By Stein Willard © 2010


The characters in the story are a product of my own imagination and hopefully have no resemblance to any living persons.

Sex: This piece is rated 18 and contains graphic scenes of sex. Please, if you are not old enough and thus not allowed to read stories which contain this type of content, move on to something more appropriate.

Acknowledgements: This story is dedicated to Dan, G and N&N (Nic&Nor). You guys know why. Enjoy!

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A large hand reached up and slowly rubbed over a strong chin. All she wanted to do tonight was go home and make love to her girlfriend until they were both too sore to move. But there had been a change of plans. Leland had to work late and had asked her to meet her here at this club, because the partners had insisted on concluding the meeting here. Something about a teambuilding evening, she'd said over the phone. She glanced up at the shiny plate and read the name out loud.

"Sticky Fingers…" She shook her head and smiled. "Now what would a respectable bunch of lawyers be doing at a strip joint?" Not that the place was a rundown hole in the wall kind of club. From the cars parked in the parking lot, it was obvious that the place definitely catered for a more affluent clientele. She quickly glance back towards the parking lot, assuring herself that her Harley would be safe where it was, before she pushed open the door.

The interior spoke of money and when she stepped forward to pay her entrance fee for non-members she almost gasped at the U$75 admission fee. That was more than what she made in two days at the motorcycle repair shop where she worked. Convincing herself that the person who was waiting for her on the other side of this exorbitant fee was truly worth it and so much more, she calmly took out her wallet and parted with the requested amount.

"I hope you enjoy your evening, ma'am," the woman at the payment booth said and Parker nodded. It better be worth it, she thought to herself as she moved further into the club. Yep, money definitely talked here. She glanced at the bar, debating whether to order a beer or not while she waited for Leland. Scanning the entrance of the club she noted that compared to the amount of cars parked outside, the club was strangely deserted. She only counted ten or more heads all staring at three scantily-clad girls gyrating on a podium. It would still be a while before Leland got here since they were only going to wrap up their meeting in the next half hour at the office before coming to the club. Glancing at her watch, she still had time. She'll have a beer. As she approached the bar, she noticed the bartender checking her out and she wished she'd went home first to change instead of just grabbing a shower at the workshop and pulling on the emergency black jeans and short-sleeved black shirt she kept in her locker at work. Reaching the bar, she saw that the bartender was quite young and obviously gay, if the way she looked at her was anything to go by.

"What can I get you?" the girl drawled as her blue eyes ran down her tall, muscular frame once again.

"A beer, please."

The girl smiled apologetically.

"We don't serve beer in this section. You will have to go up to the first floor. The stairs are down the hall, pass the bathrooms, you can't miss it."

Strange, Parker thought, but since it was her first time here and the place was obviously catering for a clientele she didn't belong to, she nodded and strode off. She could feel the bartender's eyes caressing her jean-clad behind as she walked away. Sorry, girl, this ass is so taken, she thought with a wry smile.

When she reached the top of the stairs leading into a large room, her confusion grew. The upper level was just as smartly furnished as the downstairs, but the place was totally deserted, except for the bartender. She made a beeline for the bar and took a seat on one of the chairs.

"Hi, could I have a beer, please?"

"Sure. I'll be just a sec." The bartender moved away and slightly nervous because of the strange environment and the fact that she hated feeling that way, she drummed her fingers on the gleaming surface of the bar.

She was just about to turn around to scan the empty space again, when a chorus of 'surprise' sounded, almost making her fall off the stool. Turning shakily, she was stunned to find a bunch of her colleagues and friends coming towards her.

"What…what are you guys doing here?" she asked weakly as she was smothered in hugs, kisses and well wishes. Jerry, her best friend slapped her on her shoulder as she took a long pull from her beer.

"Did you think I would forget my best friend's birthday? Shame on you, Park."

"But how did you guys manage to arrange this … and at a place like this?"

Jerry shrugged and reached behind her.

