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Part 4 Fixing the cottage

While fixing the cottage, just about everything happened. Whenever something was replaced or removed it caused something else to fail or a new disaster was discovered. For example, when the roofers were replacing the shingles they discovered that the planks below had rotted and now everything needed to be replaced. It had been a nightmare. While removing the kitchen cabinets to replace them, the contractor struck a pipe and water gushed everywhere. The plumber had to come. While he was there, he fixed the water pressure and replaced other pipes.

Mr. Jones was the plumber. He was a jolly looking man. His business was in town but he covered a pretty big area. “Yeah, I always took care of the plumbing here. I never understood how Ms. Charlotte lived here all those years by herself. She really liked this place. But she was always most happy when she had company. Ms. Geri, Gertrude was her name. She'd come and stay with her for long periods of time, that's when she was most happy. They were quite a pair when they were together. They used to laugh at everything. They'd sit out there and drink their wine.”

Karen looked at Addy, Addy shrugged her shoulders. “Mr. Jones, this Ms. Gertrude, where did she live?” “Don't know. It never came up. I never asked either. She would come and stay all spring and summer, and then she would leave. Every year, for many years.”

“Do you know her last name?”

“No. Never asked that either. I'm all done upstairs, Ms. Larsen. I will send my bill in the mail. It sure is good to have a new Larsen lady in the cottage again. This is such a nice place! I'm also glad to see that you keep company here. Are you staying through the winter? Winters are pretty cold up here.” He was addressing Addy.

“Yes, Mr. Jones, I am here to stay permanently with Ms. Larsen.”

Karen smiled looking at the pair in front of her.

“Good! I'll be on my way now. Have a good day, me ladies!”

As he walked away, Addy stood behind Karen and commented. “I wonder what he will have to say if he knew how permanent my stay here is going to be!” She kissed Karen on the cheek turned around and got busy in the kitchen. Karen turned around smiling and followed Addy to the kitchen and sat on one of the stools. “I wonder what sort of relationship Aunt Charlotte had with Geri. I wonder if she'll ever come around here and we'll get to meet her.”

“Do you suppose they were just friends, or maybe lovers?”

“Don't know. Aunt Charlotte never said anything about being a lesbian, but then again, those were other times and people were more closeted. Maybe that's why she always stood up for me. Maybe she gave me credit for my courage in coming out in such a traditional environment.”

“When did you?”

“Towards the end of high school. I got tired of hiding from people. The family hated it. I sort of rebelled and got into a lot of trouble. I really don't want to talk about that now, Addy.”

“One day Ker, you are going to tell me about this part of your life you never want to talk about. I don't know why you don't. Whatever happened, it already passed. I love you, baby, and nothing is ever going to change that.”

Karen smiled. “I know, sweetie pie, I just have bad memories from my past and would like to put them behind me.”

“Ker, everybody has something in their past they want to forget. As bad as it might have been, it couldn't have been so bad. You are a loving person and you have probably always been. We all have had times in our lives when we have been confused. We should not judge people for what they did or did not do in their past. We were never in those shoes and only God knows what a person can do when faced with situations outside their control. Nope, I'm sure you were always your wonderful self. You are just being too hard on you! Go on and set the table for dinner.”

Karen did as told. She kept looking at Addy in disbelief that someone had that forgiving outlook of life. She was too naïve and too adorably wonderful. Where did Addy come from? How could someone so wonderful exist in a world so full of crap?

“Don't give me the sad puppy look, Larsen, you know I can practically read your mind, so be careful with your thoughts around me! I know what's passing through that head! I may not be able to know the past, but the present and the future are very obvious and clear to me!”

Karen grinned. She got up from the stool, grabbed her and kissed her. “Adriana, you are my beautiful love and I will kiss the ground that you walk on just for you to allow me the pleasure of doing so!”

