For The Love of Aragon

They'd pitched camp about an hour ago
And they'd immediately sent out scouts
But it would be some time before they returned
In the mean time Devon, Ethan and the General were in 
the command tent
Going over battle plans
Making sure there were no fallacies in their strategy
After pouring over the plans for several hours, they
were satisfied that all was as it should be
The Princess had her own tent, of course
While the men slept under the stars
After serious debate she had allowed Ethan to place his
bedroll in her tent
She may have chosen not to share her bed with Ethan
But she didn't care for the idea that the soldiers knew
the intimate details of her life
They could assume whatever they chose about what went on
inside her tent
And she had no doubt that they would
She and Ethan had enjoyed a pleasant evening in each
other's company
It was the first time they'd really been alone together
And she found that she truly enjoyed talking with him
There seemed to be no end of things for them to talk 
And he had quite the sense of humor
He made her laugh, and he had a wonderful laugh himself
They were still talking when the scouts returned
And they went out to hear the news
The enemy armies were camped about half a league away
They were vast, but still not as great in number as
And they appeared to be battle ready
Quite probably, they had sent out scouts of their own
Though none had been seen
All in all, the report was much as they had expected
After the report had been given, and discussed
The General ordered all to bed
For tomorrow, the fate of Aragon would be decided

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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