For The Love Of Aragon
Part VII

The princess was truly lost
Though she was not afraid
Not for herself, in any case
But the need to return to the castle
To tell her parents what she had found
Was overwhelming, the danger immeasurable
The Wizard of Darkness had been banished long ago
To a place known only by the Great Wizard
But apparently someone else had discovered the location
And at their invitation was he here once more
For only if invited by more than one person of royal
Could he enter again into the land
Otherwise he would be destroyed as soon as he crossed
the borders
And since the Great Wizard knew no one of Devon's line
would offer an invitation
He had assumed this was enough of a safeguard to protect
the kingdom
Foolish perhaps, but he had never dreamed the other
royal houses would ally against Aragon
All of which was a moot point now
And Devon knew time was of the essence
She must warn her people of the impending danger
For among the other powers possessed by the Wizard of
Was the power to bind the King of Aragon to his will
If the Wizard of Darkness were to reach her father
The King would be powerless against him
And without doubt, the Wizard's first command would be
to remove the Medallion of Invincibility
Thereby opening Aragon to attack
All the armies of the enemy had to do was wait
Therefore the situation was dire indeed
Though it was true, Aragon had a great army
And the chance was good that they would emerge
victorious in battle
With her father spellbound, who would lead them
The general was more than capable
But the armies of Aragon had always been led by a member
of the royal family
So regardless of whether or not she made it back in time
to save her father
It was imperative that she return immediately
All of which she knew quite well
What she didn't know was where she was
And so she followed her instincts, and started walking
Straight into the arms of fate

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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