For The Love Of Aragon
Part II

The kingdom of Aragon was a large and prosperous one
The crops were plentiful, the livestock healthy
The people were happy, and the Royal family much loved
The kingdom was at peace, and had been for generations
Although the army was well trained, and ready
The surrounding kingdoms, whether allied with Aragon, or not
Were respectful of it
None dared strike against it
For it was commonly known that the kingdom was enchanted
And was under the protection of the Great Wizard
As long as the king wore the Medallion of Invincibility
The kingdom was untouchable
The Medallion had been given to a long ago ancestor of the king by the Great
Wizard himself
And was handed down to each new ruler in turn
And as long as the reigning monarch wore the Medallion
And only the ruler himself could remove it
Aragon was unconquerable
But there were those who made plans to change that

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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