The Pathfinder, part 3

They opened up all the boxes to see what had been sent. The women were amazed at the generosity of the storeowners.

They found clothing, gourmet food that had been vacuum packed, wine, athletic shoes, packages of underwear, perfume, items from the smoke shop including pipes, tobacco and cigars, and from the bakery items such as cakes and pastries. Also included was baby supplies and clothing, magazines, candles, blank journal books and pens, crossword puzzle books, a huge box of knitting and crochet supplies, an assortment of items from a pharmacy such as hygiene products, vitamins, first aide supplies and even some drugs such as antibiotics and cold medicines.

The women exclaimed over every treasure discovered. One of the women pulled open one box and found a keg of beer and a supply of plastic cups. "Jackpot!" she hollered. "Party time!" another added while others laughed and cheered.

"Wait! Not yet!" Cierra said, waving her arms high. "Let's wait until Jenny has the baby and is well enough to join in the fun," she told everyone. They agreed and stacked the party goods onto one table for later. The cigars were passed around for when the baby was born. The boxes of books were added to ‘the library' and the rest was placed into storage to be used as needed. The bags of ice were tossed into the cistern. Almost all the women took a pen and journal along with her for their own uses.

·      * * * *

About an hour after sunset Jenny finally delivered her baby, a little girl who was named Rishona, meaning the first. Cyd, being the type she was quickly shortened it to Rissy. She carried her mate and newborn daughter to their home and tucked them into bed. It had been a long day.

The happy family had many visitors the next day because everyone wanted to see the new baby. A few days later Jenny felt well enough to eat at the kitchen and everyone wanted to hold the baby while she ate. Even some of the older children had a chance to hold the tiny infant for a short time.

Eva saw the longing on Pam's face. Without being told she knew her lover wanted a baby too. She had a feeling they would have to see if they could find a suitable donor with the tribal males during the trading rendezvous.

The two doctors also saw the many wishful looks on several faces and knew they'd have to bring along supplies and equipment to facilitate pregnancies. They only wished they had a way to freeze sperm for future use. The hit and miss of trying to get impregnated during a short visit with the tribal communities wouldn't work very well.

They also lacked the chemicals they needed to insure that any donor didn't pass along diseases. Dr. Sanchez wondered if the women (with a new status in the Old World) could travel there for the procedures. They would wait and see.

One of the women strummed on her guitar and sang softly in the darkened barracks. The sun had set but the women weren't ready to sleep yet. They listened as they relaxed in their beds to the folk song that Carrie sung.

In their own bed hidden behind woven curtains, Eva and Pam quietly made love. One kiss blended into another as hands softly stroked and explored.

The engineer trailed her lips along the upper curve of Pam's generous breast, feeling its softness and the scent of her skin. Pam had her fingers in Eva's silky hair, quietly urging her lover lower. Eva smiled even as her mouth surrounded the pebbled nipple, teasing it with her tongue as she felt Pam arch towards her mouth. She loved how Pam seemed to crave her touch and never got enough. Eva ran one hand everywhere as her mouth remained locked onto the peak, brushing along Pam's lush curves and keeping the tall woman as close as possible.

She cupped Pam's firm bottom and pulled her yet closer as her own thigh slid between Pam's strong legs. She could feel the moist welcoming heat there and she did her best not to moan loud enough for the others to hear. Eva shifted and seized the ignored peak, taking it eagerly between her lips and tugging it gently.

Pam's fingers dug into her shoulders as she arched, whimpering softly in the dark. It's wouldn't be long before the British woman would either demand that she give her release or reverse their positions. Pam could only take so much. Eva moved away from the soft breast and kissed her way upwards until she could nuzzle along Pam's neck and ear, whispering naughty suggestions softly into it. Her lover whimpered once more at the words and pressed her hips upwards.

"Please!" she begged softly, running her hands down Eva's back until she could palm her butt and bring her harder against her need.

Eva nipped along her lover's neck and shifted her slim thigh between Pam's legs, bringing them closer yet. The engineer felt her own arousal burning out of control as she began moving slowly at first then faster as the women strained against one another. Eva buried her face into the strong shoulder of her lover and did her best to control the gasp of pleasure as her body found its paradise. She whimpered against damp skin as her lover spasmed under her and dug sharp nails into her back. They panted heavily as they recovered, bodies flushed and sweaty in the cool darkness of the barracks.

Only once they began shivering from the cold air against their damp bodies did they pull the covers over them and snuggled together while listening to the soft lilt of the guitar before drifting asleep.

·      * * *

The party committee was setting up the room for the celebration later that day. Sharon and her helpers were prepping both the new food and the stored food. Among the food recently sent was vacuum packed hams, sausages, cheese, huge mushrooms, smoked salmon and tuna steaks, and best of all, truffles. They also had tins of caviar, French foie gras, and nuts. Sharon shook her head. They had fine wines to go along with the fancy fare and she just knew they'd open that keg of beer to guzzle it down with.

It would be like showing up at a thousand dollars a plate charity event in overalls. She chuckled and figured what the hell. She and the girls were also baking breads and making hand made pasta with pesto sauce. She knew not everyone would appreciate the gourmet stuff and would enjoy having lots of plain food. Cyd brought along several jars of her homemade pickles and also volunteered to make the mayonnaise for the deviled eggs and potato salad. The cook was glad the person who donated the food also tossed in a few grinding mills of sea salt and pepper.