"Here take this." She held out a tequila shot which Parker took dutifully. "About the place and all…you'll have to ask your girlfriend. She's the one with the contacts AND the money, you know." She finished her beer and reached for a tequila shot too. "And? Are you surprised?"

Parker's dark green eyes sparkled as she looked at all the people milling around, some were hanging over at the podiums where a few strippers have started to dance to a slow, sexy song and the others were simply sitting on the couches, drinking and chatting. She spotted Jorge, Pilar, Mimi and Santos sitting close to the podium where the strippers were dancing. They all worked together at the motorcycle repair shop. A few feet away from them, were James, Jenny, Rose, Richard and Jeffrey, all colleagues of Leland. The rest were all just friends and acquaintances she'd made over the years. The most important people were here, except for the love of her life.

"Yes, I'm totally blown away." She downed the shot and reached for another. She looked at her best friend and grinned. "I'll make sure to remember to thank Leland properly later tonight."

"You do that. She pulled a lot of strings to make this party happen."

Parker felt a warm feeling settle around her heart and at that specific moment she missed Leland so much that it actually hurt. She tossed the shot down her throat and smiled faintly. She should take it easy on the alcohol, not only will she have to drive home later, but she also want to ravish Leland tonight. Since it was Friday today, neither of them had to be at work the next day, giving them the whole night to indulge in each other.

"I really can't believe all this is for me."

Jerry's eyes sparkled mischievously as she reached over to take two shots and handed one to her.

"C'mon drink up. I have another surprise for you." She quickly downed her shot and grabbed Parker's hand, giving her no other option but to quickly toss the shot. They walked down a corridor to what Parker suspect were private rooms when they came to stop in front of one. Jerry pushed her inside and walked over with her to the plush couch.

"This is my gift to you and I want you to enjoy it. But first…" She reached for a silk scarf. "…not being able to see the girls usually makes me mad with lust."

Lust? Oh, hell…

Suddenly very uncomfortable she held up her hands, stopping Jerry in the process of blindfolding her.

"Uh…I really appreciate this, but I'm not sure it's such as good idea. Leland…you know…I…"

"Ah, don't worry about it. She's not here yet and if she trusts you then why would she begrudge you this small pleasure." The blue eyes twinkled. "It's just a lap dance. If I remember correctly, you used to looooveee strippers."

Parker blushed as she remembered the phase in her life whereshe'd specifically targeted strippers and would lure them outside the clubs into dark alleys where she'd screw them silly before moving on to the next willing victim. Thinking back now, she couldn't help but feel disgusted by her actions. But that was so long ago…

"That was way before Leland, Jerry. I really don't want to do anything that might jeopardize our relationship." The dark green eyes were serious as they rested on her friend.

"I know, Park. But don't be such a spoilsport. It's not like you are going to screw her or anything." Jerry grinned. "I will put a stop to it myself if it comes to that. Now shut up and enjoy. I'm sure Leland will thank me in the morning for getting you in the mood."

Slightly reassured, Parker sat back and allowed her friend to blindfold her. She heard Jerry's footsteps leading to the door, heard the door open and then there was silence. She cocked her head to listen for any other sounds in the room, but there was none. All she heard was the distant pounding of music coming from the other room.

"Ah, the birthday girl." A husky voice suddenly said close to her ear, making Parker jump.


"My, what a big girl you are. Tall, strong and sexy." The voice said as it moved away from her.

Parker heard the door close and cocking her head tried once again to establish if she was alone. She stiffened slightly when she felt the woman's hand on her shoulder and at that exact moment a dark, sexy melody filled the room. She felt the woman's hand slipping from her shoulder to her neck as she heard her move around the back of the couch, her hand continuing its gentle caress. It lingered for a slight moment on her nape before it moved to her other shoulder.

