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Part 8 Anniversary

It was already March, and it was their first year anniversary. They each had talked about how they would celebrate it. However, with all that was going on with the construction of the inn and the many disasters happening there, neither one had the time to make any special arrangements for the evening. Also, since it was in the middle of the week, they had agreed to postpone it until Friday evening when they could go and stay in the city and make a weekend of it.

Addy had been home all morning taking care of some of her legal work. Karen had been at the inn. She came home for lunch because there was so much going on over there, and the chaos was such, that her nerves couldn't take it. She needed to get away from it all, at least for a little while.

"I don't know if those people know what they are doing! Addy, sometimes things that look so simple turn out to be a project of its own! If I had more time I would have planned all this to the last detail and would have gotten the right people and…" Karen rummaged through the refrigerator looking for food.

"Karen! You can't do everything yourself. Besides, those people are experts and they know what they are doing. Constructions jobs are like that. First there is destruction and everything looks like a great big disaster and then things begin to look better and then when they are done, it will all be perfect. You just have to trust the people who know. Here let me fix you something to eat." Addy was putting together two turkey sandwiches. Karen pulled two glasses from the cabinet and pour water in them. She set them on the island and sat on one of the kitchen stool. She grabbed a bag of chips and put some on each plate next to the sandwiches. They started to eat.

"You say that because you haven't been there lately and you haven't seen what's going on…it's maddening! It looks like a bomb went off! I doubt very much those people know what they are doing. I'm trying to be patient, but it's really exasperating! Oh God I think I'm getting a headache! You should see the mess they have! I mean you can't hardly tell where things were or are going to be, there are exposed pipes everywhere, walls have been knocked down, there's a hole in the ceiling, the floors are gone… looks like a war zone! I don't think it's going to be possible to put everything back together! I already see ourselves looking for other people to finish this and the money……the money just running down the drain! I don't know how I ever let you convince me to get into this!"

Karen had never gone through a renovation project. Addy, instead, having owned a house, was very much aware of how messy things could get before they begin to take shape.

Addy came over and kissed her on the head. "Stop talking and finish your lunch."

Karen had her mouthful. "Did you hear any of what I've just said?"

"Yes, I did." Addy was unusually calm considering how fiery she was some times. "And you have nothing to say? Aren't you worried? Your money, the one I didn't want you to spend on this 'money pit' is running down the drain and here you are so quiet, so calm!"

"It's money, Karen, easy come, easy go." Karen had finished her last bite as Addy took her plate and put it in the dishwasher.

"Aaaagh! I swear woman. I don't understand how sometimes you get all worked up about little things and then with something that really matter you are so calm! I don't know how is it that all your clients are crazy about you, when you have that attitude towards money!"

"Oh! First, I think it's good that we don't get worked up for the same things because that way we can calm each other down. Second, about my clients, it's very easy, when they see that I don't worry, they stop worrying."

Karen chuckled, amazed of what she had just heard. "Addy! But things don't work that way! People worry! Money is important."

"Yes, money is important, so I help them not to worry, easy. Except you. I cannot get you not to worry! You are a worry maniac, the money, the doors, and the gun. Why can't you just relax?"

"Somebody has to worry when others don't."

Addy picked up the sarcasm in Karen's comment and sat next to her. "Ker, is not that I don't worry, I do. It's just that to me other things matter more. You matter. Everything else is secondary. When I see you all worked up like this, I worry. I worry about you worrying so much! Please, learn to take things as they are. They are just things, they can be fixed. If you get sick on account of the worrying, then what?"

Karen had been looking at her, but was now looking at the floor.

"Maybe you shouldn't be going back there any more today. Go upstairs and rest or read a book, or something."

"Are you crazy?!! Do you think I can have any peace when I know I have a bunch of inept people over there knocking down walls! I'm going back. Somebody with some brains should be there to, at least, make those pea brains aware of possible disasters." She got up to leave, but Addy ran after her and stopped her. "Babe! Please, don't worry so much. Everything will turn out fine. You'll see." Addy got close to her and kissed her. "Green eyes, I love you." Karen's heart was beating a little faster now, and she couldn't say much. She just smiled, kissed her and started to walk out.

"I'll be back by dinner time. Call me if you need me for anything." Anything usually had a double meaning. It could actually mean anything around the house that needed to be done or anything that needed to be picked up somewhere, or it could mean 'honey come home I want to make love to you and need you NOW!" It had happened before. Both had occasionally made the call and the other one had run home like mad to give due attention to any matter requiring it.

"Don't worry, babe, I have errands to run in town today."

