For The Love of Aragon

It was his wedding night
That one thought kept running through Ethan's head
This is not the way he'd pictured it
He'd always imagined spending it wrapped in the arms of
the woman he loved
But here he was, in this lonely bed, all by himself
While the woman he loved slept but a few doors down
He'd been in love with Devon from the moment he saw her
And he would be eternally grateful to the fates for
bringing them together
It was all he could do not to spill his heart to her
But he wanted her respect before he gave her his love
Hw was making progress
She looked at him differently than she had at first
He thought perhaps she even found him attractive
Of course, she would never admit it
Still, she no longer dismissed him as useless
She looked to him for advice, even
He longed for the day when she would look to him for 
He was sure that day would come
He would be patient
The battle took first priority at the moment
She was the Princess, after all
She had responsibilities...duties
Those must come first
For the time being, at least
But their time would come
He believed that with all his heart
And he eagerly awaited its arrival

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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