For The Love of Aragon

As Devon and Ethan were learning of their fate
The allied armies of the other kingdoms were moving into
They were disciplined and well trained
Still they were outnumbered by the forces of Aragon
But they believed they could win the victory
Now that the King had been separated from the Medallion
They knew that the Wizard of Darkness had taken the King
and Queen
But they knew not where
Nor what his intentions were for them
And they told themselves they did not care
Though, truth be told, each and every king amongst them
feared the evil wizard
And the thought was there, in the backs of their minds
That really, there was nothing to stop him from doing
the same to them and their ladies
Now that they'd freed him
Though none spoke the words out loud
Their's was an uneasy alliance indeed

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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