“I hate it when you get on your worshipping mode! One day you are going to realize that I'm no goddess and you'll see me for the plain woman that I am and you'll regret every one of your worshipping acts!”

“I doubt that very much, and….for the record, if that was ever to happen I would not be regretting all my worshiping acts!”

Addy grabbed the kitchen towel and snapped her with it.

“Ouch! You know what they say about aggressiveness right?”

“No I don't and you are not telling me!”

Karen grabbed her from the back and held her. Karen was taller than her and that gave her an advantage. “You are something else, you know!” Addy was trying to force herself free. They we both laughing at the sparring match.

“Karen Larsen, I swear that if you pull another Scotland hospitality trick again on me I'm going to…..” Karen allowed her to turn around in her arms. They were both still laughing.

“You are going to what?” Karen brought her face close, looked at her adoringly and kissed her.

“I'm going to have to show you how Latin people reciprocate hospitality!” She was grinning almost chuckling looking at Karen's adorable smile.

Karen was laughing as well. “I'm afraid, Ms. Addy, that by now I am very familiar with Latin hospitality, so if you are ready to show me, just let me know where you want me, I know the granite counter doesn't cut it for you, but the dusty sofa over there, could take some beating to remove some dust.”

The phone rang, right at that minute.

“I think it's your phone?” Addy noted

“Yeah, I think so. Who could this be at this hour?”

“It's JP. Hi sugar boy!”

“Did I catch you at a bad time? You sound too cheery.”

“I'm always cheery. I've got Addy right here.”

“Hopefully not naked and with her legs opened underneath you!”

“JP, I swear sometimes you do get on my nerves! Could you, please, not make comments like that anymore? I don't crack jokes about you and James, do I?”

“Okay, I'm sorry. I won't anymore. Geez, can I talk to Addy, I feel like you are going to bite me!”

“Here she is.”

“Hi, sweetie, I think I offended the blonde one.”

“Don't worry, JP, I'll talk to her. What's going on?”

“I was just calling to see how you guys were doing.”

“We are fine.” Addy kept looking at Karen who had stepped outside.

After about fifteen minutes, Addy hung up the phone and went outside to find Karen.

She was sitting on the wooden swing in the patio.

“What was that about?”

“I don't like it when he jokes about us.”

“He loves us and means well.”

“Yeah, but when he talks like that he demeans our relationship. I don't like it. I feel it's disrespectful to you.”

“And not to you?”

“I don't care what he thinks of me. He knows me from our running around in New York . You are different. You are out of bounds. I won't let him talk about you like that.” Karen was looking down when she spoke.

“Is this about the past again? Oh Lord, why can't you move on!?”

Karen was silent. Addy was too. She wanted Karen to talk and was creating the silence on purpose. Karen glanced at her.

“I had a bit of a nasty past, Addy.”

“We all have things we would like to forget, I told you that already. Sometimes we can't. Then it's a matter of what we do with the rest of our lives that makes a difference. You are good, baby. I wouldn't love you this much if you weren't! I'm glad you stood up for me even if it made JP feel bad. I guess I know now that I will always come first for you.”

Karen looked at her. “Have you ever doubted it?”

“No, but JP and you go a long way and I thought that….”

Karen turned around. “Addy, nobody comes before you. Nobody. Do you understand that? You are the most important person in my life!” Karen was so serious that it almost frightened Addy.

“Okay, baby, I know, I know I am.”

They held each other and sat on the swing until it got really dark and a little chilly. Karen talked to Addy for a long time. She told her about all her fears. Addy listened and caressed her gently, occasionally kissing her. “Ker, all is fine now. I wish I could guaranty that life will always be fine, but nobody can guaranty that, but there's one thing I can guaranty.”


“I can guaranty that whatever happens in our lives, I will always stand by you.”

“I thought you didn't believe in always, never, ever and forever?”

“I don't, but I will tell you one thing I hold true as my very being, I love my children and I love you, and as much as I can guaranty an always, a never, an ever and a forever it will be to you and them.”

