The For Love Of Aragon
Part IX

It was a long and arduous journey back
And a silent one
Ethan was tongue tied at being in the presence of the
And his heart was acting in the strangest way
He was thinking perhaps he would have to visit the
village healer upon his return
Fortunately for him, the way to the castle passed by his
And he was able to quickly tell his family of his
As for the princess, she was having heart troubles of
her own
She had been feeling most strange since her first sight
of the young man
And then too, she was sick with worry about her father
and her people
She feared the worst for she had the most horrible
feeling in her soul
And though they were making good time
The distance was great
She had run much farther than she'd realized when
fleeing her pursuers
The young man, Ethan, he'd said his name was
Had told her it would be a few hours before sunrise
before they reached the castle
And though she hoped with all her heart they would be in
Everything within her was sure it was already too late

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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