Stone Walls, part 5

"You know, my brother has a small apartment for rent over on 5th street. It isn't much but it should be within your budget," Gomez told Duster while they sat and drank coffee.

Surprised at the offer, she let him ramble on. "Actually, it's not all that far from where Sandra lives," he stuttered.

"Yeah?" Duster grinned, making the young guard blush.

"Yeah, and near a bus stop that will take you to Wilson Electronics. At least until you can get your driver's license and a car."

She was touched by his offer but couldn't help but tease him. "How long did you have to work on him to get him to agree to my getting the place?"

"Um, well, I had to promise to keep an eye on you, you know." She understood. Renting to an ex con could be unnerving.

"Well, I don't think I'd mind too much. Thanks for going to bat for me Herve," she told him, touching his hand. The young man blushed a deeper red and smiled bashfully. He excused himself and returned to his duties. Looking at the clock, she headed back to her cell block since lock down was in 20 minutes.

The weeks flew by and before she knew it, she was put through the process of being released. She had her schedule for visiting her parole officer and had contacted her future boss when she would be able to start.

She was scared but excited, giving her friends hugs before she was taken from the cell block and escorted out. Sandra had the day off and told her she'd be waiting in her car outside the prison. She had the keys to the apartment. Luckily, her utilities were included in the rent and she didn't have to deal with having everything hooked up, except for her phone and stereovision.

Sandra honked her horn when she left the prison front gate. A huge smile appeared on both their faces as Duster got into the car with her small bag. She didn't own much since she arrived at the jail in nothing but the clothes on her back. Only a few articles of clothing had been purchased with her tiny income over the years, mostly underclothing. The guard promised to take her shopping because she'd need clothes for work.

Duster had protested half-heartedly, but knew Sandra was right. Until she received her first paycheck, she had only the small amount given to her by the prison system on release. It would only be enough to buy food until her first check. Herve's brother had agreed to let her pay as she could for the first two months until her rent and deposits were caught up.

They arrived at the apartment complex and Sandra parked in the spot designated for Duster's use. They walked up to the second floor and found the correct door. Sandra smiled and handed her the key.

"Welcome home Debra," she smiled. Duster took the first key she ever possessed and slid the coded card into the slot. The light turned green and she opened the door. Stepping into her new home, she saw that it was furnished.

"Where'd the furniture come from?" She had been expecting to sleep on the floor since she owned nothing.

"Oh, a few of us got together and scrounged around our garages and basements. Nothing fancy but it'll tide you over for now," she said modestly. Actually, she and her co-workers had fell over themselves donating items, some of them far from old and used. The bed and mattress were brand new, as well as the towels, bedding, some cookware, and stereovision. The rest had been organized on a list so items wouldn't be repeated. Sandra had warned them to avoid too much, not wanting to hurt Debra's pride or make her feel uncomfortable.

Looking around, Duster found some mismatched dishes, some pots and pans, and utensils as well as cleansers in the cabinets. The studio apartment had a bed and chair and a simple table holding the SV. Spotting a door, the ex prisoner walked into the small bathroom. There she found towels, shampoo and soap, and a pack of toilet paper.

It was indeed Spartan, but she was pleased. This was her very first home of her own.

"There's a little bit of food in the kitchen but not a lot. Just some canned good and some basics like ketchup and mustard. The guys wanted to load you up but I told them no. I figured you wanted to choose your own food after eating prison food for so long."

"Thanks, you're one of a kind Sandra Yunez," Duster smiled for her understanding. She bent low and kissed her cheek, then moved shyly to her lips. The petite guard slid her arms around her neck and joined happily in the kiss, the apartment forgotten. The kiss was progressing nicely when a loud chime on the intercom interrupted them.

Duster groaned in frustration and looked at the buttons, trying to figure out the contraption. Finding the button, she keyed the intercom. "Yeah?"

"Hey Duster, open up, we're here!" She heard Jim's familiar voice. Hitting the buzzer, she looked at Sandra, who shrugged.

"How come every time we kiss, he shows up?" Duster moaned. Sandra laughed and gave her a chaste kiss before answering the door. The off duty guards poured in as well as Janice Williams. They carried in cans of drinks, grocery bags, and a boom box for music.

"It's party time!" Jim announced to the cheering group.