Karen smiled lovingly. That was a genuine, true from the heart answer. She knew Addy well. She had dedicated too much time to observe, study and think about her. She knew her heart, and it was as good as they came.

Addy tapped her nose with her finger and kissed it. The gesture made Karen smile even more.


Karen's mother passed when she was only thirteen. Her father had been so hurt losing his wife, it took him a long time to remember he had a daughter, by then he and Karen had grown apart. She got in with the wrong crowd, smoke and drank. She never did drugs or had sex until much later in her life.

Hanging out with the wrong crowd had exposed her to all sorts of things and had made her very street wise. She never dropped school because she knew her mother wanted her to go to college and in her mind she had resolved that she would. But those were turbulent years. That is why her father would send her to Altee with Aunt Charlotte to remove her from the environment that he thought was hurting her, at least for the summers.

When Karen's mother died there was a great void in her life which she would fill with everything possible. She had to, it was too lonely and too sad, and there was no one to comfort her. Karen's dad provided and cared for her, but he was never as nurturing as his wife had been. Her father was devastated with the loss of his beloved wife. Apparently he adored her. So, when she passed he fell into depression and then took up drinking. Years passed before he was able to get back on his feet. He was barely able to keep his job. He lost his house and everything they had.

Fortunately, for Karen, her mother had set up a trust fund for her and she was able to pay for her education with that money. Karen graduated without any debt. She was very fortunate. She did get several scholarships, but neither Oxford , nor Harvard came cheap and Addy wondered what kind of money was in that trust fund and where had it come from. Karen's father was an architect and contractor. Addy wondered what kind of money he could have made. She wondered if the money came from her mother's side of the family. She didn't ask, there would be another time for that. Tonight Karen was vulnerable and it was better to put her at ease rather than stir the past.

Karen had fallen asleep on Addy's lap. She was resting so peacefully, Addy was hesitant to wake her up, but it was getting late and cold. She rubbed her arm up and down. “Baby, we need to go inside, it's getting too cold out here.” Karen got up. Addy put her arm around her waist to support her. Karen put her arm around Addy's shoulder. They walked inside.

“Go upstairs and get ready for bed. I'll make some hot chocolate.” Karen followed the instructions given. “And don't worry. I'll check all the doors.”

“No, I'll do that.”

Why does she always have to do that?

Karen locked up the cottage and went up the stairs.

That night when Addy got in bed, they cuddled. Karen was so tired, she could hardly keep her eyes open. “Good night, baby.” Karen kissed her on the neck, as she lay her head on Addy's shoulder. Addy loved it when Karen fell asleep on her shoulder. With her face looking up at her. Karen once asked her why she liked it. “I get to see an angel on my shoulder and that gives me peace.” Karen would just melt when Addy said things like that because she knew she meant every bit of it.


Three months later, the cottage was finished. Everything had been freshly painted, caulked and winterized. New insulation had been placed in the attic and basement and anywhere else needed. All the appliances were new, as well at the furnace and hot water heater. The windows and door were replaced. The yard and patio were cleaned. All the electrical wires were replaced or fixed, the light fixtures were changed, a lot of the plumbing was redone, the bathrooms were rebuilt, the upstairs floors were carpeted, and they got area rugs to cover the hardwood in the dining and living room areas. The hardwood was buffed and resealed.

The cottage was wired for internet and satellite TV, and a sun room was built off the kitchen area to house a beautiful hot tub. The green house had a door to the kitchen and another to the patio. Everything was sparkling clean and new. They had spent quite a bit of money, but after it was all done, they were really happy about how everything had turned out.

Much time was spent decorating, nailing this here or there, getting utensils for the kitchen, working in the garden. They even got a gas grill for cookouts. Summers in Scotland were nice and cool. In the winter for entertainment they had the hot tub and they had also purchased a big screen TV. They had a very nice entertainment unit with a Bose sound system and had subscribed to internet and movie services. The kitchen lay out and content was good enough to satisfy a professional chef.

