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Part 12—

Prior to the trip to Japan , Karen had to make an overnight trip to Montreal to meet a client and finalize some legal paperwork necessary for a securities filing deal. She wanted to leave everything in order with that case, before embarking on the trip to Japan .

Karen's plane was supposed to arrive at around noon. Addy was monitoring her flight on Google on a flight tracker site. She was always apprehensive when Karen traveled alone and she liked to keep an eye on things.

When she realized that the plane animation had not moved from the same position in the last hour, she feared something was going wrong. This had happened before in Houston when Karen's plane was laid over for several hours. She tried other flight tracker programs on the internet with the same results. She then decided to call the airline to find out the arrival time of the flight.

When on the phone with the customer service representative she was unable to get any information. She asked to be transferred to a supervisor when she was unable to get any concrete information from the service representative. After a few tough words with the supervisor, he told her that the plane was having some difficulties and was being rerouted to NY's JFK because it was the nearest airport.

Addy came out of her office and gave some instructions to Julie. “Book me on the first shuttle to NY-JFK. E-mail the flight information to my smart phone. I'm on my way to Reagan-National. No bags, whatever price, use my personal credit card. This is an emergency. I'll call you later. Also keep it confidential.” Julie was a bit alarmed, but she was excellent at her job and knew better than to question such strict direct orders. “Okay. I'll be on call if you need anything Addy.” “Thanks, Julie.” As she gave these instructions, she left the office. She stopped a taxi and headed for the airport.

Before she got to the airport, Julie had e-mailed the flight information. She headed for the terminal and made the flight right before the door was about to close. Before her plane took off, the news channel was reporting a plane crash at JFK.

Apparently, a plane arriving from Montreal had difficulty with one of its engines and although it made it to the tarmack the landing was rough and the plane caught on fire upon landing. Addy watched the news in horror, as she confirmed that this was in fact Karen's flight.

The one hour shuttle flight to JFK seemed to have lasted an eternity. She was in pure panic fearing the worst. She only hoped that whatever happened, Karen was fine. Unable to contain her fears and the many emotions passing through her mind, she did what she always did when she tough all else was lost. She prayed. She prayed to God, and all the saints in heaven. She made all sorts of deals with the Holy ones if only, if only they'd grant her wish that Karen be alive.

Her plane landed and she hurried out. She rushed to the terminal of Karen's airline only to find crowds of people gathered in front, mostly news people. Everyone wondering what had happened. It had been a couple of hours since the crash and there was still total chaos. There were no families or friends asking or claiming for anyone because this plane was headed to DC, so most people didn't have any relatives or friends in NY.

Addy was told that the surviving passengers were being brought to on an improvised triage area in one of the airlines' lounges. She headed that way. She gave Karen's name to the man on one of the doors. “Are you a relative?” “No, she's my best friend.” “I'm sorry, M'am we are only authorized to allow family members in.” Addy's heart sunk. We need to draft powers of attorney for these types of things!

She looked around in desperation. Her eyes welled up, she was hurting. So close and yet so far! All her hurrying and rushing and now some stupid formalities wouldn't allow her to get to Karen! This could not be possible! She had to get in there! As she desperately looked around for solutions, she noticed that the other door into the lounge was guarded by a thin, nice looking black young woman in the airlines' uniform. She was having a conversation with a woman on a nice blue dress. As the woman in the dress was leaving, she gave a long loving kiss on the lips to her friend who still remained at the door.

It was obvious that they were lovers and they were just parting from some encounter. Addy approached the black young woman at the door. “Miss, I know that you are only letting in family members, and I'm not strictly family, but I need to know at the very least, if the person I'm looking for is in there, would you let me know, please!” As she finished her words she broke into tears unable to control herself any longer. The woman sympathizing felt her pain. “Hon, what's the name of the person you are looking for?” “Karen Larsen” “The woman looked at her list and said “Yes, she's here, hon, she's here.”

Addy leaned on the wall for support. She slid to the floor, still crying, her legs were not able to hold her. Her hand in her mouth, tears running down her cheeks. Seeing her reaction, the woman spoke. “M'am, what is your relationship with Ms. Larsen?”

