Relaxing Weekend

She left work early. She had decided to go to her cabin on the lake. She quickly packed for the weekend. When she reached the cabin, calmness seemed to settle over her. "Peace and tranquility at last," thought M.J. She had already taken everything into the cabin. She decided to take a shower and then head for the lakeshore.

Once she got out of the shower, she had to decide what to where. She pulled on her undies and a pair of shorts. As she reached for her bra, she suddenly realized where she was and what she was doing. "Wait a minute." she thought, "I'm alone, the cabin is in a secluded area and no one will see." Having had to be "proper" at work, she decided against the bra and reached for her tank top. She walked to the lake and found her favorite spot.

Between two sand dunes, M.J. sat to watch the sunset. "I love this time of day," she said to herself as she watched the sky change color. She watched, as one wave would come in only to be replaced by the next. After nightfall, she walked back to the cabin. Deciding against turning on any lights, she lit some candles. She fixed a light dinner for herself and put some soft jazz on. Hours later, she decided to blow out the candles and sit in the dark.

Not until there was a knock on the door did she realize she had drifted off. Still half asleep, M.J. walked to the door. After opening it, she stood there speechless. She had no idea what to say. It wasn't until Lorna spoke that M.J. became aware of her own silence.

Lorna. This was the exotic looking beauty that M.J. worked with. Standing 5'8", Lorna's legs seemed to start at her neck. She had long, black hair and was in great shape with the darkest, most mysterious eyes that M.J. had ever seen. More than once, Lorna had been the lady in M.J.'s fantasies. There was a problem, however. In M.J.'s fantasies, Lorna was gay. This was reality and M.J. didn't know.

Lorna was explaining why she was there. Noticing M.J.'s distraction, Lorna asks if she's okay. "Yes," responds M.J., "just not fully awake." Lorna apologizes for waking her as M.J. turns on the lamp. Lorna begins her explanation again, "I thought you had a great idea to leave work early and come here to relax. I was wondering if I could spend the weekend here with you?"

M.J. says it's fine and pours them both a drink. They sit and talk for hours. Finally, sleep threatens to overtake them both so they call it a night.

The next day, they get to know each other in a different way, one that doesn't include the office. Dinner is almost ready when Lorna opts for a quick shower. When she gets through, she sees a romantic dinner, complete with candlelight and soft music. M.J. hopes that she hasn't misunderstood the way Lorna has been looking at her.

After dinner, M.J. takes a shower. They sit on the back porch and watch the sunset. They are sitting side by side in the swing as the first star appears. "It's now or never," thinks M.J as she leans over to kiss Lorna. Caught off guard, Lorna pulls back. Feeling like a fool, M.J. takes off. She heads to her favorite spot between the sand dunes, where she can be alone. She is unaware that Lorna has followed her.

M.J. is pouring out her heart to the non-existent man in the moon when Lorna makes her presence known. "What are you doing here," M.J. asks. "I followed you because we need to talk," Lorna answers. "No, I don't think we do," replies M.J.

"I didn't know you're gay," says Lorna.

M.J. responds with sarcasm, "I haven't hid my attraction to you nor have I been subtle. Everyone knows I'm gay so how could you not?"

Lorna walks to where M.J. is sitting.

"There's something you should know. I'm not like you," is Lorna's answer.

Full of sarcasm, M.J. says, "No kidding. I'm gay and you're not. I found that out when I tried to kiss you. Let's just forget this ever happened. When we get back to work Monday, you will be just another co-worker."

Not understanding M.J.'s anger, Lorna goes back to the cabin.

Lorna sits alone in the cabin as the rain begins to fall. M.J. sits alone wondering how she could have been so stupid. Being stubborn, she waits until she thinks Lorna is asleep before going back to the cabin. Because of her refusal to return sooner, she is drenched when she does.

The cabin is dark and completely quiet. M.J. thinks Lorna is in bed as she changes. She puts on a robe and nothing else. M.J. is watching the rain when she becomes acutely aware of someone watching her. She turns and sees Lorna standing there.

"I thought you were asleep."

"I couldn't sleep. We need to settle this."

"It's settled as far as I'm concerned."

M.J. doesn't realize Lorna has moved until she puts a hand on M.J.'s shoulder.

