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Turning on a Dime





Part 10—

“Hi Melanie, haven't seen you in a while. How have you been?”

“I'm fine Addy, how about you?”


“So, how about some food?” Karen said, not knowing what else to say. They called the waiter and placed their orders. They ate while talking about the ranch and about how Melanie had come across the place. At around 9 pm a group came over and invited Karen to a hand of poker. Karen had listed poker as one of her favorite card games and when they needed another person for the group they came searching for her.

“Go on. You like that stuff. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine here with Melanie.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, go on, have fun.”

The people in the group started to beg and they dragged her to the poker table. She shrugged her shoulders and smiled. Addy continued to smile as she saw Karen walk away.

Meanwhile, Melanie's eyes were fixed on Addy, studying her every move. When Addy turned, she realized that she was being observed. She was not able to keep Melanie's gaze. Melanie knew what she had to do here, it was all so obvious!

“So, I hope you don't mind my asking, but what brings you to the Wild West?” Melanie's face became serious.

“Why are you really here, Addy?” Addy's face went pale as she swallowed hard. She knew she was threading on thin ice when it came to Melanie and her psycho analysis!

She would navigate this zone by avoiding the subject. I can handle it! “I though Karen told you? I thought she explained?”

“She did, but I want to hear it from you.” Oh, boy, psycho lady big time! I'm screwed ! Addy lowered her eyes and then looked at Melanie.

“Am I in some kind of session here?” Addy smiled a bit.

“No. I charge for those, it can be arranged, though. Today I'm just a friend, Addy”

“Okay, Melanie, you were there that day when she was all hurt. I worry about Karen. I want to make sure that Karen ends up with the right person. Someone who loves her, and cares for her. Someone who would make sure nothing bad ever happens to her. Someone who would love her enough do whatever it takes to ensure her happiness. I want her to be happy.” She paused to look at Karen. “Karen deserves the best, Melanie, she is a beautiful person, and I want to make sure that she finds the right person.” As Addy spoke she kept looking at Karen with the most loving face in the world.

Melanie listened with great interest. “Karen is thirty seven years old, do you plan to follow her around the country to approve or disapprove of her lovers?”

Addy looked at her acknowledging how silly that question was. She made a funny face.

“Or, is it that you have someone in mind that might meet all the requirements you've just mentioned?”

“Unfortunately, no.”

“Really?” Melanie looked at her straight in her eyes.

“What?” Addy could not hold her gaze.

“Let's see, you said that it would have to be someone who would do just about anything, whatever it took to make sure that Karen is happy, right?”


Melanie looked at her. “Humm… How does this sound to you: Someone who lies about motives for a trip, pays God knows how much money for a last minute ticket, flies to the other side of the country, drives three hours in the middle of the night to an unknown destination in the middle of the desert, crashes a private retreat for lesbians, just to make sure that her friend is not with the wrong person? Does that sound like the type of person you would think is good enough for Karen? Do you think you might know someone fitting that description?”

A Melanie was speaking, Addy was fidgeting with the silverware and her napkin and looking very nervous, her breathing was also going a lot faster.

“Are you sure you don't know who this person is? Addy?”

By this time Melanie finished talking, the knot in Addy's throat was unbearable, it almost felt as if someone had stabbed her with a knife down her throat, it was only worsened by the immediate burning sensation in her eyes and finally by the overflow of tears that immediately followed. The panic in her face was evident. She couldn't hold it in anymore. She couldn't. She couldn't even look at Melanie. In her confusion she stormed out of the room and headed outside towards the pool area.

From the poker table, Karen had been watching the interaction going on and enjoyed the fact that the pair was involved in animated conversation. Karen became alarmed when she saw Addy storm out of the room. She came rushing towards Melanie.

“What happened? Where did she go? What did you say to her? Oh God, I'd better go out there and check on her.”

“Don't!” Melanie grabbed Karen by the arm and held her in place.

