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Part 14—

The weekend in New York and later the trip to Japan had changed everything. The week after coming back from Japan was unbearable. The women couldn't look at each other without feeling immediately aroused. On Tuesday, they agreed to meet for lunch at Karen's apartment. They left separately and a few minutes apart to avoid any suspiciousness. Once in Karen's apartment they lost not time, they were constantly thinking of each other and when they were finally alone, it was heaven.

“Jim drafted the papers. I have them. As soon as Luke gets back from his trip I'll give it to him and let hell brake loose! Karen felt like shouting out of pure joy. For the first time ever, she said something regarding Addy's marriage. “About time!”

Addy looked at her. “You never said anything….I think I know why…”

“You have no idea how hard it's been for me all these years to put up with him and to see ….No….” She stopped. “Maybe someday I will tell you, but not now. I love you and I want you to know that I'm behind you 150%. Just get out of this and then we'll see how we handle the rest. For now all you need to know is that I want you here with me. Then we'll figure out how we deal with the rest of the world.”

“Ker, I need to be careful because of the kids….”

“Addy, I know what you are going to say. There's no need to go public about us. I know that this is very difficult for you. I will not make it harder on you. I'm happy just having you. I don't care about the rest of the world. What happens when those doors close, is only our business. I think that's best for all, at least for now, don't worry. Let's take one thing at a time.” Addy cuddle into Karen's embrace and relaxed. Karen caressed her. Neither one returned to the office that afternoon.


When Luke came back from his trip, Addy told him that they needed to talk. The sat in the living room.

“Luke, I'm going to go right to the point. I want a divorce.”

Six months later the divorce was final and the house was sold. All assets were split. Luke seemed resigned to his fate and ready to move on to pursue his interests. He was apparently going to stay in the area for now. Of course, everyone tried to get their two bits in trying to dissuade Addy from carrying on. But she did not give in under the pressure of family and friends. Even if there was no Karen, she had it with her previous life. The children weren't a consideration anymore, as they were grown and had their own lives. She didn't need to continue bearing her cross. She needed to change her life. Especially now that she knew the grass was greener on the other side. She couldn't wait to jump the fence. She was resolved and more than ready.

Addy informed everyone that she was going to be staying with Karen until she was sure about what she wanted to do.


The day the divorce was final. The women went to Karen's apartment. Addy had been staying with her already. After they got there, Karen asked her to pack for a few days.

“I want us to go away for a few days.” Addy looked at her, but said nothing. Karen caressed her face and kissed her. Addy turned around and went to pack. Ten minutes later, she was coming out of the bedroom with her duffel bag.

“Here, let me have that.” She took Addy's bag. “Let's go.” Addy did not hesitate. She did not even ask where they were going.

They drove in silence for a while. After a while, Karen spoke.

“You okay?”

“Um huh.”

“ Want to know where we are going?”

“No. I don't really care, as long as I'm with you.”

Karen smiled. “We are going to the mountains.”

Addy leaned back on the headrest and closed her eyes. She was exhausted. The last two weeks had taken such a toll on her, it showed. She needed to get away from everyone and everything reminiscence of the life that had just ended.

“By the way, I'm sorry, I feel like I've neglected you lately. It's just been so dam crazy with everyone wanting to have a say!”

“Addy, I don't feel neglected. A lot has happen and many things had to be taken care off. I have certainly not felt neglected.”

“Thanks, Ker, I don't know what I would have done without you, you are my anchor. You always keep me steady.” Karen felt good. Addy had placed her hand on Karen's thigh. Karen took her hand and kissed it.

When we come back, we need to talk about living arrangements.”

“What living arrangements?”

“Well, Ker, I'll stay with you for a while but I don't want to impose myself on you….I mean until now, we've been together, but you've had your place and I don't know where I fit in your life.”

Karen cut through three lanes of traffic in a drastic move that threw Addy sideways. She took an exit that took them to one of the road's scenery lookout point. She stopped, and stormed out of the car.

The driving maneuver nearly stopped Addy's heart, she couldn't understand whatever possessed Karen to drive like that and to stop all of a sudden. Addy got out of the car following Karen who was franticly pacing from one side to the other. Addy just stood there and wondered what the hell was going on.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…..Addy! How can you say such a thing?”