Her body had always hated the touch of strangers, but this time she felt herself actually relax a little. Must be the tequila. Knowing of her aversion to be touched by strangers, Jerry had made provision for that. The tequila was leading up to this session. Parker gasped when she felt a weight settle on her lap. She quickly turned her head to the side. What was she doing? She felt the woman moving slightly, her hands grasping the back of the couch, as she moved forward pushing her pelvis into her stomach, simulating the sex act. Was she imaging herself or did the woman just groaned softly?

She turned her head to listen carefully to the woman's breathing. If the dancer became aroused, then it was her cue to hightail it out of here. The dancer grinded her pelvis harder into Parker's stomach, making Parker bite down on her lower lip. She can't do this. She can't do this to Leland.

"I'm in love."

The grinding stopped abruptly.

"Excuse me?" She could hear the surprise in the woman's husky voice.

"I said I'm in love," Parker repeated shakily, turning her head in the direction of the woman's voice.

There was a heavy silence for a moment and Parker could sense the dancer's indecisiveness. She felt the woman's hand at the back of her neck and then the blindfold fell away at the same time as the weight lifted off her lap. She blinked a few times before she looked up to see the dancer's face. The woman was tall, blonde and her stunning body was sheathed in a tight black and red Lace Tafetta corset. She loved sexy lingerie on a woman. That was mainly one of the reasons she was so attracted to strippers when she was younger. Back then she actually collected lingerie catalogues.

Lifting her eyes, Parker was surprised to find that the woman wore a mask which covered her whole face except for her eyes. They were dark as they looked at her intently.

"What are you saying actually?" This time there was genuine confusion in the woman's voice.


The woman was gorgeous. Just the way she liked her butches. The moment she'd stepped into the room and her eyes settled on the tall, muscular woman on the couch she'd felt herself oozing. The moment she'd touched the woman, she'd felt every cell in her body screaming for the woman's touch. She'd grinded into her, hopeful that she might find the woman was packing, but to her disappointment she wasn't. She loved being ridden by a strong, sexy butch.

It was obvious that the woman was uncomfortable with her touch and proximity especially when she'd started riding her. But she wasn't really worried by the woman's reaction, knowing that she could make her relax eventually. Thus she was stunned by the woman's declaration.

Her curiosity made her want to see the woman's eyes when she questioned her, but she wasn't prepared for the honest, forest-green eyes staring back at her. The term gorgeous, she realized, was an understatement when it came to describing this woman. The midnight black hair was cut quite short, just long enough to run your fingers through them and rounded off by a strong, beautifully sculpted face and those spectacular eyes. She was for sure the most beautiful butch she'd ever seen.

The green eyes were studying her with mild curiosity.

"What I'm saying is that I miss my girlfriend so much now that I feel guilty for wasting your talent by not really paying attention." Even her deep voice was sexy and fit well with the rest of the package. She silently mulled over what the woman had said and went to sit on the high armrest of the couch looking at her client.

"I'm supposed to be in here with you for at least twenty minutes." She saw the woman's dark eyebrow lift, a question in the green eyes. "Yes, I think they'd expected something to follow afterwards." The green eyes started to smolder with anger and she quickly continued. "But since you are not interested in a lap dance I think we can just talk. You okay with that?"

The dark head nodded.

"So, tell me about her. She must be a real star for you to turn down a lap dance from me. I think I've cleaned out your friend's savings." She grinned when she saw the guilty flash on the brunette's face. "They wanted to make it special for you. So…tell me about her."

The beautiful face broke into a brilliant smile, almost blinding her. It was obvious that she really loved her girlfriend. Lucky woman!

"She's a wonderful person. She's so warm and funny and unbelievably beautiful. She's the most beautiful woman I've ever met."

That, my dear, the dancer thought, is debatable. It's almost impossible to believe there could be someone out there who was even more beautiful than this woman.

"How long are you together now?"

The green eyes sparkled like gemstones. "Five years. Five wonderful, fulfilling years."

The dancer couldn't help but smile. For a strong, big butch, the woman was actually a softy. It was truly charming.

"How did you meet?"

The woman was silent for almost a minute before she looked up and stared straight into her eyes. The green eyes were serious.