"What errands?" What is she up to?! I wonder if she's working on some anniversary thing, even though we agreed not to. Hum. Shit! I need to get to town and get her something just in case.

"Nothing special, just the usual. Groceries, I also want to get a rug for the back door. I might also stop at the hardware store, since that is now one of my assigned duties." She smiled at Karen. Karen had been sending Addy to the hardware store because she didn't want to run the risk of coming across Mary. Karen smirked.

"Then I thought I would go check out that bakery on the other side of town to see what they have."

"How come you are always running errands?" As usual, once she overcame the fear of driving on the left side, she was unstoppable. Karen thought at times that she might need a tracking device to figure out where she was! However, to her credit, Addy knew every nook and cranny around town in virtually no time. She was decisive and ready to go anywhere and take on any task. Her energy and desire to learn and do made her very resourceful. She knew where everything was, knew her prices and most importantly, new everyone. Addy had a way to capture people's hearts, and the best part was that it was all so natural. People just loved her, the minute they saw her. Maybe it was that enchanting smile or the sweetness in her voice? Karen could never believe it.

"Karen Larsen, I plan things. Do you realize how far we are here from everything? Do you realize that we are planning on opening an inn? I know nothing about construction and if you ever saw me with a hammer and nails in my hands be sure and run to stop me because whatever I'm nailing it's not going to look pretty or the wall may never look the same! I do what I do best, this gathering of things was on my list of things to do because it's what I do best. You are doing what you do best which is supervising contractors and taking care of the money part."

All of a sudden she was quiet. Karen was pursing her lips looking at her.

Addy asked. "Sorry, what's wrong babe? Why are you asking what I'm going to do in town? today? I always go to town and you never ask. What's wrong?" Addy came closer and put her hand on Karen's cheek.

"Nothing. I shouldn't have asked. I'm sorry. I can't really expect you to be home or following me around all day, as much as I would like it."

"Sweetie, neither one of us would be happy if we did! What would we talk about if we had been together all day? I like it when we each do our thing and then we regroup in the evening and tell all our stories. Go on, now. Keep the contractors straight over there."

Karen knew she was right. It was just that Karen was so afraid that something would happen to Addy in her absence that the mere thought tormented her. She realized that anything could happen anytime no matter where people found themselves, so she tried not to think about it. However, she would always look for any excuse to call her, for whatever little thing.

Karen knew that Addy was glued to her phone and she could be reached anytime anywhere. She always answered before the third ring. Karen always chuckled at the speed with which she answered. In fact, Karen was sure that she had never left a voice message for her ever! Addy always answered the phone. Addy knew all too well the reason why Karen called and always took the calls no matter if she had to interrupt people to take them. A call from Karen would stop the world for Addy.

"Okay, I'll see you later."

Karen had purchased a used pickup truck, something like the old one they had before. This was a bit newer. She'd gotten it because she realized that they were going to need a hauling type car at least until the inn was finished. Plus, the car she really wanted to buy was another Range Rover, but it was much too expensive for now. She was going to wait until she saw how the whole thing turned out with the inn. Also with an older vehicle she didn't have to worry about scratches and dents during the construction of the inn. The truck was good for hauling construction materials or anything else needed for the rebuilding of the inn. Addy had the Range Rover. Karen preferred that Addy take the Rover because it was safer.

They had fallen into a daily routine. In the morning, they would take care of any legal work. Sometime matters could take all morning or maybe one or two hours. After, both would tidy up or throw stuff in washer, as necessary and do whatever housekeeping matters were needed. Because they would work at it together they would be done in no time leaving them plenty of time for whatever else they wanted to do. Sometimes, they left that type of thing for the evening, if they had something better to do in the afternoon. House chores did not take priority over fun stuff or trips of discovery somewhere. Addy was always coming up with ideas of places to go, or Karen would remember something that she would want to show Addy, and off they went.

While the inn was under construction, the middle of the day was usually the time for Addy to run her errands. Karen on the other hand, became aware that she was pretty good with tools and that she liked to hang around the construction site watching and even helping to do stuff. She had learned a lot of handyman skills and the older guys loved to see the beautiful woman in overalls or raggedy jeans working side by side with them. They took good care of her and didn't let her do the 'hard' stuff. They liked the way Karen picked up their skill in a minute. Little did they know that they had a Suma Cum Laude from Harvard and Columbia hammering nails into 2x4s or caulking next to them! Addy would roll her eyes every time she saw her.

"Look at you, again, all dusty and your hair full of wood bits! You look like you've been playing in a sandbox!"

Karen pouted. "You don't love me anymore?"

