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Part 1 of Loose Change Series - The Addy and Karen series, starring Alex:
(01) Turning on a Dime
(02) New Quarters
(03) One Little Bit
(04) Joint Venture

Turning on a Dime




Part 1

Gym -- Washington, DC

"Come on Adriana you don't want to be 300 pounds! Addy said to herself, as she tried to remember the settings for the rowing machine. She joined the gym when she realized that her panties were too tight! I will not have a fat ass! Adriana was not fat, but lately she was not feeling very good about herself. She had never had weigh problems, so gaining five pounds was scary for her.

With a 5'5 frame, she was not voluptuous, but she was well endowed in all the right parts. At 40, and looking like 34, her muscles were toned and her body was athletic. Her dark brown, boyish short hair came to the base of her neck. Her hair was straight and fell loose to the front, giving her a carefree look. She had the type of hair that only needed to be hand combed. Her chocolate brown eyes were deep and full of life. One intense look from Adriana could melt a Hershey kiss! But, what was most attractive about her was her personality.

She was one of those people who always had a cheerful attitude and a very contagious smile. Around Addy there was always laughter, she was fun. Something about her commanded attention. Maybe it was her energy, her lively attitude, her confidence, her mannerisms, the way she spoke, or the way she carried herself. She attracted. Her whole demeanor was of a fun, sexy, vivacious woman.

She was not obsessed with her weight; it was simply that she didn't want to end up like her mother. Of course, her mother's weight problems were not a genetic condition; it was simply that she led a sedentary life. Addy was determined that this would not happen to her. Therefore, Addy, either by genes or by self programming, was a bolt of energy. She was always busying herself and always on the move.

She signed up for the gym and for a trainer to help her get started. She met the trainer once a week for four weeks and now she was finally ready to start working out on her own. That is, if she could only remember how to set the machines! The rowing machine, however, was not cooperating. "Shit, the first time and I'm already having trouble. This is not looking good! I can't waste my lunch hour wrestling with machines." "This thing has got to work and quick!"

A woman passing by heard the monologue and found it amusing. She didn't look at the woman in distress, but rather took action. "Here, let me help you with that, it's a little tricky."

The woman bent down, fiddle with a knob in front of the machine, sat on it and immediately the rowing machine started to work. As she bent, Addy couldn't help noticing the woman's athletic, yet feminine look. When Karen looked up, Addy was startled to the point of embarrassment. The woman's eyes cut through her like blades of steel. Addy had recently read the Celestine Prophecy and felt that, for sure, this woman had some sort of message for her! The woman's eyes were green. It was not just the color of the eyes that was strikingly interesting; it was the intensity of her gaze.

Karen was also surprised when she looked up and saw those deep brown eyes in the cutest, most adorable face she'd ever seen. If she had been chocolate, she would have melted right there and then. Something about that face mesmerized her. She swallowed hard as her heart began to race, her eyes looking like ping pong balls scrutinizing the face in front of her. Karen felt as if she had been hit by lightning. Addy, looked concerned.

"Thanks. Are you okay?" Addy had an inquisitive look on her face. Karen was angry at her dumbfounded look, this had never happened before!

Karen managed to smile, as her heart raced.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Here is where you regulate the tension." She demonstrated as she kept looking at the woman in front of her.

"Do you know what tension you want?" Karen asked still looking at Addy as if in a trance. Addy still had that inquisitive look. Karen's blondish hair was cut shoulder length. She was a few inches taller than Addy, maybe about 5'7. To Addy she looked like she could have stepped out of a modeling magazine, tall, slim, athletic, and toned. A truly beautiful woman by any standard.

"In the lowest setting, please." Addy managed to say. "I'm new at this, so I have to start at the bottom."

Karen smiled, Addy smiled also. Karen noticed Addy when she came into the gym; she had only seen her from the back, though. The woman's cute behind and other curvy features caught her eyes, but she had not seen Addy's face until now and she couldn't believe the face she was looking at, or the body for that matter! This was the whole package for sure! Normally, it was she who attracted other woman. This time the role was reversed. She felt like a fly caught on a web. She had to find out more about this woman. She couldn't resist the impulse.

The 'player' in her shifted into gear. "I'm Karen, Karen Larsen. I don't think I've seen you around here before." Karen extended her hand. Addy did the same. Addy didn't normally like to shake people's hands. She thought it was a way to acquire unnecessary germs, however this time she actually didn't even think about it. Karen's grip was strong and confident, Addy liked it. It felt reassuring and warm at the same time. Karen was also surprised by how Addy's hand felt, soft but with a strong grip. The type of hand that could rescue you from….something! Karen would have held on to that hand forever!