"I'm glad you're not angry anymore."

"I wasn't angry with you. I was angry with myself for being so stupid. I totally misunderstood the way you looked at me."

"No, you didn't," Lorna whispers huskily. "The only things you have misunderstood are why I pulled back and what I meant when I said I'm not like you. I pulled back because you surprised me"

"Okay," replies M.J., still a little confused. "What did you mean when you said that you're not like me?"

"I meant that I'm not out."

M.J. stares in disbelief as she absorbs what Lorna has just told her. Lorna leans in to kiss M.J.

As she takes M.J. in her arms, Lorna can feel M.J.'s breath on her neck. She lowers her lips to M.J.'s. M.J. takes Lorna's bottom lip between hers, running her tongue along it. Lorna opens her mouth and M.J. inserts her tongue. Lorna gently sucks on it.

Lorna leads M.J. to the bedroom. M.J. watches as Lorna lights some candles. After the candles are lit, Lorna returns to M.J. She removes M.J.'s robe as well as her own. M.J. is surprised that Lorna has nothing on underneath. She leads M.J. to the bed.

She begins to kiss M.J. once more. She kisses along M.J.'s jaw line until she reaches her ear. She takes the lobe between her lips and flicks it with her tongue. Lorna kisses her way down M.J.'s neck and stops. M.J. notices the slight tremble in Lorna's hands and the uncertainty in her eyes.

M.J. takes over. She kisses along Lorna's shoulders as she gently massages her back. She kisses her way down one arm and back up the other. M.J. slowly moves a hand to one of Lorna's breasts. Upon feeling M.J.'s touch, Lorna moans with desire.

M.J. begins to kiss her way along Lorna's chest. After reaching Lorna's breasts, she kisses one globe, avoiding the nipple, as she caresses the other. Finally, she takes the nipple into her mouth. Lorna grabs M.J.'s head to pull her closer. M.J. kisses her way to the other breast and gives it the same treatment.

M.J. slides her hand along Lorna's legs until she reaches the apex. M.J. has no problem inserting a finger because Lorna is so wet. M.J. licks the juices from her finger and places her head between Lorna's legs. She licks around Lorna's labia as she reaches to caress her breasts. After much teasing, M.J. opens Lorna's lips and inserts her tongue. Lorna groans with pleasure. M.J. replaces her tongue with two fingers and begins to lick Lorna's clit.

Knowing it won't be long until she comes, Lorna tells M.J. not to stop. M.J. begins to lick Lorna more slowly and ever so lightly. Lorna grabs M.J.'s head and tells her to not only lick harder but faster and to speed up her fingers as well.

M.J. does as instructed and it's not long until Lorna is exploding in orgasm. M.J. removes her fingers and inserts her tongue once more. She eagerly laps up all of the juices Lorna has to offer. Afterwards, Lorna gladly returns the favor.

Later, as they lie in each other's arms, Lorna asks M.J. if she still wants to forget anything ever happened. M.J. silences her with a kiss...

...the kiss leads to another hour of lovemaking. "At last," thinks Lorna, "I have someone I can be myself with." She looks at M.J., who is sleeping so peacefully. Lorna moves closer as M.J., unaware of what she is doing, tightens her arms around Lorna. Comfortable at last, Lorna falls asleep.

Sunday morning. The sun is up and so is M.J. when Lorna awakens. M.J. has coffee made. When she hears Lorna begin to stir, she fixes her a cup.

"Thank you," Lorna says.

"You're welcome," replies M.J.

"This is a nice place," Lorna states as she looks around. She's at a loss for words. M.J. sees her uneasiness and tries to reassure her, "I want you to just relax and make yourself comfortable."

"I didn't realize you were such a country girl," Lorna answers.

"Well, I'm actually from the south. I was transferred here."

"You seem to have adjusted well. There isn't any trace of your accent at work."

I've had to work hard on losing it. I got tired of being called 'the hick from the sticks'."

"There's a trace of your accent now and this place is nothing but country. Why the two persona's M.J.?"

"This cabin is all that I have now. It was my parents' escape place when they were alive. We would come here during the summer."

Were your parents supportive when they learned you're gay?"

"That's the one thing I never told them."