Addy had to smile at the adorable face. "I'd be crazy if I didn't!"

Karen grinned, came forward, and kissed her.


When Karen got to the inn that day, there was the continuation of the previously left chaos. She walked around looking at the different happenings around the building. A couple of hours passed. She was just sitting there wondering when it would all end. This will never be done. Maybe we should have demolished everything and build a new one! We are going to be bankrupt when all of this is done, if ever! The men working seemed lost not knowing what to do next. Karen stopped and asked. "What's going on?" One of the workers explained. "Mr. Willow went to get some supplies and we are not sure where to start digging, so we were trying to decide what to do." "Maybe you should wait for Mr. Willow." What the heck what's another hour in the whole scheme of things! Since it looks like this is never going to be finished, anyway!

Karen could feel her head throbbing. It was around four o'clock already. She was thinking of leaving to go to town and get a present for Addy. "Over here, this is the place." One of the workers signaled to the others. Karen was approaching to take a look when one of the workers digging hit a pipe and a gush of water poured though the wall along with the wall and everything in its path. Karen was right in front of it and was hit by the gush of water and washed away with it.

The water hit her so hard it pushed her to the ground and she slid all the way to the stair case where she was pinned by the railing. In the chaos, the workers were trying to pull her off the mainstream of the water, but couldn't because the water pressure was too strong. Finally, one of the workers closed the main pipe and when the water pressure diminished Karen was able to move out of the stream of water. If it had taken a little longer, Karen would have been flushed down the staircase with the flow of the water. She could have been seriously hurt had it not been for the railing and for her strength holding on to it.

There was great commotion among the workers. Some of them were trying to clean the debris, some trying to rescue Karen and some running towards Mr. Willow, the contractor, who was just arriving. Mr. Willow took immediate control of the situation. He helped Karen up and apologized profusely, assuring her that all would be fixed and that everything would be alright.

Karen was drenched from head to toe. She was also filthy because the water had carried all sorts of dirt and debris. Her hair was full of gunk, she was a mess. She was so frustrated, in pain and almost in tears. All she could think of was of getting home. As she was leaving, waving everyone off to leave her alone, she started to cry. She realized that she didn't have a present for Addy, and that now it was too late to go to town looking the way she looked. She was just devastated as she was driving home.

At home, Addy was making certain preparations in anticipation of Karen's arrival. When Karen arrived home, she sat in the car in total despair, looking at herself in disgust. She could hardly find the strength to get out of the truck. She looked up and saw the rose bushes on the side of the house. She pursed her lips, took a tool from her toolbox and walked towards the bushes. She cut 12 red roses and removed the thorns from all of them. She looked at herself. "I'm pathetic, way to go Karen!" She walked towards the house. The minute she opened the door, she knew. She closed her eyes. She couldn't remember another moment when she hated herself more. How could she possibly ruin their first anniversary was beyond explaining. What would she tell Addy? Could Addy ever forgive her?

Karen surveyed the room from the door almost not daring to come in. The ambiance set the mood. The curtains were down, there was a nice scent in the air, the lights were low and in the background music was playing. It was Adele's 'Lovesong.' This was their song. They loved it and would dance to it every time.

Then she saw the sight that took her breath. Addy was dressed in cute olive green shorts and cream cotton blouse, the type held on by an elastic band around the torso and under the arms. It was lose at the bottom and it came just below her waist. Her tanned shoulders glowed in the low light and her golden necklace sparkled on her chest. Karen was sure she was not wearing a bra. She knew this too well! Addy looked like an apparition. Green eyes fixated on her, mesmerized. She could hardly think. Much less speak. Karen swallowed hard looking down at herself. She was smelly and full of gunk.

When Addy saw her, she smiled and came towards her. She spoke in a soft loving voice. "Hi, I know what happened. Mr. Willow called to apologize. Are you okay? Are you hurt? I was going over there, but he said that you were already on your way here." Addy continued to smile. Karen just stared speechless, wet, filthy and with her 12 roses in hand. She nodded, unable to speak, her eyes full of tears still fixated on Addy.

"I'm sorry." The tears began to fall. "I meant to go to town to get you something because I knew you were up to something, but look what happened!" Addy got close to her. Her legs felt weak. If she had ever witnessed a most endearing moment, this had to be it. She was hardly able to speak. Karen was adorable. "Are these for me?" Addy pointed to the flowers. She was trying to make Karen feel better.

"Uh huh." Karen nodded like a little girl with tears in her eyes. She handed the flowers over to Addy. Karen wiped the tears off her eyes smearing the dirt on her face.

Addy took the flowers. "I don' think I've ever gotten such beautiful flowers."

