For The Love of Aragon
Part XX

The King and Queen of Aragon were worried, to say the
They were being held in the stronghold of the Wizard of
They were given their own quarters
And they were being well fed
Treated as honored guests, actually
Except that they could not leave their chambers
Although the wizard had given them no information
The King knew very well what was happening
His Kingdom was under attack
And he was being held captive
Completely helpless to do anything about it
He'd practically paced a hole in the floor already
He'd never felt so useless in his life
Of course, Devon was there
She more more than capable of taking his place
Truly more than capable
Secretely, he'd always been in awe of her prowess
And perhaps, just the tiniest bit jealous as well
Now, though, it was no small comfort to him to know she
was there in his absence
But how would she fare without the Medallion?
He, himself, had never been without it
He wondered if he would have the courage to go into 
battle without it
He feared that he would not
Perhaps it was fortuitous that Devon would lead the 
army, rather than he
Still, he could not help but worry
The Queen was worried, too
She was well aware of all that was transpiring
Not that her husband had told her anything
He was trying to spare her the worry, she knew
But she was a very bright woman
And few things escaped her notice
She knew only too well the significance of the Medallion
And, more to the point in this case, the absence of it
And although she too was aware of Devon's extraordinary
battle skills
Devon was her only daughter, her only child
And she worried for her as only a mother could
Of course, she was well aware that the fate of the whole
Kingdom was at stake
But for her, that was secondary to the safety of her
Admittedly, not a very queenly point of view
But she had always considered herself a mother first
And regardless of how skilled she was, her daughter was
in danger
Little else mattered to her at the moment
So while the King worried about the Kingdom
The Queen worried about their daughter
And they both feared that time was running out

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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