"We met at court. She's a partner at abig law firm and the day we met she was there for a hearing. I, on the other hand, was there for an appeal hearing." The green eyes were steady as they looked into hers. "I grew up in foster homes and later on the street. I eventually fell in with the wrong crowd and before I knew it I was locked up for stealing cars before I'd even celebrated my 21st birthday. I got 15 years, but was released for good behavior after eight years. It was at my final hearing that I saw Leland step out of a court room while I was being ushered into another one, complete with the prison jumpsuit and chains. She looked so beautiful and…and…totally unattainable."

The green eyes turned bleak.

"She was a somebody and I was a nobody. I could only dream of someone like her noticing me."

Intrigued, the dancer sat closer.

"How did you hook up with her then?"

"Well, she caught me staring at her, but that was about it. The next time I saw her was after the verdict. There was no one else in the courtroom but her. She just sat there looking at me before she came over to me and invited me for coffee. We started dating soon afterwards."

The dark eyes of the dancer flickered over the beautiful face. She would've done the same, had she been in Leland's shoes. The answer to the question she was about to ask was obvious but she somehow still want to hear the brunette put it in words.

"You must love her very much?"

"I still look at her sometimes and wonder how I could've been so lucky. Here she was, a powerful and respected attorney dating an ex-con, grease monkey like me. Who would've thought my life would turn out this way?" The green eyes were gleaming. "She made it easy to say 'no' to temptations. I'm truly thankful that she stuck with me through those first months on the outside. It seems that everyone could tell you were in prison, because you looked so out of place amongst regular people. She simply loved me as if it was the only cure available for me at that time."

The brunette pushed herself to her feet.

"And it was. She pulled me from the brink of self-pity to where I am now. So, to answer your question of whether I love her…I don't know how to answer that. To say I love her just doesn't cut it. She's my life. I wake up mornings excited to see her face, to touch her, to kiss her…and throughout the day I find myself standing off somewhere just thinking about her; her laughter, her scent…No, I cannot answer your question, because I am completely incapable of finding the right words to describe what I feel for her."

The dancer just stared at the woman as she made her way to the door. Was it possible to love another human being like that?

The brunette turned at the door to look at her.

"I don't know why I've told you all this. Maybe it's because I needed to tell someone about this, someone who doesn't know me, someone who wouldn't think I was silly to feel like this. Thank you for listening, I really appreciate it a lot. Good bye."

And then she was gone, the door closing softly behind her. The dancer took a shuddering breath and got to her feet as she walked over to the mirror against the opposite wall. With a shaky hand the dancer reached for the mask and pulled if off, the dark contact lenses followed next.

Looking back at the blonde and blue-eyed image in the mirror, Leland Morris bowed her head and allowed warm tears to course down her cheeks. She was loved that much. How could she have been so lucky?


Jerry was busy chatting up one of the dancers when she returned to the main area. Feeling a little sheepish about her discussion with the dancer, she got herself a beer and made it to a couch in a dark corner of the room. She had just taken aseat when Jorge and the group from the workshop joined her. They were chatting about the new bike they were rebuilding for a customer when she noticed the tall, elegant figure of her lover coming towards her.

She was dressed in an expensive black pinstriped pantsuit which accentuated her curvaceous body to perfection. Her long blond hair was gleaming under the soft lights as she slowly crossed the floor, her eyes holding hers captive. Noticing Leland's approach, the group quickly made their excuses and left.

Parker felt her heartbeat accelerating as the blonde came closer and prompting her to come to her feet when Leland was a few steps away from her.

"My baby…" she murmured softly and smiled tenderly when the blonde walked straight into her arms. She inhaled deeply, absorbing up her lover's presence as the blonde held her in a crushing embrace.

"Kiss me, Parker," Leland whispered into her neck and tightened her hold even further. When she pulled back, Parker saw that her eyes were red-rimmed and worried she placed a small kiss on each of the puffy eyes.

