The Queen Of Loneliness

Part 3

As the sun rose on that morning

The very air sizzled

Ev'ry soul in Loneliness

With not one exception

Felt the excitement in their bones

And the queen, most of all

The day had arrived, she knew it

The day she'd waited for

A calmness settled over her

She felt a sense of peace

And she prepared to meet her fate

As she held court that day

She hid her excitement quite well

But excited, she was

And in the afternoon, he came

She knew him at first glance

Though she'd never seen him before

He was handsome indeed

Though not so richly clothed as some

He boldly approached her

And held her eyes e'en as he bowed

"I've come for you, my queen."

Were the first words he spoke to her

And though she knew it well

He would still have to prove his worth

And so, she said to him

"And what makes you think I'll agree?"

"You're not the first, you know."

"To try to claim me as his own."

"Perhaps I'm not the first."

Said he, "But I will be the last."

And she was quite impressed

"You seem very sure of yourself."

She would not yet concede

True, he was quite superior

To all who'd come before

Her heart was leaping in her chest

And recognized its mate

And she knew that he was the one

Still, he must prove his worth

"You leave much to be desired, knight."

She said. A blatant lie.

"Have no worry for your desires."

"I will fulfill them all."

The knight said in bold flirtation

The queen blushed as she said

"Good men have hung for less than that."

"You speak too bold, Sir Knight."

"I but speak from the heart, my queen."

"And it does burn for you."

"I may not have the greatest wealth."

"Nor too mannerly be."

"But my love for you's eternal."

"My sword at your command."

"If you will but accept my troth."

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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