Older And Wiser

When I made my vows, they came from the heart
In sickness and health, til death do us part
And though the same words were spoken by you
You really didn't, though you said "I do"
When the going got tough, you walked away
Knowing how much I wanted you to stay
How can two people who were so in love
Reach the place, so fast, where push comes to shove
The only answer that makes any sense
Is that your feelings were only pretense
How could you play with my emotions so?
Did you love me at all? I need to know
So I can put all of this behind me
In hopes that my true soul mate will find me
So tell me the truth, you owe me that much
Was it all a lie, ev'ry kiss and touch?
I can see from your face, you don't know yourself
Maybe we were both just too young to tell
So let's leave it at that, and part as friends
We're older and wiser, and here it ends

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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