The Seduction

Stein Willard © 2013



The characters in the story are a product of my own imagination and hopefully have no resemblance to any living persons. But if it does it is entirely coincidental. Some of the places mentioned are either fictitious and or adapted to suit the plot of the story.

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The thumbing beat of the drums resonated inside, fuelling the snake of lust already curling through her body. Tonight was the beginning of her life. Tonight she would put herself out there and take what she wanted…what she deserved.

“You're not paying attention,” an irate female voice called out and guilty, Heppsa looked at her best friend. Petite, like herself, Klisi, was the most popular woman in the tribe. Yes, as innocent as the girl looked with her bright wide, blue eyes, angelic features and beautiful corn colored hair, Klisi was also the village slut. More men had sampled her favors than Heppsa could care to remember. What made them come back for more was the fact that she continuously turned their joining proposals down. It has become a local sport of some sort for the men to keep count of how many rebuffs they'd suffered at the hands of the golden beauty.

But that was not the reason why Heppsa called Klisi to her hut this evening. Having more experience in the field of sexual conquests Klisi was a walking source of information.

“I'm sorry. You were saying?”

Klisi sighed and planted her small hands on her ample hips. “If you really want this, then you need to pay attention, Hepps.”

Heppsa nodded. “Sorry about that. Let's try again.”

“Ok. To entice you need to show off your best attributes to the fullest.” Klisi gave Heppsa a once-over. “You have nice breasts and your plump round behind will have the men salivating.”

Heppsa grinned slyly. Men? Who said anything about men? She wasn't planning on spending the rest of her life, labouring under a grunting male who smelled of sweat and stale animal fat. She wanted a woman…a strong one who could support her and maybe bring her soft, water-soaked berries for breakfast every now and then.

“You're lost again, Hepps.”

“I'm here. Believe me I'm with you. Now tell me how you expect me to flaunt my attributes.”

Klisi threw her arms wide. “Ok. Listen to the beat of the drums. Feel it inside of you?”

Heppsa did as she was told. She didn't need to focus hard to feel the beat thrumming through her. It corresponded with the wild fluttering in the pit of her stomach and the throbbing between her legs. She had waited too long to give in to her desire to copulate, mainly because there was no one she wanted to do it with. But all that changed a few months ago. She was ready and eager to experience all those delicious feelings that Klisi spoke about when they have their group baths at the river. Strange that the men insist the women take weekly baths whereas they are exonerated from this ritual. Hence the stale animal fat odours coming off them in the passing.

Klisi lifted her hands above her head and began to roll her hips suggestively. “This is the dance of acquiescence. By doing this you tell the man that you can't wait to accept his attentions…his body. Make sure you turn full circle every time so he has enough time to admire your attributes. In the end it helps a lot for the man to know on which parts he'd be spending the most attention while he rides you.”

Thinking of that specific person riding her hard while squeezing her breasts and backside, almost made Heppsa's knees buckle. She followed Klisi movements with keen eyes. She wanted to do this right.

“OK, now you try it.”

Seeing those piercing dark eyes and wild hair before her, Heppsa put everything she got into the short dance routine. When she turned back to Klisi, she found the blonde staring at her with wide eyes.

“That…that was really good. I didn't know you could dance like that.”

Heppsa blushed. “You're a good teacher, my friend. I simply followed your lead.”

Klisi didn't look convinced, but she left it at that. “The next one is to reel the man in.” Klisi suddenly broke into a wild dance which entailed her swaying her hips and wiggling her backside energetically.

“Are you serious? Men like that?” Heppsa blinked at Klisi. The blonde grinned.

“More than half the men in this village like to take a woman on all fours. Flaunting your seat at them will make them rear like beasts in lust. Remember, as hunters they chase after an animal's rump for hours on end until they drag it down. Thus, they associate a woman's seat with victory and success.”

Shaking her head slowly, Heppsa sighed. “Ok.” She mimicked Klisi dance step complete with clawing the air like a wildcat and wiggling her seat. Klisi looked more than satisfied with her ability. Heppsa did three more short dances with Klisi, all the while praying that female hunters were no way like their male counterparts. She simply couldn't see herself frequently squeezing her breasts and petting her sex to keep the interest of her mate.

She was relieved when Klisi held up her hands and smiled proudly at her. “You're ready except for one small detail.”

“Which is?”

Klisi wrinkled her nose as she studied Heppsa. “You need a new outfit. The furs you're wearing are still from that mammoth hunt two years ago.”

Keeping herself from rolling her eyes, Heppsa shrugged. “What now? Where do I get a new outfit? “

Klisi smiled widely. “Wait here. I'll be back in a minute.”

As Klisi rushed out of the small hut, Heppsa followed her out but stuck to the dark shadows. Her eyes eagerly swept the fire circle. Everyone was in attendance, eating and drinking after a successful hunt. Her heart jumped when her eyes landed on the one person she was looking for. As usual, the female hunter sat alone, her unruly mop of black hair poking out in all directions. With slow, careful nips the hunter picked the flesh of the bone she held in her hand. Tosca arrived four months ago from a neighbouring tribe. But Heppsa had been to the neighbouring tribes. None were as intoxicating as the female hunter, nor were any as good with a bow and arrow as she was. In the excitement of the return of the hunting party she'd heard that Tosca brought down the first mammoth. Being the only female hunter in the group, the men went out of their way to make life an uphill battle for her. But time and time again over the four moons, Tosca had made the first kill every time and presented it to the headman and the widows of fellow hunters. The dark head lifted and Heppsa shuddered when Tosca's eyes searched the crowd. From where she was hiding in the shadows, Heppsa could feel the power of the dark gaze as it briefly touched on her. Tosca was renowned for being an early sleeper and Heppsa wasn't going to let this opportunity slip by. The village was abuzz with anticipation as was the case after every hunt. Pretty soon the circle will be deserted with couples copulating wildly in the bushes.