With that statement, M.J. changes the subject. She asks Lorna if she would like to go for a boat ride. Lorna accepts. They launch the boat and M.J. asks Lorna if she would like to drive. Lorna declines. They spend hours on the water. It is late afternoon when they return to the cabin.

"I guess we should start packing to go home. We have work tomorrow," Lorna says.

"Yeah, I know," remarks M.J.

"Why don't I follow you home, let you get an overnight bag, some clothes for work tomorrow and then you can stay with me tonight," Lorna suggests hopefully. M.J. ponders this for a moment. "Okay." When they reach M.J.'s apartment and are inside, Lorna looks around. She is dumbfounded. There is nothing that gives the slightest hint of a country girl.

M.J. is watching as Lorna picks up a photo. Lorna studies the photo, trying to make some sense out of it. It's obviously M.J.'s parents and M.J., but who is the guy?

"That's my ex-husband," M.J. informs her.

"He's your what?" asks Lorna.

"My ex-husband. I told you that my parents didn't know I was gay. I was always taught that being gay was wrong. I tried to be 'straight,' but I wasn't happy. My parents adored Ben. I thought I was happy so when he proposed, I accepted."

"Where is he now," Lorna wants to know.

"I have no idea," shrugs M.J.

"But you said you were out," Lorna says confused.

"I am. After the divorce, I said I wouldn't ever be with a man again. Oh, I've had the offers, especially after my parents died, but none of them were what I want. They were men. I want a woman. I want you Lorna. If you don't want me now, I understand."

Lorna looks at M.J. "Are you ready?" she asks.

M.J. follows Lorna back to her place. Once inside, M.J. surveys the apartment. Lorna orders them Chinese and offers to chill a bottle of wine. "Don't bother, I've never developed a taste for it," says M.J. Lorna suggests a beer and M.J. agrees. After eating, they talk.

"I'm not out for the same reasons you didn't come out to your parents," Lorna explains.

"I won't tell anyone" M.J. responds.

"I know you won't. Like I said before, I didn't know you're gay because you flirt with everyone - women and men."

"I just like to have fun. I'm completely comfortable with who and what I am. I've learned if you can laugh at yourself, that others will laugh with you because they are comfortable being around you."

"I see. I completely understand about your ex-husband. I've never been married but I have been with a man before. You said that I was who you want...well, I want you, too."

They share a deep, passion filled kiss. Lorna leads M.J. to the bedroom and turns down the bed. She pulls out the bottom dresser drawer and removes the strap-on. When M.J. sees it, she suggests a shower. Lorna agrees, unaware of M.J.'s reservations about using the strap-on.

After the shower, which includes another round of love making, they go to bed. Lorna reaches for the strap-on.

"I'm not out but I'm also not inexperienced."

Realizing there is no way out, M.J. decides to be honest.

"I've never had an orgasm through penetration," she tells Lorna.

"Just relax and know that I won't hurt you. It's NOT the same as being with a man. Put yourself in my hands and I will take care of you the same way you took care of me last night."

"Okay," M.J. responds.

After some foreplay, Lorna puts on the strap-on. She sees M.J. tense up. Lorna kisses her, reassuring her that she won't hurt her. Once M.J. is good and wet, Lorna inserts the head of the strap-on and gently slides it in, watching M.J.'s face for any reaction.

M.J. doesn't give any reaction. Instead, she stares at Lorna's breasts. Lorna lowers them to M.J.'s mouth. M.J. takes one nipple between her lips and begins to suck. This only excites Lorna more and she begins a slow, steady rhythm of thrusts. M.J. is unaware of the fact that her body has begun returning Lorna's thrusts as she continues to suck on Lorna's breasts. It's not long before M.J. is rocked by an orgasm, unlike anything she has ever experienced before. Lorna is watching M.J.'s eyes as M.J. succumbs to the pleasure.

M.J. wants to return the pleasures but has no idea how to use a strap-on. She tells Lorna this. Lorna is patient and makes no demands. M.J. asks Lorna to teach her how to use it. Lorna agrees and begins to give M.J. instructions. Before long, Lorna is the one rocked by an orgasm.

A little later, as they lie wrapped in each other's arms, Lorna says, "I think you know what time it is."

"Yeah," answers M.J., "it's u-haul time. I'll rent one tomorrow."



Mary Ann Brown

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