For The Love Of Aragon

Part XXI

It was her wedding night

That one thought kept going around in Devon's head

This was not as she had pictured it

On the rare occasions when she'd given it any thought at


She'd not been like most young girls of her time

Dreaming of her wedding day

Though she hadn't dreaded it either

It had seldom crossed her mind

Still, she knew what one's wedding night should be like

Not like this

She was alone in her own chambers

While Ethan slept in one of the guest rooms

She had no doubt that he would have been only too glad

to carry through with the traditional wedding night

Truth be told, she was quite tempted herself

She was quite attracted to Ethan

Of course, she would never admit to it

True, she was not like most girls in her thinking or


But in this, she had definite ideas of the way things

should be

There had been no words of love spoken between her and


And unless.....until there were, he would not share her


She was certain the attraction was mutual

And, given that, it was only a matter of time before the

words were spoken

But she would not be the one to say them first

She would hear them from Ethan before she would utter

them herself

And she had no doubt he would say them

She would bide her time until he did

After all, the battle took precedence over all else


It was at this point that she realized her line of


She'd practically admitted she was in love with Ethan! Was that true?!

It couldn't be!

Could it?

But it was!!

When had that happened?!

How had that happened?!

She barely knew him!

But her heart knew him

Knew it belonged to only to him

And after giving it careful consideration She realized she didn't mind at all

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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