"I just picked them outside. I have nothing else for you. I…" She started to cry again.

"I wouldn't say that." She set the flowers on the kitchen island and came closer and lovingly, caressed Karen's face and kissed her. She placed her arms around Karen's neck and started to sway with the music. Karen couldn't help but sway with the music also. Both women were looking at each other intensely. No words spoken. Addy laced her hands through Karen's hair, lifting it to expose her neck and came closer to kiss her while still caressing her hair and scalp. "I have everything I ever wanted right here in my arms." Karen closed her eyes feeling almost faint. She brought her hands to Addy's hips and later to her behind, bringing her forward and pressing her body into hers. They danced, close, tight, sensually.

Addy closed her eyes also, as Adele did all the talking in the background. The music, the words, the intensity of the moment was overwhelming. Karen's hands roamed free up and down the fabulous body in her arms, as Addy continued to devour with gentle caressing Karen's neck, ears, eyes and mouth.

The degree of contentment, of pleasure, of belonging was palpable. They had that mesmerized look of having found that which could not possibly be described or expressed, but could only be felt in the depth of their souls. That feeling of knowing that you belong in heart and soul to that other person, the person you adore, the person who loves you for exactly who you are, with all your rights and wrongs. They danced to their love song. The music played in the background saying everything that needed to be said. I love you, I will always love you.

Addy kissed her and held her tight. Karen returned the kiss and the embrace with the same passion. "Addy, I'm getting you all dirty!"

"Let's go upstairs. I have a surprise for you."

"You are not disappointed?"

"Ker, you have never disappointed me."

Karen chuckled as tears rolled down when her eyes crinkled.

"Come on. Let me show you my surprise." Addy took her hand and walked her upstairs. As they reached to top floor, Karen noticed the colors of the walls. The lights in the bedroom were low, the bed was turned down and the bathroom glowed with what Karen could have sworn were a million candles. Karen was smiling the minute she noticed the low lights and the glow of candles and the scent.

The room smelled like Addy's perfume. Karen inhaled, closing her eyes. Karen loved the way Addy always smelled. It was the chemistry of her perfume and her body's scent. When Addy told Karen where she sprayed her perfume, Karen couldn't believe it. Just the mental association of the perfume and the sprayed area made Karen's body react to the scent. It was maddening.

Karen grinned, her eyes welled up again. She then felt Addy's hands beginning to undress her. "Addy, you make me feel like ….."

Addy chuckled. "Are you going to sing Adele's song to me?"

Karen chuckled. "I wish I had her voice to do it…"

"Baby, you don't need to sing, if Adele had your eyes, she wouldn't need to sing it either!" Addy chuckled and kissed her.

"I don't know what it is about you and my eyes! The things you say…..I never know how to reply…" Karen was all teary again.

"Look at me! I don't think I've ever cried so much in my life as I have since I've been you." She pouted. Karen looked adorable. Addy was weak in her knees again. This woman could crumble every nerve in her body!

"Those green eyes have bewitched me! I thought you knew that by now." She caressed Karen's face. "And your tears are tears of joy, and I love to see you so overwhelmed on account of things I do. I love to make you happy. Happy tears are lovely. Plus, they are private. It's my privilege to see you like this, to make you feel like this. You are my love, baby."

Unable to speak, Karen's face revealed a thousand emotions.

Addy came close and combed her hair off her face. She kissed her tenderly again. Karen again was nervous and shaky as emotions threatened to overwhelm her. Her face and mouth were twitching as she tried to control her feelings. She was a mess. She had no explanation as to why being the confident woman she was, she would be stripped of even her dignity in the presence of this woman who seemed to have gained possession of her in the most absorbing, wonderful way.

Addy held her tight when she saw her trembling. "No one's ever loved me like you, Addy." Addy closed her eyes, as her heart filled. "Go on, baby, get in the shower to rinse off all the dirt and then come into the Jacuzzi with me."

Karen went into the shower, and later joined Addy in the Jacuzzi, sitting between her legs. Karen leaned back into her. "Uummm!"

Addy smiled as she wrapped her arms and legs around Karen kissing her neck and shoulders. Karen relaxed, spreading her legs, as Addy gently rubbed her abdomen and caressed her. Karen grinned closing her eyes surrendering to the sensual caressing and touch. Addy worked her magic and was delighted when a few minutes later she felt Karen convulse in her arms.

"Easy, baby, easy! I've got you." Addy whispered in her ear. "Happy anniversary, blondie."

"Oh, baby…I God! I can't think of happier days!" Karen whispered.

"Let's make sure all our anniversaries are memorable, okay?"