“How can you say that you would be imposing on my life? After all that's happen, after all this time? ”

“Ker, we've never talked about the future and….”

Karen interrupted her, she looked mad. “Addy, we never talked about a future because I didn't think we could have one! I was just going to take whatever you could give me! But, now, Addy, things have changed, I want a future, I want you, I want it all!” Addy stood in silence.

“For years, I stood on the sideline watching how that creep treated you! I know that you stayed with him for the kids and all…..I never said anything because I knew your reason and I never wanted to hurt you more than what he was already ….I took all the dam shit he gave you because I love you and this was what you wanted….but the creep is out of the picture now and I want you….with me…all the time….every single second of every single minute of ever……” She couldn't finish her words.

Addy came forward and kissed her. The kiss was returned in the turbulence of anger, and passion. When they pulled apart Addy spoke.

“Are you done?”

“I don't know! Maybe. Why?” Karen looked mad.

“Ker, I'll move in with you.”

“Couldn't you have just said that from the start? Karen was still angry. It would have saved me from all these ranting!”

“No. I needed to know what you wanted.”

“You could have just asked! How could you have any doubt in your mind?! I'm still angry you know…don't think that…” Addy pulled her close and kissed her again. Then in a husky voice said, “they say it's not safe for women to stop on the side of the road….specially blonds.” Addy kissed her. Karen was trying to keep a straight face.

“I'm still angry.” Addy looked at her, as she raised her eyebrows in a very seductive way. “Uum huum, I can see that . . .”

Karen was biting her lip still trying to keep a straight face.

“Since you are so angry, I think we should be getting to wherever we are going, so that I can show you some ways of releasing all that tension.” That did it. Karen grabbed her hand and pulled her as they walked towards the car.

“Let's go.” Addy smiled as she got in the car.

“By the way, I have the u-haul packed already, I just needed to check.”

“Hon, I would have packed that u-haul for you single handed!” Addy grinned.

They were about ten minutes away from the cabin. They got there late so they weren't able to appreciate the scenery until the next day. The cabin was really nice, it had a hot tub, a king size bed, a kitchenette area and a fireplace. As soon as they got in, they were all over each other. It had been more than two weeks since they were last together in Karen's apartment after their trip to Japan . They were anxious to be in each other's arms.

Once in bed, Karen continued to remove whatever was left of Addy' clothes, as she kissed her everywhere.

Addy brushed Karen's face with her fingers. “You sound cute when you are mad.”

“Hum.” Karen was wondering where this topic was headed.

“That Scottish accent really comes out when you are mad. Who could have thought that all that foul language would sound so cute!”

Green eyes began to sparkle, a mischievous smile slowly evolving. “Is that so?”

Addy loved the look. “Um huh. I specially liked the way you say f…” She couldn't finish. Karen could not hold back any more. She kissed her all over.

Addy laughed from the tickling and the kissing.

“I want to show you what I like…… I like these babies!”


“I also like….”


When Karen touched Addy, she knew that Addy was more than ready. There would be time for pleasuring themselves later, now there was an imminent need for a quick resolution to their needs. Once the urgency was resolved to their mutual satisfaction, Karen spoke as she lay back on the bed. “Wow, I needed that!”

“Me too.” As Addy spoke, she came towards Karen and kissed her. “In fact, I think I may need more!” She kissed Karen's neck.

Karen flipped her over. “Oh yeah, where? Here?


“Or here?”


“God, I love multitasking!”


When they came back. Addy went to the house to pack for the move. The kids came for their stuff. Luke had already taken his things. Laurie came to help with the move. “How are you doing?”

Laurie looked up. “Fine, Ker, I'm a little worried about mom, though.

“Laurie, I know your mom well, she's a very strong woman. She will be fine. She's got her work, and good friends. If nothing else, she's got me. You know that I will look out for her.”

Laurie smiled. “I think it's time to move on Ker. Not just for mom.”

Karen looked at her straight in the eye. “You only live once, Ker, what are you waiting for? I know you love mom, you always have, and I'm pretty sure she's got a thing for you. Just tell her, who knows what could happen! Maybe you can make her happy. I've never seen her so happy with dad as when she is with you. Isn't the second time around supposed to be better?” She got up and tapped Karen's head.

