Disclaimers : All mine – except the painting, that belongs to Renoir.

Warnings : This story depicts a love/sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story

Author's Note : This is my first venture into writing, so please be kind!

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When the walls wash away… the velvet curtains open inviting the outside in… mild air slowly fills the room until we become warm ~ warm with passion ~ warm with lust for love.

When the closet mirrors show the reflection of two young nudes bathing each other; bathing under the African sun – leaving each other moist and warm ~ linen make our bed in this love garden ~ like autumn leaves covering beautiful earth.



The satin on which we lay has become as flaming as your body's heat ~ the heat, which makes my skin melt to liquid satin and cause me to blend with you.



Old French music playing on the radio brings this painting to life… Does it indeed, my Love, my Soul, my Self? Do you compose this forest of Music ? Do you paint this painting to be true?

Me Am I imprisoned in the love we make? If not, why is it all I play out in my mind until the next time we meet here?

Indeed I long to be trapped in these moments when all is perfect. Time please keep me here, where we are alone – alone with only beauty surrounding us ~ rapt with only beautiful passion inside us.

Many pages in our book are still unwritten… Thus there is so much more time. There is time to be yours forever. There are moments in which to plan the future!



You are a soldier who fights wars (for me). You are a knight on an iron horse, who daily goes on missions that the strongest of men do refuse ~ A warrior in this jungle of a world!

Yet in this room; this garden where love is made: you remove your amour – you take off your clothes and in nude look so gentle…

Smooth is the surface of your skin; tender, as your body begins to love mine.

Touch Removing my clothes is almost pointless – I have been naked for years just waiting for you! Yet your hands on my skin as you undress me, is a feeling I could not live without. The way you react to my nudity is passion I live for.

Softly your tongue loves my skin… The music becomes beat filled. Kissing ~ touching ~ kissing ~ drowning in love.

These days are endless (couldn't it be?)

My heart beats too fast, my hips become far too excited too quickly. My body has already climaxed!

As your tongue loves me my hips dance now to a Spanish song feeling as though your body has already become one with mine.



A deep sweetness enters me in slow motion. Moaning ~ Kissing ~ screaming ~ wanting ~ needing… needing you deep inside me.

You are on top of me ~ I am holding you ~ Kissing you ~ touching me ~ be forever inside of me! This deep sweetness has overwhelmed me as though all else is numb.

I love you ~ and “I love you” you say…


Lying in your arms –once more you become a warrior protecting me from all harm. Kissing ~ Kissing ~

They don't have to say “Until death do you part”, for nothing will part us!

And now the same as a thousand and one nights before, my heart violently shatters into pieces. My heart is broken! And I cry silently inside, with the thought of the end! One day you will disappear into the Africa sun and all I will feel ( forever ) is your heat on my skin.


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