The Queen Of Loneliness

Part 5

The news spread quickly through the land

The wedding fast approached

The castle was decked with garland

The courtyard clean and fresh

And expectation filled the air

Fin'ly the day arrived

The castle packed with royalty

Her loyal subjects too

As the ceremony began

The handsome knight entered the hall

Dressed in the finest silks

The hearts of the ladies present

Instantly became his

But his heart belonged to his queen

And with a great fanfare

The queen, herself, entered the hall

And the knight's breathing stopped

As did that of ev'ryone else

There simply were no words

Her beauty was indescribable

A beauty she e'er been

But today she was glorious

She was magnificent

The beauty of heaven itself

Shone forth from the queen's eyes

As she proceeded down the aisle

The knight's love grew ten-fold

A feat he'd not thought possible

His heart already full

With a boundless love for his queen

As for the queen, she too

Fell more in love as she grew near

Their love was felt by all

She reached his side, and took his hand

And as they spoke their vows

A glow began to surround them

And their souls became one

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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