“She's the love of my life, unfortunately that's not worth a dam to straight people, and here I am unable to get to her!”

“Listen, I'm not supposed to do this, but we have to stick together. I know what you are going through, I've been there myself. There are a lot of people in there and no one knows who is who. I'm gonna let you in, but if anyone asks you, please, say that you are her sister in law or something like that, okay? Also, I did not let you in. I don't know you and I've never seen you.”

“Oh, God, thank you, thank you so much! You have no idea what this means to me!”

“I do honey, I do, go on and find the love of your life!”

The place looked like a war zone, there were people everywhere, paramedics, firemen, police, airline people, hurt people, zombie looking people with their clothes all scorched or torn or missing shoes or sleeves, or pants with one leg only. People drenched in sweat, covered by what appeared to be a green goo/foam like sticky substance. People were crying, in pain, people with dumbfounded looks on their faces. Everyone was coming or going, doing something to help someone or going somewhere to get some help, or helping someone to help someone! The room was in total chaos. Addy searched like a mad woman. Her anxious eyes were looking in every direction desperately searching for her precious one. There was no one to ask, everyone was busy and she didn't want to bring attention to herself since she wasn't supposed to be there in the first place. I'll find her if I have to go one by one of these people! I cannot afford to get kicked out of here!

Finally, after some searching, she spotted her. Seating sideways looking out the window towards the general area of where the plane had crashed. Karen sat curled up holding the back end of the chair. Her arm around the chair, her head was resting on her shoulder motionless looking tired, worn and beaten. She had that green stuff everywhere, her jacket was gone, her shirt and skirt filthy, her legs were covered in black stuff and the green foamy material. She had a bandaged arm.

When Addy saw her, she thanked God. Addy was so overjoyed and so taken by having found her that she paused. She later said that she could have sworn she heard a voice say ‘ there's your gift!'

Addy hurried towards her, when she was in front of her she approached her and knelt on the floor. “Ker?” That was all Addy said. She could never forget later in her life the expression on Karen's face. It was the expression of one who has seen an apparition.

Karen looked distraught. She turned when she heard her name and the familiar voice. When she saw the face in front of her she gasped. “ADDY!” She breathe a sigh of relief, of contentment, of hope, of surrender, as she grabbed on with full force to her loved one, the ever constant person in her life who was always there when she needed her, and today more than ever she needed her.

“Everything is okay, I got you, baby, I got you. I've come to take you home with me.” Addy didn't know what other reassuring words she could have said. She had said it all as she held her loved one in her arms and cried and smiled at the same time. Karen practically collapsed in her arms as they held each other.

The woman who let Addy in watched their encounter. She came towards Addy. “Let me see what I can do to speed her processing so that you can take her with you. By the way, the doctor gave her a sedative, that's why she's kind of sleepy. My name is Janine, what's yours?”

A teary Addy thanked her. “I'm Adriana Marcos, you can call me Addy.” A few moment later, Janine, came back. “Okay, Addy, the doctor already looked at her. She has a minor burn on her right arm. She needs to be seen again tomorrow before she can be released.

We are booking everyone at the nearest hotel here in the airport. The triage where you need to bring her tomorrow will be located in the lobby area of the hotel, you will see it. This is you room and these are two bag of clothing one for her and one for you since you will be staying overnight with her. I'll have the doctor come to give you some instructions. A few minutes later a woman approached Addy. “Hi, Janine has explained the situation. The doctor will be with you in a minute, but I just need to know before we release her to you, I need to get some information from you. “Sure.” Addy said.

A few minutes later, the doctor came and talk to Addy to explain Karen's injury. It was a minor burn, only requiring minor care. All that was needed was that the bandaging around it remained dry, and that it be changed the next day. After that, he recommended following up with her doctor back home. He also stressed the fact that she needed to take a shower to remove all the foamy green stuff from her body. That stuff was apparently the foam used to put off the fire on the plane. As the foam was sprayed everyone on board had been directly or indirectly splattered with it. It was important to remove it form the body because it contained chemicals that were skin irritants with even possible carcinogens.