"Uh huh" Addy continued to caress and gently rub her as Karen recuperated in her arms. "This is more like it."


"How I like to see you…completely relaxed in my arms, and ….."

Addy couldn't finish her sentence. Karen turned things around in a minute and it took no time for Addy to get her anniversary gift also.

"Uumm, and you said you had no gift for me? You are obviously not aware of all your gift giving capabilities!" Karen chuckled as she continued to nibble her neck. Addy was about to get a second gift, when she suggested moving to the bed.

"Okay, but remember who was leading this dance!"

"Oh, I'm not going to forget, I just want to be comfy and make it a very long dance."


After the love making, there were long tender moments, caressing and holding each other. Karen continued to gently kiss her. Addy was looking at those beautiful green eyes and brushing Karen's hair back. Karen slowly started to go down on her, kissing everywhere left and right. Addy moaned with pleasure. "Uummm, I love my anniversary gift!" Karen looked at Addy, her eyes were glazed.

Although, they had made love many times, Addy had not felt comfortable with Karen thoroughly exploring the southern most areas in all their time together and Karen had never pushed the issue because she thought that the time would come when Addy would be comfortable with it. Karen longed to follow the trail of Addy's perfume and today everything was playing out differently. She wanted Addy in every possible way. Addy was still recovering as Karen kissed her and whispered her desire. "Addy, you know what we've talked about sometimes?"


"Should we try it?"

"Okay." Addy could feel Karen's arousal on her leg and smiled looking at the gorgeous woman on top. Karen shifted her entire body and placed herself between Addy's legs, as she kissed her deeply.

She then slowly began her slow descent, kissing every inch of the gorgeous body underneath her own. She stopped and paid full attention to each breast, gently caressing them and taking her nipples in her mouth and gently, as ever, played with hem. Addy gasped loving it. Addy looked expectantly after Karen went below her belly. Karen continued to kiss her way down caressing her curls and taking in her scent. Addy closed her eyes, she couldn't believe this was happening or what Karen was about to do. Addy spread her legs a bit, Karen smiled knowing that this was a welcome sign. She caressed Addy's inner thighs brushing her curls with her lips. She looked up to find Addy gazing at her, her chest was heaving, panting. Karen could tell she was nervous and came up to kiss and reassure her. Addy held her face in her hands and lovingly smiled at her. "I love you, Ker."

Karen kissed her a million times. "Addy, I love you more than my own life. I won't if you don't want to." "I want to, baby, I want to. Make me like it."

"Trust me."

"I do. I always do." Karen began her descent again kissing her way down, as she had done before. Addy's eyes were fixed on her. As Karen descended, Addy spread herself allowing Karen to position herself perfectly. Addy was nervous. Karen felt faint when she took in Addy's maddening scent. Karen was in a daze. It was such a rush, such a privilege to have this gorgeous woman allow her to touch her like this! What a feeling! She laid her cheeks on Addy's curls and thighs inhaling the scent that always made her lose her mind, the scent of the goddess in front of her, the woman she adored. Addy closed her eyes giving herself to the moment. She was enjoying the loving gestures and the attention she was getting. Karen was in her very own private heaven. It all felt so good, so perfect, so wonderful. She took her time to make Addy feel comfortable, and to relax her. Karen took her time as she continued to kiss Addy's inner thighs. Addy was astonished looking at what Karen was doing. "Trust me, baby, trust me." "I do, I do, Ker, I do."

Karen felt shivers up and down her body. She wanted this to be perfect. Addy had to enjoy it, she had to love it. She turned her attention to the gorgeous site in front of her. She blew warm air onto Addy's curls and kissed her sex while looking into Addy's eyes. "Do you know how beautiful you are?" Addy stared at her in awe, in want, in disbelief to see this most beautiful woman at this particular spot. "You are like…." Karen could hardly speak, her green eyes were misting.

Addy was so aroused and full of desire by Karen's emotions that instinctively she opened her legs wanting, aching for Karen to touch her. Karen was practically in tears. Her desire was so strong that she was unable to hold back anymore. She kissed her center and ever so slowly used her fingers to allow herself in. She was rewarded with a loud moan.

"Oh God!" Karen smiled. She felt exhilarated, and encouraged by Addy's moan. All hesitation was removed. There were no reservations or concerns. This was the woman she loved, the only woman she ever really loved. She wanted to give her unimaginable pleasures. Karen began a slow and steady rhythm with her tongue that she knew would bring Addy to climax. Addy continued to thrust her hips and to moan, moving in unison. Addy's body reaction, her moans and her inebriating scent drove Karen's passion to oblivion.

