The Queen Of Loneliness

Part 4

The court was hushed and still

Her advisors didn't dare breathe

T'was this she'd waited for

Wasn't it? The knight feared her not

And faced her eye to eye

They waited in expectation

The time seemed to crawl by

The queen, in deep contemplation

Finally the knight stood

And approached the queen with boldness

And took her in his arms

And kissed her with all his passion

The guards approached at once

And prepared to take him pris'ner

The crowd gasped and murmured

And as the guards reached to take him

The queen pulled back and spoke

"Stand down guards! Take him not!." said she

"For he has ev'ry right."

"He was but claiming what was his."

"I expected no less."

And so that one and all could hear

She quite loudly proclaimed

"This knight has passed my test, and so,"

"I claim him as my mate."

A great cheer went up from the crowd

The queen's smile lit the room

And as she kissed her knight again

The entire kingdom shook

And hearts long cold and hard were thawed

For in giving her heart

The curse's power disappeared

And love was in the air

It could be felt by one and all

And joy filled the land

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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