The cottage was small, but very cozy and homey. The downstairs floor plan was the kitchen and a small dining area, a living\family room where the TV and entertainment center were located. This room also had a huge fireplace. Off the kitchen was the patio and yard and behind it the sun room with the hot tub. In the center of the lower floor there was a bathroom with a shower stall to accommodate any bathers from the hot tub. The bathroom had two doors one opened to the hot tub room, the other to the living room area to accommodate the needs of any guests.

There were windows in the dining and living room area and they had a carpenter build inside shutters which they would close at night for added protection from the cold in the winter and for privacy and safety at night. They also acquired an alarm system for the whole house. Karen was big on being safe. The perimeter of the house was nicely surrounded by hedges and flowery shrubs as well as several pine trees and other types of trees added privacy to the small cottage.

“Ker, why do we need an alarm system? It seems like the crime rate around here has to be very low.”

“Yeah, Addy, but we are two women living alone and someone might think that we are easy prey. You can't ever be too safe.”


It was a real nice alarm system also. The type of alarm that would dial the police department number, if there was some kind of intrusion. Although, Addy didn't see a reason for so much security, she didn't say anything because apparently this was important to Karen, and if something was important to Karen it was the law of the land for her. Karen for her part loved the way Addy would let her take over certain things without any further questioning. She had once asked her about that in one of their night talks.

“Ker, if something makes you happy, that's exactly want I want.” Karen just nodded in total contentment to have found someone for whom she was the most important thing ever. Although she admitted that sometimes Addy would drive her nuts, the truth was that with all of Addy's little aggravating quirks, she was the most interesting, amazing an unbelievable person she had ever come across and she sometimes wondered what her life would have been like without her.

Addy was the ever present though on her mind. She thought at times that it was almost embarrassing that she loved her so much. There were many times when in the darkness of the night, in the intimacy of their bedroom, Karen silently, and selfishly paid homage to the woman she loved beyond reason by just looking at her contently and lovingly until she fell asleep herself.


The upstairs of the cottage consisted of the two bedrooms. The master bedroom had its own bathroom with a shower and Jacuzzi tub and a huge walk in closet. It also had a small sitting area where they placed a small love seat and a small flat screen TV. The second room had its own bathroom also, but with a shower stall. Upstairs also was a small alcove which at the time was used for storage.

The cottage turned out to be beautiful. From the outside it was picture perfect. The day that everything was finished neither one of them could believe it. It had been a lot of work. They hired contractors, but still had to go around buying everything they wanted installed and making sure that everything was done to their satisfaction.

A lot of the nailing and picture hanging had been done by Karen. As it turned out, she was pretty good with tools. Addy knew she was a disaster when it came to handiwork and tools so she refrain from the actual drilling and nailing and just gave directions as to whether something was crooked or not, or where something should go. “Are you sure you want it here?”

“Move it a little bit to the side….up…no, wait..…a little bit down.”

“Addy! Would you, please, make up your mind?”

“Okay, just leave it there.”

Karen rolled her eyes. “There! I think it looks perfect.” Karen was using a level to make sure everything was perfect. She knew it wasn't crooked. It was just Addy messing with her.

Addy sat in the sofa and stared at Karen. She was grinning from ear to ear. Karen look so adorable. She was wearing a black sleeveless fitted t-shit over a pair of faded tight jean shorts and hiking boots.

“What? Don't tell me that you don't like it now!”

“Oh, I like it! I very much like what I see.”

Karen looked back wondering what prompted that response. She grinned when she saw Addy's mischievous look and the wink. Addy knew the effect of her winks on Karen.

“I kind of like this ‘butch' look.” She signaled to Karen with her finger moving it up and down. Karen came towards her with the drill in hand. She was chewing the inside of her cheek to contain her smile. She knelt in front of Addy. “Wanna play with my tools? Need any work done?” She turned on the drill for sound effect.