She was given a bag containing the soap and shampoo to be used and the scrungies to rub the skin and remove the material attached to the skin. He instructed to bring her over tomorrow to the triage in the lobby of the hotel so that he could again take a look at the injured arm. “We gave her a sedative about two hours ago. Here's are a few more pills, to take as needed until she sees her doctor back home. They will make her very sleepy. We also gave her some medication for pain. Again, here are a few of those pills also to take every 8 hours.” The doctor indicated that she could take a sedative before going to bed so that she could have a good night sleep. The doctor mentioned that she might be a bit nervous due to the emotional stress she had gone through. After that talk, some papers were signed and Karen was released to Addy's care.

The two women were escorted towards the door and outside the terminal to a mini bust that took them to the airport International Hotel. At the hotel, there was a dedicated desk person to take care of the airline's guests. Addy approached the attendant and handed her the paperwork she was given at the airline's lounge in the airport. The attendant checked and offered the types of room available. “A suite with a king size bed will be fine.” The clerk handed her the keys and they headed to the elevators. Their room was on the 7 th floor. When they entered the elevator Karen leaned against Addy and placed her head on Addy's shoulder. Addy put her hand around the woman's waist and brought her closer to her, and kissed her on her forehead.

Karen was still drowsy from the medication she had been given at the improvised airport triage. When they got to the room, Addy opened the door and they went inside. Addy dropped the bags she had been given on the dresser and placed the medications on the kitchenette's counter top. She continued to hold Karen and helped her to a comfortable chair in the living room area of the room. “Seat here for a minute, baby, while I read these instructions.” Addy sat down to quickly read the instructions to follow to remove the green goo from Karen's body.

She walked over to Karen who was slouched on the chair with her eyes closed. She crouched in front of Karen. “Honey, you are going to have to take a shower to remove all this green goo from your body because it's not good for you. Are you up for a shower?”

Karen nodded. “Do I have to, Addy? I'm very sleepy. I don't know if I can stand for too long.”

“Yes, baby, we have to. We need to remove all this green stuff you got stuck to your skin. We are going to have to do this, okay?” As she said this Addy pulled her up, and leaned Karen against her to help her make it to the bathroom. On the way there she took the bag the airline people had given her.

In the bathroom Addy lowered the toilet seat and had Karen seat on it. Karen was leaning against Addy's body. Addy ran the curtain to one side and started the water running. She made sure that it was nice and warm. She then turned around.

“Addy, I don't think I can stand for long.”

“Baby, I need to undress you.” She unbuttoned and removed Karen's blouse, then she placed Karen's injured arm in the nylon sleeve that was in the bag they had been given to protect the bandaging from getting wet. She pulled Karen up. Karen was groggy so Addy had her lean on her as she unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor. She stood behind Karen. She was trying to avoid seeing any part of Karen's body she didn't need to see. She felt very awkward doing all this, but this was something necessary, it needed to be done for Karen's health.

What would have happened if no one had shown up for Karen? who would have done this? A stranger, someone who didn't care about her? Janine? Oh God forbid someone else touching her! No, there was no one better than her to do this! She cared more than anyone else in the whole world, this was her Karen! She then proceeded to unhinge Karen's bra, and removed it. She held Karen up by her waist. Then she lowered and removed Karen's panties letting them fall to the floor. She grabbed Karen by her waist.

“Can you hold on to this bar, here baby?” She placed Karen's hand on the handicapped bar inside the tub. “Now let's get one foot in, bring your leg up.” Addy touched the side of her leg. Karen tried but couldn't bring her leg high enough, so Addy had to grab her leg and bring it up. As she did this, she couldn't help seeing the lower part of Karen's body. God, she's a real blond! “There you go, now the other leg, good!” Hang on to the handle and to the wall.”

Addy knew she had to be quick because Karen was not going to be able to stand for long. She didn't run the curtain, she couldn't. Water was splattering everywhere. Addy started at the top with Karen's hair, she washed it really well with the shampoo the airline people gave her. Her hair was saturated with the green stuff so she had to wash it twice. Then, she took one of the scrungies in the bag and saturated it with body wash and scrubbed Karen's legs and arms which were where most of the goo was located. At this point Karen was loosing footing and Addy had to place one of her legs inside the tub to lean Karen against her own body while still holding her around her waist. Addy was getting soaked.