"You were crying. Are you okay, baby?"

The cerulean orbs brightened as they stared into hers and Parker's brow lifted, confused at her lover's strange behavior.

"Kiss me first. I need to taste you."

She brushed her lips delicately over her lover's soft, red lips and pulled back to look into Leland's face. She smiled when she found her lover's eyes were closed. She moved in again for another kiss and this time she groaned softly as Leland parted her lips to allow her tongue entrance. Their tongues glided sensuously over each other's, stroking smooth teeth and sucking gently until a lack of air pulled them apart. Gasping slightly for breath they held onto each other.

"What happened, Leland? Why were you crying?"

The blue eyes were filled with love when they met hers. "I was just missing you so much and the traffic on my way over just frustrated me. It is silly, but I felt like I couldn't wait a minute longer to see you and…" A gentle hand stroked her cheek. "…to tell you that I love you with all my heart."

Parker smiled brightly. This was surely the best birthday she'd ever had and it was getting better by the minute. She took Leland's hand and pressed it to her lips.

"Thank you for everything…the party and for loving me. I love you too, as inadequate as the words may sound."

Leland smiled, an intense light burning in her eyes.

"I know what you mean, my love. You will just have to show me later. Happy birthday, Park."

"Oh, I intend to, baby."

With their arms around each other's waist they walked over to join the others.


She was double-checking the locks and windows before joining Parker in bed when she felt a presence behind her where she was busy securing the kitchen window. Spinning around, she found Parker, naked and with green eyes glowing with desire, standing behind her.

Naked, the brunette was a sight to behold. The hours she spent in their basement gym was evident in the rock hard muscles in her arms and legs. Her washboard abs heaved with every breath she took as Parker stared at her with undisguised hunger.

"Park…" Her voice sounded weak even to her own ears.

"I can't wait anymore, honey." She reached for her, her hands shaking as she pushed the suit jacket off her shoulders. "I need you now."

Her heart racing and her stomach doing crazy summersaults, Leland felt herself being pushed against the counter top. She watched breathlessly as Parker made quick work of her clothing. Once she was naked, Parker lifted her effortlessly onto the counter before she knelt before her and opened her legs wide.

"I've wanted to do this all day," she moanedbefore she pushed her face into her warm, soaking centre. She gasped when she felt Parker's tongue brush over her clit. She shuddered when Parker sucked each of her swollen labia into her mouth, maneuvering her head so that her nose brushed over her clit every time. "You taste incredible, baby."

"Oh, Parker…I love you so much."

Parker's tongue tenderly circled the hard nub of nerves, causing it to grow even larger. When her lips locked around her clit and she started to suck on it, Leland locked her ankles behind Parker's neck as she howled in pleasure at being so masterfully serviced.

"Oh yes, baby. Just like that…just like that. I'm so close…"

Leland reached out and grabbed the curtains on the widows for leverage when shefelt Parker gently probing her opening with her calloused finger.


Without warning Parker plunged two fingers into her and pumped furiously while she sucked hungrily on Leland's clit. Her legs started to tremble, a sign that her orgasm was almost upon her. Parker added another finger and Leland moaned in pleasure as she felt herself stretch to accommodate the extra digit. She was very close. So very close.

With a loud scream she climaxed, gushing warm liquid onto Parker's tongue and fingers as her body shook with her release. She must've blacked out because when she came to, she was curled up in Parker's strong arms as they sat on the cool tiles of the floor.

She stirred weakly and looked up into loving green eyes.

"You okay, my love. I didn't hurt you or anything?"

She shook her head and nestled deeper into her lover's arms.

"That's a relief. Let's take this to the bedroom."

Suddenly rejuvenated, Leland pushed out of Parker's embrace. She tried to push herself to her feet but found them very uncooperative.

"How you can still do this to me after five years just stuns me." She placed an open-mouthed kiss on Parker'ssoft lips. "Tell you what. Why don't you go ahead? I will meet you up there."