Karen didn't know what to say, mainly because she couldn't believe what she was hearing. Has my life turned into a series of surreal moments? Laurie knows and she's okay with it?! This was better than winning the lottery!

“What's wrong? You look like you just saw a ghost.” Karen didn't think that this was the right moment to tell Addy what had just transpired. It was too much, too soon, and definitely the wrong place and time.

“Nothing. My mind sort of went blank there for a minute. How are you doing?”


Later Karen went looking for Laurie. “Laurie, what you just said to me…”

“Yeah?” “I'm not going to mention it to your mother. I think that she's been through a lot lately and this may not be the right time to tell her that you know how I….”

“Ker, I'm not going to get in the middle of that. I was just talking to you about whatever you decide to do. Whatever that is, I'm okay with whatever you decide. I just wanted you to know how I feel, if that was something weighing against any move, that's all.”

“Does Joey…” “Please! He lives in his world and it oblivious to all. But for the record, he loves you, I think you know that.”

“Precisely, I don't want him to hate me.”

“He won't, because she will be happy with you, and that's all we want for her, to be happy.” Karen's eyes got all teary. Laurie smiled and hugged her.

“If you cry, she'll know! You are the best!” Karen looked down and dried up immediately.

“You've turned out to be quite a character, you know?”

“It's in the genes, the good ones that is!” She continued to help with the packing.

The kids had a difficult time with the divorce, but they saw their mom doing well with her decision and that was reassuring. Addy told them the usual, that life had to continue and that they had to carry on, that they were still their parents and loved them as well, but that they would be functioning independently now. “Guys, I'm okay with my decision. I feel like a brand new person!”

Karen assured them that she would look after Addy. Knowing that Karen was looking out for her gave them peace of mind that she wouldn't be alone as she found her way in life again. So, they each went on to their respective lives and accepted their mother's decision.

They were wrapping things up and getting ready to leave the house. Karen and Addy were the only ones left.

“You okay?” Karen brushed Addy's face with her fingers.

“Yes.” She leaned into Karen, as Karen wrapped her arms around her and kissed her forehead.

“Let's go.”

Addy didn't look back. The house had many happy memories, but life had changed and it was time to move on to other greener pastures.


They finished settling everything in the apartment. There were still many boxes to unpack and things to put away, but they had managed to store things in the guest room as best they could. All the furniture had been sold in the estate sale and the memorabilia and what the kids did not take was placed in one of those controlled environment storage facility until further notice. Or until time gave way to new memories, and old ones faded.

“Oh, my God, I'm so tired!”

“Let's take a break. Want a beer?”

“Sure, since when do we drink beer?” 

“Since I knew it was going to be too hot for wine and since buying lemonade is risky business. I never like the one I end up getting.” 

“I have the same problem. How could people mess up something so simple as water, lemon and sugar?”

“Don't know, but here's you beer.”

“Yeah. Let's stick to the beer! Ooooh in a cold glass and all! I think I'm going to love living here!” Karen grinned. Karen knew Addy didn't like to drink from bottles and that she loved iced beer.

“You ain't seen nothing yet!”

“Hum!” Karen sat next to her and kissed her.

“Ker, I'm all sweaty and stinky.”

“I like you sweaty and stinky!”

“You are nuts!” Karen just smiled and looked at her. Addy had perched her feet on the coffee table. They always did that, the coffee table double as a very uncomfortable ottoman. They sat in comfortable silence and drank their beers.  Addy reclined her head on Karen's shoulder.

Karen's stomach growl “Is that your stomach?”

“Yeah, I'm hungry.”

I hope because otherwise I'd be worried! Let's order in, I don't feel like cooking.”



“Anything special you'd like?”

“No, you know what I like, just order for me. I have to go to the bathroom.” When Addy came back, she heard Karen ordering the chicken with vegetables and garlic shrimp with the spring rolls she liked. Addy adored the way Karen knew everything about her. This was such a treat and so different from her past life.

“Another beer?”

Addy patted her stomach. “I'll share one, can't drink the whole thing. It feels me up.”

“You still want to go to the movies?”

“I don't want to sound like an old lady, Addy, but I would rather stay home and watch a movie. Do you mind?” As she finished her sentence she smiled.

“Nope, not at all. Staying home is fine with me.”

