Shopping Insanity

I have lost my mind, you say
And I don't disagree
I've put it off ev'ry day
No one to blame but me
And now I must go shopping
Traffic's gonna be wild
The mall's gonna be hopping
No one merry or mild
I see it all in my mind
Before I even go
Gonna be a waste of time
Selection very low
I'll rush around like crazy
Just pulling out my hair
My fault for being lazy
And hiding in my lair
Now I've got to brave the crowd
And fight my way through em
They're gonna be brash and loud
Can't believe I'm doin
The same thing again this year
Told myself I wouldn't
Guess I just procrastinate
Then find myself jumping
To buy gifts fore it's too late
Just gets my blood pumping
Guess it's part of my Christmas
Just wouldn't be the same
To buy my gifts early...thus
I play my yearly game
I'll rush around in panic
Hunting the perfect gift
Be absolutely manic
And feel my spirits lift
I love the fight, yes, tis true
The feel of victory
As I grab the last Blue's Clues
And feel you glare at me
Oh yes, I love this season
The feeling in the air
To have a honest reason
To shop with all my flair
So if you see me shopping
Just keep your distance please
Cause there is just no stopping
Me on my shopping spree

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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