“Leave her alone. I'll go check on her. I think I can help.”

“Bu… but what about?”

“Do you trust me professionally?”

“Mel? You know I do, but that's my Addy out there!”

“Yes, I know. There's a lot going on here, more than we know….just stay here would you? Don't come out there until you see me come back in, okay?”

“Why? Is she going to be okay?”

“She has surprised me before.”


As Melanie was walking out, Karen's cell phone rang. It was JP.

“Hi sweetie pie, I just wanted to know where you are and how you are doing. I remembered you said something about a trip to Vegas with your new found friend. How's that working out?”

“It didn't, JP, I'm near Vegas, but not with her.”

“Oh, crap Ker, don't tell me that you are still hooked on Addy?”

“Eternally, my boy! There are developments, though, she's here.”

“Who's there?”


WHAT?! Did I hear you right?”

“You heard me right.” Karen told him what had happened.

“Oh, God, I think I'm having hot flashes! James has got to hear about this.”

“JAMES!” He yelled for James. Karen's ear drum nearly exploded. She could hear the screaming in the background.

It was James responding. “What is it? Are you having another of your behavioral disorders?”

“Stop that! This is huge. Come here, you've got to hear this, here, talk to Karen.”

“Hi Karen, what in the world is going on, this man is going to kill me from a heart attack with all this yelling, what is it?

Karen told him. “Well, that night in your apartment I had this feeling that there was something curious about her. She kept looking at you in a very peculiar way. Honey, I don't want to raise your hopes, but I think the possibility is worth exploring since you are certainly head over heels.”

Thanks, James. I appreciate your words.”

“Here, I'm putting the maniac back on.”

“Power to you, girl! Let me know if something happens, if you know what I mean!”

“JP get serious, this is no joke. This is the real thing here.”

“So you won't kiss and tell?” She could almost see him pouting.

“Most definitely not! Plus I really don't see anything happening, anyways.”

“Remember, sweetie, life turns on a dime! She may end up in bed with you tonight!”

“JP cut it out, get serious.”

“Sorry, babe, you know I get carried away, and the truth is that she is wonderful. I would like nothing better in the world than to see the two of you together. She's perfect for you. I also have this feeling that she'd be great in the sack too. I mean the woman is something else!”

“JP, you are incorrigible!” Karen couldn't help smile, though. He was right the woman was something else!

“As much as some people complain, they love me anyways. Isn't that so Jammie?”

Karen chuckled. “I don't think I need to hear this. I'll call you when I get back home, otherwise assume all is okay.”

“Ta, ta, babe!”

“Bye, JP.”


While Karen and JP talked, Melanie had followed Addy outside. It was fortunate that she had gotten that called from JP to entertain her while Melanie was doing, God knows what, with Addy out there.

Melanie found Addy leaning by the railing at the far end of the pool, facing a not so naturally formed pond in the middle of the desert. Addy was crying her heart out. As she approached Addy, Melanie reclined against the railing also but facing the pool and ranch house area. She offered a box of tissues she had picked up in the reception area. Addy took a few tissues and dried her eyes.


“You are not thinking about running out and getting lost out there in the desert, are you?” Melanie gave Addy a comforting smile.

“You are not my therapist, if I talk to you, there's no doctor-patient confidentiality.”

“In that case, I'm going to have to bill you, and this will become a session, should I?”

“Bill me.”

“Alright, but I'm warning you I'm not cheap! I will discount, though.” Melanie was trying to relax her. Addy grimaced, unable to utter a word. Just then, in a very soft voice, she blurted.

“Is it that obvious?”

“Not really, it's only pretty clear when you connect the dots.”

“Mel, I'm married, I have two kids, I'm not gay, or at least, I don't think I am! So, why do I feel this way about her?” “Am I gay and only at the tender age of 42 I discover this?”

She began to sob and tears began to flow from her eyes. Melanie, just stood there in silence.

