Stone Walls, part 9


Thanks Jenny, for the idea of kitchen fun J


They stopped about 4 AM at a truck stop for an early breakfast. Duster had driven non-stop for over five hours and was tired. She needed some java and a meal. She gave Sandra a shake and woke her.


“Wake up Sandra.”


She sat up and blinked. “Where are we?”


“A truck stop outside New Austin. I need to stop, my eyes are burning. Think you could eat something?”


“Yeah, and I need to go to the ladies room, my teeth are floating.”


They got out of the car, stiff from the long confinement. The restaurant was nearly empty except for two men at the counter, obviously truck drivers. Sandra headed right for the rest rooms while Duster was seated at a booth by the bored waitress. She ordered coffee for the moment and leaned back with a tired sigh. Punching open the menu screen on the side consol, she looked over their selection.


“Anything look good?” Sandra asked as she joined her.


“Mmm, I’ll probably have the trucker special,” she answered, punching the order button on it.


Sandra looked at it. The plate was enough to feed three grown women. She chose a smaller meal, figuring to steal some of Debra’s. She poured sugar into her coffee and took an appreciative sip.


Both were a bit groggy and didn’t talk much before the meals arrived. After putting a dent into their meals they began reviving a bit. Sandra snagged some bacon from Debra’s plate. Her lover gave her a pout then a wink while chewing her food. The meal was rather large. It had bacon, hash browns, two gravy smothered biscuits, pancakes, a small omelet, and a breakfast steak. Duster dunked a chunk of steak into her mixture of ketchup and hot sauce.


“Eww, Debra, that’s disgusting. Ketchup has no business being eaten on steak. Wait, give me a piece of your omelet before you ruin it.”


“I got used to pouring it on most everything to hide the taste at the Pen.”


“Try eating without it. You might come to enjoy bare food,” the guard suggested.


Duster shifted in her seat. “Oops, my turn to pee. Don’t steal all the bacon while I’m gone!” she hissed on her way to the restroom. Sandra snagged another piece and grinned.



“The sun is starting to come up,” Sandra murmured unnecessarily.


“Yup.” Duster sat silently for a while “Have any ideas where to go? I have some money on me but not enough to spend a lot on a motel.”


Sandra thought for a while.


“How about Red Hills? They have a bunch of cheap cabins for rent. We have to do our own cooking though because their restaurant is expensive.”


“Sounds okay to me. You can give me more cooking lessons,” Duster laughed. “So, how do we get there?”


Seven and a half hours later, they pulled up to the main building and walked inside to ask about a cabin. Luckily, it wasn’t tourist season so they got the cabin at a fair price. They paid for a week in advance and collected their keys.


Walking out of the office, Duster suggested that they go to the grocery store first then come back. She was about at the end of her endurance and wanted something to eat before going to bed. They picked up a few staples and went to the rustic cabin. Opening the door, they saw that the rooms weren’t fancy but they were clean. There was a fireplace, a small kitchen, and the bathroom had a sunken tub.


“If I weren’t afraid of falling asleep in there, I’d take a bath,” Duster spoke longingly.


“I’ll take one with you, then I can keep an eye on you,” Sandra offered. She had never shared a bath with Debra because neither of their apartments had a tub.


“Mmm, sounds nice.” Duster turned on the water to fill the tub then suggested dropping the bags in the bedroom while it ran. They padded back into the room and stepped down into the tub. Duster leaned back into Sandra’s arms and sighed. Her eyes drooped almost immediately.


Smiling indulgently, the smaller woman urged Duster to turn a little so she could find her lips. They shared languid kisses while Sandra began stroking her gently under the water. Debra didn’t fight it, so her hand sought a breast and teased the nipple with her thumb, slowly brushing it.


“Feels nice hon, but I don’t think even your powerful draw could get me aroused right now. I’m just too tired,” she apologized.


Sandra kissed the tip of her nose. “Can I still fondle you?” she asked, her eyes twinkling.




Sandra returned to their kiss, exploring the soft lips under hers. Amused at her own arousal and Duster’s limp condition, she kept it to a low simmer and enjoyed the slick feel of her lover’s skin. Sandra moaned lowly, getting excited herself in spite of telling her body to shush.