"You sure you're going to be okay?"

She nodded. "Yes. Now go. I still have to prepare your surprise."

Parker cocked her head to one side, a gesture so very endearing to Leland that she smiled warmly.

"Another surprise? You've already outdone yourself, my love. What more could you do to make this day any better that it already is?"

"You will find out soon. Now go, baby."


Parker fumbled under the sheet, nervous all of a sudden. What was keeping Leland? She was so turned on. Her clit was rock hard and throbbing. She pushed her hand down the sheet again and adjusted the leather straps again. Oh hell, the strap-on was so tight against her sex that there was no space to wiggle her finger in for a quick touch. There should be a way to make herself a tiny bit comfortable while she waited for her lover. She lifted the sheet high up and looked down on the pole rising from her crotch. Nope. She will have to remove the whole thing if she…

The soft sensual sound of Delirium filled the room and startled, Parker quickly dropped the sheet to see where the music was coming from. Her jaw dropped at what she found.

Standing with a small boom box in her hand, Leland was leaning against the door jam dressed in the exact same outfit the stripper at the club had worn. The provocative corset fitted her slender body like a glove and Parker swallowed hard as her eyes came to rest on the tight bodice and the breasts bulging out at the top. Unlike with the stripper, she was on fire looking at her lover dressed like that. The three inch stilettos made her already long legs seem like they went on forever. Dear heavens, she never thought her day could get any better. She was so wrong!

Stepping forward, Leland gently placed the blaring box on a nearby table and walked over to the bed. Parker saw her eyes widening with pleasure and she followed the blue gaze to find it riveted on the small tent-like shape the sheet made in her lap.

She felt her clit jerk at the blatant look of lust in the sky blue eyes. Oh, she liked what she saw.

The blue eyes lifted from her lap and held hers. Slowly Leland's tall body began to move to the beat of the music. Parker's eyes hungrily followed the sensuous movements of her lover's body praying she wouldn't go insane with want before the dance ended. She stiffened when Leland slowly sauntered over to the bed and held out her hand. Hesitating for only a few seconds, she took the outstretched hand and was gently pulled from under the sheet.

Without the cover of the sheet, the phallus stood out proud, stabbing into the air. Looking down Parker blushed at the sight and quickly tried to determine Leland's reaction. The blue eyes were burning with lust as they looked into hers.

"I like it, baby," she whispered and led her over to the chair in the corner of the room. "Just sit back and relax."

Once seated Leland immediately started to dance again. This time she made sure that she was close enough so that Parker could see the fine mist of sweat on her toned body as she shook her hips to the pulsating beat of the song. Her eyes suddenly clashed with hers and Parker moaned when her lover threw one leg over her legs and slowly settled her weight on her lap. Looking down she saw the bulbous head of the dildo sticking out between their bodies and she gasped when Leland's hand reached down and clasped the toy in her hand. Parker looked into her lover's blue eyes as Leland began to move her hand up and down the phallus width slowly. Every time Leland handhit the base of the dildo, Parker jerked at the sensation as the base rubbed against her swollen clit.

"You're gonna make me come, Lee," she whispered, slightly out of breath.

Leland dropped her hand and instead grasped the back of the chair hard. Without any warning she began to surge her hips into her. Parker cupped Leland's behind in her large hands and pressed her harder into her crotch. Already aroused from the impromptu hand job, Parker moaned when she felt the slick wetness of Leland on her bare stomach. She felt Leland's hand at the back of her head, grasping a handful of her hair as she pushed her head down encouraging her to inhale the musk-scented air trapped between their steaming bodies. Parker's control snapped.

With a deep growl she pushed to her feet and effortlessly heaved a startled Leland in her arms as she closed the space between them and the bed in long hurried strides.

"I can't wait anymore, sweetheart. I need to have you now." Parker's voice was hoarse with passion and her face was flushed as she fumbled with the ties to unwrap Leland's body. Getting more frantic the longer it took her to get to Leland's skin, she quickly looked into her lover's smoldering gaze.

