Angelic Soul

I wonder if you realize

The love reflecting from your eyes

Or the depth of the emotion

Inspired by your own devotion

I think that you have not a clue

About the wonder that is you

Your smile is beyond mere mortals

And your arms are heaven's portals

Your laughter is such sweet music

And you do so often use it

Your heart is bigger than the sky

You never pass one person by

Whether it's just to say hello

Or lend a hand to some poor soul

You're always there, and never cease

To heed the call of someone's pleas

You're generous in every way

And never miss a single day

Of helping others if you can

Believing in your fellow man

You're like an angel come to earth

Full of goodness, kindness and mirth

You're more special than words can say

And I am thankful, every day

To know your heart belongs to me

And that together we will be

In love always, never undone

Forever bound, our souls as one

Terri Lyn Stanfield



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