Addy leaned her head back arching herself up in pure pleasure, exposing her entire body to her. Karen couldn't believe the beauty of the woman or of this glorious moment. Addy was a monument to womanhood. She arched, bringing her center into Karen's mouth, offering herself, completely without reservation. OH GOD! I love her!.….. Oh God! She is so incredibly beautiful! Karen was so overwhelmed, she had a momentary loss of mind and simply gave herself to the pleasure of providing pleasure to the love of her life.

"Ker, Ker, Kerrrrrrrr! Oooooh, God, God, Keerrrr! Please! …" Karen continued her strokes unbelieving the pleasure she felt or the pleasure she was giving to her love. She was overcome with desire, with love, her eyes welled with tears and the tears falling as she closed them in total ecstasy. Addy had her eyes closed and continued to push herself into Karen. Every time feeling increasing pulses of pleasure to the core of her body.

It was amazing! Addy wanted more and more! She was crumpling the beds sheets below her. She brought her hands to Karen's head and grabbed her hair. Karen though her body was trembling. She could feel her orgasm overpowering her. Karen was in such a state of ecstasy herself she didn't know what else to do to satisfy her love as she watched her goddess reach the pinnacle, trembling and convulsing.

Karen also trembled as she climaxed herself. This was by far the most extraordinary experience she'd ever had in her entire life. "Baby, my baby, I've got you, baby! Addy held on to Karen, as she rode the last waves of her orgasm that nearly sent her into unconsciousness. Karen came up to kiss her and hold her. As she came up her fingers went inside her. Addy was soaked, sweating, trembling. She snuggled into her partner, grabbing her and holding on to her for her own life. "Don't let go, don't let go!" She was in a daze, slowly drifting back to reality in total bliss, as she enjoyed the gentle strokes of the woman she loved. Karen could still feel her muscles convulsing as she slowly removed her fingers from inside her. She was still panting when she opened her eyes and saw the most gorgeous teary green eyes smiling at her in total delight and disbelief.

"I love you Adriana Marcos and will love you for as long as I live!" Tears ran down her cheeks falling on Addy's face. Addy was also crying and chuckling still unable to speak, "Ker!" Addy was visibly overwhelmed. Karen grinned gently. Her teary face had that mischievous look. "You liked it!" Addy was blushing, she bit her lip, hugged her as she whispered in her ear. "Uh huh! And nodded. Karen nuzzled Addy's neck. "Enough for an encore?" Addy nodded in the affirmative, as she buried her face into Karen's chest.

Karen went wild kissing and tickling her, ending up in a tight embrace. "I look at you everyday and wonder if there will be a day when you will stop amazing me! I don't think that day will ever come. What did I ever do to deserve you is beyond me, but I swear that I will dedicate my entire life to keep this flame burning. I love you, Addy. I love to make you feel this way, and I love how you make me feel." Karen grabbed her face and kissed her. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I can't believe how you make me feel either. What you do to me, its….amazing!

Karen smiled. "I love you baby, with all that I am and I don't ever want to stop feeling like this! Karen started to cry unable to contain her emotions.

"I love you sweetie, I love you too."


"Yeah?" Karen knew what Addy was going to say and preempted the subject. She combed Addy's hair back. "Ssssh! Don't worry, we are not in any hurry. Things have moved at their own pace. Nothing between us has been rushed and look how things have turned out. We have the rest of our lives ahead of us, so, please don't worry."

"It might take some time…"

"Addy, it will be my first too, I haven't…." She didn't finish her sentence. Addy kissed her.

"Oh God, Ker! What a pair we are!

"Maybe that's why we function so well."

"I like it like this, though, both exploring the same territory but coming from different ways or reasons." Karen smiled at the comment. "I certainly love exploring with you! I'd dared to go …." Addy finished the sentence. "To hell and back?" Karen grinned. "You remembered!" "Yeap, that comment always struck me as interesting." Karen chuckled. "In my mind I also thought…and to the edge of the universe if there is such a thing!" They kissed.

"I hope you liked your anniversary gift, baby,"

"Addy, I never had a better gift in my life! I hoped you liked your gift too. I assure you, I've never given this gift to anyone." Karen remarked

A very satisfied Addy responded. "I know, baby, you told me that night in New York."

"For God's sake! Did I keep anything to myself that night?" Karen thought she was asking a rhetorical question, but apparently not because she did get an answer.

"No, baby, you kept nothing to yourself!"

Karen chuckled burying her face into Addy's neck and shoulder. "Oh God!"

Addy smiled and kissed her.