She quickly proceeded to wash the rest of Karen's body. It fell odd, but it had to be done. She was sort of glad that Karen was groggy because if Karen had opened one eye, Addy would have died of embarrassment. Addy was so nervous, she thought she would drop to the floor herself. Having Karen in her arms naked was a lot to handle.

All the washing was done thoroughly but quickly, Addy had been all the time supporting Karen by her arm and waist, but knew that Karen could not stand much longer, neither would she for that matter! Addy grabbed a towel and wrapped it around Karen and hugged her to support her. She couldn't help kissing Karen's shoulder and neck. It was her body's reaction to Karen's proximity and sensuality. Oh God!

Addy helped her to seat on the toilet seat again and dried her arms and legs. She gently removed the plastic wrapping form the arm. Karen leaned her head against Addy's body for support. Addy made sure the bandaged arm was not wet. She helped her up from the seat and led her towards the bed, as they were doing this Addy turned to grab the bag of clothing they'd been given to pull out a t-shirt for Karen, but when she turned around she noticed that Karen was walking towards the bed, as she did this she dropped the towel on the floor, then she let herself drop on the bed, belly down.

Oh God! Addy came closer and lovingly covered her naked body. As she did so, she leaned forward and kissed her on her forehead. She's so beautiful! She inhaled taking on the woman's scent as if with such act she could bring some of Karen inside of her. She went to the bathroom to get yet another towel and came back and dried Karen's hair. Karen was resting peacefully. Addy on the other hand was exhausted, emotionally drained, and soaked.

She got up and headed for the bathroom to take a shower. She did not close the bathroom door, though. She wanted to make sure that she could hear Karen, if she called her. When she was done with her shower she realized she was starving and ordered room service. She ordered mild stuff, grilled cheese sandwiches, apple juice, yogurt, chocolate milk and ice cream. She also ordered for Karen in case she woke up hungry in the middle of the night. After she ate, she came back into the bedroom. Karen called her.

“Addy….” “Yeah, baby I'm here.”

“Please, don't leave me.”

“I won't sweetie, I won't. I'm right here. I'm going to bring you some juice to drink, okay?”


Karen drank her juice. “Will you hold me tonight?”

“Yes, I will.” Having said this, Addy went to the other side of the bed got under the covers, and turned the lights off. Karen immediately came closer to Addy. Addy closed her eyes and thanked God so many times for having saved her. It felt so good to have her right there! Addy thanked God for the 100 th time that evening. When Karen moved closer to snuggle with her, Addy welcomed her with open arms, however as she closed her arms around the woman she realized that Karen was nude. Oh God! Addy's eyes nearly popped out when she touched the bear skin. Soon realizing that, in the midst of her apprehension, she liked the softness of the body in her arms. She slowly relaxed and drifted into slumber. It had been a long, stressful day.

A few hours later Addy woke up and became aware that Karen was sound asleep snuggled to her. Karen's head was tucked beneath her chin and her right arm was around Addy's waist, her right leg resting on Addy's lower leg. Addy's left arm was around Karen's waist. Addy turned to look at the clock and Karen stirred in her sleep. It was 4 am. Karen moved her hand from Addy's back to the front landing on Addy's pulse point, caressing her collarbone area slowly, gently and firmly. Addy liked the feel of Karen's warm hand. The gentle touch was almost hypnotic. Addy smiled and kissed her forehead, again thanking God for keeping her safe.

Karen's hand gently slipped down reaching Addy's left breast, cupping it and gently caressing her nipple. Addy tensed, she relaxed when she felt the hand continue a southbound path. The hand gently rubbed her skin making her feel warm, soft and soooooo good! It was a soothing. The rhythmical strokes were inebriating her senses. Addy pulled out a bit from Karen's embrace to look at her face. “Ker?” Karen was asleep. Oh God! This was surreal!