Karen continued to smile inexplicably. 

“What's that smile about?”

“I'm just enjoying the moment. We've both called this place home. It's funny, I've always called it ‘the apartment' I don't think I've ever called it home, until now.”

“Is that good or bad?”

“It's great, Addy.  We are both home and we are perfectly content with spending the night in. It's great.” She came close and kissed her. Addy smiled.

“What are you smiling about?”

“I don't think I've ever gotten so many kisses in such a short period of time, if this is a feature of this home I like it!”

“It is! You know how some places have a central vacuum system? Well, this place has a central kissing system.”

“Oh, yeah? How does that work?” “It's automatic, you can expect to be kissed at any time, anywhere.” Another bunch of little kisses from Karen as they put away the remaining of their dinner.


After dinner, Karen sat in the sofa across from her. Addy noticed that Karen was pretending to read but that most of the time she was looking at her.

“Ker, you don't have to seat there and watch me all night! Go on and do what ever you would do if I wasn't here. It's a long life, you don't have spend it entertaining me! I'll be fine. You have to get used to doing your thing even when I'm around.”

“I don't want you to be bored and want to leave!”

“Baby, I'm not going anywhere!” She came over kissed Karen and sat next to her to read. Karen started to browse her notebook.


After a while, some yawnings were heard. It was evident that they were tired from all the moving. Addy got up and headed for the guest bedroom. She got her t-shirt and shorts out of a drawer and went into the bathroom to shower. Karen remained at her computer.

When Addy came back, she seemed a little unsettled, almost nervous. “Ker?”

“What?” Karen jumped to her feet when she saw a worried face. “What's wrong, baby?”

“Where am I sleeping?” Addy was still not sure how the new living arrangement were going to work out. They were together and loved each other and all, but the truth was that Karen had lived alone all her life and she wasn't sure how she fitted into the new living arrangements. Most particularly, Addy was afraid to suffocate Karen with her presence in every aspect of her life. Addy had to find out what exactly Karen expected now that they were going to live together.

“What do you mean?”

“I don't know if I should go to the guest room, or…”

“Addy!” Karen held her so tight she thought she was going to squeeze all air out of her. How could I be so stupid! I've been thinking about me only ! Karen was so thrilled that Addy was finally there with her, after having waited so long for all this finally to happen, that she had forgotten to talk about their lives together.

The truth was that this was Karen's apartment and that Addy moving in meant exactly that, just the physical reality that she was there just making room for her. There had been no talk about the real meaning of all these, and what each wanted. Addy appeared to be unsettled. Karen didn't know where to begin. She pulled Addy to the sofa. As Addy cuddle with her. Karen started to talk.

“I waited for so long for us to be ‘us,' for you to be here with me that in my joy I forgot to mention how I feel about it. Addy, I love you. Nothing, absolutely nothing in this life makes me happier than being together at last.”

Addy squirmed, tightening her hug. Karen cupped her face and kissed her tenderly. Karen continued. “Just because we put stuff in the guest room that doesn't mean that that's your room!! Unless that's what you want.”

“What do you want Ker?” “I want to share my life with you, Addy. I want to give myself to you and love you until the day my heart stops beating. I don't want this to be a roommate type arrangement. I want to make a life together, with you. This place is our place.”

Addy, bit her trembling upper lip and her eyes were getting all teary. Karen continued after kissing her.

“If you want something else, please tell me. I want this to be our home, if it would make you feel more comfortable, we can sell this place and get a new place and have a fresh start somewhere else. I don't want you showering or sleeping in the guest bedroom! You are not a guest here”

Then she dare said what she really wanted to say and Addy needed to hear. “I want you sleeping next to me, I want to know that you are next to me every single night of my life. Addy, we don't even have to make love! Shit! All I want is to hold you every night and know that you are there next to me.” The emotion in Karen's face was evident. She was trembling as she spoke.

“I need you, Addy. I want you with me, next to me!”

All of a sudden things had turned around, now it was Addy tending to Karen's emotions.

“Ker, I don't know what I've done to deserve a love like yours! I can't even begin to tell you how much I love you. I don't know if I can ever bring you the happiness you deserve.” Then she composed herself and said in a very calm soft voice. “But, if you are sure that this is what you want…” and she pointed at herself “you've got me, baby, heart, body and soul.”