“One thing at a time. How do you feel about Karen?”

“I love her Mel.”

“So, do I, and you don't see me running round the country checking out her lovers!”

Addy nodded closing her eyes. “I'm pathetic, aren't I? Mel, you know what I'm talking about…”

“No. I don't. I think you need to tell me. What are you talking about? How do you love her?”

“She's ….my everything! My guiding light, my sun, the air that I breathe…..” She started to cry again. “Everything…. I can't lose her! I can imagine life without her, or her with someone else! Oh God! How selfish can I be?”

Melanie hid her face in the dark. I was right!

“Why do you think you are being selfish? What are you going to do about it?”

“Melanie, what can I do? I'm trapped, and I feel like I'm trapping her. I know she loves me and I'm selfish because I can't seem to let go of her, so that she can have a life. On the other hand I have nothing to offer. Her face showed intense pain. “God knows I don't want to hurt her, I don't want to hurt anyone.”

“So it's just better to hurt yourself, right?” Addy started to sob again. “Can you start by telling me how you think you'd hurt anyone. Who is anyone?”

“What would my kids think of me? It would certainly kill Luke if I left him, and I don't even know if I can satisfy Karen! I've never been with a woman and I haven't a clue as to what to do with her other than kiss her! Where does that leave me, Mel….?”

“You tell me.”? It leaves me and everyone around me hurt.

“What are you feeling right now?”

“Lost, overwhelmed, frightened.”

“How long do you think you can go on like that? Keeping all that pain inside of you?” Addy looked at her, despair showing all over her face.

“Melanie, I don't see a solution. There isn't one.”

“Addy, would you agree with me in saying that sometimes people become so wrapped up in their own problems that they stop seeing solutions?”

“Yes, in fact that is one of the reasons lawyers shouldn't represent themselves in legal matters because their emotional involvement prevents them from assessing the situation and see the real issues.”

“Obviously, for the same reasons doctor shouldn't treat themselves.”

“So, what you are saying is that I should get professional help.”

“Oh, no, you are already getting professional help. Don't forget I'm billing you for this session!” She chuckled, as she talked.

“Let me ask you this…Do you think Karen is an intelligent woman?”

“What kind of a question is that, Melanie? Of course she is! She's the smartest person I know. She's a genius! Why do you ask this question? You know her also, she's super bright.” Addy had no idea where this line of thought was going,

“Well, I was just thinking that if you think she's so smart….why don't you talk to her? Maybe she can see solutions, or maybe she can see things different that you do and she might be able to help.” Addy was in pure disbelieve at this suggestion.

“I can't talk to Karen about this!”

“Why not? She's your best friend, you love her, she loves you, she's intelligent, she would surely have something smart to say….and would surely care enough not to give you good advice. Karen will put your feelings ahead of hers….surely you know that Addy.”

“You've got to be kidding!? I can't tell her that I love her and then tell her that there is no possible way for this love to move forward!” That would be cruel!” “Melanie, she would never ask me to leave Luke!”

“Addy, the truth is that you have no idea of what Karen would say, or react about all these.”

“Melanie, Karen is not some sort of experimental person that I can use and toss when I'm done with her!! I love her, I can't hurt her by saying ‘oh, let's give this a try and see if it works and if it doesn't thanks for trying, do you still want to be my friend?!' There are deeply rooted feelings at play here, Melanie, a great friendship and love Melanie, lots and lots of incredible love. She's my Karen!” Addy closed her eyes as she softly said those last words her face showing the anguish of her deep feelings. Melanie smiled because minutes earlier she had heard Karen referred to Addy as ‘her Addy.'

“I know. I can see that, it's very clear that you have deeply rooted feelings, as you say.” Melanie said in a very soft, low, sweet understanding tone. “That is why I think you should talk to her. She's the cause of those feeling. She needs to know. She needs to help you. No matter how you look at it, you are in this together.” Melanie stressed the needs to know as much as she could. “Let her help you. She's a big girl, she knows the odds….just like you do and she also wants you to be happy.” Addy looked a Melanie in complete resignation of her predicament.