In the midst of really not knowing what to do, she felt transported to another dimension. The feeling became overwhelming, exhilarating. The hand continued down through Addy's side to her hips and buttocks and then down to her outer thigh. Addy stiffened when she felt Karen's hand going under her underwear and caressing her buttocks, she closed her eyes and held her breath, hardly believing how good it felt. The sensuality with which Karen's hand was caressing her was incredible. The feeling was beyond description. She was succumbing to the touch. She liked it. She wanted it! How could this be possible?

As the hand initiated a northbound path, it continued its slow sensual path around her, now tensed buttocks, then to her upper back and then forward to again cup her breast, this time fingers felt a very hardened nipple. The hand went back to Addy's back and held her tight.

Addy was aroused beyond description. In trying to control her body's reaction to Karen's touch, she moved, trying to calm herself and to reclaim control of her body. She shifted positions and in an involuntary move she raised her leg positioning her knee, almost by accident into Karen's center. When she felt Karen against her thigh she shivered. She held Karen tight. She felt such desire, she could hardly believe it. Addy didn't know what to do! She was restless not knowing how to free herself from Karen's tight embrace.

As Addy stirred, Karen's sleeping body also stirred. On an instinctive move Karen brought her right leg in between Addy's and over her thigh. Addy's heart was pumping at a warp speed as she lay almost faint through this rollercoaster ride of unknown emotions. As she was trying to regain some composure, she felt Karen's body pressing against hers. She felt Karen's wetness smeared all over her thigh, and her hardened nipples against her. Addy closed her eyes as she surrender to the feelings overtaking her senses. She held on to Karen, unwillingly bringing her hands to Karen's bear buttocks. She held them tight. She had to! She had to hold on to something! Addy closed her eyes and tried to breathe as she caressed and held this woman. She couldn't believe the intensity of her feelings. She had been married all those years and had never felt so aroused as with this sleeping woman! Unbelievable!

Karen began to move her leg away from Addy's thigh, but Addy wouldn't allow it. Instinctively, she grabbed Karen's leg and brought her thigh back to where it had been resting. She wanted it there, she liked it there. It felt good. Still asleep, Karen kissed Addy' neck. Addy tenderly kissed her forehead and whispered in her ear. “I love you, baby.” Before she was almost finished with her words, Karen snuggled under her chin. In slumber, Karen whispered. “I want this, Addy.” Addy wept, while she continued to give her a million little kisses, thinking of this wonderful person in her arms and of what life would be like with her. I want this too, baby.

Karen then, half woke up and in a sort of delirium, started to talk about a million things. Addy knew that Karen needed to get things out of her chest. She had been through a lot that day. So, Addy listened as she caressed the soft, warm body in her arms. Some of the things Karen said made sense, others didn't. Addy thought that Karen was a bit delirious from the shock and the medications she had taken, so she just assumed a comforting role as she heard Karen's extensive monologue. Exhausted from all the emotion of the day and the night, the both went back to sleep.


In the morning, Addy got up first. Karen was still asleep. The sedatives had really knocked her out. Addy was careful with her movements trying not to wake her. Karen needed to rest. Addy headed to the bathroom to take a shower. Before she went into the shower she touched her thigh where Karen had rubbed her wetness the night before, when she brought her hand near her nostrils she could smell Karen's scent in her hand. What am I doing? Am I going mad? How could this be possible? How could I love her like this?

When she came out of the shower, she ordered breakfast and ate in front of the television trying to take her mind of her problems.

When Karen woke up, she sat on the bed trying to make sense of where she was, she looked to the bed and didn't see Addy. Then she looked at herself and she freaked out. Oh my God, and I slept nude and I cuddle with Addy! Oh God, what else happened? Did I touch her ? She rushed out of bed, grabbed the t-shirt on the chair next to the bathroom, she was unable to find any panties. She went in the bathroom put the t-shirt on washed her teeth. When she came out of the bathroom she was wearing the t-shirt only.

Karen's sleepy body walked out of the bedroom wearing a humongous ‘I love New York ' t-shirt. When Addy saw her, her heart skipped a beat. Karen looked adorable, her hair all disheveled, sleepy, droopy green eyes, stumbling until she stumbled in the sofa next to Addy. Addy felt kissing her to death!

As she approached the sofa, she noticed Addy's look. She asked the smiling woman. “What's wrong?”