The sound made Duster look down where she spotted a tight nipple just below her mouth. Suddenly, her tiredness disappeared. Ducking her mouth, she found the wet nipple and took it quickly, making Sandra gasp. Duster growled. There was something about Sandra’s own arousal that got her every time. The slightest hint from the guard that she was interested got her own juices flowing out of control.


Her neck began cramping, so Duster slid her hands to Sandra’s bottom and lifted her forcefully, plunking her down onto the towel on the edge of the tile, her feet still dangling in the water. Seeking the breasts again, she held Sandra captive with her hands while her mouth teased her greedily. The guard began panting hard, arching her back and encouraging Duster for more.


Fingers tangled into Duster’s hair as her lips continued the aggressive foreplay. Getting wilder, Duster took one peak between her teeth and tugged roughly, making her lover cry out, giving her shout of approval at the sensation. Giving both nipples stinging nips, she released them and pushed Sandra back until she was laying on the towel.


She wasn’t in the mood for much play. All she wanted was to hear Sandra scream as she came.


Sandra was in the same frame of mind. She grabbed Duster by the hair and pulled her down. She gasped loudly as her lover sought her quickly and began taking her quickly with her mouth. Sucking air hard, she felt her climax hit within seconds. Her knees shot up and captured Duster’s head between her thighs, preventing her from continuing. She slowly eased her hold on Debra as she caught her breath.


Leaning forward, Duster rested her cheek on her lover’s belly, chuckling softly.


“Sometimes, “ she began, “I think you have a remote control for me. Press the button and wham, I’m ready for action.”


Sandra laughed, making Duster’s head bob up and down. “Shh, it’s a police secret weapon. We’re like our Mounties cousins, we always get our woman.”


Duster straightened and pulled the petite woman back into the water.


“Time to get you squeaky clean before bedtime.” Duster grabbed the soap and began washing Sandra intimately, a devilish curl to her lips. Sandra snuck her damp hand behind her and rubbed a tile, making it squeak to the same rhythm of Duster’s large fingers, whose eyes popped wide open in surprise before  laughing.



 “No!” Sandra laughed, taking away the icing knife. “You swirl it on, not gouge it!” Duster snatched it back and smeared the chocolate icing across Sandra’s lips. Grinning, she dipped her head and licked the sugary treat from her mouth. Giggling turned more serious as the kiss deepened.


“Mmm, that tastes really good,” Duster murmured and pressed Sandra against the counter. “It got me in the mood to play,” she smiled, unbuttoning Sandra’s blouse and unsnapping the front of her bra.


Taking the palette knife, she left a streak of chocolate between the smaller woman’s generous breasts. Her wet tongue darted between them, cleaning the messy icing from her skin. Sandra watched with a smile, still more playful than aroused, but enjoying Debra’s pleasure in the game.


Once free of icing, Duster stood straight and pouted. “All gone.”


“Aww, then let me clean you up.” Taking Debra’s hand, she sucked the spots of chocolate from her fingers, sending her heated looks.


 Duster watched, her nostrils flaring as she leaned closer, waiting for the perfect moment to seize her lover’s mouth. Seeing it, she lunged closer and kissed Sandra frantically, seeking her tongue as her hands pulled her tightly against her.


The smaller woman moaned into her mouth as her tender breasts were crushed against Duster’s overalls and the cold buckles.


“Mmm, you like that?” Duster asked as she deliberately rubbed the metal against Sandra’s hard nipples. Sandra managed a grunt of agreement and closed her eyes as her lover continued to rub against her. Duster bent closer and whispered into her ear as she nibbled just under it.


“Do you know what I want to do to you?”


Sandra managed to open her eyes. “What?”


“I want to fuck you. Right here on the kitchen table.” Duster watched as Sandra squirmed. “I brought our toy along. Interested?”


Sandra nodded, unable to speak. “Don’t move,” Duster commanded and rushed into the bedroom. She returned a minute later, still wearing her overalls but minus her shirt. Her pretty breasts peeking out from behind the denim. Duster pinned her once more to the counter and renewed the kissing, bringing her back to a boil, stroking Sandra’s skin with her hands. Before Sandra realized it had happened, her clothing had vanished.


“Damn, you look good like that,” Duster growled, tracing one hand down her side and using her hand to lift one strong thigh. Sandra wrapped both her arms around Duster and gasped as she was pressed against the toy hidden beneath the overalls. Growling like a feral animal, Duster squatted down and lifted her lover and took her to the table. Placing her bottom onto the wood, she urged the smaller woman back and walked to the other side.