"Sorry about this, baby." Before Leland could foresee her action, her large hand reached down and grabbed the flimsy bottoms. With a strong tuck the small triangular-shaped piece snapped and fell away. "I promise to buy you a new pair." She murmured as she grabbed the phallus and brought it to her lover's heated centre. "I need to be inside you now, before I explode."

Parker reared back and looking deep into her lover's glittering eyes took the plunge. They both sighed deeply at the exquisite sensation racing down their spines.

"Oh, sweetheart…" Parker gasped as she clutched Leland's trembling body to hers. "…this feels so good. You will be the death of me."

She kept herself deep inside Leland as she struggled for control. This was not the first time they'd done it like this, but tonight the experience was unbelievable. Their breathing ragged, they held onto each other tightly. It was a while before Parker felt Leland's legs move as she drew them up higher to wound them around her hips. She bit down hard on her lower lip when she felt herself going even deeper.

"Ahhhh, Parker …"

"Yes, love." She lifted her head from where it was buried in Leland's neck.

"I want more."

"Oh, yes."

She lifted herself on her elbows and leaned forward to take Leland's mouth in a heart stopping kiss as she reared back and plunged deep. She heard Leland's muffled moan against her lips and it spurred her on. Keeping their lips meshed she began to buck, squeezing her hips into the tight, warm cradle of Leland's thighs.

The bed squeaked with every movement of her strong body. She was completely lost in the moment as she plundered Leland's body with single-minded purpose. A fine mist of sweat formed on her body, highlighting the corded muscles in her arms and back as she worked hard towards their mutual fulfillment. She angled her hips to obtain a deeper penetration and groan when she realized that she'd inadvertently shortened their pleasure to just a few seconds.

"I'm close, baby…very close." Leland whimpered as she clutched the hard cheeks in her hands, pulling them deeper into her.

Parker increased her thrusts and was rewarded by a high piercing cry from Leland as the blonde bucked wildly before her upper-body froze in a mid-air curve. Pushing up on her hands, Parker fixed her eyes on her lover's contorted face as she thrust into her frantically. She felt her blood rush to her clit and with one deep plunge she pushed them both into an earth-shattering climax.

"Yes, yes, yes…YES!"

"Come inside me, Park. Come inside me now." Leland panted as she tried to push her hand between their trembling bodies.

"Baby…" Parker was struggling to understand what Leland was saying as her body jerked against her lover's.

"Just squeeze it…now…Parker"

Her mind still reeling from her orgasm, Parker reached down and squeezed the latex balls. Leland closed her eyes, a mysterious smile forming on herlips as she sighed deeply.


Leland was filling the coffee-maker, hoping to have coffee ready when Parker finally woke up. She glanced at the clock on the microwave. It was almost noon already. She gingerly lowered her body into a nearby chair as she listened to the comforting bubbling noise of the coffee-machine. As soon as the coffee was ready she'd start on lunch. Her butch baby had worked hard last night and was sure to be ravenous when she came down. She thought back to last night and smiled warmly. What a night.She can't ever remember Parker being so turned on. It was very gratifying to know she could work her lover into such a state.

All that was left now was her confession. She wondered how Parker would react if she knew the stripper was in actual fact her. She might feel tricked or manipulated, especially after her heart to heart with the presumed stripper. After Jerry had disclosed Parker's earlier obsession with strippers, she'd thought it would be interesting to dress up and give her lover a lap dance she would remember for the rest of live. It was only after Parker had rebuffed her seduction attempt that she'd realized in what a potentially difficult situation she could've placed both her lover and their relationship. Because what would have happened if Parker had slept with the stripper? Where would it have put their relationship? She really hoped that…

"I would give a kidney for a cup of coffee right now."

Leland shrieked and jumped to her feet, her hand over heart.

"Heavens, Park, you almost gave me a heart attack."