“Nothing's wrong. Come here.” Addy opened her arm inviting her to seat on the sofa. Karen slouched on the sofa and immediately let her head fall on Addy's shoulder giving the impression that she could hardly hold her head up straight. Addy hugged her and immediately. Does she remember anything? “How's are you this morning?” “Karen closed her eyes and buried her face on Addy's shoulder. Addy smiled looking at the cute warm body in her arms.

With her face was still buried in Addy's shoulder, she spoke. “Is there anything I should be apologizing for? I can't remember a lot about last night.”

“ Nope.” She didn't know what to say, she didn't want to lie, but she also didn't want to minimize the previous evening's interaction just in case Karen remembered. She also didn't want to talk about it. She thought that Karen had been through a lot and that as vulnerable as she was she should not be exposed to more vulnerable subjects. Specially, not one involving their relationship. She looked at Karen with the deep intense look that Karen liked so much, her eyes twinkled and Karen could see the contained smile “Oh shit! I can see it all over your face, Addy, what did I do or what did I say last night?!

Addy tried to suppress her grin but her face was twitching in all directions and she just could not hide her emotions, she had always been too expressive and forthcoming. Karen again hid her face on Addy's shoulder. “Last night will forever be engraved in my memory in the most wonderful way!”

Karen looked at her very seriously.

“Ker, chill, nothing happened. Last night was a difficult night. We went through a lot yesterday. I really don't want to talk about it now. Maybe some other time, okay?”

Karen knew better than to try to convince this woman when her mind was already made up. She realized that Addy's response was a thought out response, and that she wouldn't go back on her decision. “I just need to know something for my peace of mind. Are we Okay? Is everything okay with us?”

Addy hugged her, both women still seating on the sofa. “Yes, everything is very much okay with us.” As she said this she pulled back, with a very endearing smile she cupped Karen's face and smacked a huge kiss right on her lips. When she was done, she got up and said “Now I'm going to warm up your breakfast.”

Karen was in awe from the kiss, but she did have some breakfast while Addy sat on the sofa next to her. A while later, they went downstairs to the medical triage organized by the airline to take care of the hurt passengers staying at the hotel.

When they got there, Karen sat and waited while Addy went forward to check her in. As Karen was seating by herself, Janine came close to her and introduced herself. “You know, when I saw you with your partner yesterday, I knew you would be fine.” Karen smiled and made an effort to explain that Addy was not her partner, but Janine wouldn't let her put two words in.

“She looks like she is wonderful. You can tell she adores you. I mean when she told me that she had to get in that room because the love of her life was there, my heart broke. I felt like I was watching the movie of the week! I mean there was no way I could have kept that woman away from you. I think she would have run me over!” Karen unaware of these happenings was touched by the revelations, so she played along with the charade. “Yeah, she's the best!”

“Oh you can tell, hon, you better hang on to her, she's certainly a keeper! Someone like her comes along once in a lifetime! I can tell you are everything to her.” When Janine saw Addy coming back she got up to greet her. Addy couldn't help noticing the look of amusement in Karen's face.

“Hi Janine!” “Hi Addy, is everything ok?” “Yeah, we just need to go over there to have the doctor check her arm.” Addy looked at Karen, who had a funny smirk on her face. Addy wondered what had transpired in her absence.

“Okay, go.” Janine said.

The doctor checked Karen's arm and saw that everything was okay. He said to continue taking the antibiotic and the other medications on an as needed basis. With regard to the care of the arm, he gave the same instructions as the day before. As they were leaving the triage, Janine came towards then again. Oh shit! What now?

“I just wanted to say good-bye and wish you both lots of luck.” “Thanks, for everything, Janine. I don't know what I would have done without your help. Here's my card. If I can ever be of any help to you, please don't hesitate to call me.”

“Thanks, Addy, you are really very nice.” She then turned to Karen. “You are very lucky woman in more than one way! You are very fortunate to have someone like her in your life.” Janine was pointing to Addy. Addy turned pale and didn't even dare to look at Karen. A very amused and smiling Karen said her good-byes and they both left.