“Where are you going?” Sandra asked, more than ready for the next step.


“No where, I just had a naughty idea is all.” Duster grabbed one of her wrists and wrapped a dish towel around it and secured it to a table leg.


“I seem to remember someone having fun with ropes and thought I’d like it too,” she grinned, taking the other wrist and tying it down.


Seeing the playful glint in Duster’s eyes, she decided to have some fun with her role as prisoner. “Untie me you rouge! I am a virtuous woman!”


Duster swallowed her laughter and fell into character. “Nay sweet virgin, I traded good breeding cows to your father and have the right to take you. I’ll not be clawed by you again!”


Both of them bit their lips, trying not to laugh.


Sandra continued. “I beg of thee, do not continue with this vile act!”


“Cease your caterwauling woman. I intend to have thee regardless. Ahh, look at these ripe fruits, begging to be plucked.” Duster leaned over her lover and teased her nipples with the tip of her tongue, circling the hard points. Sandra began panting as her body arched upwards.


“You look a bit flushed woman. Shall I cool you off?” Stepping away, she took a peach from the fridge and sliced it in two, removing the pit. Returning to the table, she rubbed the cold wet side of the peach against her dark nipples. The reaction was better than she hoped for. Sandra nearly arched off the table at the shock of cold against her breasts.


Her mouth quickly found one nipple and covered the breast, sucking the sweet juice off her skin. Sandra squirmed beneath her, her hips rocking in need. Using the fruit still in her hand, Duster reached between Sandra’s thighs and stroked the fuzzy side against them. Sandra tried to remain still, hoping for relief.


“You are still flushed woman, perhaps another application is needed.” The former prisoner turned the peach and pressed the slick side against her lover’s heated flesh. Sandra gasped and begged wordlessly. Returning to her mouth, she kissed her wildly for a minute before moving lower. Her lips found her quickly, tasting the mixture of peach and the flavor that was uniquely her lover.


Duster took her time, teasing her softly until Sandra could take no more.


“Damn it Debra!” she hissed. Smiling, Duster stood between her thighs and locked her eyes with Sandra’s. She unhooked one buckle, letting it drop dramatically and exposing one breast. She didn’t reach for the other one until Sandra writhed and tried to loosen her bindings. Duster took a step closer and bumped her hips against the smaller woman, getting her attention. Her hands reached for the other buckle and let the upper halves of her overalls fall to her waist.


She popped the snaps at her hips and the denim fell to the floor to her ankles. Kicking them aside, Duster positioned herself and slid forward, filling Sandra slowly. Her dark eyes closed as her legs wrapped around Duster’s waist.


Duster smiled and bent forward until her forearms rested on the table. She began nuzzling Sandra’s chest and shoulders as her hips slowly rotated while still deep inside of her lover.


Sandra moaned and urged her on, finding relief in the gentle stimulation. Duster had such extreme sides. She had been ready for being taken roughly but once again her lover surprised her with this soft motion. Feeling herself melt as her excitement rose slowly, she lifted her knees higher and hugged her large lover more intimately in the only way open to her.


Duster felt her own needs rise as her lips surrounded one nipple and suckled on it, playing with the sweet flesh. Her hips began a slight thrusting motion while her mouth teased and tasted the nipple within her mouth. Sandra’s breathing increased and her body writhed under her. She was getting very close. Changing her rhythm, she began a deep long stroke that increased in speed as Sandra’s voice failed her, reduced to unintelligible sounds. Sensing Sandra was just a single stroke from coming, Duster thrust hard and rotated her hips, pressing her pelvis hard against Sandra’s center. The smaller woman screamed  something akin to her name and shuddered violently.


Duster felt her own excitement explode gently as it normally did when she fulfilled her desire to please Sandra. Resting against Sandra’s prone body, she listened to the guard’s pounding heartbeat. Once Sandra relaxed, she eased her legs from around Duster and gave her a soft smile. The larger woman placed a kiss on her sternum and undid the towels. Sandra brought her hands to her hair and ruffled it playfully.


“I seem to remember a can of whipped cream in the fridge. I believe it’s my turn to play with my food.”



To Be Continued

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