Everyone would be stuffed and drunk with good times had by all.

Later that day someone rang the event bell. Women came out of the buildings and looked around. It was much too soon for the party to begin and wondered what was going on.

Carey looked down from the tower and pointed southeast. "Wagons and horses heading this way!" she shouted.

Everyone perked up, excited about having visitors. It had to be the tribe from the mountains bringing snow and ice as promised. The ice from the Old World had barely cooled off the cistern because they needed a lot more to fill it.

Cierra wondered where they'd have them stay then shouted for others to help her fetch the tents. She opened the door to the courthouse and everyone pulled out the largest two tents.

"JP, go to Maggie and get her two stoves. She can have them back after they leave," she shouted as she helped drag one tent towards the West End of the compound. They didn't have guest housing yet and the tents would be chilly without the stoves. The two large tents would each sleep six people. She didn't think to ask how many seemed to be approaching.

"CAREY!" she shouted. "How many are coming?"

The survivalist looked through her binoculars and counted. "Um, Cierra? All of them," she shouted back with shock.

Cierra dropped the end of the canvas that she had in her hands. "All of them? Like as in the entire tribe is coming here?" The Shaman was dumbfounded. What do they do now?

She grabbed one of the women and told her to find JP and forget bring the stoves for now. If they were traveling lock stock and barrel then they'd probably have what they needed. Cierra sighed and told the others to take the tents back. It looks like their village would double in size.

The brunette climbed up the looking tower and asked for the binoculars. She lifted them and searched for the caravan. She spotted them, traveling haphazardly in a crooked line and groups. Carey was correct; all of them were heading this way. She lowered the field glasses and bent over the railing. "Sharon, better break out more food. We have company!"she warned. The older woman threw up her hands and headed back inside.

It took quite a while for the first of the visitors to ride into the village. Two men and an older woman got off their horses and greeted everyone nearby.

"Hi there." One of them men said, reaching out his hand. "I'm Johnny. This is Agatha and Peterbuilt," he said, pointing at the huge man behind him. "It's a pleasure to see you again Shaman Cierra."

Cierra took his cool hand and shook it.

"Likewise." She made a point to look beyond the young man towards everyone heading for the village. "I expected just a small group to bring snow and ice this winter," she said, not quite asking him pointblank why everyone came along.

"We were coming down to lower elevations until spring and since we had to bring you ice and snow anyway…" he trailed off then confessed. "We all wanted to see your village. I hope you don't mind."

The older woman stepped forward. "We were hoping you'd allow us to camp somewhere nearby. Wintertime is boring and we wanted to see new faces. We figured on staying for a short visit then we would begin looking for our permanent winter camp for next year. We won't get in your way," she promised.

Cierra, JP, and Carey glanced at one another and shrugged. "Sure, that would be fine. How about that field over across the stream?" the jumper suggested. The field was almost treeless and there were plenty of wooded areas behind it for firewood and hunting.

Agatha smiled. "That would be wonderful. We look forward to visiting with you later. For now we need to set up our camp." The woman was about to get on her horse when JP nudged her spouse and whispered ‘party—invite them'.

"Oh, by the way, we're having a little celebration later this afternoon. If you finish setting up camp early enough why don't you come over and join us?"

"Thank you, that sounds wonderful. We've been living off of pemmican and hard tack since we left the mountains. I'm sure that at least some of us will be joining you tonight. Until then." The trio got back onto their horses and rode back across the stream to wait for the rest of the caravan.

Three hours later the mountain tribe had the shelters up and fires going. The children had crossed the stream and had joined the village children to play. The sound of laughing children could be heard everywhere.

The party was about to begin so Cierra asked one pair to go across the stream and invite everyone over. Everything had been taken to the barracks since it was the largest building. The occupants had hurriedly tidied up the place and cleared the area so the tables could be brought in. Extra wood was brought in for the fireplaces since they would be needed to keep the building warm while the doors were constantly being opened.

A group of about fifteen of the mountain dwellers joined the party. They informed Cierra that they didn't want to crowd the building and would take turns sending groups over.

"That was considerate of you," Cierra told the spokeswoman, "We have plenty on hand right now since our last visit to the Old World. She told them about what had happened there.

"They know all about us now? You do realize everyone and their brother will want to come here now," the woman said.

JP spoke up. "It doesn't mean we have to let them in. A huge influx of people would be disastrous for all of us already here. I'm sure you feel the same as us about not spoiling this world. But how would we know if a large colony came here that they'd follow the same traditions? We'll have to think about it and will probably bring it up at the Rendezvous."

"I agree. For now, let's forget all about them. I believe we have a celebration going on," the woman smiled mischievously. She was happy to see that the people of this village agreed that Mother Earth remain as pure as possible.

"We do," JP said, grabbing Cyd. "Cyd here is a new daddy. Her mate Jenny just had a little girl."

Cyd grinned ear to ear. "Yup, little Rissy."

"Congratulations," said the visitors. Cyd thanked them and told them to help themselves to some food before wandering off to find her spouse.

To Be Continued

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