“Nice woman. Very friendly. Did you have some kind of special moment with her?” Karen was teasing her. Addy immediately detected the sarcasm. Addy suspected that Janine said something to Karen about how she got access to the room the day before, but was not about to touch the subject even with a ten foot pole! She didn't say a word. She couldn't even look at Karen. She was just hoping that Karen would drop the subject.

Karen was unable to hide her ear to ear grin even when they were in the elevator. She just loved to see Addy so out of words. S he looks so cute! “I may be wrong but I think Janine had a thing for you.” Karen continued her teasing. “Yeah, right, tell her to get in line!” Addy said as she walked out of the elevator. Oh God, let her drop the subject! Karen continued to grin. Karen remembered the woman art the gym and then Sarah. Yeah, Addy did need a numbers dispensing machine, the woman attracted like a magnet!

When they got to the room, they ordered room service. “I think I'm going to take a quick shower.” Karen said.

“Do you need any help?”

“Just to put that plastic around my arm.”

“Did you help me shower last night?”

“Just a bit.”

Karen was quiet as Addy helped her with the plastic to cover her bandages. Karen just looked at her. Addy could feel Karen's gaze. “What?”

Karen kissed her on the cheek.

“What was that for?”

“Just in case.”

All of a sudden Addy felt very fragile, almost nervous. “In case of what?”

“In case, I should be saying or doing more than I am. I don't know all the details of last night, but I have this feeling that you are not telling me everything that happened. I can read it in your face, you know, I know you too well.” Karen narrowed her eyes and looked at her.

Addy smiled and looked at her straight in the eyes. “I love you.” Then she kissed her nose as she cupped her face adoringly. Karen closed her eyes.

“Go shower.”

After dinner, they once again cuddle in the sofa. “Addy?”


Karen loved when she replied with her long ‘yes.' “I'm not sure what happened last night, but if I have to apologize for anything, I am. I'm sorry if anything I said or did made you uncomfortable, I guess I'm troubled because I know I slept nude, that's all I know and that …..”

Addy interrupted abruptly. She had to put an end to this talk. She didn't want to get into details. “Ker, drop it! Didn't we already have this conversation?” “Yes, but I ….”

“No. I will not talk about this until the moment is right, and for the record, there is nothing to be sorry for, and there's nothing that requires an apology.”

“I just wish I could remember! I'm afraid I missed something!” Addy kissed her forehead and placed her hand on Karen's face and with her thumb she gently caressed Karen's lips. “Well, then it's good that I didn't miss anything because I will help you remember, when the time is right, and this is no it!”

Karen was about to ask when will that moment be, but Addy put her finger up and silenced her with a kiss. “I swear, sometimes you are like a little kid!” Karen looked a bit put off, so Addy kissed her again. This time it was not just the brushing of lips, but a long kiss. Karen's felt Addy's confidence as her kiss deepened and when Addy's tongue demanded entry, Karen's heart skipped a beat as her mouth opened to allow access. Addy was forceful and wanting. “Wow! You sure can kiss, another one like that and…..” Addy put a hand over her mouth to silence her. Karen muffled a chuckle.

“Ssssh! Behave!”

Karen kissed Addy's neck more than once and nibbled her ear. Addy was ticklish and squirmed enjoying the feeling. Karen placed her head on Addy's lap and they both settled to watch the television in front of them.

“We should go to sleep. Tomorrow we need to head home.” “Addy, I don't want to fly.

“I figured, so I reserved a rental car this morning when you were still sleeping.”

“Thanks.” Karen was always amazed at how Addy could anticipate her wants and needs. It was as if she always knew what would please her. What she didn't realize was that she always did the same thing for Addy. Addy thought that Karen was the most thoughtful person in the world. She always considered her wishes before her own.

Addy went to the bathroom and Karen got under the covers. Addy came out and went to the other side of the bed and got in. “Good night”

“Addy? Can we cuddle like we did last night?”

“Hum, I thought you didn't remember?”

“I remember cuddling.” I also remember you massaging my back, after that I think I dreamed a couple of things, but I don't remember much.”

“Well, that medication really knocked you out!”

“What did you dream about?”

“It was a weird dream.”

“Was I in it?” Karen looked up.


“Hum….was I naked?” Karen chuckled. Addy always knew when to throw a joke. So did Karen.