Melanie patted her in the back “I'm going back inside. The minute Karen sees me back in there without you she's going to come out here looking for you. I'm warning you because she saw you walk out and she saw me come after you. She wanted to know what was wrong. I told her to let me talk to you first. So she'll be here in a minute.”

“Great. I may just take your idea and run out into the desert!”

“No, you won't, you've got too much going for you here.

“Yeah right!”

“Addy, one day you will look at all these and will realize that you almost drowned in a cup of water. Just hang in there, would you? By the way, sex with a woman is far better than with a man! Take it from someone who has played both fields, …. and when there is love in the mix, it's a bliss!” Addy looked down embarrassed and hinted a smile.

“What if…?”

“You'll never know unless you give it a shot. Plus, you are not dealing with just anyone. You are dealing with ‘your Karen,' right?”

“Melanie, this is crazy, it's no game. Karen is very sure about all these. I can't play with her feelings.”

“You are not. You are telling it like it is. It may or it may not work. She knows the odds. She loves you and she wants you to be happy also.”

“Hey, by the way, you can stay for the weekend if you want to. Remember, Karen paid for two people. It really would be such a waste if you left. Who knows you might enjoy it and maybe learn a few things. Think about it and let me know tomorrow.

“I'll see you later.”

“That's it? What kind of a session is this? What kind of a psychiatrist are you?

Melanie left grinning. A very good one, Addy, a very good one!


Addy moved away from the railing and sat on one of the pool lounges. She didn't recline. She just sat there her legs on the right side of the lounger. Her mind was blank, she felt nothing, she just stared at her feet. While in that state of nothingness, she sensed Karen's approach, she chuckled; she could also pick up her scent anywhere. It was almost unbelievable!

Karen approached from behind and came around to crouch in front of her, her knees on the ground. She gently placed one of her hands on Addy's knee and with her other hand she covered and slightly held Addy's left hand.

“What's wrong, baby? What happened?” Karen knew Addy had been crying. Her eyes and nose always got very red when shed did, and she also knew that Addy hated when that happened.

Addy smiled at that sweet loving face, then she turned her head down trying to hide her face.

“I think it's my night to cry, Ker. I think I'm going to be looking like Rudolph for three days after tonight!” Karen smiled. Karen knew that Addy hated how red her nose got whenever she cried.

“Baby, who cares about a red nose, plus I like Rudolph, tell me what's wrong?”

Addy looked at that face, that beautiful face, that tender smile, those loving gorgeous beautiful green eyes. Tears began to run down her cheeks, her bloodshot eyes were showing fear, despair, care, embarrassment, and love.

“I need to tell you something, but I don't know where to begin or even how to say it.” Karen kept looking at her. She was anxious, wanting to know what was causing all this pain.

“Just say what's on your mind, baby, I need to know.” She needs to know . There it was again. Karen needed to know why she was hurting and why she was really there.

Karen's eyes were moving back and forth like ping pong balls, desperately looking for some type of response, trying to figure out what to do, but she was scared shitless of saying the wrong thing or making the wrong move. Support, I'll give support no matter what, that's what I'll do… Karen carefully moved and sat next to her on the lounger, and put her arm around Addy's shoulder.

Addy could not bear the warmth of that loving arm on her shoulder. The reaction was immediate. She shivered. Her body prickled with goose bumps all over. She jumped to a standing position as soon as she felt the warmth of Karen's body. Karen panicked thinking that she had definitely made the wrong move and blown it. Good God, please help me here, let me make this right. I don't give a dam about me, but I need to know that she's fine, God!

Karen was in such state of mind that she couldn't even get up. With her elbows resting on her knees, she buried her face in her opened hands wanting to cry, wanting to yell, wanting to make things right. What the hell is wrong?

