For The Love of Aragon
Part XIX

The General had sent out scouts
And was not overly surprised by the news they brought
He'd expected a frontal attack
Truth be told, he'd been hoping for one
He and the Princess had made their plans accordingly
They would be moving into position at the morning's 
first light
He had no doubt they would emerge victorious
He knew that some of his soldiers were leery of going
into battle without the Medallion
But truly, they had no reason to worry
He'd trained them to be first class soldiers
And the Medallion had never figured into that training
It was just the added bonus
Take away the bonus, and one still had a first rate army
And though the Princess had always been exemplary
Since her wedding ceremony she had been awe inspiring
He still couldn't say just what change had occurred in
But she seemed almost superhuman
And the boy, Ethan, seemed to emanate strength and
Just the sight of the two of them
Especially together, as they almost always were
Was enough to inspire the army to greatness
He was sure the bards would be writing of this battle
for years to come

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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