzling her ear. “Whatever you do is fine with me.” She slid her hands under Addy's t-shirt finding very soft skin. She couldn't resist, this was too good. She brought her hands up to find very hardened nipples. Addy squirmed. “Ker, I'm cooking here!” “Umm…are you sure you want to go to town, I'm getting a different signal here …..”

Addy smiled and continued to squirm. “Ker, I'm going to burn myself!” Karen turned off the stove. Addy smiled. “Is the green monster on the prowl?”

“Uh huh.” Karen nibbled her ear and cupped her breasts from behind. Karen spoke softly. “The town is going to be there later….maybe we should….. ummm….” Karen smiled. She slid one of her hands under Addy's waist band. “Uuummm, no undies, Ms. Addy? What have we here?”

Addy smiled. “I thought you liked accessibility? And if you don't know what you've got there, we are in trouble!”

“I do love accessibility, and even though I do know what I've got here…..I think I would like to examine it closely to make sure it's in as good shape this morning as it was last night. Here in Scotland we folks are very hospitable.”

Karen's right hand was still checking for signals, while her left hand was committed to demonstrate Scotland 's hospitality. Addy smiled as she wiggled. They had developed their own language to talk about certain things, and they loved.

“Umm this breakfast is reeeeaally good!” Then a husky, sexy voice imparted some instructions, which were immediately followed. Karen placed her knee between Addy's legs and leaned her against her. “Oh God, Ker!” Addy pressed herself into Karen's body, as Karen continued to put pressure on her. Addy's hand grasping Karen's forearm. Addy gasped. “Ker!”

Karen could barely speak. “Umm?”

“….oh Lord! Bed…room?”


“Oh!..God Ker!..…! Hold me!” She clutched Karen's forearm in such way that her fingers turned white.

“Always!” As the pressure increased, she felt the orgasm coming. She leaned her head backwards and let it drop on Karen's shoulder. When the orgasm came, she felt vain and fell back into Karen's embrace. Karen sucked her earlobe and kissed her neck. Karen kept the pressure until Addy asked her to stop. She kissed her neck, over and over. “You okay?

She was still hanging on to Karen who was embracing and kissing her still. “Yeah, I think I need to seat down.”

Karen helped her to the sofa and pulled her to her lap. “Come here.” Addy snuggled into her and rested her head on Karen's shoulder. Karen kissed her head and stroke her gently on her back. “You okay, was it good?” Addy raised her head and kissed her, then whispered in her ear. “Awesome.”

To be continued in Part 4


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