"Adriana Marcos, but you can call me Addy, and yes, I'm barely starting here. My plan is to come at lunch every time I can and try to exercise a bit. I don't know if I'll be able to get away from the office everyday, though, but hopefully I can do it often enough. I guess something is better than nothing!"

She was wondering why she was volunteering so much information. It was not like her to just come right out and disclose unnecessary details.

"Do you work nearby?" Karen asked, not wasting any time.

"Yes, two blocks away on 16th and K, how about you?"

Just as much as she didn't like to volunteer information, Adriana had the policy that if anyone pumped her for information, she would pump right back, if she was interested. Addy was a very to the point person. If she was not interested in someone, they were dead on their tracks. She would reply with strictly the necessary information, just to be polite, cut the cord, and stop any further questioning. Above all, she would never, ever volunteer information unless strictly necessary. On this particular occasion, for unknown reasons, she felt okay about the exchange taking place. She found this woman interesting.

"I'm a block away at 17th and L." Karen replied. She continued to press for information,

"What do you do at 17th and L?" Addy asked

"I'm a lawyer. I work for Sparrow and Finch. I've been with them for a few years now. How about you, what keeps you busy at 16th and K?"

"I'm a lawyer also. I work for the government."

"You have an accent, where are you from?" Addy asked. "Scotland, but have been in the U.S. for some time now."

"You are not from here, either…." Karen asked. "No, I was born in Spain, but have been in the U.S. for several years."

"So we are both from Europe, what a coincidence." "Yeah. I like your Scottish accent." Karen smiled. She felt like an idiot. Why?

Karen was scrambling for what to say next to prolong the conversation. In another scenario, Karen would have given her a business card or would have asked her for one, but being at the gym that was not an option. Also, asking her out to lunch just like that would sound awkward. What to do? Sadly, she was going to have to leave this to chance and hope that if there was some sort of destiny that had put them in the same path, it would bring them together again.

"Well, I'll let you get to your work out, and I need to finish mine." As she was ready to walk away to the other end of the room, Karen blurted "I usually come at noon on Fridays, so, we might run into each other again." Oh that was pathetic!

Addy smiled sweetly, realizing that her new found friend was hoping to see her again. "Yeah, I might need help with these machines until I figure them out. I will for sure try to make this coming Friday." Karen smiled thinking that the woman was giving her a hint that she wanted to see her again. "See you then."


Addy thought that Karen was very nice and friendly. Karen went to the treadmill and began her work out. She couldn't help looking at the cute brunette trying to do her best with the rowing machine, and smiling sweetly at the pleasant sight. Wow! She couldn't remember when was the last time she felt so attracted to anyone, had there been another time? …..This felt different, so very different. Something about this woman made her feel good, plain good.

She was trying to come up with some idea to walk up to her and start another conversation, but she couldn't think of anything smart to say. She couldn't remember ever feeling so frustrated trying to start….something!

Jean Paul spotted Karen and approached her with his usual flare. "Hi sweetie!" "What's that smile about?" "If I didn't know you better, I'd say you're up to something!"

Karen chuckled, she knew that Jean Paul knew her well. They met in New York several years back when Karen was in law school. Karen was at the top of her game then. She was beautiful, young and smart. She had men and women begging for her attention, but she cared for none in particular. All she wanted was to finish law school, have fun and enjoy life.

Fridays and Saturday nights were the usual clubbing nights for the carefree blonde. Karen was no fool. She didn't drink or do drugs, she was just there for the fun. She was intelligent and sober enough all the time to know when to stay away from potentially dangerous situations. She attracted all sorts, but was very picky and about who she'd end up with. She was no slut, either, but she liked the game and if she found the right type, she'd have her fun.

Jean Paul was fun. What some people would call "the life of the party." He was tall, thin, athletic, good looking, a tease, gay and a good friend. These very nice qualities were not what made him stand out at the clubs, it was his dancing. He was a dance major at Juilliard. He loved to dance and he knew he was good at it. As he would put it, he dance with sabor and it showed!

Karen met him at a club and the pair became friends immediately. The relationship had the added benefit that if they need "protection" from men or women they would introduce each other as her boyfriend or his girlfriend depending on whatever situation they needed to get out off. Needless to say, it was a very convenient, fun and easy going friendship.

When Jean Paul graduated from Juilliard, he was immediately hired by a production company in LA and the pair broke up their dancing and clubbing adventures. However, they stayed in touch through the years and would get together as time allowed. Sadly, not as often as they wished, but when they did they would share mutual stories about their love conquests and disappointments. With the years, however, the fun seemed to have diminished and it seemed that work commitments had overtaken their lives.

