I can't really say what this is about, its not even really fanfiction of any kind so I'm not even sure why I'm posting it. It's what came out when I sat down in an attempt to write something and get the creative juices flowing. I guess it's a reflection on people, life, and whatnot. Just read it. It isn't even two pages long. Won't take but a minute. I swear.

Burden of Existence

By SB Zarben


Often times, as the evening news scrolls through the days tragedies and misfortunes, I find myself wondering at the human race and the grave that it is slowly but surely digging itself.

As people squabble over the pettiest trivialities in life, other, larger groups, wage wars on a massive scale over something as simple as what they believe. How can any group of people, no matter how small or large, rally together and claim that whatever they believe is 'right' and everyone else is 'wrong'? Are we not supposed to be people with brains large enough to think things through, don't we have logic and reason? So why, then, do we fail to see the abysmal toll these wars are taking on us. Why do we fail to see that all this death and suffering is so useless?

Whatever waits for us when we die, no one can convince me that there are as many different possibilities as there are religions, all of which state different journeys for our souls or essence or whatever it is. There is no great, cosmic highway with exit signs for people who are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, Buddhists, Atheists, and all the other religions that exists. This universe has been in existence far longer than we have, so really, who are we to say with such supreme confidence that this is what will happen after we die.

Who really knows?

No one.

So no one can really dispute this, for no one can put forward solid proof that I am wrong. This is just another opinion, another view, in a long, long line of them.

And it doesn't hurt anyone whatsoever.

Now that you have read this the foundations of your beliefs have not been shattered to the core and nor have mine. It is harmless to see and learn about what one believes even if those beliefs are as opposite and contradictory to yours as possible.

So again I ask, why do we fight and kill each other over something that does us no harm? If that course of action is such a necessity then the people who scream out in rage and fear and perhaps indignation obviously did not have much faith of their own to begin with. Not if they have such a violent reaction to the simple suggestion of another religion, or set of morals and beliefs.

Watching the news at night is depressing at best and heart-wrenching at worst. We as a people have come so far from our humble beginnings, some say as apes, others have various other stories and theories regarding our creation. That does not matter to me. What do I care how we got here? We're here now and I really think we ought to be making the best of that.

And yet we squander our lives and globally spend more time fighting than living. When in conflict we create bigger and more powerful weapons that do more and more damage, take more and more life. We kill our brethren often with no provocation or thought... Sometimes without even caring.

For we are all related to one another.

No matter the colour of one's skin, hair, or eyes. No matter one's language or style of dress. No matter one's customs and laws.

The fact is all of our blood is red, all of our bodies are made of bone, muscle, and tissue. The building blocks of all humans is DNA, all of which is made of amino acids, peptide bonds, and sugar.

We are all Homo Sapiens, Latin for thinking or sensible man. Tell me, what is sensible about our actions today?

I take it back, we have not come far in our time on this earth. Our actions are so incredibly infantile as to be unbelievable. If we did come from apes I wonder what has happened to the instinct to not hurt your fellow ape. They did not kill one another over differences that really mean nothing, in the grand scheme of things.

Why must we?

I assure you, our end when it comes, will not be from the stars in any way, shape, or form. We will not be overrun by aliens, we will not die in a meteorite shower, or because the sun burnt out.

Over population, pollution, disease, the threat of a super-bug which in immune to all drugs, our own weapons which we tell ourselves are for protection and defence, these are the things that will bring our end. Things brought about solely by us, through us, and because of us. It is our arrogance in thinking we can control all things that is causing greater and more severe degradation of our planet. That leads to us killing our own kin. Who are we to decide the worth of a human life? Who are we to end that life?

We do not have the right. We were put here by something so much greater than ourselves that we spend an immense amount of time trying to explain that something, putting a name and a face to it.

I tell you, as surely as the sun will rise again tomorrow and set that night, our end will come about by our own hand.

Humans are leading themselves slowly but surely down a hopefully long road to an inevitable, inescapable, end.

When that end comes there will be no one to blame but ourselves. It is our fate we are making, we have made our choices and I must truly wonder if there is time to reverse the damage already done and change enough opinions to prevent more from occurring.

Freedom to choose is our burden of existence, not experienced by any other creature on our planet which explains why we are the only ones in danger.

Of extinction.

From ourselves.


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