Suddenly, she felt hands grabbing her forearms and as she looked up she saw Addy kneeling in front of her, right between her legs. They looked at each other nervously. Addy open her mouth to speak, but hardly could, she was resolved to say what she had to say no matter what! This had to end, somehow!

In the midst of tears and shaking hands, Addy began an endless litany of words.

“I love you, Ker, I love you with all my heart, I have for the longest time! The other night in your apartment when I realized how you felt, I couldn't even think! That's why I left…You have no idea what's going on inside of me…when I see you going off to NY and me stuck here hating my life….I ….I……love you and I can't… and I don't know how! I've been reading, but I don't know if …..”

Right at that moment she rested her head on Karen's lap to anchor herself, and grabbed on to Karen's legs. She cried inconsolably like a child. She was lightheaded to the point of feeling faint.

Karen could hardly make any sense of what she had just heard. All she could remember was the ‘I love you' part. Nothing else seemed to have registered. Karen bent forward to cover her, to hold her, to embrace her. Karen was kneading and caressing every inch of that back, she was speechless.

“Addy, I know you love me, honey. It's okay, I understand.”

“No! You don't understand! I don't just love you! I love you Ker, I LOVE YOU!”

It finally hit her. “You love me?” A teary Addy nodding in the affirmative.

Karen gasped. “Oh! Addy?!” Karen was choking in her own words. She was overwhelmed with feelings. “How? When? Are you sure?”

“Dunno, for the longest time and yes I'm sure.”

Karen pulled her into her arms. Addy snuggled into Karen's body. Karen dropped to her knees as she tried to tighten her grasp.

Addy stopped crying. “Ker, I have to seat down, my knees are killing me!”

“Oh, I'm sorry.” She pushed herself back into the reclining chair bringing Addy with her. Addy ended up lying between Karen' arms and legs on the recliner. It was perfect. The warmth, the closeness, the tenderness. Both women sat there for the longest time hugging each other in silence, enjoying the warmth of their loving embrace.

“Ker, I don't know what I'm doing. I feel lost, confused, helpless. I have nothing to offer! I don't even know how to… love you!” “I flew over here because I couldn't bear the thought of you with someone else, of loosing you!” “Oh God! This is not fair to you. I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!” More crying.

Karen's closed her eyes as she savored the moment. This is not happening! This can't be real! This is my dream coming true!

“Addy, what do you mean that you have nothing to offer and that you don't know how to love me? This is all I want. You are loving me right now.” Addy looked up at that wonderful person holding her.

“Addy, I can't believe you are real.” Unable to express more emotion, Addy moved up and touched Karen's face with her fingertips and timidly kissed her on her lips.

Karen froze. All of a sudden, she was not afraid anymore. She knew that the ball was in her court. This time there was no hesitation. There was just this great desire to reach out to this woman who she loved. Karen pressed her lips against Addy's. She just couldn't stop deepening that kiss which was by far more intense that the previous one that evening. This time Addy was not hesitant. She was not only welcoming Karen's advance, but she was encouraging her. She parted her lips and allowed Karen's tongue in her mouth. Karen thought she had reached heaven, or another world, that she had fallen through a black hole in space and landed in some sort of alternate universe. She held her tight as their tongues continued to explore each other's mouths. When Addy pulled back to catch her breath, she was embarrassed.

“WOW, I could live of that kiss for months!” Karen said trying to alleviate Addy's embarrassment. Addy looked flustered. Addy had to smile. Karen brushed her lips to hers. Addy looked down, still embarrassed. “And by the way…. that first kiss tonight was not just a Good kiss, as someone might have put it earlier…..that was the best kiss I've ever had in my life!” Addy had to smile, she tilted her head. She had a condescending look on her face.

“Ker! We both know you've been around the block! You are just saying that to make me feel better and probably because you want more!” Karen was grinning from ear to ear.