Addy grinned. “Ummm! Tempting, but we have more pictures to hang. Can I take a rain check? Karen's face lit up like a Christmas tree.

“Yes, Ma'am, for you there are always rain checks available!” She kissed her and helped her get up. They finished hanging all the pictures.

When that task was done, Addy then took off for the garden. She had a bunch of plants lined up to plant. She had set them down where she wanted to plant them. The evergreens and other bigger shrubbery had been professionally planted. The plants she was going to put in were the seasonal colorful ones. They were easy to plant and didn't require much digging. However, she had to kneel and bend over to get the plants in.

Karen was putting away the tools, but when she was done and looked outside, she saw Addy on the ground her butt raised up in the air as she picked up the empty flower pots. Addy was wearing an orange sleeveless polo shirt and black spandex shorts that accentuated every curve on her body. Karen smiled, she loved to see her so worked up on the ground, not to mention the cute butt raised up.

“Hey sexy thing!”

Addy looked back grinning. “Yeeees!”

Karen grinned, she loved those long yeses. “Anybody ever told you… you have the cutest ass in the world?”

Addy looked back. “Karen! Ssssh! Someone might hear you!”

Karen looked around, there was no one. Karen smiled. Addy was always so righteous. It was really cute, how she would be embarrassed for just about anything.

Karen was on the step of the doorway to the kitchen looking out to the patio. She had her right eyebrow raised as she made the comment. As feminine as she was, she looked all butchy and sexy now. Karen raised her arms to reach the threshold of the door, her abdominal muscles all stretched out, fully exposed and her belly button showing. Boy, did she look good! Addy got up and removed her work gloves. As she came forward, she looked up and down at the gorgeous figure on the door. Coming closer, she placed her hands on Karen's abdomen. Karen tensed, feeling the pang in her gut as all her senses were stimulated by her partner's unexpected touch. Those hands could work miracles!

“Yes, so I have been told, actually more than once and very recently, by some one who seems to be very appreciative of it.” She then came down and kissed the taller woman on her abdomen. Karen tensed more, so much she could have sworn her stomach reached her back! Oh God! How does she do this to me!

Karen got goose bumps from the proximity of Addy's body, the touch and the kiss on her abdomen. She cleared her throat. Addy knew that the omelet had flipped here and the hunter had become the prey. Addy, looked at the almost trembling woman. Karen looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Addy gave her a knowing smile.

“What were you saying, sexy?” She still had one hand on Karen's abdomen and with the other she traced Karen's face with her index finger.

Oh God! Karen tried to speak, as Addy smiled expectantly. “It's…. going to be dark soon….” All of a sudden she recovered and in a sexy tone said, “perhaps it's time for you to come inside….. and play with… my tools while I find some appreciative way to glorify your a…” Addy stopped her with a fierce open mouth kiss.

Karen put her arms around her and pulled her into the kitchen, closing the door behind her and pressing her against the door as she continued to fiercely kiss her. Addy desperately grabbed on to her. They pulled away, for nothing more than to gasp some much needed air. Karen was panting and in her sexual frenzy pinned Addy to the wall saying “you drive me mad, woman! I love you and I want you!” However, Addy had more of a clear mind at the moment and quickly turned things around to Karen's surprise.

When the love frenzy was over, and after nearly falling on the kitchen table Karen was holding on to the kitchen counter top in a laughter attack. Addy was all smiles as she came from behind, held her and helped her straighten up. “Do you want more demonstration of the Latin hospitality?”

Karen was grinning so much it hurt. Still holding on to the counter top, but now supported by Addy. She still had not recovered from her orgasm, or their near fall, or laughter attack, and here was Addy asking if she wanted more! She thought right at that moment that she had to be the luckiest woman on earth.