"Oh God," Duster moaned, "don't let it get rowdy, I don't wanna go back to jail," she pleaded softly, then faced her guests.

Much to her relief, it was kept low key. Most of them found a place on the floor to sit as they ate and chatted. Sandra and Duster sat on the bed, cuddling for the first time, against the piled pillows. Janice sat at the foot of the bed.

"When is your first day at work Duster?" one of the guards asked.

"In four days, on Monday. Mr. Wilson wanted me to have time to settle down before I started," she answered.

The party continued for several hours but Duster never saw her guests leave. She had drifted off to sleep, the night of pacing her cell and the excitement getting to her. Sandra whispered her goodbyes to her co-workers as they let themselves out. She looked at Debra's sleeping face and smiled indulgently. A nap was a fine idea. She'd take her out for the promised date later that night.

Duster woke up slowly, enveloped in warmth and feeling remarkably content for the first time in her life. She became aware that she wasn't alone in her bed, that she in fact was acting as a pillow for the small prison guard. Sandra's face was on her shoulder and her arm wrapped around her belly. A warm thigh was on top of her own, and dark silky hair tickled her nose each time she exhaled.

A smile stretched her lips as it was all taken in. She couldn't resist placing a soft kiss on the hair beneath her lips. Her hand rose slowly and came to rest on the upper arm of the petite woman. Sighing happily, she just remained where she was and savored the peaceful moment.

Sandra made a soft squeaky noise and nuzzled herself closer as Duster's arms automatically held her closer. "What a nice way to wake up," the dark-haired woman said softly. Duster hummed in agreement and kissed her brow once more.

"I think all my bones and muscles turned into Jell-O, I don't wanna move," Sandra muttered, making Debra giggle.

"I don't see any reason we have to until you want to. I'm perfectly happy right where I am," Duster told her sincerely.

"Good." Sandra remained still until she realized she was still wearing her shoes. Then the urge to remove them took over.

"Ugh!" She got up and kicked them off along with her socks.

Duster copied her, then got up. "I had better go to the bathroom while I'm up."

"Me too. I had too many sodas."

After they each finished, they were a little shy about returning to bed although they both longed to.

The guard sighed. "Let's be honest with each other." Duster nodded, waiting patiently for her to continue. "I want to strip off my clothes and crawl into bed with you." Duster grinned. "And I must admit part of me wants to ravish you, but I don't think we're ready for that yet. Can we just cuddle some more?" she asked quietly, hoping Duster understood.

She did. The ex-prisoner began removing her clothes and crawled into bed, holding out her arm invitingly. Sandra smiled and followed suit, tossing her clothes onto the foot of the bed. Slipping under the cool covers, she returned to her previous position on Debra's shoulder.

"Mmm, you have just enough cushion to be a perfect pillow," she teased.

Chuckling, Duster ran her palm over her bare back and nuzzled her temple.

"You smell nice and feel even better," Duster told her small companion.

"Thanks. You aren't too shabby yourself," she said, running her hand across the larger woman's upper chest and shoulder. Duster's dusty-rose nipple sprang up. "Oops, sorry."

"S'kay, they've pretty much been that way since I met you anyway," she said, making fun of her condition.

Sandra felt a blush pinken her cheeks. "Really?" Suddenly the urge to explore this reaction more intimately made her very warm. Her body ignored her brain and she found her thumb teasing the upright nub of flesh. Duster sucked in her breath and arched a little. A naughty grin spread across Sandra's face. So much for a friendly cuddle. Her fingers explored the rigid peak, teasing it with feathery touches at first, then more firmly, rolling it between her thumb and index finger. Duster arched higher.

Mouth watering, the smaller woman shifted and took the peak into her mouth, eagerly caressing and sucking on it.

"Oh God Sandra!" Duster croaked, her hands caressing her love's hair and back.

Sandra grasped the other breast in her palm and gave it a few squeezes before turning her lips to it too. For too long had they been forced apart, now her body demanded that she make up for lost time, Hungrily, she suckled the breast as Duster squirmed under her, gasping in pleasure. Her teeth grazed the skin causing Duster to whimper, but not in pain. Closing her teeth around it, she held the nipple captive as her tongue flicked the entrapped flesh vigorously.