“No, but I was!” “Ooooh, must have been a good dream!” “The best, it felt so real….” Maybe because it was real!

“Hey, on another subject, Janine really liked you.”

Addy chuckled. “You are just not going to give it a rest, are you? Could it be that you are jealous?”

Karen smiled, Addy couldn't see Karen's smile in the dark but she could feel it.

“Terribly. Even though she thought you were my partner. Whatever made her think so?”

“Janine, got me into that room when everyone else had turned me away. I saw her kissing her girlfriend, so I approached her and told her that I need to get in there to find you.”

“What exactly did you tell her?”


“What did you tell her?”

“I told her that the love of my life was in that room and that I needed to get in there. That's what I told her! That woman! If I had known she had such a big mouth!” Addy was pretending to be upset with Janine. Karen chuckled and then there was a long silence.

“Is it true? Am I? Am I the love of your life?” Oh shit! I'm up to my neck here!

“Ker, look at us! If I answer that question truthfully, do you promise not to go all wild on me? Because frankly, all these is pretty new to me and I'm dammed scared to say the least, freaked out would better described my situation. You have no idea what's going on through this head. I surely didn't want to dump all of these on you now considering what you've gone through this weekend! I mean when I saw that your plane was having trouble, I nearly died. I don't even know how I managed to have the clarity of mind to get here! Addy was now seating cross legged on the bed, Karen watched her with great amusement. Karen knew that when Addy was nervous she would go on and on and on. Addy was nervous.

“Wait a minute! What do you mean ‘when you saw my plane was having trouble'?”

Addy told her that she had been tracking the plane and about her call to the airline and how she got there.

“So they didn't call you?”

“How would they have known to call me?” “That reminds me that we have to do something about that…I want to be on record as your emergency contact person, so we need to make those arrangements.” Karen couldn't believe what she was hearing amidst all of Addy's nervous rambling. “You were tracking my plane?” Addy was embarrassed.

“I always do, I need to know that you are fine.”

If she wasn't sure that this woman loved her, this had to do it. As she took a breath of air, Addy realized that she had said more than she should have. She was blushing.

Addy was quiet for a minute, as Karen basked in amused joy. Addy looked at her shyly. “Do you want to call Janine so that you can ask her how I feel about you, or have I answered your question?”

“No, we don't need to call Janine. All my questions have been answered.”

She pulled Addy towards her and held her close. They both fell unto the bed while still embracing. Karen closed her eyes and kissed her forehead. “I love you, Addy. Relax. baby, I wouldn't touch a hair on your head unless you asked me. You know what? You make me nervous too.”

“Why? Why do I make you nervous? This is not new to you!”

“Being with a woman is not new to me, but being with the only woman I've ever loved freaks the hell out of me! If anything ever happens between us that hasn't happened yet, I want it to be perfect, it has to be perfect because it's got to be so good that you'd want more! If that's not enough pressure, you tell me what is!? Now, go to sleep, you got me all nervous. Do we have anymore of those pills they gave me?”

“No, please, no more pills!” “Oh God…what did I do last night Adriana Marcos that you don't want me taking more pills!?”

“On second, thought, why don't you take a couple!” Addy raised her eyebrows in an insinuating manner.

Karen grabbed the covers turned around and hid her head under them. A loud ‘Uuuuurrrrhh' was heard.

Addy chuckled. “Good night, sweetie!”

Karen was turned on her side away from Addy. Addy looked at her and smiled. I give her two seconds to turn around. It took less than that. Karen turned around and snuggled with Addy. Addy was waiting for her and smiled as very wet lips kissed her neck. Addy stretched her neck to give Karen better access. “I think you better stop doing that. I'm enjoying it to much.”

Karen chuckled and instead nuzzled her neck.

“I think you'd better stop that too!”

Karen lifted her head a bit and asked. “Anything I can do that you wouldn't enjoy?”

“How about if you just hold my hand?”

“Okay.” As Karen held her hand, she gently rubbed her thumb against Addy's hand.

“Ker? Can you stop the finger thing too?”

Karen grinned from ear to ear. They slept holding hands.


To be continued in Part 13

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