For The Love Of Aragon
Part IV

In the land of Aragon, it was the firstborn child
Regardless of gender, who inherited the throne
As Princess Devon was not only the firstborn, but the
The throne would one day be hers
A responsibility she took very seriously
She excelled in all her studies
Satisfied with nothing less than perfection
She was totally devoted to her parents
As were they, to her
She took a great interest in all the workings of her
And involved herself therewith in any way possible
And it was in this way that she came to hear the rumors
Armies allying, and gathering to strike against Aragon
At first she assumed they were just that, rumors
After all, it was well known that Aragon could not be
But the rumors persisted
And she felt duty bound to investigate
What she found made her blood run cold

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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