The green eyes narrowed slightly as they studied her and Leland quickly averted her eyes. Parker always had a way of looking right through her. It was unsettling at times, but she also appreciated the fact that she could be transparent. It helped her to not keep secrets from her lover, not for long anyway.

Pushing her hand through her hair, Parker walked over tothe coffee-maker. She took out two mugs from the cupboard on top and gently placed them on the counter. She turned and fixed those distracting emerald eyes on her.

"I'm not angry at all."

Shocked that like always Parker managed to hit the nail on the head she blinked.

"Wha…What…you're …," she stumbled not sure what to say.

"I've put two and two together last night. I know now that it was you at the club."

Leland slowly moved closer until she was standing so close to Parker that she could see the gold flecks in her green eyes.

"And you're not angry?"

The dark head nodded.

"Why not…I mean so many things could have gone wrong and…" Her blue eyes were cloudy as she stared at her beautiful lover. "You could've…you know."

Parker reached out and touched Leland's cheek.

"I'm not planning on cheating on you, Lee, not now and not in the next hundred years."

The blue eyes filled with tears. There it was again. The confidence she had in her love for her…in their relationship.

"Then tell me how I got so lucky to have found you." A lone tear trickled down her cheek and was quickly wiped away by a rough thumb. "I'm so … so in love with you and I keep falling in love with you a little more every day."

The green eyes were warm as they moved over her face.

"You've answered yourself. You love me. It has nothing to do with luck, baby."

Leland leaned forward and pressed her ear against the wide chest.

"Sometimes you are too much for me. My heart feels too small to contain all this love I feel for you." She pulled back and looked in the green eyes. "Do you know what I'm trying to say" She smiled. "You are everywhere. You are under my skin, in my mind, in my blood. You are everywhere."

This time she was surprised to see the gleam of tears in the green eyes. She had never seen Parker cry before. If she did then maybe she does so when she wasn't around.

"That's exactly how I feel about you, my love. You couldn't have said it better."

They shared a gentle kiss before Parker steered her back tothe table.

"I'll get you some coffee and then I will cook you some lunch. Okay?"

Leland just nodded as she looked at the tall woman moving around in the kitchen. There was something else.

"There's more, Park." She took a quick sip from her coffee.

"Get it off your chest, love. There's nothing you can tell me that's going to make me freak out. Remember I've heard it all and seen all," Parker said teasingly over her shoulder as she continued to prepare breakfast.

"I…Last night…You might've impregnated me."

There was a loud crash and Leland surged to her feet, rushing over to where Parker stood. The big hands were shaking as she looked down at the mess of peppers and onion pieces littered on the counter.

"Park, honey…baby…" She asked anxiously as she squeezed between Parker and the counter. She was shocked to find two long tears streak down her lover's face as she stared down at the counter in front of her. "I'm sorry for …"

"For what, Leland?" Wet green eyes turned to look at her and Leland swallowed hard. "For giving me the opportunity of a lifetime? I know we've discussed this before and we even went as far as to look for a donor, but I wasn't sure with your workload if you were ready to carry my baby."

Leland pressed herself against Parker and wound her arms around the strong frame.

"That was what the meeting at the office was all about yesterday. I told the partners that I was planning on starting a family and that I wanted help with my workload for the time being." She kissed the chiseled chin. "I believe we have more than enough love to give our child. I wanted to make your birthday memorable."

"You did just that."

Leland smiled and pulled the dark head down for a loving kiss.

"Good. It might not have happened last night, but I want us both to keep on trying until we make it happen." The blue eyes were serious as they looked at Parker.

"I will enjoy trying to knock you up, counselor," Parker said with a lecherous look on her face and she chuckled when Leland slapped her on the arms.

"Let's cook, honey. I'm really starving now."

Parker placed a gentle kiss on Leland's cheek before she began to clean up the mess. She can't remember ever feeling so happy. After almost a lifetime of being alone, she's found home. She belonged to someone for a change and she was about to create a family with this person. She was home at last.


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