Karen smiled. She straightened up in the sofa and ran her hands up and down Addy's arms. “You are all I want, Addy.” They looked at each other. Deep brown eyes came closer. Addy kissed her eyes, barely brushing her eye lashes, in gentle adoration of the most beautiful green eyes humanity, for sure, had ever seen. Karen was frozen in a perpetual state of bliss, unable to hold Addy's intense gaze, she closed her eyes and gave herself to the moment. She felt Addy's breath and then a gentle brushing of her lips, her warm sweet lips, and her timid tongue requesting entrance, then aggressively coming inside, feeling, sensing, demanding, wanting, and finally taking.

“Let's go to bed.” She winked. Karen melted and was barely able to follow her to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Addy watched as Karen undressed.


Karen grinned. “But you like it, admit it!”

Addy was grinning also. “I do.”

Karen came close. “T-shirt off?”

“Um huh.” They moaned in unison when they felt each other's bare bodies. Addy caressed her abdomen and then gently cupped her breasts. Karen gasped in pleasure. In her urge, Karen tried to take control as this was her natural tendency, but Addy wouldn't allow it. “We are under new management. Sometimes, I get to call the shots.”

For as many times as they had made love, Karen had never felt this level of desire or boldness in Addy. She loved it. This meant that she was comfortable enough to want to be in control. With a mischievous, smile Karen released her grip on Addy's arm and surrender to her demands. Addy loved the look on Karen's eyes as she lay back on the bed. Addy began her love assault. When Addy's lips brushed her nipples, Karen squirmed and arched at the stimulating touches and sensations flowing through her body. Karen could hardly bear the teasing. “Addy, …oh God!” Addy's hands roamed everywhere. It felt so good to touch this woman in her most intimate place! Karen gasped and held on to her.

Always, the initial touch was the most delicate moment for Karen. Her turbulent past experience had made her apprehensive, but Addy knew exactly what to do to bring her to a point of relaxation and want that she would beg for her touch. Addy always proceeded ever so slowly inching every step of the way. Karen's hips arched as she felt and enjoyed the intimate touch. She leaned back to bask on the pleasure of the tender touch, as she ached for more.

Addy loved to see her arrive at this stage. She would whisper all types of reassurances and loving words. Karen didn't know what actually gave her more pleasure, the act itself or hearing this woman, her goddess, say all those loving words with that sexy voice in her ear. “I love to see you like this…”

The reason Addy spoke to her was not just for Karen's sake, she derived personal pleasure seeing Karen abandon all her fears and actually beg and demand her touch. She kissed her gently, anywhere, everywhere. Little kisses here and there. “Is this good? Is this what you want?” Karen just barely nodding and moaning, unable to speak.

Addy kissed her on the lips, as she continued with her rhythmic strokes. She looked into Karen's beautiful eyes. She loved the pleasure reflected on Karen's face, her vulnerability, her body fully exposed and aching for her. In turn, Karen loved to see the satisfied look on Addy's face. Addy could feel the wetness of Karen's passion. Karen was already on the edge. “Addy…. I'm ….!” “Show me, baby show me!” It was amazing, the way she shook and convulsed as she held on to Addy. Her heart pounded, her eyes seeing stars, her mind gone some place else. The pleasure was such that she would hold on to Addy's hand, not allowing her to remove it. She loved Addy's touch. Addy kissed her and swiped the tears and brushed her hair back as she eased down to a normal heart rate.

Every time they made love, Karen ended up in tears. She couldn't help it. She just couldn't bear the emotion of the sublime moment. Addy filled her in so many ways that she was unable to contain her emotions. Karen loved her beyond the rational. She was her dream come true. Every time Addy saw the tears, she would say the same thing. “Silly woman! I love you.”

“Addy!” Karen buried her face in Addy's shoulder. Then they kissed. A very satisfying kiss.


Maintaining Appearances at work was not easy. Everyone knew they we very close friends and that Addy was staying temporarily with Karen.  The question was how long was temporary going to be? Would it looked odd if they just decided to move in together?  They agreed that it wouldn't. They were good friends.  However, if the were going to play the ‘room mate' part, they had to keep appearances and not do everything together as couples would. So, they pretended to do different things.  Like they wouldn't both leave work together.  Addy sometimes would make it known that she was going to her brother's, or Joey's.  Karen also pretended to have her own itinerary.

