For The Love Of Aragon
Part XV

"Are you saying I have to marry!" exploded Devon
"You must be out of your mind Wizard. I barely know him!"
"There's no way I am going to marry him, and you can't force me too, either!"
"Are you quite through, Princess?" asked the Wizard
He considered himself a fairly patient and tolerant wizard, but really, this girl was
pushing him to his limits
Devon glared at him, but said nothing more
"And you, Ethan, have you nothing to say?" inquired the Wizard
"I assume there is more to this than you've yet told us, Wizard," said Ethan
"I'll withhold my comments until I've heard the rest."
The Wizard smiled and nodded, "Smart boy."
"Very well, though you must be married, and at a special ceremony attended only by
the three of us, whether you choose to take it to an intimate level is completely
your decision. However, it must be a marriage for life."
Devon spoke up here, "Let me be sure I have this right, Wizard. I have no choice as 
to whether or not I marry Ethan if I want to see my Kingdom saved. And the 
marriage must last for all of our lifetimes, but as to whether or not I bed him, the
choice is mine."
"Yes, Princess that is correct. Ethan, what say you?"
"I am willing if Devon is."
"Devon?! I did not give you permission to call me by my given name!"
"No, Devon, you did not, but it would seem that you and I are destined to be 
together and I will not call my wife Princess or Your Highness." said Ethan
For a moment Devon was speechless, then she found her tongue
"I haven't said that I'll marry you yet!"
"But you will. We can't let the Kingdom be taken."
"But...I...fine, you're right. I will do whatever I must to save my Kingdom, and I 
suppose it would be foolish to make you use my titles when addressing me."
"All right Wizard, let us get this ceremony over with, but know this Ethan, you will 
not share my bed!"

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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