That night, the candles turned themselves off as the wicks burned. The last of the candles went out almost at dawn which was just about when the anniversary celebration ended. They were exhausted and fell asleep as the sun slowly rose in the horizon.


They got up late the next day. Karen was a bit nervous. She wanted to make sure Addy was okay with the previous night's happenings. When she opened her eyes that morning she decided she was going to be very attentive, reassuring and loving. All of a sudden she felt Addy moving. Oh God, What do I do? She was afraid to do or say the wrong thing or even have the wrong look on her face. Addy realized Karen was still in bed. This was unusual Karen would always get up first shower, make coffee and sometime she'd make breakfast and bring it upstairs, or bring coffee to her in bed. Yet today, she was there, barely moving. Addy smiled, she knew her so well! Addy didn't know how to face Karen either, not so much for the previous night's event, but because she knew Karen was facing another of her predicaments and she had to figure out how to let Karen know that she was fine and perfectly well with last night. Last night was incredibly awesome! Why don't I just tell her that!!

As Addy was going to turn, Karen was coming towards her. They looked at each other and smiled. Addy completed her turn. Karen swallowed hard. Addy grinned, she couldn't help it. It send a good signal to Karen. Karen was feeling a little better seeing that smile on her face.

"Addy, you are okay?"

"Ker, what makes you think I wouldn't be?"

Karen didn't know how to reply to that. Addy thought it was a stupid answer and continued to talk.


"Huh?" Karen was unable to put a sentence together, she was nervous. Her eyes looking for something else to look at, but unable to not look away from Addy.

"I like it when you are like this…"

Karen looked at her, unable to understand the comment. "How?"

"Lost, like a little girl, not knowing what to do or say."

"How do you know I feel that way?"

"Oh, I know! Just from looking at you. Ker, last night was awesome."

Karen's eyes welled up and she buried her face and cried on Addy's shoulder. Addy held her. "God, I'm so relieved! It was so important for me that you liked it. I was afraid to mess up."

"Ssssh! Ker, it's good, it's okay. It was perfect, baby, just perfect." Karen pulled away and looked at her.

Addy turned her over and threw one of her legs over Karen's almost climbing on her. "I can't love you more, Ms. Larsen. Is that going to be good enough for you?"

Karen chuckled. "I was afraid that this morning you…"

"Don't you think I know that also?"

"Is there anything you don't know, or can't tell about me?!"

Addy twitched her mouth and pouted as she smiled.

"Nope! And if there is, it won't be long until I find out!"

"Are we okay, then?"

"Well, missy, I was hoping that after last night, I'd be more than okay!" Addy was grinning.

Karen was full blast grinning again. She flipped her over. "Ms. Marcos, you are more than okay, you are fantastic, fabulous, etc, etc. etc…. I don't think I know enough adjectives!"

They kissed and held each other for a long time.

"You know, Ker, I'm actually glad about last night. I also feel relieved."

Karen pulled back from their embrace and arched her right eyebrow. "Hum, relieved? Why? What's on that head of yours Ms. Addy?" Karen continued to kiss her. She just couldn't have enough of her.

"Well, I have been reading some romance novels, and I read one that sort of scared the hell out of me."

Karen smiled, as Addy continued. "There was a love scene and I found it too raw, so I started to wonder if after a certain point the animal instincts kick in and that's all there is to it."


"It's not like that at all. It depends on the people and how they feel about each other."

"Addy, you can't go by what you read. I think people write raw sex scenes because they think that's what people want to read. I think, like you, that most people would rather read about the feelings and emotions leading to the love scene rather than about the love scene itself. Plain sex is different that a relationship where there is love. Sex is the best thing in the world when shared with the person you adore. Love makes all the difference. Last night was unique and special, baby, I had …."

She couldn't finish. Addy kissed her, Karen continued to smile. "Larsen, are you forgetting I know all about you? Actually you are about to ask me the name of the book I read! Confess!!!!"

Karen started to laugh, as Addy swatted her and tickled her. Karen had a laugh attack. "So are you going to tell me?"

"No way, you are not getting any ideas from any book, missy, you better come up with your own!"

They were wrestling on the bed and Karen ended up pinning her down. "I win!"

"You always win, Ms. Larsen, haven't you noticed yet?"

Loving green eyes couldn't possibly say more as they were pulled down to find very hungry lips.


After a few hours, they tore away from each other, got up and made breakfast. They were planning to go to the town festival. It was an annual festival when all the businesses in town had discounts and out door sales and there were some entertainment shows at the small plaza. People would jus gather to eat, drink, shop and have a good time.