Where was Klisi? As if conjuring her up, the blonde appeared before her, holding out a handful of fur.

“Go change. I will meet you at the fire. Boas has asked me to dance with him tonight and offered me a fresh skin to cull for him.”


Heppsa felt naked in the outfit. The miniscule skirt and bodice combo didn't leave anything to the imagination. She was grateful for Tosca's habit to keep herself separate from the rest of the tribe. That meant she need not walk through the fire-lit circle to reach the hunter. When she came up from behind the hunter, she waited for Tosca to acknowledge her presence. The hunter kept her gaze straight, completely ignoring her. Rolling her eyes, Heppsa stepped around the woman. She stood right in front of her, blocking the hunter's view of the large fire and the other dancers. The dark head lifted slowly. Heppsa could almost feel Tosca eyes as they trailed upward, over her exposed belly to her breasts and finally her face. The dark eyes were intense as they studied her.

It was now or never, Heppsa told herself. She began to roll her hips slowly. Tosca's jaw dropped and she blinked repeatedly. Heppsa took that a good sign and put a little more swirl into her hips. She turned while wiggling her seat in the hunter's face. Her heart rejoiced when she stole a glance at Tosca from over her shoulder to find the woman staring at her wiggling backside with obvious interest. It seems Klisi's rump analogy was spot on. She turned back to face Tosca and heaved her full breasts in her palms. The hunter looked slightly dazed, as if she was confused on where to focus.

Now that she had Tosca's full attention, Heppsa thought of the final part of her seduction. This part she had thought up all by herself. It was probably the most romantic gesture she'll ever perform in her life. Swaying her hips sassily, Heppsa moved even closer to Tosca, making the hunter look cross-eyed. Reaching down she snagged Tosca's club and swung.

A loud hollow clunk resounded through the circle.

The drumming stopped as everyone turned to locate the origin of the sound. Heppsa bit down on her lower lips as she blinked at Tosca, the heavy club still clutched in her hand. She was completely mortified. Firstly, she hadn't meant for everyone to be aware of her business, but now they were. Secondly, she hadn't expected the little tap on the head to make such a big sound. She looked at Tosca who just sat there staring at her with shocked eyes. Either the hunter's head was very hard or…or very empty. Heppsa prayed it wasn't the latter. It would be rather disappointing if it was so. She didn't have time to dwell long on the issue, for Tosca slowly came to her feet. Dwarfed by the woman's size, Heppsa quickly dropped the club.

“It was… I didn't mean to hit you so hard?” she said as she looked up the tall, muscled frame to the hunter's face. Tosca face remained impassive. “It was meant to be romantic.”

The hunter leaned down suddenly and Heppsa closed her eyes waiting for a painful cuff to the side of the to follow. When after a few seconds nothing had happened, she cautiously opened her eyes. Tosca's face was very close to hers.

“I know,” Tosca whispered. Heppsa's mouth fell open in shock. The piercing black eyes twinkled merrily at her. “Now you have to play along if you want to get away from here.”

“Huh?” she mumbled dumbly only to shriek in surprised when Tosca swept her off her feet in a smooth effortless move and stomped from the lighted circle. A mournful wail rose from the women in sympathy to the thrashing they suspect Heppsa to suffer at Tosca's hand. Remembering Tosca's words, Heppsa kicked her legs in a fake struggle and thumped the muscled chest for effect.


“Hey, easy there, honey,” a sleepy voice said softly.

Bright green eyes blinked open and connected with concerned black ones. Looking around and taking in the modern, luxurious bedroom, Emma turned back to her wife. “I was dreaming, Cat,” she said as she searched the piercing gaze.

“You were? Almost thumbed me to death too,” Cat said. She rubbed her chest with a slight grimace. “What were you dreaming about anyway?”

Recalling the dream, Emma smiled broadly. “You won't believe it.”

“Try me,” Cat prompted.

Emma rolled closer and made herself comfortable on her spouse's larger body. “I dreamt about us but we were somewhere stuck in the Stone Age. I was some kind of a gatherer and you were this big successful hunter.”

“Oh, I like where this is going. What were you wearing?”

Emma slapped Cat on the stomach. “Anyway, I tried to seduce you and after dancing for you, I hit you over the head with a club. You grabbed me and stormed off with me into the dark.”

Cat wiggled her eyebrows. “And what, pray tell, did I do to you in the dark?”

Emma sighed deeply. “I woke up.”

“Well,” Cat said slowly. “Knowing myself I kinda have an idea of what could've happened. You want me to show you?”

Emma shivered at the desire she saw in the dark eyes. Pushing her fingers through Cat's hair, she ruffled the sleek tresses. She hummed at the wild look it gave Cat. With their fifth anniversary coming up next month, she'll definitely have to look into costumes.





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