The truth was that they came home every day and waited eagerly for the other.  They would have some wine together and snack on tapas which Addy loved to prepare.  Karen would be the one in charge of providing the wine.  She'd introduce different types and would have all sorts of wine trinkets to open the bottle and spice up the conversation.  The after work happy-hour was really a very happy time.  All this would be done while they cooked their meal which would also be something different every night based on some new grocery discovery.  Addy loved to cook and create small dishes and try new sauces and Karen loved everything she prepared, she always had.  They would have the most animated conversations about the happenings at the office. They rarely talked about work, unless there was some pressing matter and one of them didn't know what to do about it, or if either wanted a private opinion about a way to proceed on something. Usually, the subjects of work were avoided, work talk was boring.

After dinner, they'd both clear the kitchen and settled on the living room sofa to watch some television or listen to some music on their sound system, or maybe seat there in each other's arms resting and enjoying the warmth of their bodies reading or browsing their computers.  Cuddling was definitely a favorite pastime that often ended in the bedroom, although the sofa was witness to a lot of action! 


It was Karen who came up with the idea of selling her apartment and buying another. She wanted Addy to feel that their place was their place and not hers only. The apartment went on the market and sold quickly. Dupont Circle was a desirable spot. It sold well too. They were also looking for a new place with the same realtor. They told the realtor what they wanted ad a few weeks later, it popped up.

It was a fabulous penthouse apartment in the Watergate building. It had four bedrooms and the most wonderful terrace with an outdoor hot tub. It was a beautiful unit. Private access from the elevator, gourmet kitchen with new appliances, marble floors, huge windows, modern bathrooms with a Jacuzzi tub in the master bedroom, showers with several jets. It was a lavishly beautiful place. The minute the women saw it they fell in love with it. The price was steep, but what the heck, they could afford it, so why not live it up? They did. They bought the place, and were planning to slowly furnish it to their taste. For now, they had the essentials. They had decided not to rush and take their time to find the exact furnishings they wanted. It was a lovely place. “I love the view from here. Can you imagine what a 4 th of July will be looking at the fireworks from this terrace?”

Karen had just turned on the entertainment unit and played a Grover Washington, Jr. CD. She knew that Addy loved jazz. She loved the sound of the saxophone. It was after dinner. Karen came out to the terrace, where Addy was, with two glasses of wine.

“I've come bearing gifts.” Addy looked back took her glass of wine and took a sip, she heard the music and looked at the gorgeous sight in front of her. She knew that this evening was all for her. Addy turned to look at the view in total contentment. Karen came close behind her. Addy was looking at the night sky and the city below. Karen ran the back of her hand down Addy's arms, her finger nails barely touching Addy's skin.

“Uuummm” Addy moaned. Karen nuzzled her neck, taking in her scent and moaning as well, letting Addy know that she was also in pure delight. Addy smiled. They started to sway with the sound of the music. Karen took Addy's hands and lifter her arms up while caressing her hair and neck with her face. Karen then brought her hands in brushing with her finger nails the inside of Addy's arms, bringing her hands down to Addy's side and sliding them all the way down to her hips and thighs. Addy leaned back into Karen, enjoying the sensual touch, still swaying to the music. It was enchanting. They were both transported to their own world. The moment was exhilarating. Both succumbing to each other.

As the music played in the back ground, Addy spoke softly leaning her head back into Karen. “I like the way we dance.”

“I like the way we do everything.” Karen nibbled her neck.

“Uumm, me too. Addy continued to lean into Karen's body, exposing her neck and allowing Karen better access to it. Karen was not one to waste time when it came to Addy. Addy smiled in delight. “Umm, I think that the ‘everything' part has awakened and I think ‘everything' it's going to require immediate attention.”

Karen grinned. “I'm ready to give any attention to anything and everything.” She nibbled Addy's ear. “Do you want that attention here in the terrace or should we step into private quarters?”

“I think the attention needed will be better addressed in a private setting, since we really don't know if the neighbors are ready to witness the type of action required.” Karen smiled, as she made a hissing sound.

“Lead the way, I'm right behind you.”


To be continued in Part 15

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