The Pathfinder, part 7

Cierra returned to camp, feeling mystified and frustrated. She huffed in her annoyance and stopped to watch Pam and Eva leave the doctor's tent. So they finally did it, she thought. She felt the same longing as they did for a child and watched them walk hand in hand back to their tent.

"You wish for a child as well?" Kota said from behind her. She spun around and gasped when she found him mere inches away.

"Are you trying to scare me out of ten year's growth?" she growled.

"I was just asking a question. One that you haven't answered yet," the man commented. Cierra stared at him. There was no doubt as to his pure bloodlines, his classical Native features chiseled and strong, hair nearly black, and skin tanned dark.

He shifted closer and she backed away, intimidated by his size and presence. Her fear seemed to amuse him. He stepped closer still and stared her down.

"Is there a reason you're hovering over my wife like a vulture?" said from behind him. He hadn't heard her approach. He turned slowly and looked into the eyes of a woman just as comfortable with nature as himself. She held no weapons in her hand but he felt the waves of a threat come from her. She would protect her mate at all costs.

The woman's striking blue eyes kept locked with his, refusing to back down. He smiled; relaxing his stern features then turned to Cierra.

"You haven't answered my question. Do you wish for a child?"

"Yes, not that it is any of your concern or business," Cierra answered, feeling angry.

"It is my business if I decide to give you that child. I just have to decide if the chance of our child being a Shaman is worth it. But I must admit that your mate might be a worthy father figure to my child. She has eyes like a hawk and the protective nature of a she bear.

"You think a child of yours would be a Shaman as well?" JP asked.

"Most certainly, if I mix my blood with another Shaman the odds are in favor of it. But there's conditions, Cierra."

"Aren't you an arrogant son of a bitch?" JP snarled.

"I have every right to state my desires, She-Bear. Cierra is completely untrained. I want to return with your group this fall if Cierra does indeed conceive, and train her over the winter. In the future I might return and oversee my child's training too. It's only fair."

"The child would be ours, not yours," JP said possessively. "You would only be her teacher, nothing more," she said, making her view clear. He would have no say in their child's life.

Kota sighed. "So be it." He turned to Cierra. "Do you agree?"

The Jumper was a bit stunned but she nodded.

"Then let's visit your doctor."

·      * * * *

The village was now in sight of the tired travelers. The trip had been fun but they were all glad to be home. They heard the distant chime of the alarm bell and smiled. They picked up the pace, eager to get home.

Once in the village center, everyone greeted them as they poured out of the buildings. They ended up being led into the communal building so they could tell everyone about their adventure. It was long hours later before they ate dinner and headed for their homes, tired and ready for a good night's sleep.


JP pulled off her clothes and plopped down onto the bed with a tired sigh. "God, this feels good." Cierra chuckled and joined her. She grabbed a lightweight blanket and pulled it over them.

"Mmmm, it does feel good," the Shaman murmured although her hand was slowly exploring JP's long torso.

The survivalist suspected her wife had things other than sleep on her mind. JP was tired but not that tired. She'd wait and see if Cierra hinted for more than kisses and cuddling. She didn't have long to wait. Soft lips began brushing across her skin lazily, giving a nibble here, a lick there. Cierra's hand continued to travel along her belly and hips, never settling in one place until her fingers slid along one hip and dug firmly into her bottom before pulling their hips together.

JP moaned as passion flared, pressing her wife back into the bed as she sought her mouth in a wild kiss. It had been too long since they had the privacy to let go and they were going to make up for it. JP sought entry into Cierra's mouth until their tongues met wetly. Both women moaned as their tongues dueled for dominance then began kissing once more; breathing hard as desire for more drove them to insanity.

JP covered one of her wife's breasts with her hand and kneaded it roughly, feeling its silky softness fill her palm wonderfully. Cierra moaned and arched, begging for more. JP broke the kiss and dived for the offered breast, taking possession of it without hesitation, eagerly drawing the hardened nipple into her mouth. She suckled it hard, dragging a long lasting groan from her mate, who buried her fingers into JP's hair and held her in place.

The Shamans legs parted as her wife's thigh pressed between them. JP mouth sought the other breast even as she shifted and settled between damp thighs. Cierra's hips rose as she attempted to seek relief for her aroused flesh, pressing her wetness against JP's belly. It wasn't enough. "Please!"

"You're too eager," JP taunted, knowing her lover could explode from the slightest touch.

"I don't care! Please!" she whimpered as JP moved away from her hips and denied her release. The tall women grinned wickedly, remembering more than a few times when Cierra made her beg too. It was time for a little payback.

"Get on your hands and knees," she commanded huskily. She knew Cierra would cooperate and watched as her wife turned over and did as instructed. JP felt her own desires escalate at the sight of her wife's sexy bottom and the wetness coating her thighs. JP moaned and covered her lover's body with her own as her lips began nuzzling at her nape, wanting to prolong their experience. She felt Cierra's body quiver beneath her, shaking because of arousal.

JP nuzzled her hair then sought an ear and began whispering into it. "This is one of the few times I wish I was built like a man," she said in a deep growl as one of her hands slid along Cierra's bottom, "then I would take you like this," she said as her fingers slid into her wife's willing body.