Addy, knew Karen was spent. “Come on baby, hang on to me. I think this kitchen has seen enough action for tonight. Let's go take a shower. I'm going soap you real well.” Karen continued to grin, as they climbed the stairs.

“I can't believe that you are beating me at my own game! Do I get to soap you too?”

“Oh, you will, baby, you will. I'm not a selfish woman! But not before I play with your tools, Ms. Butch.”

“I thought you already had! Looks like you are getting very good at handling them.”

Addy sort of blushed. Karen loved when that happened. “Oh, I know I can handle them, I just want to see how much power I can get out of them!”

Thank you, God for being so good to me! It was all Karen could think!

A shower together always led straight to bed. However, playing with the tools had exhausted them and when they came to bed, they just cuddled. Addy turned on the TV in the bedroom. Karen picked up her tablet and began to browse the web. Addy looked at her, it just felt so good to be home, to be so relaxed and to see Karen so at ease and happy. Addy leaned back and watched the news.


The next day, both women were working in the yard. Karen was moving the grass and Addy was using the trimmer for the edges. Karen took a break to prepare some lemonade when a green pickup truck pulled up.

“Hello, Ma'am. Looking for Ms. Larsen to deliver some mulch.” The minute she saw her, Addy knew from Karen's description that this was Mary ‘the lover' from the hardware store.

“Yes, just a minute, let me call her.” Addy walked to the door. “Ker, you have a delivery form the hardware store.” Addy was pretending to holler even though Karen was right there in the kitchen. Karen made a gesture of disgust and whispering she said, “what are you doing to me? Get rid of her!”

Addy couldn't help herself, she was going to explode laughing. Again, she hollered. “Ker, do you hear me, there is a delivery.”

“You owe me for this one!” She said as she passed by the adorable teasing brunette.

“Oh, hi Mary.” Mary was beaming, Addy couldn't help grinning. She also saw the not so smiley woman in the truck.

Addy was going to set this straight right now for everyone's sake. She had that look of command in her. They had already talked about not hiding their relationship from anyone, so Addy was ready to launch this rocket into space “Hello, Ms. Larsen, I brought you the mulch you order.”

“Mary, you didn't have to bring it, we would have gone to get it.”

Addy came closer and smiled at Karen. Karen immediately realized what Addy was about to do. Lord have mercy! It was one of those situations, where you'd wonder if the apparent solution would be worst than the problem.

“Addy, this is Mary. She is the manager of the hardware store in town and that there is Carol, her partner. I would like you to meet…..”

Addy waved to Carol who was still sitting in the truck and extended her hand to Mary. “Hi, Carol, Mary, I'm Addy, Karen's partner.”

Mary nearly choked with the gum she was chewing, as he shook hands with Addy. Carol all of a sudden had the biggest smile on her face she probably had in years. Not only was Karen taken, but she was taken by a fabulous woman who Carol was sure kept her hands very full. Carol jumped out of the truck delighted.

“Very pleased to meet you, Addy.”

“Same here, Carol.”

Carol immediately established a friendship with Addy. Karen interpreted it as a sign of relief.

Mary, hardly spoke any more. She began to unload the bags of mulch.

“Here, let me give you a hand.” Karen began to unload the mulch as well.

“You guys have to stop by the café some time.”

“Ker, Carol owns the café in town. She makes all those wonderful pastries we had the other night. Isn't that great?”

“Yeah, they were awesome.”

Mary was finishing unloading the last of the bags. “Well, we better get going. We have businesses to tend in town. Avery smiley Carol got in the truck.

Addy bid them farewell. “Well thanks for stopping by and for the delivery.”

As the pair drove away, Karen came over and put her arm around Addy's shoulders. “You are the devil's advocate! I'm lucky to have you in my corner, woman.”

