A Baby Is Coming

A baby is coming

And what should be a joy

Instead is a heartache

It's that same old story

Your daughter knew the facts

And all the risks entailed

But all your good teaching

Has miserably failed

Your daughter's not much more

Than a baby herself

Now all her hopes and dreams

Must be put on a shelf

She'll soon be a mommy

At far too young an age

And she's just not prepared

To be one at this stage

But it is too late now

All the tears have been cried

And what's been done, is done

All she can do, is try

The baby will be loved

By one, and all, involved

The news was unwanted

But that feeling's resolved

Though in a perfect world

This would wait a few years

We're all only human

And that has brought us here

A baby is coming

We wait with mixed feelings

We're happy and saddened

But, yes, we are dealing

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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