Cierra gasped, the single thrust nearly sending her over the edge. She tried to press back against JP's long fingers but her lover refused to do more than rest inside of her. "JP, damn it! Don't you dare leave me hanging like this!" she growled. Cierra could imagine the devilish gleam in JP's eyes but the image was forgotten as those wonderful fingers began slowly moving within her. Cierra thrust back with each stroke, her breathing laborious as she neared her peak.

JP heard the little squeals that always preceded Cierra's orgasm. Unable to resist further she pressed her own need against Cierra's hip and sought her own pleasure. For the Shaman, it was the awareness that JP was thrusting against her hip and bottom that sent her over the edge. Her release was so powerful that she hadn't even been aware when JP joined her and sagged until both of them collapsed onto the mattress.

* * *

Elu nudged his cold nose against the nearest woman and whined. He really needed to go outside but no one was awake.

"Yow! Elu!" JP yelled when the cold nose touched her back. The tall woman grumbled and got up to let the dog outside. Since she was already up she got rid of her own problem then rejoined Cierra in bed. The smaller woman rolled over and rubbed her face against JP's chest with a happy sigh. The survivalist chuckled and ruffled Cierra's hair.

"Good morning sleepy head," JP said softly, pressing her lips against her lover's brow.

Cierra sighed once more then patted her mate's back, suddenly awake. "Let's go sneak into the bath before everyone else wakes up. I think we need a good soaking, especially after last night."

JP grinned at the truth of it. Between a long ride on horseback and lovemaking they were getting a bit stinky. "Okay, and we had better toss the bedding in the washer too. We can wash them after our bath and hang them to dry."

"Sounds like a plan. Toss the comforter over the clothesline too." Both women grabbed their robes and took wicker basket each of things to wash. Two weeks left them with lots of laundry. At the bathhouse they dumped the laundry into a metal tub and poured soapy water over them to soak. The bathhouse was another building combined for efficiency. Since water was always heating for the tubs it only made sense to do the laundry there too. The washers would be drained into the same pipes and water wouldn't need to be hauled. Cotton ropes were tied between trees for drying and were often full. T-shaped poles were set into the ground for heavier items such as bedding. They tossed the comforter over one of them and went inside.

Eva had set up a simple device to keep the heating tubs full, using floats to determine if water from the tiny water wheel would fill into them. When full the wooden pipes would rise above the falling water and stop filling. The unused water merely dumped back into the stream. The wood for the fires were kept piled in wooden boxes and everyone was careful to inspect the fire pits each time they entered. JP stroked the low fires of the four fire pits and added wood. It was apparent someone had used them in the middle of the night since the fires didn't need much coaxing.

In their society, where they once had access to showers, scented soaps, deodorants, and perfumes, it was important to at least be clean. It was a rare occurrence when someone skipped more than one day of bathing or wore clothing more than once before laundering them.

They washed up at the smaller tubs, helping each other playfully to wash hard to reach spots then climbed into the Jacuzzi.

"Ahh, this feels good. We spent too many days just washing at the river," JP commented.

"I know. Cold water just isn't the same. I'm glad we're home."

"Me too, although most of the trip was interesting. We got lots of goodies at least."

"Hmm, not like we got from the Old World, but still nice. I wonder what happened after we left Mabel's place?"

"Dunno, but I think Agatha is correct. Just because the Feds are out of sight doesn't mean they wouldn't try to nab you if they could. It's better you stay here where it's safe," JP told her mate.

When Cierra didn't reply the taller woman opened her eyes and saw a look of guilt on Cierra's face. "Hon, what did you do?"

The Shaman squirmed and tired to find a way to say it without JP exploding. "Um, well, since we were so far from our old haunts I thought it would be safe to make a little jump while you were asleep."


"Um, well, I uh called Jim at his home phone. He told me to call collect if we popped over and he'd help us trade more stuff and check on our website for us. I had given him the passwords so he could get our emails."

"And?" JP prodded. She knew there was more to it.

"He told me there were thousands of requests to join our colony. He doesn't have Kelly's skills or connections but deleted anyone he thought was wacko and printed up a list of people he thought we ought to consider. And since we have a bunch of pregnant women I thought we'd have him collect supplies for them. Jim said he could meet us on June 15th after we got back."


"In the alley. He'd wait there with a crate and take whatever trade goods we wanted to give him. He even offered to let Kelly stay at his place and do background checks. He just wants to help," Cierra said, pleading for JP to not be angry with her.

The tall woman sighed and looked away, thinking it all over. Thankfully Cierra remained quiet and let her think in peace. "Well, do you want to go?"

"Yes, I do. I think the risks are minimal. If Kelly is willing to stay we can always go back for her later at a prearranged spot. Regardless, we'd only be there a minute then jump back."

"Okay, but Robbie goes too. If there's any trouble I want her there as backup."

"I won't argue on that."

JP sighed and pulled Cierra closer, holding onto her arms. "You are such a pain sometimes, you know that?" JP growled and gave her a quick kiss.

To Be Continued

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