After graduating from law school, Karen had plenty of offers from a few of the most prestigious firms in the country. Karen was extremely bright and had graduated at the top of her class. The peculiar thing about her was that being so gorgeous and blonde, stereotyped her as a "ditzy blonde," and most of the time she played the part to her advantage; especially with the smarty macho lawyers who thought she was an easy target. However, when the time came, the lamb became a lion and she devoured everyone in her path. She had that killer, winning, merciless drive and she thrived on it.

Jean Paul quickly assessed the situation. "Who is that interesting person over there?"

This time, for some unusual reason, Karen did not share information with Jean Paul. He picked up immediately her uneasiness and where her eyes were focused most of the time she was on the treadmill.

"Dunno. You got anything going this weekend?" She quickly changed the subject, while still glancing at the sexy brunette in her peripheral vision.

Addy was through with the rowing machine and somewhat embarrassed form her minimal progress when all of a sudden at the back of the gym she spotted the Norditrack machines. She chuckled and walked in that direction. After examining the machines for about two seconds, she climbed on one of them, made the necessary adjustments and began her trek.

"Oh my! "Looks like we have a cross country skier or another fool." Jean Paul spoke looking in the direction of the machines, but talking to Karen. Addy was connected to her iPod and went about her business. The pair remained in awe surprised at how well the woman kept her pace on the machine and how long she was at it. Wow, she's got stamina!

The truth was that hardly anyone used those machines. They were in the back of the gym and any day now they would probably be removed as useless. Only a few die-hards would use them occasionally.

Addy noticed that both Jean Paul and Karen had taken an interest in her activity and every now and then she'd smile at them or raise her eyebrows or gave them some signal indicating that she knew they were watching her. Karen looked away every time, a fact that did not escape Jean Paul. After a while, Addy began to sweat and her hair fell on her forehead. Karen couldn't believe how cute the woman looked. God, she's beautiful!

As Addy was done with her workout, on a totally unexpected move, Jean Paul walked towards Addy. Karen followed him just in case. In case of what? What the hell am I doing?

Addy smiled when she saw Jean Paul coming. The way he walked would have caused anyone to smile. Jean Paul was flamboyant. "Wow, you sure can hold your own on that machine! Hi, I'm Jean Paul." He extended his hand barely touching Addy's, who sort of shook his hand. Karen noticed the different hand shake. "Adriana Marcos, but you can call me Addy." Karen stood next to JP.

"Do you do cross country ski? You sure are in good shape! I mean to hang on for so long on that thing…..you've got to be careful with that around here, though. Some people may see all that energy and may think you are as energetic in the sack! I'm sure you already have some mouths watering around here!" He looked at Karen who immediately looked away to hide her blush.

Jean Paul knew her too well and picked up on the blush. Oh my God, Karen blushed! What is going on here? I'll have to ask her about that!

"Don't be surprised if you start getting invitations soon." He said in a teasing manner. Only getting an --I'm going to kill you look from Karen.

Addy laughed, rather than blush. "Thanks for the compliment, my friend, I already like you!"

She was using a hand towel to wipe the sweat of her forehead. Karen couldn't help notice certain parts of her t-shirt also wet with sweat.

"No, I don't cross country ski, actually, I've never skied in my life. I think snow is very pretty when you are next to a cozy fire with a hot chocolate in your hands. I just happen to have one of those machines in my basement, that's why I can hang in there so long."

"We call them the dinosaurs; nobody ever uses them but us, and only when we really feel like punishing ourselves." Addy, stepped ahead of the twosome, and turned around to bid then farewell.

"Nice meeting you Jean Paul, got to go now, bye Karen, see you Friday!" She winked at Karen, turned around and went into the locker room, leaving the two of them in silence and smiling. Did she wink at me? She remembered my name! Karen felt like a complete idiot.

Jean Paul was speechless. "I don't think anyone has ever put me off so suddenly and smoothly, and what's more interesting is that I don't feel bad at all!" "She's got class. I like her." He looked at Karen who was still smiling. She's got something alright!

"Hello? Are you there? She'll see you Friday? I can see someone hasn't lost her touch!" Karen looked at him, with a smirk on her face. "Don't even try to go there… drop it!" She warned him and took off for the water cooler. "Oh my!" Oooh, someone is touchy!

Later that night, Jean Paul called Karen. "Honey, you've got to be careful. I think that you are headed in the wrong direction."

"What are you talking about?"

"Oh come on Karen, I know you! I've never seen you drooled like you drooled today! Gorgeous, sexy, nice ass, brunette at the gym…Addy…? I've made some inquiries, just because I found her so fabulous. She's married, hon, with kids and all."

Karen was in disbelief. "Are you sure?"

"Honey, it's confirmed. Sorry, sweetie!"

It was as if a bucket of cold water had been dropped on her head. Why was this woman having this effect on her? And could her bad luck be such that she is married and with kids? SHIT!

To be continued in Part 2.

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