“I'm not going to lie, Addy, you can bet your last penny I want more, but if you really want to know the truth ….” Karen paused, having difficulty converting her feelings into words “…I have never kissed or been kissed by the one and only person I've ever really loved.” As she was saying those final words her lips started to twitch and tremble and her beautiful sea green eyes flooded with a tsunami of tears.”

“Oh God!” Addy didn't know what to do, what to say, where to begin to kiss, caress, or hold this wonderful creature in her arms! Her hands trembled as she caressed Karen's face softly with the tip of her fingers unable to even bring herself to touch this loving woman.

She finally held Karen's face and kissed it gently, lovingly, tenderly, brushing it with her lips. Karen was about to pass out. “I love you, Ker, I love you to the bone, everything about you, how you are, what you do, what you don't do, what you wear, what you say, how you say it, why you say it, everything, Ker, everything!” Tears flowed like rivers of water from both women. So much love, so many emotions and feelings finally freeing themselves. Addy again came forward and kissed the helpless Karen who looked like a little girl sobbing in her arms. It was Addy who initiated this kiss, she was fierce! When they pulled apart Karen smiled. “Wow! Why am I not surprised that you could kiss like that! They held each other contently for a long time.

From inside the ranch house two watchful eyes witnessed the initial encounter. When the twosome embraced, she smiled and slowly drifted to meet the rest of the groups gather in the main hall. One point for the therapist!

“So, what was this thing that you said about reading? What was that about?”

Addy smiled. “I did some research.”

“Research on what? Oh no! You didn't! Can I dare ask what you've read?”

“Books, web sites. A lot.”

“Oh, God, Addy! What have you read?” Karen opened her eyes in a joking alarming way. Her eyes were so beautiful, even when they were all red and swollen from crying.

Addy had this look of complete adoration on her face.

Addy chuckled. “Afraid I've become an expert?”

“Terrified! I don't want you to get the wrong impression or the wrong perception, good grief, there's so much junk out there!”

“Nah, I read real good stuff. Positive things. There were a few bordering on porn, but I didn't like those and dropped them.”

“Oh, God! Addy, just how much have you read?” She turned around and looked at Karen.

“Ker, you know how I am. When I need to learn about something…..”

“Oh, God! I don't want to hear anymore, please! God knows what ideas you have in that head now! Why didn't you just ask me?”

“Yeah, right!” Addy kissed her. “Like I was going to ask the devil for fire! Plus, I've seen you blush before, Ms. Larsen, and you know me, a total idiot!”

Karen chuckled. “Addy, don't stress out, let things flow. If a hug and kiss is all we ever do, I'm more than fine with me, sweetie.”


After the two women cuddled in the lounger for most of the night, they began to feel the night chill. “Addy, I think we should go inside, it's getting a bit cold and I don't want you getting sick out here. Come on….” Addy had fallen sleep in Karen's arms. She was emotionally drained and the day had been too much for her.

“I don't want to go anywhere. I want to stay here forever.”

Karen chuckled, “I know, sweetie, me too. We can cuddle some more inside.”

“Okay.” Addy began to walk, half asleep as she was lead by Karen upstairs.

Everyone had gone to sleep. As she climbed the staircase holding this beautiful sleeping woman who wanted to continue to snuggle with her, Karen could hear Melanie's words , don't let your feelings take over, stay in control, keep cool.


Addy went into the bathroom to change . Karen hurried to change and got into bed. She thought that if she pretended to be asleep when Addy came out of the bathroom Addy would feel better about having to sleep on the same bed with her.

Addy came out of the bathroom and into a semi dark room. She noticed Karen's body in the bed and smiled. She knew exactly what Karen was doing. She knew Karen too well. Karen was making it easy for her. Karen didn't want her to think that some hanky panky would take place. She was pretending to be asleep to give her room, and to make her feel comfortable. This woman was too good to be true, amazing!