They were strolling along the street when they spotted Mr. Kimbell and Mrs. Laura McKenzie chatting very amicably. They both greeted them. They also spotted Dr. Naylor, he was having some coffee at Carol's coffee shop. They also said their hellos. As they continued down the street they came across Mary and another woman going into the Carriage House Inn. Addy looked at Karen. "Oh, brother!" Addy exclaimed.

"Addy, is better to forget what we've just seen."

"I think Mary has found some side entertainment. I feel so sorry for Carol. She deserves so much better. Doesn't she realize that?"

"Sometimes love blinds people. They just don't want to see what is very obvious."

"Ker, she knows. I could tell when you introduced her to me. She was glad to see that you weren't available. She knew that Mary had already checked you out."

Karen looked at her. "Yeah, I remember how you staked your claim that day!"

Addy felt totally secure about Karen. She had no doubt in her mind that Karen would never look at another woman in her life again. However, just because of that, she felt like she needed to let Karen know that she was desirable and that she was going to put up a fight with anyone wanting to 'roll on her turf' as she would so often put it to Karen's delight. Karen always nodded thinking to herself if she had any idea of the absurdity of her words. Karen would inwardly laugh. How could she still not know that she is my everything?

Addy swatted her. "I had to! That woman was eating you up alive!"

"Addy! You have to be kidding me, you have to know that I am more than happy and that I would never even look at ...."

Addy stopped and put her hand out to stop Karen. "Stop, we have trouble ahead."

"Oh, God!" At the end of the street was Carol profusely waving at them.

"Shit!" Karen proclaimed. "

"Hi, you guys! Com and have some coffee?"

They crossed the street and went towards Carol. "Hi Carol, how are you? Dr. Naylor?"

"Good afternoon ladies, how are you this morning?"

"We are fine. Have you heard from Sarah? How is her son doing?"

"Oh, he is very well. That was some drive Ms. Larsen. I'm afraid you might be known as the town's rescue driver now!" Dr. Naylor laughed.

"Dr. Naylor, let's hope we don't have to repeat a drive like that ever again."

"I'm with you on that one. I still have blisters from the shoveling we did! Please join me for coffee."

Carol interjected. "Can I bring you some of my pastries also?"

"Please, I can't wait to try them. I've heard wonderful things about them."

"Baked fresh every morning." Carol said proudly.

Addy tried the sweets when Carol brought an assortment for them. "Wow! Carol these are really good!" Do you think you can make some for the inn? Maybe we can serve tea and pastries in the afternoon."

"Very English. Yes, I think people would like that, it's sort of classy. Listen, I'll give you an assortment on consignment and if people like them, maybe I can provide you a regular supply every morning." Carol was speaking in jest, but Addy took it to heart. Another of her steps on the wild side.

"Carol, you are a savvy business woman. I accept your terms. I love your pastries, and I think they will be very popular. In fact I think you should select a proprietary brand. Just in case it picks up and you may need to start shipping it to people who might want to still eat them at home. Who knows you may be famous one day for your pastries! What's the calorie content?"

Karen observed the conversation astonished. Addy had already declared the pastries good enough for the world and had futuristic plans for the endless possibilities! Karen looked a the doctor and smiled, but was force to look the other way to prevent Dr. Naylor from seeing how she rolled her eyes in total disbelief. Am I the only sane person in this town?

As the women continued to talk, and the conversation continued about the fantastic pastries and how Carol had come across recipes and the different techniques used to do this that or the other, which bored Karen to death, Mary showed up. Mary and Carol lived in an apartment above the pastry shop. Mary greeted them and excused herself indicating that she needed to take a shower. Karen arched her brow. She couldn't even bring herself to look at her. She probably needed a shower to remove the scent of the other woman on her. Mary came back about ten minutes later.

Addy and Karen looked at each other very discretely. Mary sat between them. Carol told Mary about the deal she had made with Addy.

"Oh you will sell them. Carol's pastries are the best."

Yeah, but you've been eating somebody else's pastries! Addy noticed Karen's face and came up with an excuse to leave. Karen was a very rightful person and cheaters infuriated her. Karen had never really liked Mary for obvious reasons, but now she couldn't stand the sight of her.

When they were in the car, Karen voiced her opinion. "Addy, you know I can't fake it. I'm sorry, baby, I don't want anything to do with Mary! I hope we don't have her making the deliveries to the inn!"

"Oh my God, Ker, I didn't think of that! Do you think she'll come on to you?"

"I hope she doesn't, because if she does I'm going to give her something she won't forget!" She punched her right hand with her left fist.

"Ker! Cool off. She's not our problem."

To be continued

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