Addy turned her face, looked at Karen's face up and down and smiled. “Just protecting my turf, baby, just staking my claim for all to know.” She pouted and planted a kiss on very smiley lips that didn't move to say a single thing. The satisfaction was complete and very evident. Did she really think that anyone had a chance on this turf? Nevertheless, Karen liked the idea that Addy was ready to tell the world about them.

It felt good to have someone care for you.


The chores resumed. The mulch now needed to be spread.

“Do you think they'll tell on us?”

“Don't know. They are pretty openly out there. But I don't know if they are tattle tales.”

“I'll have to stop by the coffee shop and pay a visit to Carol.”


“I know what you are going to say, baby, I won't go. If we do visit, it'll be the two of us together. We don't know the pair and we should be careful.”

Karen nodded. “Not everyone has good intentions. There are a lot mean spirited people out there. We are not sure how people around here feel about lesbian relationships. This is not Washington , DC , remember that!” She walked into the house.

Addy walked behind her.

Karen got a cold beer and went out to the patio. Addy was watching her. Karen looked kind of somber. She also looked sexy in her denim shorts and fitted black t-shirt.

“I hope you're not planning your next trip to the hardware store.” Addy teased as she sat next to Karen on the patio swing also with a cold glass of beer in her hands.

Karen smirked. “Nope. That will be your pleasure. I will stay away from there, if I can help it.”

Addy laughed. “You can handle them.”

“You are not jealous?”

“Nope, I trust you.”

Karen chuckled.

Addy grimaced. “So what's wrong? You afraid that more lesbians will be coming out of the woods, or something?”

“Oh, I guess that is inevitable, especially now that the word is out.”

“Do you have former friends around here?”

“No. I never fooled around in this neck of the woods. All my activities were far from here. I also never stayed in contact with anyone from the past, so I have no idea where anyone would be. I also never had any relationships.”


“I didn't want to be tied down to anyone, and I guess I never really fell in love with anyone. You are the only person ever who really captured me. The day I first saw you in the gym will forever be engraved in my memory. It was weird. It was a senseless attraction. As if we were meant to be together and then, the question of how it would be possible when there was so much separating us. I was so torn. Yet it felt so right, I couldn't walk away. It was as if the more I saw you and talked to you the more I wanted to be with you, the more I thought of you and it came to be like I couldn't stop thinking about you.”

Addy smiled and put her arm around Karen's shoulder.

“Ker, when you went away to that ranch and I thought you were going to end up with that woman, I couldn't have cared less about anything or anyone else in the world. I had to go after you and stop you. I wanted you for me. I felt selfish and confused, but I knew I wanted you and I was not about to let you get away. I didn't know how I was going to go about achieving that, but I had to do something.”

“So, you are not worried about Mary?”

“Well, I'm worried about her jumping you or something!” Addy laughed. “The woman looks scary. How are you karate skills as of lately? Maybe you should get that gun, after all!” Addy chuckled.

Karen smiled. “I'll be fine. The tough ones aren't usually all that tough. The ones that worry me are the femme fatale type. They know they are beautiful and that they can get away with whatever once they have a target.”

“Speaking from experience, Ms. Larsen?”

Karen smiled. She looked at Addy. “I only want to be beautiful to you, Addy.” Karen's eyes misted. Addy took her hand and kissed he knuckles.

“You are. Come on, let's go inside and make some dinner. I'm starving.”

In the kitchen, Addy spoke. “So, let's say either one of us comes across one of this ‘femme fatale' type, what is the right move to stop them? I have to tell you…I am jealous and although I trust you I don't know that I can take anyone coming on to you!”

“I don't know if I could take anyone even looking at you!” Karen said in jest, but serious.

“Oh God! What are we going to do if ever faced with that situation?”

“Trust. That's what it comes down to. We both have to believe in each other and in the promises we've made to each other. As long as we hold on to that, we will be able to withstand any storm.”

Addy looked at her in the eye. “You have my promise, Karen Larsen.”

“And you have mine, Adriana Marcos.”

To be continued in Part 5


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