Secret Obsession

I saw you in the park one day
And couldn't tear my eyes away
I knew that I should look elsewhere
But all that I could do was stare
I had no right to watch you so
I knew the thing to do, was go
But I just couldn't walk away
When all I wanted was to stay
You never even were aware
That I was standing, frozen, there
I have responsibilities
And so, I forced myself to leave
I have a home, a fam'ly too
But I can't take my thoughts from you
So I've been back each day since then
In hopes of seeing you again
And many times I've done just that
Just watching you from where I sat
Held captive by the sight of you
Watching everything you do
Then when you leave, I do as well
Knowing I will never tell
Anyone of my obsession
I won't answer any questions
And I don't want to know your name
Then it just wouldn't be the same
I'll watch you, and I'll fantasize
Then I'll return to my real life

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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