Addy got under the covers on her side of the bed. A petrified Karen looked timidly as Addy laid down beside her. She was rejoicing, but couldn't help being in a somewhat state of panic in what appeared to be yet another surreal moment this evening. Melanie, you must have missed a class! You should have known that I was going to be the one scared shitless! I surely kept my cool, I freaked out! This will require a few sessions, I'm sure!

“Good night, Ker. Shit, she knows I'm awake! “Good night, Addy.” Addy turned around. Karen panicked. She tenderly kissed Karen on the cheek. “Relax! Ker, it's okay. Do you want to cuddle like we did out there?”

An incredulous Karen replied. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah. I'm sure.”

Karen turned around and embraced her. “Addy? Just to make sure that I don't think I dreamed all these, would you kiss me tomorrow morning when I wake up?” Karen could almost feel Addy's smile.

“Do you want just a peck on your cheek or something a little more memorable?” “Something memorable. I thought I was going to have trouble sleeping, but now I feel I must hurry up and sleep so I can wake up for my kiss.” Karen held her tight and kissed her o the head.

Addy smiled. “Karen Larsen! Go to sleep, you are not making this evening any easier! Karen grinned from ear to ear. Addy felt her smile. We all know who is in control here!


Karen had trouble falling asleep that night. She was a thinker and a planner. Tonight she had realized that, when it came to the emotional stuff, Addy was a wreck. So she figured she was going to have to take control of the situation at a certain point. She needed to think of the possibilities and ramifications of the outcome of this situation. There could be two possibilities. One Addy loves her but stays with her husband to cover appearances and for the kids. Two, Addy left her husband. If the latter happened, there were also two possibilities, one she would either choose to live by herself or move in with her. The latter being heaven on earth for Karen. She didn't want to think about that one just yet.

If Addy had feelings for her and decided to explore them and remain married, Karen would become the other woman, the love affair. Was she going to accept that? If, on the other hand, Addy left her husband, she decided that she would talk her into staying with her. Not necessarily as a couple initially, but until Addy got her bearings as a single woman and had figured out more about her feeling for her. No matter how she shuffled the cards, she saw herself as a player. She loved Addy and would take her no matter what the conditions were. I'll take anything she wants to give me. I love her and I want her!

Addy had trouble sleeping also. She was laying sideways looking at the person next to her. She didn't want to be anywhere else but with this person. No one had to know the reasons for the divorce. No one had to know about her relationship with Karen. That was a private matter. They weren't going to be kissing and hugging everywhere. What would Karen think of that, though? She concluded that Karen wouldn't care, as long as they were together.

Not even Luke had to know. It would kill him if he knew. He would probably be happy that he could go on with his life and do whatever silly thing wanted. He might even remarry! The kids were busy living their lives and wouldn't be prying. Eventually, with the years, she might tell them the truth. Life is what you make of it, and love is love no matter where you find it, or who you find it with, and above all, you have to be happy in life.




The first rays of sun came up and made their way through the tiny cracks in the curtains. Addy got up, went to the bathroom and changed. Not knowing what to do next, she sat quietly in the chair in the corner looking at the form on the bed. It was adorable. Next to watching her own children sleep when they were babies, there was no other face in the world as beautiful as this one. Karen's face was soft and bright and so peaceful, so gentle, so angelical.

When sleepy green eyes looked up from under all that ruffled hair, Addy couldn't help but smile. “Good morning sunshine.”

Sleepy green eyes immediately hid themselves in the pillow, she also pulled the covers over her head. Addy had to bite her lip to hide her smile. Karen looked like a little girl.

“Aren't you going to get up?”

A muffled voice was heard from under the covers. “No.”

“No? May I know why?” The same muffled voice responded from under the covers.

“I was having this great dream and I don't want to wake up. I just want to go back to my dream.”

“A dream, huh?”

“Yeah, the best ever.”

“Hum, let me see, was I in that dream?” Green eyes surfaced staring intensely.

