A Dif'rent World

Over the river and through the woods
But where is it that we go?
To spend quality time with the fam'ly?
Or to search out the best snow?

Are our hearts full of Christmas cheer?
Or items for Santa's list?
Do we greet our fellow man with love?
Do we even get the gist?

The season's Spirit is joy and love
Kindness, caring and giving
The one, true time in all of the year
We change the life we're living

And just why is it that that's the case?
Why not in our daily lives?
Can we not continue throughout the year?
Surely we're at least that wise

Think what a dif'rent world ours would be
With love as the guiding light
Do we really have to bow to hate?
To disrespect and to fight?

Let us take this Spirit of Christmas
And let it the whole world span
And live our lives in a new found way
Filled with love for our fellow man

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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