Duster's hips went wild as the bolts of sensations hit her there. Sandra left her prize and quickly moved upwards to devour her lips. The kiss turned primal as their bodies writhed against each other. Sandra's thigh pressed against her intimately, making Debra grip her harder. They broke the kiss as the former prisoner fought for air.

"Sandra, please don't do that. It'll be over before we start if you keep that up."

"Oh?" the petite woman grinned evilly and pressed harder, making Duster gasp loudly. Within a few strokes of her thigh, Duster screamed out something undecipherable and went limp as her body lower body twitched. Surprised, Sandra could only stare at her lover as she panted for air and was half unconscious. Now realizing she hadn't been kidding, Sandra felt contrite. She had wanted her lover to enjoy it longer before they reached this point.

"Rats," she muttered.

Duster chuckled breathlessly. "Sorry, but I've wanted you too much and too long. The littlest thing would have set me off."

Sandra was still pouting when she began settled down and began cuddling. Letting out a loud sigh, the guard ran her palm over Debra's belly and relaxed.

"What's this? You think it's all over so soon?" Duster grinned and shifted her body until she was bending over the smaller woman.

"Well, I thought maybe-"

Duster captured her lips hungrily, dismissing whatever idea she had. Large hands roamed over her petite form, leaving trails of yearning wherever she touched. Sandra gripped her lover tightly, needing to find a way to get closer. Duster moaned and nipped along her neck, her breathing labored.

"Sandra..." her voice trembled, "I don't think I can go slow, I need you too much," her voice asked for understanding as her hand caressed her damp thighs, urging them further apart.

They parted willingly as her small hand found Duster's and pressed it intimately against her. Moaning, Duster's warm fingers delved within her folds, finding her lover ready.

"Mmm, you feel wonderful," the former prisoner smiled.

Sandra managed to grin even as her hips danced. "I've been this way since the first time you gave me that cocky grin," she confessed. She gasped as the fingers ran along the length of her. "Must be that bad girl aura you give off," she hissed between clenched teeth.

"Bad girl turned to kitty whipped ex-con," Duster grinned as her lips kissed down the valley between the guard's breasts.

"The best kind," Sandra moaned, grabbing Duster's hair and urging her to one breast. The teasing ended as their passion burned out of control. Debra teased and nipped both breasts until they stood rigidly, then licked her way lower until her mouth joined her hand below. Tasting Sandra for the first time, she moaned and savored for just a moment before her desire took over. Sandra's thrashing drove her to a frenzy of need where she had to bring her lover to the ending they both sought.

Her mouth began taking her forcefully, causing Sandra's cries of pleasure to increase. Duster slid her fingers into her without thought, caressing her tenderly inside even as her mouth took her fiercely outside. Sandra bucked uncontrollably, panting desperately for air as the moment hovered so closely. Pinned by Duster's larger body, she grabbed what she could, the closest arm and gripped it tightly just as her world exploded.

Her hips jumped from the bed and nearly tossed Duster from her position, but the woman stubbornly held on. Sandra took a few steadying breaths then gasps as a soft tongue began teasing her over sensitive flesh.

"Oh God!" she cried out, torn between wanting it and pushing her away.

"It's not enough!" Duster groaned and returned to the irresistible task, flicking her tongue across the very tip of her need. Every touch to that spot caused Sandra to jump in reaction and cry out.

"Shh, s'kay hon, s'kay, I'll be gentle this time," Debra promised, moving her touch to lesser sensitized areas. Sandra forced herself to relax and allow the woman to continue her explorations.

"Can I taste you too?" the guard asked quietly.

"Not yet hon. I can't experience both at the same time. Let me enjoy you first," she asked calmly then circled teasingly around her opening. Sandra stopped fighting the sensations and let out a shaky breath, enjoying the soft caresses. After a bit, she realized that Duster was avoiding any touches that would let her build towards another orgasm, then chuckled.

"You intend to spend all evening down there, don't you?"

Duster's shaking shoulders gave her away.

"Brat, get up here," she ordered. She no longer cared if she reached it. Duster joined her at the pillow and kissed her lightly, allowing Sandra to taste her own essence.

The guard swatted her arm playfully. Debra laughed and settled onto her shoulder.

"I couldn't help it. It's nice down there. So sweet and warm." Her eyes began drooping.

Sandra didn't reply, seeing Duster's face relax as she drifted to sleep.

To Be Continued

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