“Yes.” Karen sat up in the bed, her legs crossed under the sheets, her hair all over her face. Addy sat on the edge of the bed, tilting her head and smiling vey sweetly. She removed the hair from Karen's face.

“How do you know it was a dream?”

“Had to be. That kind of thing doesn't happen for real.”

“Are you saying dreams can't come true?”

“Most of the time, they don't, that's why they are dreams.”

She leaned closer. “Did this happen in your dream?” She then tenderly closed her eyes and kissed Karen on her lips. It was a long, wet kiss. So long and so good that Karen had to control herself from taking charge and pursuing the matter further. Don't mess up Karen Larsen!

“Ker, sometimes dreams do come true and they turn out to be nightmares, you know?” Addy wanted to make her aware that for as good as it may feel now, things were not necessarily going to be smooth. “Addy, for a kiss like that I could endure endless nights of nightmares!”

“In that case, you better do it on a full stomach! Let's go get some breakfast.” “I need coffee big time. Plus, I need to talk to Melanie. I need to tell her that I decided to stay for the weekend.

Karen opened her eyes in complete incredulity of what she was hearing.


“Oh, yeah, last night Melanie said I could stay for the weekend.” Thank you, Mel, I owe you for life! “Since you paid for the weekend for two, I thought I'd stick around and make the most of it. Little did I know that I was going to turn out to be the other woman in this weekend package deal! Is that okay with you?”

Horses could have trotted through the middle of that room, lightning bolts could have fallen from the heavens, tsunamis could have washed through that room and Karen couldn't have cared less! She was astonished. I must be in some kind of desert twighlight zone!

“Are you going to move from that bed today?” Addy teased, “Come on! I'll meet you downstairs….I reeeally need that coffee, Ker.”

Like a zombie, Karen got up and started to look for clothes to wear. She went into the bathroom to shower and looked at herself in the mirror. “Holly shit! This is real Karen, gear up baby! You are in for the ride of your life and you are in for the long run! I'm giving this all I've got, and I have a lot to give! She showered and dressed and as she was heading out she looked in the mirror and realized that something was wrong with her shirt, it didn't feel right…. Shit I put it on backwards….get a grip Ker, get a grip!


Melanie immediately spotted Addy as she was coming down the stairs. Melanie was obviously concerned and had been waiting for the pair to come down to make sure that everything was alright. When Adriana met Melanie's eyes, she smiled.

“I'm okay, Melanie, I survived the night. Melanie, wasn't quite sure what that meant but she noticed Addy's happy demeanor.

“How did the other party survived?”

Addy smiled. “I think she's fine, still in shock, but who isn't?”

Melanie handed her some papers. “Here is the schedule of events.”

“Is Karen in all these sessions?”

“Yeah, and if she's not it's because I'm having individual one on one sessions with each of you.”

“Okay. I need to find some caffeine now. My head is killing me.”

“See you later.”


As Addy went into the dining room area, Melanie's cell phone rang. It was Karen's number. She flipped the phone open.

“What's going on? Where are you?”

“Getting dressed, I'll be down in two minutes. Mel, I would only say this to you….I'm freaked out!”

“What exactly do you mean?” “I mean that all your warnings for last night were unnecessary because I was scared shitless! I couldn't have touched a hair on her head even if I wanted to!” Melanie laughed so hard, she had to hold on to the concierge's desk.

“Oh you poor thing, of course you are! You love her, my friend, and you want to say and do all the right things! Just be yourself, she already loves you! Get yourself down here, silly! Do you know she's staying for the weekend?”

“I know, I couldn't believe that either, this is all so surreal….!”

“Karen, she may seem okay, but she's having a hard time dealing with all these. She's facing her fears and working matters out, and it's not easy. It's not going to be easy for her. You need to stand by her and be supportive.” “I'm in, Mel, all the way, and for however long.”

“I know, hon, I know.”

To be continued in Part 11

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