For The Love Of Aragon
Part XVI

The General stood at the base of the stairs
That was far as he'd been allowed to go
The Princess, the Wizard and that boy had gone on without him, and he was not
They were in the castle's east tower
And he was relegated to the base of the stairs 
He was commander of all the forces of Aragon, and he was relegated to the bottom
of the bloody stairs!
At first, he'd paced and fumed
Then he'd noticed the glow emanating from the tower
Since then he'd been frozen in place, staring at it
It was brighter than any sun he'd ever seen
But it didn't hurt his eyes
He was fascinated by it
Then suddenly it went dark
Shortly thereafter, the three others came down the stairs
There was something different about the Princess and the boy
He couldn't say what it was
But there was definitely a difference
"It's done," aid the Wizard
"Call the men to arms, we have a battle to fight."

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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