For The Love of Aragon

The kings were well aware that even without the 
The forces of Aragon were not to be taken lightly
They were quite formidable in and of themselves
And with Princess Devon leading them
As she surely would
They would be dauntless
Every man among them knew of the Princess' prowess in
battle skills
And more than one of them had fallen to her superiority
in games of war
Each of them had great respect for her
She had earned it
Still, they had every intention of defeating her
And taking Aragon for their own
They had decided against surrounding the city
They wanted no long, drawn out siege
And in any event, that would have spread their forces 
too thin
No, instead, they had decided to meet the forces of 
Aragon head on
In one tremendous battle
Winner take all

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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