For The Love Of Aragon

Ethan was up and out early for his morning hunt
It would be several hours yet before the sun made its
And this was his favorite time of day to be out and
Everyone else still in bed
It was just him and nature
And he revelled in it
He was a master huntsman
Providing meat not just for his family
But for the whole village
And so every morning brfore he began his farm chores
He went on his hunt
Today was to be no different from any other
But the fates had planned otherwise
He was hoping for a stag this morning
Luck was with him, and he had the deer in his sights
Then just as he was about to release the arrow
The animal fled, and almost immediately in its place
Was a beautiful young woman
Who, from the expression on her face
Took great exception to having an arrow pointed at her
She strode purposefully in his direction
And he quickly lowered his weapon
She stopped just a pace away
"What do you think you're doing?"
"Do you know who I am?!"
Ethan tried to speak, but her beauty and fire held him
frozen in fascination
"Well, what's the matter?"
"Can't you speak?", Devon asked
She was beginning to think perhaps he was a simpleton
But there was intelligence in his eyes
Just as she was about to ask again, he spoke
"Forgive me lady, but I was dumbstuck by your beauty."
And it was hard to say which of them was more surprised
at the words
Ethan couldn't believe he'd said such a thing
And Devon had no idea why the words touched her so
So in order to cover her confusion, she assumed her
royal demeaner
"How dare you speak so forwardly, sir?!"
"I am Princess Devon of Aragon, and I demand you escort
me back to the castle."
At hearing her identity, Ethan fell to his knees in
"Oh get up, man! Enough time has already been wasted.
We must leave at once!"
Ethan rose, and spoke to the Princess again
"It will be my great honor, Your Highness."
And with that he led the way
Devon praying fervently that it wasn't already too late

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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